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Dolphins interest in Mike Williams is interesting

OK, they're not interested in Brandon Marshall. I get that. They're not interested in Terrell Owens, even as a short-term solution to a big problem. I sort of get that, also.

The Dolphins might not be interested in Dez Bryant if it takes the No. 12 overall selection in the draft to get him. Something about risk versus reward. I get that, too.

Yet there is an interest in Mike Williams.

Hmmmm. I'm trying to get that.

The team brought Williams for a visit at the Davie, FL. training facility on Thursday and spent several hours with him.

Williams is a 6-2, 220-pound prototype from Syracuse University. Well, he was from Syracuse University until he reportedly left the team in November. Those reports, by the way, were the result of Syracuse coach Doug Marrone saying Williams quit the team. So the sourcing cannot be questioned. Williams quit the team according to his coach.

It was a strange situation because Marrone said Williams went to him without being summoned and simply quit.

Asked at the time why Williams quit the team, Marrone said, "You'd have to ask him. I have no idea. I'm not going to discuss the conversation from my end. Obviously, I told you that he came up to me and voluntarily took himself off the team. That's it."

Well, that's not really it.

Reports later surfaced that Williams was on the verge of being suspended by Marrone when he decided to quit. It wasn't the first time Williams had issues at Syracuse. He was suspended from school in 2008 for cheating on a test.

When he quit with four games left in the season, Williams had 49 catches for 746 yards and six touchdowns. He ranked first in the Big East and 14th nationally with seven receptions per game. He was first in his conference and 20th nationally in receiving yards.

The saga of Williams leaving the team in 2009 is a big issue for teams. When a player leaves a team it raises questions as to how much he loves the game, it raises questions whether he's a quitter, it raises questions whether he's likely to repeat the offense in the pros if things get tough, because as Nick Saban used to say, past actions is the best predictor of future actions.

"I've been talking to all the NFL teams about that," Williams said during the Indianapolis Combine in February. " I want to leave it at that. But what I want everybody to know is I didn't quit. I'll leave that story at that."

So Williams didn't want to say what actually happened, or what he believes happened, but he did want to remove the doubt about him quitting.

"I told the teams that, all the teams know the whole story," Williams said. "I want to leave it at that, I don't want to make it a big media story. I just want everybody to know I didn't quit."

Williams apparently is admitting to teams that he cheated on the test. He told them he simply doesn't like school. And he's telling teams that he can be reliable.

"I want to let them know that I'm a nice person, I'm a good person," Williams said. "School was just my problem. I had bad judgment when I was young. School has been my problem, I want to let them know I can play football and be there for that team."

Obviously the Dolphins have bought in -- at least to the point of bringing Williams to town.


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I really think the 2cnd round is where the value for edge rushers is with guys like Hughes from TCU Sapp from Clemson and Norwood from S. Carolina


Huh what??

You must have me confused wit someone else?

WTH convo/post you talkin about?

We in imposterville now?

Whats the scoop? Can't be the same guy...too off.

I was reading this Draft Mag I bought... they were really hard on CJ Spiller for not being a "Between the Tackles" type runner. I have no fear to say I have no clue... I simply have not watched this kid play (maybe a game here or there) to draw my own conclusion. They said that he was not the Between the tackles guy and they said he would not be an inside the 5 yard line "Pound it in" player... their take on him is another Reggie Bush "bounce it outside" style runner. Now... if all that is true... He'll NEVER play in Miami... but I honestly don't know... Is this a fair critique?

Darryl D,

I don't see trade up in 1st at all. Maybe one spot if they really geeked out about a guy but I think too many holes to fill.

BP & Co walk around with draft pick slips like Willy Wonkas Golden Wrappers!


Amen brother amen... No offense was taken man... As far as what we are now facing in the US... damn... I already have another Migraine. I'm pretty unhappy about it all NJ... that's the best I will say on an open blog... feel me? I have no desire to be pounced on by Liberal Lefty tonight... All respect to everyone and truce while talking football...Okay???

Can I second Golfito... or do I need to know the secret handshake?

Rob in OC:

Well then...you may have to consider flying cross country to attend the
"REX Ryan Effigy Burning Man"
Gala at Ft Lauderdale Beach during Jets week.

Since Ryan seems so obsessed with Dolphin Fans... then maybe there's a way to use his OWN EMOTIONS against him. The more he's fired-up, the more likely he is to make an 'emotional' decision during a game instead of a smart one.

Picture a 15 foot high PVC pipe with a baby-grand Piano-sized foam ball in a Jets Jersey. ...and several Hundred drunk & screaming bar patrons.

We would never harm the real Rex Ryan but
if we're lucky then we'll create some cool footage for ESPN.

No Im same Rob... It was all in sarcasm... should have been clear ... my bad...Meant it to bust balls about trying to talk sense to another poster earlier... sorry to throw you off... not meant to...

Trust me when I say the LAST thing I want is to play impostor land... I don't play that well at all...

Carlito , inimounts is beimg inimounts. I skip half of his posts and ignore the other half. inimounts wouldn't know what to do with himself if miami won the super bowl. He needs to complain and loves the misery. Maybe if miami won the super bowl , we'd never have to hear from again. GO DOLPHINS ! LOL ! :)

Lou... I am hoping the Jests get the "hard Times" HBO Loser curse.... It has screwed every team who has let HBO film so far.


Bengals wont the division last year

Golfito...Yeah.... but then they got double pumped by the Wets for all their effort... I friggin hate the Jests

Good Night all.... ROB in OC. I never did hear back. I was just goofing on that guy "Inimounts" you were going rounds with.... 100% pure sarcasm bro. Just trying to show how dumb is sound when people say that Miamis draft picks are all worthless and they can only win with FA's. I did not mean to throw you off or be offensive in any way... All respect to you and to all a wonderful good night...sleep tight... and don't let the tax man bite.
Go Miami Dolphins 2010!!!!

I don't know if that assesment of Spiller is fair. The guy was so much faster then anybody he played against. He didn't really avoid contact because he could run around it with his speed. He didn't really have to make moves like Reggie, because he was usually past defenders forcing them to try and arm tackle him, good luck. The ACC chamionship game he shredded G.T. also check out the Chick Filet Bowl 2007(I know it's awhile ago) The run against Auburn shows speed, and power. This guy is a freak. Much stronger runner then Bush.

Bill Ruger: I'd love to see that happen.

My guess is that he's going to use the show as an opportunity to run his mouth like he's in the World Wide Wrestling Federation.

The only way to shut him up is to thoroughly beat his team.


How the Dieting going?...

Aren't you supposed to be in a Show soon?

Ask Bill,

It's debateable and VERY hard to analyze if a small back will run effectively through the tackles.

As soon as you say you have to look like Ronnie Brown to run through between the tackles a guy like mighty might like Warrick Dunn comes along and can do it just fine.

By and large you don't want to run a smaller back between the tackles too often as thats why you have bigger backs typically. I know Chris Johnson must get a few carries between the tackles and he is not big.

The Value of Spiller is in his game breaking speed and ability to make people miss in space.
His touches which could be 20-25 a game would have to be a blend of RB carries, WR touches, PR and KR touches and some trick plays now and then. Using him in all phases could easily get him 18-25 touches a game and the same as Ronnie Brown. They would have different roles.

Here is some footage for you to make you own decision if he can play on your Fins team:



We have some outside the box type offense with the Wildcat. In the video you see him catch a bunch of passes deep down field like a WR, He throws TDs, He also ran between the tackles as well.

It's hard to say. When our OL gets going we are opening decent holes and I think any decent back could get through there.


No worries Ask Bill,

Just got confused and thought you may have inserted my name thinking I was someone else.

No worries.


I get it, I'm just trying to get other peoples feedback on what will happen on draft day. I understand this group is super conservative, and they have a formula that they believe will build a winner(we all have faith that they can )I'm sold that Berry is the player that fits one of our needs more then any first rounder, I was just trying to figure out a scenario to bag him.

Joey in Jersey , the dieting/shreeding phase is coming along well. It's rough ! . It's tough work . You sacrifice a little strength as you deplete the carbs but the definition and tone Start to really show . You drink alot of water My friend. Thanks for asking.

Lou Costello,

Flying snow cones at his dome... NYC fans do worse. ;)

It's a heated rivalry and he stoked Miami's competitive fires just fine. I tell people all the time, football is a game that emotion and reason to win are not what you want to put into the other team.

The second game was rather... whew! Ted Ginn the 1 game Hero! Still can't believe he of all people pulled out 2 x returns. crazy.


Night Ask Bill!

Nice chattin with ya and see you on next time, same bat time, same bat channel, same batty people. LOL

Well only a few anyways.

For the most part we have a good insightful, spirited, lively bunch of ideas that trickle in nightly.

With how much passion is wrapped up in the Fin fans and their "ideas" on how to correct em there will always be some spats.

Most of it is good times though.


Darryl D,

O I C, you were just in your mad scientist lab trying to snag some Berry!

Gotcha. I think there would be a lot of singing in Finlandia if he fell.



I know what it feels like drag yourself through workouts with no carbs in your system.

What's your target weight for April?

Fins grab Earl w 12 th pick


Are you getting ready to go to the gun show? (flex point)

"I think the beach is over that way." (flex point)

"I can't cross the border to go to the sportsbook with you ladies as they won't let me take these guns in there." (double flex)

Keep on tearing it up NJ Phin.



You can't make those crazy long posts man! ;)

Joey in Jersey,

I ended up answering your post on the last blog over there. Just FYI.


Sleep tight Phin fans. Good to be back on the blog rough couple of days

night DD

Absolutely and...GOOD LUCK!

See...that's what people sometimes don't understand...When you're dieting strict, it sometimes makes a person irritable...

Some people on this blog need to realize this.

Rob in OC:

I think I answered you back...


Good night All.

joey in jersey , You got that right about dieting and being irretable. Throw in a few a headaches. I'm doing alright though , it's not bad. As far as dragging through workouts by being carb depleted and on a high protein diet , i have one thing to say. ThanK God for jacked 3d. I'm at 220 pounds. that's where i want to stay.

Rob , you want to buy tickets to the gun show ???



Hey been there.

I never wanted to diet for weightlifting but remember cutting wrestling weight so I know it can be rough.

Good luck wit it.


Joey in Jersey,

night dude.

Thanks Rob. I'll fill you in on it going from time to time. I'm going to get some sleep which is equally important as the training itself. good night !

how it's going **

Have a good one NJ PHIN!

Ima wrap it up as well.

G'night all.

I'm definitely not Lou Costello - I was Abbott

of all the options I have seen do far ... the one I like best is to trade down in the first round, from 1-12 to 1-20 and get an extra 2nd round pick.

Then, in the draft

1. IUPATI,OG .... put him next to Long and we will have an amazing ball control, running game, shades of Csonka, Kiick, Morris

4. J.GRAHAM, TE from the U

6 (3 picks) M.Williams, WR, Shoefield, OLB, Micah Johnson, ILB
7 (3 picks) Kafka, QB, Ufofia, NT, Barnes,WR Bowling Green

Sign him, the cream will rise to the top fast.

Mike Williams is the second best receiver in the draft. And why Armando keep suggesting that we dont want Dez. Stop putting out suggestion because it make the public beleive it as truth. I wouldnt be surprise if we draft two receivers. Dez Bryant and Mike Williams!

Ok guys,time to eliminate some players who we could pick in the 1st...

1.Earl Thomas

If Parcells and Sparano were so in love with Thomas,why did we offer Antrel Rolle 6 mill a year and then offered Ryan Clark a contract at the start of free agency? This tells me we wont be picking Earl Thomas.

2.Dan Williams

Again,if Parcells really wanted to pick Williams in the 1st,why did we resign an aging,injury plagued Jason Ferguson? We wont pick Williams.

3.Dez Bryant

Parcells has never picked a WR in the 1st so it wont be Bryant.

4.C.J Spiller

No way,no how. RB is not a priority.

There is no way Parcells would offer Dansby 9 million a year to play ILB so expect him to play OLB and then we'll pick McClain in the 1st.

Mike is a big receiver polish receiver who makes tough catch and physically intimidate DBs. He ran what a 4.5, he probably runs faster than that. He missed alot of football and didnt have the facilities like most. Overall talent he second to Dez, and might end up being the best receiver in the draft after all said and done. I would love for him to be here, just dont ask him to get a degree. LOL

Just because,

I guess that makes me Costello, although I wasn't posting under that name last night. That is funny though, at least NJ remembered who he nicknamed lol. Better than being called GOOOOOGGGLLLE or buffoon.

How would you like it if the draft went;

1. Dez Bryant
2. Cam Thomas
3. Ricky Sapp
4. Mike Willaims

Hey guys....just catching up on the posts I missed while I was sleeping....

Carlito, really LOVE your five choices for first pick, although Earl Thomas is not one of my five. I don't remember if Morgan was one of your five but he would be one of mine.

Rob in OC, sorry brother...respectfully, I HATE your five. I would be REALLY disappointed if it's one of those five. If we've traded down 10-15 then fine but to me NONE of those guys would be value picks at 12.

And mike, really like your picks also. Only one I don't like is the guard in the first round. I just don't get the trifecta fascination with trying to perfect the offensive line. It's annoying!! There are other areas of the team that need work. If they can't get proper value for Smiley, then bring him back. Another year of continuity, with all those guys being familiar with each other will make that line stronger. You don't like the line next year, then go out and get a guard. I would address the defence this year with a pick like Morgan.


Sorry I don't think you can eliminate any of those guys. Only guy might be Earl Thomas. I know a couple of mocks have him going in the top ten but for me I think a safety has to be REALLY special to be taken at 12. I think Berry is going to be so I would take him if he's still there but I just think Thomas is going to be a good player.

One thing with this regime, they keep you guessing and they look under every stone. To be honest, none of those other guys at 12 would surprise me and I think if a lot of the other guys they like are gone and can't trade back then I think any of them would be possible, especially Dan Williams.

He didn't break 1 tackle, and a few times he was brought down by arm tackles.

Craig M, I would like to go FS a little later personally, Nate Allen, Chad Jones, Myron Rolle and watch them battle it out in camp but if Thomas is there I wouldn't be shocked to see the Fins take him...

Chad Jones is super-slow. Watch the highlights on him. I know he did some amazing things in college and returned punts and interceptions for touchdowns. I don't see him being fast enough at the next level. You can't replace Gib"urned" Wilson with the hanging Chad.

just because and costello are the same guy .

team tuna and odinseye are the same guy ...so what .

nj, well that's a legend .

Bobbyd and Craig,

Won't it be great to see Denver on the clock, knowing who all is available and who we may pick. Then Denver picks and finally it's us. I can't wait. It's the months of pure speculation and conjecture, when we don't have the access like the Dolphins do that make it crazy. A good argument could be made for, and against Earl Thomas. What's funny is he might not even be a considered option, and we've debated hours on end about the guy. This goes for any of the guys. We've mentioned a good 125 names, and maybe 4 will be Dolphins. On top of that, there will be a few picks of guys we've not even talked about. We really know nothing, and it will be great for the draft to get here to know something for a fact.

Whatever happens to the Dolphins the TRIFECTA won't be able to deny they had absolute control. If they fail to put together a team after 5 yrs. I don't want any excuses from the Trifecta because if there is any word that has described how they have handled situations, how they have kept a "hermetically sealed" lid on everything even to the detriment of the fans that word is DICTATORSHIP! I hate their style! They never own up to their mistakes neither. The list is too long to name. I am frustrated.

Twix I actually would like that draft scenario, as long as we get DEZ I don't care what they do after that LOL. Watching lots of film on DEZ and this kid is a BEAST I believe he'll be better than even Brandon Marshall is that's how good he looks on the film.


Mike Williams is Polish? Maybe thats why he had trouble with school... lol...

just kidding

Craig M,

Thanks for the props on my current top 5... It was:

1. Rolando McClain
2. Dan Williams
3. Dez Bryant
4. Derrick Morgan
5. Earl Thomas

Honorable Mention: Sean Weatherspoon

Everybody feel free to post their own top 5 or comment on mine

my top 5...it's;

1-Derrick Morgan
2-Rolando McClain
3-Dez bryant
4-Dez Bryant
5-Earl Tomas .

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