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Dolphins preseason schedule right here

The Dolphins have a preseason state rivalry going with Jacksonville and Tampa Bay, playing both teams in each of the past six years dating back to the 2003 preseason. Well the building tradition continues.

The Dolphins will once again play both the Jags and Bucs in the 2010 preseason according to the preseason schedule released today by the NFL.

Unlike the past couple of years the Dolphins will not play the New Orleans Saints in the preseason. That kills me because I love to eat in New Orleans, but I digress. Losing this matchup means the Dolphins will not play the defending Super Bowl champs.

The Dolphins will play the Dallas Cowboys in the impressive Cowboys Stadium. That game will be the finale of Miami's four-game preseason schedule.

The third game, the one in which teams typically play their starters into the second half, will match the Dolphins against the Atlanta Falcons at Sun Life Stadium. The Falcons beat the Dolphins 19-7 in the 2009 regular-season opener.

Here is the 2010 preseason schedule:

Date      Game   

Aug. 12-16   Bucs at Dolphins

Aug. 19-23   Dolphins at Jacksonville

Aug. 26-29   Atlanta at Miami

Sept. 2-3     Dolphins at Dallas.

The actual dates and starting time will be released soon. None of Miami's preseason games are tentatively scheduled for national TV. They are all scheduled for broadcast in South Florida on WFOR-4, with the away games always live and the home games requiring a sellout for the broadcast to be live.


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Nice to play Big D where Miles Austin returns home but with Flipper on his helmet

Preseason.... Yaaawwwnnn.

Same cast miami plays every year except they put in dallas instead of NO.

Hell yeah I live in Dallas!! I am so going to see my dolphins

Any update on Smiley? Potential suitors?

I hope we can get a 4th or a 5th for him (no way we get a 3rd for an oft-injured player we plan to replace with the likes of Nate Garner or Ritchie Incognito)

Seattle's Rob Sims is also on the market now, that's not good news.

Waterboy, dude, what gives? Look, I love Miles Austin, but in what universe will we get him? He has like a 1st rd and 3-4th round tag on him, right? Plus a big money contract? Do you really think Miami will give that up for Miles Austin? Or anybody? Are you just talking smack or do you really think that'll happen? I hate to burst your bubble, but there's no chance.

Moving forward, I like this schedule. A couple of Florida teams to wet our chops on, then the big one will be against the Falcons, and they're decent enough to provide us with a test, and then to Dallas to see what our 2nd team can do against theirs. I'd rather them shorten the pre-season by one game and extend the regular season myself, I think that's the better way to go. And I'm not gonna get excited this year like in the past if we go 3-1 or 4-0. I FINALLY realized it means squat, we can still suck on opening day. Actually, I'd LOVE IT if we won our first game of the season (I'm sick of throwing in the towel after week 1).

Smiley will be dealt to Seattle after Lions pickup Sims

This schedule totally changes our draft strategy...

I will never happen, but I wanted to get the blog going.

Back to my previous question
Who is better suited for the Wildcat?

1) Spiller
2) Tebow
3) Golden Tate
4) Dexter Mclovin
5) Pat White
6) Other

Spiller hands down

tebow gets away with it in college b/c he can out run and run through under sized defenders....in the NFL they'll give him the pat white treatment (the game against the steelers...i thought he was dead after that hit) and Dlineman will hawk him down in the NFL and LB's will eat him for breakfast

Spiller is best suited, outside of Pat White. Watch some video highlights of his, you can see him actually completing passes during games. Spiller's speed & quickness, plus ability to throw make him my choice for your question. Pat White's plays aren't really considered the Wildcat package. It's more of a spread option. Pat is best suited for that because, contrary to his performance in '09, he can truly throw and is a dual-threat QB.

Good thing for channelsufring.net for us out of staters. ;-)

OOOh, ooHHH, OOOOOHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

What if the pre-season Home Games are at 1 O'Clock?

What will we do THEN???

Will we all just MELT--.. and turn into 'runny' Orange Sherbert?

Picture how STUPID its going to be watching Football Games in South Florida
in December
in a...D O M E!!!!

PS it is Pat White's job to lose at the #2 QB for the Dolphins...Think about it for a moment and you realize this as well.

Yes, I am the master of the obvious. I posted at 3:45 to simply restate exactly what the blog itself states, but I put it in my own words. Now everyone here will benefit from having plain english unnecessarily explained to them by a former teammate of real players on a college football team, who also works out a lot, PERIOD!!!

Look at me. Love me.

If you happen to disagree, or merely have some innocuous comment, you are an a**wipe idiot, you must shut your stupid pie hole now.

Pre-season, where they force us fans to buy 2 worthless games in the season ticket package so their stadium isn't completely empty...no reason for 4 games... Cut it in half and add 2 regular games or stop making people by these two preseason games...

LOL@ Give me @ss kickers...


I would check other on your list.

RB Jahvid Best would be the "best" suited for the Wildcat action. He is faster than Spiller, a couple pounds heavier, has probably better hands, maybe better lateral acceleration.

The biggest deal would be you can probably pick him up in the second round. He may not play the Ronnie Brown type role but would be crazy slick in Rickys in motion role.

Here is a link to watch him. I have timer marks for plays I think he is really standing out or that reflects skills that project well to the nfl.


Here are key points in the vid using the timer bar:

1:42 Wildcat
2:42 Crazy hands (No Ginn alligator arms)
5:34 Nice trick play
6:55 Score ala Walter Payton
9:43 stats and well spoken young man

This guy has serious wheels, moves and can KR/PR.

guys, check this out
Dez Bryant threatens everybody that will pass on him at the draft. I honestly think that this guy can be great in the NFL

Best will be a good player---but his agilty to wigggle in a tight space isnt near the level of spiller----spiller has special moves for tight space---best has the speed tho--and toughnes one cut and deadly speed can be all you need---best would be a good fit in wildcat---but he doesnt shake like spiller--

Spiller has some nagging injuries
Best has the CONCUSSION, which is serious

Best has good value for us in 2nd, but he might not be there


You would have to go get Best as he won't last long if he even makes it into the 2nd round.

The good think about his concussion is it was kind of self caused by him leaping into the endzone and that can be avoided in the future.

The defender caught a piece of him and pushed him further up into the air off canter... it was like he fell off a ladder wrong.

I would be much more worried if it was from a generic tackle.

The injury is the ONLY thing that adds the 2nd round Value potential or he goes 1st round with Spiller imo.

I just finished listening to an intrview w/ Best on the Scott Van Pelt Show. He is very similar to Spiller in so many ways. Very articulate, confident, yet humble. These guys are shadows of each other yet I think Spiller is the only guy I could see on this roster come next year. I doubt we would take best at 12. That would give San Diego 2 chances at him before we get to pick, also Washington has needs at Rb. and I think they choose befor S.D. in the 2nd round.

yea i see that---on a different subject i could see miami go after a vet NT like Gerard Warren---he is 31---very durable in career---always been a big guy6"4 325---never played in a good situation on a winning team---with a top notch Dcoordiantor-----he would be cheap and could fill a need for us there----if the jets can get away with Sione Pouha ---who is also 31---with absolutly no career when compared to Warren i think we could get away from it too----

Its a copcat league and he thought that u need a dominant nose to be a great 3-4 isnt valid---

If you have a sufficent nose--not a pro bowler,, but u have pro bowl caliber LB like a bart scott and david harris ---you can be stingy vs the run----calvin pace is ok---thomas at the SOLB is average---

We got dansby---lets add another 2 young talented rookies LB and sign taylor back---we are ready to go front 7

someone is gonna scream at me and say u need a dominant nose---------Sione Pouha ----thats all i will say ---he was the starter on a number ranked defense---that vs the run was better when he started then when jenkins did-----------------LBSSSS is what you need talent inside and outside---big bodies on line---u dont need a pro bowler at nose------THATS MY NO TO DAN WILLIAMS

Best is a little faster, heavier, with better down field hands imo...

I think the fact that you could STILL have a 1st round pick and then snag a guy this talented in round 2 really pushes him into a different even higher category than Spiller.

They both threw up 18 reps of 225. Best has slightly longer arms and I know you are big on length for WR duties.

I would grab BG in round one and snatch Best for chunk yards in second in a heartbeat.


You would absolutely have to go get Best very early second...no way he lasts.

The thing I like is you could still have a 1st rounder and then get him.

San Diego is said to be looking at Matthews who is 218 lbs and more of a workhorse type guy.

OK guys the Cuban is On-line, What's on the menu tonite??


I looked at your guy Myron Lewis.... played Corner. I was looking safety is why I missed him.

He definitely is a fine all around specimin but seems more like a CB. I wonder if he could play Safety? 203lbs only 10 reps at the combine... depends on the round I would guess.

sup cm,

kinda lame preseason schedule blog subject.

We are kinda feeding off Waterboys post about who is best Wildcat option @4:13


Oh, heck yes if he is there for us in the second happy b-day phins. I just think there are too many teams in front of us in the second round that he will probably be gone. possibly in a trade situation if we can move down. I forget about Matthews, he would be a better fit in S.D. they have Sprolles for the undersized, fast multi purpose guy.

Supposedly Earl Thomas pulled his hamstring running the 40 today at the Texas Pro Day and couldn't do any other drills

Like the last preseason game vs the cowboys, should be a good 1st half with all the starters starting, Might even make a national tv appearance... Saw that picture of McClain??? Guys cut like a thanksgiving turkey,Heard that the tuna and Ireland were there, that says alot for the upcoming draft...

The Texas barbecue doesn't do anything for you?

Washington signed Larry Johnson to go along with portis. I don't thing washinton goes RB that early in the 2nd.

The more I see mocks and listen to pundits/talking heads about their boards I noticed they rarely ever change much.

Mayock sounded all "iffy" about Dez after he ran slower than he wanted to see and was slipping in/out cuts. Later he said he wasn't moving his WR board at all and still has him as #3 overall? What gives Mr. Mayock? If you ding him, move him... grow a pair.

Mayock did flop Earl Thomas above Berry a while back and has left it that way. He is more on an island with E. Thomas over Berry.

It is difficult to have an opinion of a guy after seeing a lot of all the candidates and then move him later based off of combine/pro day stuff. Those are such singular events and anyone is capable of shinning or having a bad day. Just say NO to Mike Mamula! ;)

Viva la game footage!


Q: Would you trade up for Best? Or would you sit back and hope for a Benn or some other position/player to fall to 43?

Larry Johnson????? Does that guy have anything left????That figures , Ive got a feeling that Dan Synder is trying to be the Al(Liver spots)Davis of the East coast....

I wouldn't trade up for anybody... this team needs more picks, not less...

It would be very tempting if Berry fell all the way to 10th, but I really think the Dolphins need all the picks they have in the first 4 rounds


They said after Vandy proday---that lewis projects as a FS---because of how physical he is---bench press does mena u cant still be physical---

He has instincts and has been highly productive---with great physical measurables---his stats are comparable to earl thomas---

Dolphins bring him in for a visit in 2 weeks---i would take him with a 3rd---

On another note i have a chunck back that would have good value in 4th round---
Deji Karim---5"9 210 pounds 10.3 broad--benched 20 reps

Deji Karim had a very impressive Pro Day, running a 40 in 4.37 seconds despite weighing in at 210 pounds. He also had a 43-inch vertical. Karim rushed for 1,694 yards and 18 touchdowns on a 7.1 YPC average for Southern Illinois in 2009.

Tough question, Depending on who the trade partner is. The Giants(ironically) make the most sense, or most likely. If they get gun shy, and think Mclain will be gone by 15, I could see them switching picks with us to grab him, I think if that happens, we could grab Spiller at that choice( if he was on the board)I don't think we would go on Best at 15, If I was G.m.(I would certainly be sacked by now)I would roll the dice and see if we could grab him in the 2nd.

Darryl, Think foe a minute... How many games did the defense lose for the fins last year??? 5 or 6????? and they discarded 3 starters from last years "D".... I would bet every dollar I-ve got (About 1200 of them) That they select defense the 1st 3 rounds....

I never thought Best would be an option, I figured that we would not have an opportunity to pick him. With that said, The one scenario that I could see that could lead to a 1st round swap, would be with the Giants( oh the irony) If they got gun shy and thought Mclain was going to go before 15, I could see them trading down with us(that is if Denver doesn't take him). I think we would go Spiller at 15 before Best.(this is why I'm not a G.M. would have been sacked along time ago). Some teams feel Best is undersized, and are leary of that violent fall he took on his head. I would roll the dice, if he's there at 43 sweet, if not Morgan Burnett would fit nicely in a Phin jersey.

Cuban, I agree with u, all this talk about Spiller or Best is a waste of time...I don't believe the Fins have any interest in RB with first 4 picks

Thanks fellas, gotta bounce, be back later.

Bobby, kinda like washing your car,even though you have 3 flat tires, I dont get these guys sometimes.....

And the announcement of the preseason schedule is important because ?????????

Who cares???!!!!

Evening CM

Now we all know the phins are drafting D, and Parcells has a propensity for picking lbs; I say that if McClain is off the board at 12 he goes with either Dan Williams or Earl Thomas; both would fit with best player available (depending on who is on the board at the time), and both fill a need.

I know someone on this blog a few weeks ago commented on the fall off of talent after Earl Thomas (so it makes a good case for him), and some say Dan Williams is a reach at 12 (but some drafts have him off the board before we pick), but NT are at a premium and a good one is hard to come by so a good case can be made for him.

I'm not advocating any player since there are a lot of players i like and wouldn't mind one or the other but if i were to bet i would say Earl Thomas, or Dan Williams only if McClain is off the board.

CM and Bobby,

I don't really get you guys sometimes..

If we talk McClain vs BG ...you guys say we have been over it so many times and its boring,old lame or whatever.

Some of us talk about "alternate" draft paths and think outside the box a little and it's all "wasted space" and "You don't understand why?"

I will ABSOLUTELY gentlmans bet you bobby that the Fins DONT go 1-4 on DEF ONLY!

You gonna take that bet?


I think you're right on that; I believe we draft def 1st off 2nd and back to def 3rd and if one of the recievers we want is not there in the second we could always go TE in the second. I think there are too many lbs that can be picked up that we can wait, and i believe you named a couple in previous blog posts

I´m starting to hate the NT pick in the 1st and 2nd round...I would much rather pick´em up in the later rounds like 4th and 5th...

I think LB,S,WR are my likes for the first 3 rounds.

Agree kyphinphan!

I know some people want DEF more than others but it is not gonna be a completely DEF draft no matter how we slice it up.

The BIG FA signing filled a ILB hole. (The fact that ILB D Ryans signed for 21.75 million guaranteed 48 million dollar package means that $$ can't be used as a reason to suggest that Dansby will be flopped to ILB even though he played ILB with the Cards)

If the FINS see an OFF guy they can't live without they will grab him.

KYPP, as you said WR or TE in the second makes great sense if they are the best players on the Trifectas boards at the time.

At least 1 OFF guy gets taken in the first 4 rounds imo.

I am very pleasantly surprised with Earl Thomas' 4.35 40 run today, its a shame he pulled a hammy...

If the Dolphins draft him, they would have amazing speed at FS with Thomas and Clemons

Rob, YAWN...if u think Spiller or Best is possible talk away, free country, I have no interest in it and IMO it's a waste of time....enjoy I'll watch the Heat game


Speed does kill so that would be a good thing.

And by the way Rob, bring up ur bet with Cuban, he is the one who said it not me...

Carlito, I have made no secret I want Brandon Graham but if they decide not to go OLB in round 1 and go Earl Thomas I won't complain.

I am not big on 40 times some guys play faster then they are or some have quickness and not flat out speed. Thomas running a 4.35 is impressive. I still think a good safety can be found in round 2 like Nate Allen or Morgan Burnett but Thomas could be elite and he is only 21.

Adding to to my comment of Thomas 40 time of 4.35 being impressive because he also looks that fast out on the field.

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