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Dolphins interest in Mike Williams is interesting

OK, they're not interested in Brandon Marshall. I get that. They're not interested in Terrell Owens, even as a short-term solution to a big problem. I sort of get that, also.

The Dolphins might not be interested in Dez Bryant if it takes the No. 12 overall selection in the draft to get him. Something about risk versus reward. I get that, too.

Yet there is an interest in Mike Williams.

Hmmmm. I'm trying to get that.

The team brought Williams for a visit at the Davie, FL. training facility on Thursday and spent several hours with him.

Williams is a 6-2, 220-pound prototype from Syracuse University. Well, he was from Syracuse University until he reportedly left the team in November. Those reports, by the way, were the result of Syracuse coach Doug Marrone saying Williams quit the team. So the sourcing cannot be questioned. Williams quit the team according to his coach.

It was a strange situation because Marrone said Williams went to him without being summoned and simply quit.

Asked at the time why Williams quit the team, Marrone said, "You'd have to ask him. I have no idea. I'm not going to discuss the conversation from my end. Obviously, I told you that he came up to me and voluntarily took himself off the team. That's it."

Well, that's not really it.

Reports later surfaced that Williams was on the verge of being suspended by Marrone when he decided to quit. It wasn't the first time Williams had issues at Syracuse. He was suspended from school in 2008 for cheating on a test.

When he quit with four games left in the season, Williams had 49 catches for 746 yards and six touchdowns. He ranked first in the Big East and 14th nationally with seven receptions per game. He was first in his conference and 20th nationally in receiving yards.

The saga of Williams leaving the team in 2009 is a big issue for teams. When a player leaves a team it raises questions as to how much he loves the game, it raises questions whether he's a quitter, it raises questions whether he's likely to repeat the offense in the pros if things get tough, because as Nick Saban used to say, past actions is the best predictor of future actions.

"I've been talking to all the NFL teams about that," Williams said during the Indianapolis Combine in February. " I want to leave it at that. But what I want everybody to know is I didn't quit. I'll leave that story at that."

So Williams didn't want to say what actually happened, or what he believes happened, but he did want to remove the doubt about him quitting.

"I told the teams that, all the teams know the whole story," Williams said. "I want to leave it at that, I don't want to make it a big media story. I just want everybody to know I didn't quit."

Williams apparently is admitting to teams that he cheated on the test. He told them he simply doesn't like school. And he's telling teams that he can be reliable.

"I want to let them know that I'm a nice person, I'm a good person," Williams said. "School was just my problem. I had bad judgment when I was young. School has been my problem, I want to let them know I can play football and be there for that team."

Obviously the Dolphins have bought in -- at least to the point of bringing Williams to town.


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Craig M:

I took a look at WR Thomas and agree that he looks the part. Big and physical but he can MOVE, which separates him from the rest of the receivers on our roster. Here is my dilemma. The Dolphins desparately need a DT. I don't want them drafting one in the first round because the ones rated for the first round (on the smallish side) are better-suited for a 4-3 as opposed to a 3-4. The DT for us, in my opinion is Cody. I think he is going off the board in the 2nd round. To get him, I think the Dolphins need to use their second round pick. If the Dolphins use their first round pick on Iupati or Earl Thomas, do you think WR Thomas out of Georgia Tech will be available in the third round. We have the 9th pick in that round. If they could do Iupati/Earl Thomas in the first, Cody in the second, and WR Thomas in the 3rd, I would be salavating.

Dez Bryant-WR-Player Mar. 26 - 7:38 pm et

NFL Network's Mike Mayock mentioned on Total Access Friday evening that Oklahoma State WR Dez Bryant is his No. 3 overall player in the draft.

Oklahoma DT Gerald McCoy is Mayock's No. 1, and Nebraska's Ndamukong Suh is No. 2. Bryant, the best on-field wideout prospect since Calvin Johnson, could slip in the draft if he runs in the mid-4.5s at next week's Pro Day. That could also make him a Randy Moss-like steal for a lucky team in the 20s.

This is why the Dolphins if DEZ is there at 12 MUST TAKE HIM you never pass up TOP 5 talent regardless of NEEDS with a 1st rd pick.

I think if Dez is at 12 we all are going to see the first WR from TUNA in the 1st rd.

I hope you are right, Flipper. I was watching the highlight film on Dez and he is a machine. He fits prototype too ... big and physical.

Sorry guys, but I believe it would be a miracle if Parcells took Bryant...The guys they have looked at are all maybe 4th round selections...First selection will be the 7th time Parcells selects a LB with a first round pick


He will be there at 20 ALoco... The only one who has dropped faster is Brandon Spikes, he went from top 15 to Kiper talking about 5 th round!!!

Good Game Tenn vs Ohio State...huh???

Scouts, Inc. has him as #10 prospect at this point. If that is truly the case, a couple of teams going in different directions could leave Bryant on the board at #12. I think the bigger issue is the Trifecta going for it. I agree with Bobby that they are extremely unlikely to pick a WR in the first round; although, you would hope they would take Bryant's incredible value into consideration. Who knows. We can say Bryant until we are blue in the face but we aren't the ones that control whose name Goodell is going to call at the podium for pick #12.

LMAO!!! Adam Shefter reported Jamarcus Russel showed up at Raiders pre-season workout at 290 POUNDS!!! Maybe we can trade for him to be our new NT!!

The Williams kid is a good ball player in the second round.. He can go get it and makes plays and quite frankly he made paulos look good at qb.... I think he's worth a second round pick.. Maybe he falls in the third

Earl Thomas with the first round pick.. A miracle would be berry dropping! They can get inside and outside lb help in the second and third an even fourth rounds... Witherspoon from Missouri will there the second round.. Get a receiver in the third and get a other linebacker in the fourth

Another great Tournament Game!!!

I think Williams is a wasted pick. He is a possession receiver. All we have are possesion receivers (not counting the tooth pick that runs to the sideline before someone sits on him and splits him in half).

Good evening guys, How are things tonight? Gman05 I just saw a Mock draft that has Earl Thomas going to The Pittsburgh Steelers at pick 16. That seems like a long drop for that young man, I believe he may go a bit sooner.

Wow, Bobby. The Raiders are such a laughing stock. The thing that worries me is that Al Davis loves flashy, speedy players. I could see the Raiders picking him just for the hell of it. I mean they don't need a defensive line anymore since they can plop Russell in the middle of the line and occupy all five offensive lineman and fill all the gaps.

Worried about Raiders picking Dez Bryant is what I meant.

I'm going back to my original pick, Rolondo McClain, I'm not convinced Dansby was signed to play OLB and he is the best LB in this draft...this solidifies our LB Corp for the next 5 years

I agree too that the pick probably won't be a WR, but I just can't see how we can pass him up if he's there at 12.

He is everything this REGIME has been identifying this offseason for the WR position.

While I am fully aware Parcell's history in the drafts going Defense more often than not and it is hard to ignore, I just see this as a no brainer pick for them, he fits the prototype and he fills a NEED.

I know if I was Parcell's I would be doing what he's doing right now too, bringing in lots of defensive prospects and late round WR's to throw the other teams off their true intentions with that 12th pick, last thing they would want to do is invite DEZ for a private workout and force teams that want him that pick after us to try and trade up and steal him from us.

It's all Poker faces right now anyway there is no real way to know which way they are leaning, history does help give an assumption, but there is also a 1st time for everything as well.

It's not just that he quit he also interviewed poorly in Indy apparently. He refuses to take responsibility for his actions and wants to blame everyone else. I would pass on Williams.

Ask Bill Ruger (@ 05:35 PM)

You sounded at 3:54, precisely like the 'short sighted' guys who want Marshall on the team.
But actually you deserve an apology... I jumped the gun.

Upon some recursive reading... you're obviously not.

I was (passionately) making a point that has OVERWHELMING amounts of compelling evidence;

*** Marshall is a Disaster Waiting To Happen. ****

Even though I went CAPS on you I didn't mean any disrespect -- It's more of a 'Presentation Style' than a 'BLAST'. ...and although I break people's Balls (once in a while) I always attack the 'Idea' and not the 'person'.

I'll make a point to read a little further back next time.

Enjoy the Blog!

Team Tuna, laughingstock is being nice...I see they offered their CB Asomugah to the Eagles for McNabb...Real nice of them till Andy Reid saw the Raiders have to pay this guy 16 MILLION dollars this year and I believe they said that number is locked in to his contract!!!! I wanna work for Al Davis, guys insane


I don't think Thomas makes it to the 3rd round. Actually I'm kind of concerned the Patriots land him with one of their second round picks (I think they have three). I'm with you on taking Cody in the second. I guess I'd like to see us get another first or second this year and I'd be prepared to give up a first or second next year to do it. Don't know if we can find someone out there who would do it but it would be great.

Bobby12...I believe it may be Morgan or a even a total "wild card" pick. I don't know why but I can honestly see Miami doing something radical with that #12 pick. I believe that is why Smiley on on the trade block. To expand the early picks possibilities... I believe that was why Dansby was so important to Miami that they ignored everyone else at that time (Boldin, Rolle)... I think Dansby was their ticket to get away from McClain. I'm thinking they look at an impact player of some sort... I'm not going to pretend to know what or who... could be a Spiller situation or all the way the other direction with an OG. If they do go LB... I am sticking with Derrick Morgan.

Bobby ...

I am not saying that McClain would be a bad pick but I don't think it would be the most effective pick. Because of our 3-4 system, we play with 4 linebackers. Dansby is, has been, and always will be an ILB. The other starter at ILB is Channing Crowder. McClain is an ILB. For McClain to start, he would have to start over Dansby (who has just been annointed most expensive ILB in the league) or Crowder. I think he is better than Crowder and would improve the inside but Crowder is adequate for now. We have a glaring need at safety and WR, and arguably an even bigger need at left guard. I think Dez White, Iupati, or Earl Thomas would be better picks at #12.

That didn't come out right. Bigger needs at left guard than at ILB. Obviously safety and WR are bigger needs than left guard.

flipper, I know alot of guys want a playmaking WR, and I'm not gonna argue with u about that...Dez Bryant has done just about EVERYTHING in the book so far that would make him the poster child for things Parcells hates: Reported late for games and practice Strike One. Didn't work out at the combine, Pro Day, his rescheduled Pro Day claiming he pulled his hammy, everyone else says he is out of shape Strike Two. Hired Eugene Parker as his agent. Strike Three. I don't believe there is ANY chance of him being a Dolphin

No problem Lou... I completely understand and have been there and done that. Thank you very much for your kind response and I also look forward to your posts and speaking with you about them... I am also very passionate about that subject... I do not tolerate that sort of stuff. Wanna smoke dope of drink? Whatever... Wanna buy a Ferrari and run the roads at 125mph... have fun paying the fines. Wanna go out and act like a maniac? Make sure you have a bondsmen.. whatever... Been there done that also... But I don't tolerate men who pound on women.. that is a disgrace and should not be tolerated by any mans family.

Craig M ...

I feel your pain. One thing the Dolphins could do is pick Iupati in the first (if Dez isn't around), pick Cody in the second, trade Smiley (no longer needed because of Iupati) and their 3rd to get an additional 2nd round pick and get WR Thomas. How about that? Damn, I wish I was in the control room.

Bill, Team Tuna, both perfectly reasonable assesments and it's hard to argue because it could easily be as you guys say...I honestly don't believe it will be Dez though and to take Lupati at 12 would cause me to go from Jack n Coke at the draft party to straight Jack...I'd be highly dissappointed

Bobby ...

In order to keep you from going into alcoholic shock before the first round is over, I would be fine with safety Earl Thomas at #12 if Dez isn't available.

4 picks at 12 that would make me smile, McClain, Dan Williams, Derrick Morgan, Sergio Kindle...Thomas ok, Dez, shocked, Lupati, jump out the window

Lets go Northern Iowa

Team Tuna.... That sort of thinking (taking Earl Thomas @ #12) is the exact sort of "Left Field" shot I can see Miami taking with the pick. Safety is the ONLY position in this draft that the talent pool drops off like a cliff. Once you are past Berry and Thomas... you are in the "Journeyman players" ... not so when talking LB or DT/NT. I suppose at WR you have one guy who is the stand out... but he is a Maybe for anyone past #7 in the draft and not to be counted on. I would not be one bit surprised or upset with Earl Thomas at 12.

Can I view this app. From my computer if so how?

Cinderrella keeps dancing Carlito????

I hope so, they look good so far!

Supermike, just go to MiamiHerald.com click on sports, click on Dolphins and u will find this article from Armando

Supermike, if u wanna talk about Brandon Marshall or TO, there is no way to get this in ur computer, get my point???

Bobby what happens if ya get Pierre-Paul?
Over dose...?
Noose and a stool...?
Toe on trigger with Buckshot Mouthwash...?
Closed Garage door with running car???

He is a 75% Bust probability in a Draft Magazine I bought yesterday... I think their being harsh... I say no more than 60%...

BTW... 3 Mocks have Miami taking him...

Bill, JPP pick would really put me in despair more then Lupati, I'd probaly buy Marlins Season Tickets!!!!

Bill, just curious on ur Safety comment...There is a drop from Berry to Thomas IMO but you don't like Myron Rolle or Olson would be sufficient...I mean Rolle, Clemons n Culver fight it out in camp for starting position??

At least wait until they open their new joint in 2012... I am hoping they get it open... leave town for some other hole that love Baseball. Then, the Dolphins can move in the new roofed/AC diggs..... By the way... I just read a report from Twitter and Adam Schefter where JaMarcus Russell came back to Oakland weighing 290lbs... 290 Man... on a QB... what a freekin disgrace that guy is... What does that say about maturity???

Bobby, good point. Would make for a great camp, and I think Clemons will show-and-prove at FS.

Bobby, get away from that window. Although, you never know. This regime just loves the offensive line. Sparano was OL coach in Dallas. Parcells loves smash mouth. That's how he won his Super Bowls with the Giants. I hope your windows are shuttered up early for hurricane season. May be a hazard to have access to them.

Let's face it, Akin, Crowder, and Wilson were aweful. Certainly, the season wore on the run defense, but our pass coverage over the middle was an abortion.

Yea Bill, I said before maybe Jamarcus Russel can play NT for us...he's getting close

I strongly dislike Dook

I have to be honest Bobby. I watched Clemmons most of his career and thought a ton of him. I still believe he can start and do so at a high level for Miami. We have an investment in Chris Clemmons... we gave up a I believe we gave up a #24 pick in the second round for him to the Colts. Although I forget the whens and wheres of that deal. I would love to see Chris emerge as the starter in Miami and have no fear with him after Preseasons shows us what he has leaned.

DishPan, u down on Crowder...he had nagging injuries and I honestly believe he tried to do too much out of his area because Akin was pitiful...I have a feeling Channing has a good year with Dansby there, plus he is gonna get some "extra reps" in camp for his Joey Porter radio interview...I think he will straighten up

Pardon my double key... I meant to say"Once"
"I believe we gave up a #24 pick in the 2nd round to Indy for Chris, but am not certain of the details"...
I hope that makes better sense then the way I wrote it above....

Team Tuna , " Dansby is , has been and always will be a ILB ". REALLY ??? Dansby was a OLB in college at auburn and was OLB his first 3-4 year in the NFL . He switched to ILB the last 2 years after Arizona started implementing the 3-4 to their defense.

Carlito, NCAA.com on ur computer has the Northern Iowa game on it..just click "launch player" and the game will come on...if u wanna watch that game

Lou Costello (or whatever real poster you are)

You said:

and although I break people's Balls (once in a while) I always attack the 'Idea' and not the 'person'. Anyway, I'll make a point to read a little further back next time. Enjoy the Blog! . . Posted by: Lou Costello | March 26, 2010 at 09:19 PM

Pffft, yeah right. You know you can be an ass hat just like the Smurf post in the last blog right? No personal attacks my ass, yeah your a peach.

I like Crowder... I just would like to see him start showing up at the point of the play... instead of over or under running it. I saw him literally run past RB's last year on the way to God knows where... Its like he doesn't follow the ball well or is just plain crappy at at diagnosing a play. I hope Dansby can teach him how to read an offense, he sure as hell "gets it"...

Ask Bill ruger , what are you talking about ? Chris clemmons was a 5th round pick .

I gave that that name ( lou costello ) to po white trash or just because. It's one of them.

Thanks Bobbyd12

Uh-oh Mando, Palm Beach Post has a mock draft, now you must put them to shame with a far superior one.

I hear ya.. NJ phins...as I said it made me question it also... not certain why. I thought the same as you. Here is the link... scroll down to his name... you will see what I did. I may just be misreading it???


(They have the Phins taking Derrick Morgan

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