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Dolphins preseason schedule right here

The Dolphins have a preseason state rivalry going with Jacksonville and Tampa Bay, playing both teams in each of the past six years dating back to the 2003 preseason. Well the building tradition continues.

The Dolphins will once again play both the Jags and Bucs in the 2010 preseason according to the preseason schedule released today by the NFL.

Unlike the past couple of years the Dolphins will not play the New Orleans Saints in the preseason. That kills me because I love to eat in New Orleans, but I digress. Losing this matchup means the Dolphins will not play the defending Super Bowl champs.

The Dolphins will play the Dallas Cowboys in the impressive Cowboys Stadium. That game will be the finale of Miami's four-game preseason schedule.

The third game, the one in which teams typically play their starters into the second half, will match the Dolphins against the Atlanta Falcons at Sun Life Stadium. The Falcons beat the Dolphins 19-7 in the 2009 regular-season opener.

Here is the 2010 preseason schedule:

Date      Game   

Aug. 12-16   Bucs at Dolphins

Aug. 19-23   Dolphins at Jacksonville

Aug. 26-29   Atlanta at Miami

Sept. 2-3     Dolphins at Dallas.

The actual dates and starting time will be released soon. None of Miami's preseason games are tentatively scheduled for national TV. They are all scheduled for broadcast in South Florida on WFOR-4, with the away games always live and the home games requiring a sellout for the broadcast to be live.


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I said earlier that I believe it would either be Earl Thomas or Dan Williams (not advocating but wouldn't mind either)depending on McClain and who is drafted where.

I like others (I think Rob and NJ both talked about a couple of NTs Cam Thomas et al)would prefer a NT in the latter rounds, but I believe based on the premium placed on NTs and the number of teams converting to the 3/4 that it is a crap shoot if you get the guy you want in those rounds.

Whether you like McClain or not if the phins draft him you will see a lot of movement from Dansby since he can play outside and inside and Nolan like to mix it up to confuse offenses

I would love to read the comments of the people around here last year before the draft...what we said and what was done afterwards...

The "good" thing about this draft is that its loaded and miami has alot of holes to fill...

MiamiΒ΄s 1st pick will determine 2nd and 3rd, which if they make the 1st pick wisely could make it easier for the rest of the picks if things unfold well...

At this point today when you read so much mock draft what espn,nfl.com,si.com,PFT and a long etc I dont even know where I have "la cabeza". Maybe NT is the way, maybe mclain,maybe e.thomas,maybe Bryant, maybe kindle...it seems like whichever will fit correctly for miami.

Although MY choices would be McClain,Witherspoon, E.Thomas, Bryant or (hopefully) Berry.


I would rather watch paint dry.

Have fun checking the Heat out.

In high school I had a shirt that said:

"It is better to have Wrestled and lost than to have played Basketball."

Now it will be:

"It is better to talk Faux NFL Draft plans than to have watched Basketball."

You sound a lil sleepy...might wanna grab a nap bro.

Andy NJ,

I like S Morgan Burnett as well. He may be the most well rounded package of all of em all.

Especially when you add the fact that you can draft him in the 2nd or slim chance 3rd and still get other pick(s).

Rob, I'll bet you 5 dollars that 1 thru 3 go defense... you up?????

Two Words to describe preseason games for any interested fans.......


I agree Rob in OC about Burnett not being there in round 3. He looks like a player that you might have to reach for if you think he is a legit starting safety.

I saw you going back and forth with someone else in here about the need at TE and WR. I have been saying all along I want this to be a heavy on defense. I do agree somewhere there needs to be a TE or WR in the mix if not both. I don't like any offensive player in round #1. I want Brandon Graham, Sergio Kindle, Earl Thomas or Dan Williams and in that order.

Round #2 I want Demaryius Thomas, Damien Williams or Brandon Lafell and that is in order as well.

Just my thoughts feel free to bury me guys!

In high school I had a shirt that said:

"It is better to have Wrestled and lost than to have played Basketball."

Wow, thats pretty gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I bet you were a big hit on the wrestling team, eh rob? ;)

"I have such a deep admiration for guys that roll around on the floor with other guys."

Name that movie...


My thing with Dansby is the designation of ILB which is what he will be regardless of who the Fins draft. Some folks like to rationalize "Oh because Dansby could be an OLB that means he will be." He will be an ILB that can flop to OLB when Nolan needs it.

The Fins grabbed Dansby and like him in large part because he has position flexibilty. We will surely see different looks with players moving around.

I with you Rob. I have been saying all along I want this to be a defense first draft but in round # 2 or # 3 needs to be a weapon for Henne. I want round #1 to be either Brandon Graham, Sergio Kindle, Earl Thomas or Dan Williams and in that order. I don't like any offensive player in round # 1.

Round # 2 a few potential guys I like if they are available and there are Arrelious Benn, Golden Tate, Demaryius Thomas and Damien Williams and it's in that order as well.

Sorry for being redundant. My post came up as an error, didn't mean to write the same things twice. Cuban, I Did a mock draft here a couple of days ago, I had defense in the first three rounds. As I racked my little brain, and did some more reaserch, I want a mulligan. This draft is so deep on the defensive side. I think that we can go offensive playmaker in the first, and fill the needs on defense in the 2-4 rounds. If can get in on any bet I would love to.

The movie is called simply... Dolfan

Winner winner, chicken dinner!!!

Darryl Dunphy takes the action Cuban Menace...

Will you make the bet 1-4 all DEF?

Rob, it's not called simply. It's called Breakfast Club. Good guess though.

Put the five dollars up Darryl... Defense is the greatest need in my opinion, and I'am not a G.M or a football guru, but it's quite obvious where the weak link is....

har har har... boy you got me Dolfan.

Shuckey darns your sharp as a sack of wet rats.

lol, where as "The movie is called simply... Dolfan" is comedy genius.

De derp dee shuck a doo. No topping you.

No Rob, 1 thru 3 is my guess, iam sure the fins have back-ups in some defense positions but Iam going 1 thru 3 are you up for the 5 dollar bet???


So it's $5 bucks.

Darryl gets paid if the Fins draft DEF 1-4

Cuban Menace gets paid if the FINS go OFF with any pick 1-4.

Things are heating up here in Armando's Casino!


Aye Curumba! I back aswrads it up.

Cuban gets paid if the Fins go 1-4 DEF Only!

Darryl gets paid if 1 of the Fins picks on OFF for picks 1-4!

$5 sawbucks.

Good luck gentleman...

1 thru 3 there Rob....


1-4 is the bet

Rob, I'll bet you 5 dollars that 1 thru 3 go defense... you up?????

Posted by: Cuban menace | March 31, 2010 at 07:38 PM

NJ you up for the action????

1-4... action? CM, you take that action?

Rounds ONE thru FOUR! Ez as pie to hit your mark... you taking that action?

You know you want to take 1-9 DEF so 1-4 is cake.

Taking that action?

Menace, you got it 5 clams. Rounds 1-3 barring any trades that would take away or give more picks during said rounds.

The 3-4 def. starts with the NT, then LB's, then CB's, then S's. So what do you think the fins will do? Remember, it all starts up front.

So Darryl,

Any extra picks via trades in a round voids your bet and your taking Cubans 1-3 DEF only bet?


Darryl it's a bet, Witnesses?????


Since there is ONLY really 1 TRUE NT (Mt Cody) worth a hoot early.

I think the Fins wait and grab a DT/NT type 3rd round or later.

I hope they get a big boy that eats two linemen on every play. But your right. Not the year for NT's.

Guy's Lets not be lawers(I hate them)this is a easy a cheap bet, The Nighty air breathers pick defense there 1st 3 picks.... simple...or is it???lol....

Can I get a Witness?

You sure can.. "I" sawl it on the blog.

Thank you for coming to Armando's Casino...the finest Atlantic City has to offer!!

Any extra picks via trades etc void the bet.

Good luck gentleman!

That should have reed"The mighty air breathers":

But Rob, Are you in for a "FIN" too??????

The bet is not hard...

If the Fins picks stay as they are it is:

1-3 = All DEF for CM to gain $5 snaps

1-3 = ANY OFF pick Darryl gains $5 snaps

Any funky trades etc that give extra picks voids the rounds...

I know you can handle that CM...very "NON-Lawyereze" simple bet.

You 10-4? Over?

Normally I would agree with people who are giving the preseason the big "Who Cares?"... Not this season. Miami will need a few games that don't count to get organized. Starting out with a new D-coordinator and a couple of new guys who call sets on Defense calling those plays (ILB and Safety)Miami may have some issues at containment & Coverage until they get all that sorted out. You would hope that happens in Camp... but playing against another team is always different then playing your practice or your own 2nd & 3rd string. I believe we will also get a chance to see how Henne did in his training as well as how Chad P. (should he survive being traded) arm is healing. I'm certain Thigpen will get some snaps and cause some eyebrows to go up and a few people to say that Nasty Word...Shhhh (qb controversy)... don't say it to loud... it may just happen and that would suck.

Ohhhhh Rob Iam in, and Darryls in , but are you in???????

Our first round pick will be between Earl Thomas and Dan Williams. Trust me.


It seems like even though Football has become and near Year Round endeavor, the coaches still want all the preseason, OTAs, Vol workouts as possible.

I am NOT sure if the uncapped year and all its rules functionality accounts for more or less practice time allowed.

You would think as much as they work on stuff that there would be very little lapses on any def ever. It happens all the time and even into the season you see blown coverages.

I am sure Nolan and his teaching methods will take tons of guesswork out of things. It will be interesting if they pick say a Safety very high if he starts from jumpstreet of they grab a safety cut from another team or get a Sharper or OJ type?

I see you REALLY delve into the Fins football deeply.

Good form!



I was in on 1-4. Darryl took your 1-3 offer.

Are you in on 1-4? More DEF = more better for fins? Only 1 more measly DEF pick?

Whattaya say?

Rob in OC,

I believe Berry will be the pick if he slides to #12 (which would be a miracle).

Assuming he's gone, what do you think of the guard Iupati?

I was reading in another blog that he could be the #12 pick.

Apparently with Smiley on the way out, this pick would help the left side of the o-line (give Henne more time and help the running game). It seems to make sense (then draft defense in the majority of the remaining picks).

NAHHHH 1 thru 3 is the bet....

Right now our starting OLB's are Wake and Anderson. Our starting FS is Culver (or Clemmons).

If the season started today we would have the worst defense in the NFL.

Anyone disagree?

Tampa, Ive always said you cant have enough offensive lineman.......Agree....

Maybe after the draft we can all get together for an on-line rock papper scissors tourney. I'm in. But just for the record. This whole thing started a scenario where the phins could take Spiller, or Best. The thing with this draft(with the exception of a few players projected to go in the top 10) is that defensively there isn't a whole lot of drop off from the mid first rounders, to the early third rounders, in the positions we may draft. So I don't think it would be outrageous to suggest that we take an offensive stud in the first round.

Price master, luckily for the fins the season doesn't start tommarrow or I'd agree with you...



Darryl Top 3 picks DEFENSE,DEFENSE,DEFENSE....

The top FA's are gone on D.
That leaves the draft.
So we'll have 3 rookies starting and that will be an upgrade to what we have today?
An upgrade to what we had last year?

Aloco, Who's in the final 4??????

Well if the season started tomorrow I doubt we would have the worst defense in the NFL. Maybe ONE of the worst. Clemmons has a TON of potential. He just lacks that ball hawk ability. I believe we could start Clemmons and develop him nicely. He would struggle early though, no doubt about it. As far as Wake goes, I would have already moved him to the DE position if we ran a 4-3. Unfortunately he would be a huge Bulls eye in the passing game and in the running game. But probably our biggest hole would be down there with Paul Solai. The question is, will he be ready to anchor this young defense if whoever we draft isn't able to step up and take over his first year?

this team is basically the same, to get better we will need last years players to get that much better, henne, davis, smith, etc

We're gonna give up 40 points a game.

Adele, Roth, Porter, JT. Nothing in return.

When is f u c k i n g Sparanus going to be held responsible?

Is anybody else pissed?

Price, anythimg would be better thenJoey*Duhhhh)Porter,Gibril(Why mom, why did you name me Gibril)Wilson and Adolole starting a Rookie would be a upgrade IMHO...

Dansby was brought in to shore up Soliai so I'm not concerned about the middle.
It's the edges.
And when they get around the edges the it's the safeties.
Nobody runs up the middle anymore anyway.

Yeah because unrestricted free agents and bad players usually have so much trade value

adele and porter sucked. letting go of roth was a mistake. jt may still resign.

We're gonna give up 40 points a game.

Adele, Roth, Porter, JT. Nothing in return.

When is f u c k i n g Sparanus going to be held responsible?

Is anybody else pissed?

Posted by: YourBackDoorMan | March 31, 2010 at 08:51 PM

This is a possible "PLUNGIE" nomination.......

If all of those guys were unemployed then I would agree.
Instead they are all starters for other teams and we got NOTHING for them. NOTHING.

So what if Porter and Roth were big mouths? They never spoke to you or me. Sparanus's job is to get production out of them. Not just let them go for NOTHING because he found them inconvenient. He's not in that job to please himself. He's in that job to please us.
We're the f u ck i n g customer!

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