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Dolphins interest in Mike Williams is interesting

OK, they're not interested in Brandon Marshall. I get that. They're not interested in Terrell Owens, even as a short-term solution to a big problem. I sort of get that, also.

The Dolphins might not be interested in Dez Bryant if it takes the No. 12 overall selection in the draft to get him. Something about risk versus reward. I get that, too.

Yet there is an interest in Mike Williams.

Hmmmm. I'm trying to get that.

The team brought Williams for a visit at the Davie, FL. training facility on Thursday and spent several hours with him.

Williams is a 6-2, 220-pound prototype from Syracuse University. Well, he was from Syracuse University until he reportedly left the team in November. Those reports, by the way, were the result of Syracuse coach Doug Marrone saying Williams quit the team. So the sourcing cannot be questioned. Williams quit the team according to his coach.

It was a strange situation because Marrone said Williams went to him without being summoned and simply quit.

Asked at the time why Williams quit the team, Marrone said, "You'd have to ask him. I have no idea. I'm not going to discuss the conversation from my end. Obviously, I told you that he came up to me and voluntarily took himself off the team. That's it."

Well, that's not really it.

Reports later surfaced that Williams was on the verge of being suspended by Marrone when he decided to quit. It wasn't the first time Williams had issues at Syracuse. He was suspended from school in 2008 for cheating on a test.

When he quit with four games left in the season, Williams had 49 catches for 746 yards and six touchdowns. He ranked first in the Big East and 14th nationally with seven receptions per game. He was first in his conference and 20th nationally in receiving yards.

The saga of Williams leaving the team in 2009 is a big issue for teams. When a player leaves a team it raises questions as to how much he loves the game, it raises questions whether he's a quitter, it raises questions whether he's likely to repeat the offense in the pros if things get tough, because as Nick Saban used to say, past actions is the best predictor of future actions.

"I've been talking to all the NFL teams about that," Williams said during the Indianapolis Combine in February. " I want to leave it at that. But what I want everybody to know is I didn't quit. I'll leave that story at that."

So Williams didn't want to say what actually happened, or what he believes happened, but he did want to remove the doubt about him quitting.

"I told the teams that, all the teams know the whole story," Williams said. "I want to leave it at that, I don't want to make it a big media story. I just want everybody to know I didn't quit."

Williams apparently is admitting to teams that he cheated on the test. He told them he simply doesn't like school. And he's telling teams that he can be reliable.

"I want to let them know that I'm a nice person, I'm a good person," Williams said. "School was just my problem. I had bad judgment when I was young. School has been my problem, I want to let them know I can play football and be there for that team."

Obviously the Dolphins have bought in -- at least to the point of bringing Williams to town.


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4-Dan Williams


Dez Bryant would be number one on my list, if we were fortunate enough for him to fall to us. See Flipper about this.

After Dez Bryant, I like Earl Thomas because he is a menace, we have a huge need at safety, there are not a whole lot of safeties in this year's draft, and we whiffed in free agency. That being said, if we picked Bryant, I would pursue Darren Sharper in free agency as a stop-gap for the 2010 season. But, the Trifecta probably would not go for that because Sharper would be a "progress stopper" to Culver and Clemons.

Derrick Morgan would be long gone by the time we pick. He would switch from DE in college to OLB on the Dolphins based on his size if he were chosen. I think he would be an excellent pick and actually a much better pick than McClain because we need more help with OLB (Charlie Anderson and Wake who can only play in obvious passing situations) than ILB (Karlos Dansby and Channing Crowder). Mind you, McClain would be an upgrade over Crowder, so McClain would be a good pick but not as effective as Morgan.

Dan Williams has the size of a 3-4 nose tackle. He is 6'2", 327 lbs., almost the exact dimensions of Pro-Bowler Vince Wilfork with the Patriots. I think Williams is a solid player but I watched film on him and saw him getting pushed around a bit more than I would like to see. We need a nose tackle that can consistently smother the center and one of the guards simultaneously on each and every player. That's why I think we wait until the second round for DT Terrence Cody of Alabama. He will need to work on his weight to be an every down player but he shows the type of dominance at the point of attack that we need and has a lot of athleticism for a man his size. Cody is just under 6'4" and weighs 354 pounds.

And the Donkey comes thru!!! Like ur picks, would have no problem with any of those.... I actually have to work today after a mini vacation so have a great day gentlemen

My top 5 ...

1) Dez Bryant
2) Earl Thomas (substitute Eric Berry if he slips)
3) Derrick Morgan (if he makes it to us)
4) Mike Iupati (only if the team truly needs to discard Smiley)
5) Rolando McClain

Or, my preference ...
If Bryant and Berry are not available, trade down to the latter part of the first round, pick up two extra draft picks, and then select Arrelious Ben with our first pick.

thanks bob, i live for posts like this . don't go to work ,stay w/us please .

Good Posts Team Tuna and Donkey, I like your top 5's... Especially donkey coming through with a football post!!!!

Off to enjoy this beautiful saturday to shoot some hoops with friends...

Yes, its true, ticos can't jump, but I will rain down 3's on these fools...

Miami has the same player on its roster, Patrick Turner. The major difference, PT came from a legit college program. Williams was the only player on Syracuse, Turner played on teams that ran down people's throats with 4+ RB's. Let's not forget the Big East has been a joke Since Miami, VA-Tech, & BC fled.

Good post Mando. Your right the fins looking into Williams is very puzzling. But please Mando, please never quote the POS Nick Saban ever again. Everytime you qoute that idiot I throw my phone across the room. Good thing I have the Otterbox. Lol..

Turner was a bust at usc, he was considered a reach in the third round because of his skills. Williams was on pace to brake records at Syracuse. You talking about a player who was arguably going to be considered the best receiver in college. There been plenty of players with academic problems. So yeah he likely will be broke after his nfl career because he will not know how to manage his money and not have skills to have a career after football. But thats not what we draft players for, he is going to needed for his football skills. Again not criminal just not book smart.

He looks a bit slow to me for the pro's...he seems to have a nice nose for the ball and does not look timid catching balls over the middle like someone else I know...(Ginn).
Overall if he's available in the 3rd+ they seem poised to invest in him...
In Tuna We Trust!

Mike Williams looks like he could do a good job on the fade route going up for the ball in the corner of the end zone. Something Ginn cannot do and we don't know if Turner can do.
Williams would be low risk if gotten in the 3rd or 4th round.
My top 5
1. Derrick Morgan
2. Sergio Kindle
3. Eric Berry
4. Earl Thomas
5. Dan Williams (if we can trade down)
I'm in favor of defense simply because had we been able to stop anyone last season, we could have had 3 or 4 more wins. Yes, we desparately need a big play receiver, so if we end up with Dez Bryant as our first pick I will be just as happy as if we end up with the best rated defensive player at OLB, DT, or Safety.

Mike Iupati darkhorse at 12----im ok with it unless JPP or morgan are still on the board---

Ask the question, who do you think could fit in better rite away and perform----Lupati playn next to grove and jake long----or dan williams as a rookie DT--that is 21 years old----taking on starting veteran centers and gaurds in his 1st year---

If we were a 4-3 team i think dan williams could come in and contribute rite away, but that isnt the case---and the Tuna MO is drafting a DT late in draft where u can find a gem---

Earl thomas makes sense---but if we get darren sharper ---will that change your sense of thinking---

Lupati could set us on oline for next 5-6 season we could look like the chiefs did with Roaf and company---I know its not a sexy pick---but it is less risky than reaching with a kindle or BG, ---Spiller and dez bryant---have the value but i ust dont see tuna using a 12 for either one----

Maybe they are tryn to trade smiley b/c lupati is the guy they want----just a thought

Your right Armando. This Dolphins still do not understand that they need a big time wide out. If they go through the draft it will take 1 to 2 years for that reciever to develop. That means will go into this season again with no big player threat. I can't stand teams who don't understand that the proven player is threw free agency.

Great let's get a cheater and quiter instead of Brandon M!

"I've been talking to all the NFL teams about that," Williams said during the Indianapolis Combine in February. " I want to leave it at that. But what I want everybody to know is I didn't quit. I'll leave that story at that."

This is a mistake. Dude just quit the answer in the middle of the interview! Of course he quit the team. Williams should receive the same closed door policy from the Dolphins that they have shown Owens, Marshall and Bryant. It is only fair to everyone and it shows some damn consistency from the regime.

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