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Dolphins preseason schedule right here

The Dolphins have a preseason state rivalry going with Jacksonville and Tampa Bay, playing both teams in each of the past six years dating back to the 2003 preseason. Well the building tradition continues.

The Dolphins will once again play both the Jags and Bucs in the 2010 preseason according to the preseason schedule released today by the NFL.

Unlike the past couple of years the Dolphins will not play the New Orleans Saints in the preseason. That kills me because I love to eat in New Orleans, but I digress. Losing this matchup means the Dolphins will not play the defending Super Bowl champs.

The Dolphins will play the Dallas Cowboys in the impressive Cowboys Stadium. That game will be the finale of Miami's four-game preseason schedule.

The third game, the one in which teams typically play their starters into the second half, will match the Dolphins against the Atlanta Falcons at Sun Life Stadium. The Falcons beat the Dolphins 19-7 in the 2009 regular-season opener.

Here is the 2010 preseason schedule:

Date      Game   

Aug. 12-16   Bucs at Dolphins

Aug. 19-23   Dolphins at Jacksonville

Aug. 26-29   Atlanta at Miami

Sept. 2-3     Dolphins at Dallas.

The actual dates and starting time will be released soon. None of Miami's preseason games are tentatively scheduled for national TV. They are all scheduled for broadcast in South Florida on WFOR-4, with the away games always live and the home games requiring a sellout for the broadcast to be live.


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I have heard scuttlebut about them eyeballing Iupati if you can believe a dang thing nowadays.

The fact is Tony S was an OL Coach in Big D. You know that has to sway his noggin a little towards line play.

The addage has always been you have to win in the trenches to win games and even in today's NFL I think it applies. It's just much more slanted towards having to sack, hurry, move, murdalize or flatten the QB to disrupt passers.

I believe Berry will be gone as well.

I also think that with Smiley in limbo the Trifecta must have some grand plan. #12 is really super high for a G. There are some that feel Iupati can play maybe RG as well. I also like G/C Pouncey a ton as well as Iupati.

They watched Iupati at the senior Bowl so they saw him up close.

I wouldn't rule anything out but I know many natives would restless with a pick like that.

I am a fan along for the ride regardless so if they think this guy can tear off DL's heads for the next decade who am I?

DEF has more holes but I maintain that the Fins can take an OFF player if they feel he is that good.

Well the Cards evidently have a pretty good eye for talent and they gave him $5mil/yr for 3 years.

Rob in OC,

Thanks for your insight.

When I read Joe W.'s comment on Iupati I started thinking that it would be great to have Long paired up with someone for a long time like Webb and Sims (which I believe helped Marino a lot).

Price thats low pay my friend.....

The only Phins making more are Dansby, Long, Ginn & Brown


Yeah that was quite a combo for a long time!

I know G seems to be Iupati's best spot.

He was holding / grabbing a lot in the Senior Bowl so he will have to learn to move his feet more. He is gifted with the tools body wise and seems tenacious and nasty enough to be a good one.

I hope this Smiley thing ends up being revealed to be a positive thing and soon.

Good rapping wit ya! If ya think of anything else..we have some time before the draft. (Mumbly snicker)


what about henne , how much does he make ?

I'll catch all you Phinatics later!

If a hospital lost it's 4 top ER surgeons and only had interns to replace them with the president of the hospital would get fired.

That's a middle of the road baseball team losing 4 of 5 starters. Or all 3 starting outfielders and the first backup.

Henne gets $675,000

Iam sorry price, I thought it was 5 mill. for 3 years... not 5 million a year.... THE CARDS MUST BE INGESTING PAYOTE BUDS....IDIOTS..Enough said...

all starters?? 2 of them are still unemployede, one was arrested and the other is drinking in a bar right now

The only Phins making more are Dansby, Long, Ginn & Brown

Posted by: YourBackDoorMan | March 31, 2010 at 09:12 PM

My only Question is..... Do we pay all of Ginn's Family members????

Hey there is a shitty tv over there for $900.00

Oh that guy just bought it.

We're so stupid. Why didn't we buy it too. He bought it.

What Sparanus needed to do was 1) read a book on managing people or take a class or something. 2) Keep Porter and Roth 3)Bring in Dansby 4)Draft a safety first and OLB 2nd.

That would be an upgrade.

This is a horror show that we're pretending 5 months before the season is somehow going to work out.

It's not going to work out.

And then we're going to have to wait 2 years for it to pick up again.

Hey there is a sh itty tv over there for $900.00

Oh that guy just bought it.

We're so stupid. why didn't we buy it too.

Adele is starting for the 49ers.
Roth is starting for the Browns.
Porter is starting for the Cards.
JT will start/platoon for some team other than us.

The charges against Porter were dropped today and the cop is under investigation now. Look it up.

But what do you care. Ronnie Brown's charges were not dropped and neither were Allen's.

What Sparanus needed to do was 1) read a book on managing people What this poster needs to do is learn WHAT THE HEAD COACHES NAME IS..............

henne playing for free .

Visited davie alot of fun

SPARAUNUS??????????? Come on man, how are we to take you serious???? Learn the head coaches name before you bash him.....

Joey Porter sucks. Did you watch the defense last year? They couldnt stop anyone. The Dolphins had one of the slowest, worst, poorest tackling linebacking corps in the NFL and Joey Porter was at the center of that. Thats why he is off the team. He is a situational pass rusher, but as a full time linebacker, he sucks.

tell him CUBAN .

jt will retire or play for us. and no adele doesnt start for san fran or anyone else

Just look up the stats. Against New England he had 0 tackles. Zero tackles in a divisional game for a starting linebacker? Really? Thats why he isnt on the team, not b/c he is a loud mouth headcase who cant back it up. He is slow and he cant play the run or cover anyone. Charlie Anderson is better than him right now.

OK guys, have a early day in court tommarrow so you guys have a "PHINTASTIC" nite, I'll see you all tommarrow........

Matt Roth is a great young player, but he lied to the coach's face twice. You cant have someone on your team who you cant trust to disclose a simple injury. Sparano knows Roth can play but he had no choice b/c he couldnt trust him.

Then why wasn't Charlie the starter last year? Or Quentin Moses?

"Sparanus" wasn't he Emperor of Rome circa 79AD to 96 AD????Right before Caligula???

Couldn't trust him to do what?
What the f u c k does trust have to do with tackling?

In my opinion, Sparano didnt start Anderson b/c he knew Porter would go bananas if he lost playing time (which he eventually did anyways), and he put porter on the field even though he was worse b/c Porter is a leader and he didnt want to lose the locker room.

Have a good night, I gotta go.

Sorry Price couldn't help myself, When I see buffoonery i must post...

Dude, Porter had a total of 11 QB pressures last year. The whole year. All 16 games. If you take every single time Porter put pressure on the QB last year in 16 games you get a total of 11.

Pressuring the QB is what he is supposed to be good at. He had a TOTAL of 11 QB pressures last year. It is very well documented he is one of the worst (and always has been) against the run. He was bad, very bad. But at least we were paying him a lot. 11 QB pressures the WHOLE year. Arizona is dumb.

That was Spartacus.

Sparanus was yes-man OL coach for a team with a middle of the OL.

He was given the job of yes-man head coach for an NFL team and within weeks of his first season had turned the offense into a laughing stock and made all of the teams fans look like h0m0's.
Then in his second season he let 4 starting linebackers go and got NOTHING for them.



In his 3rd season he'll be starting 3 rookies on defense. Since they don't have the endurance to play a full NFL season yet I guess you can expect that he'll turn that teams defenseinto a laughing stock also.

Spike and Cowkilla,

Just as I thought, all charges will be dropped against porter. And it seems Porter is pressing charges against a officer striking him. As I said before Police officers abusing their power. But I do not know what I am talking about

LOL@ YBDM..... Good stuff....

anyone with the name 'your back door man" well come on

Porter only played in 14 games.
He lead the team in sacks.
The first team he visited as a FA gave him $15mil for 3 years.
Did he make the pro bowl? No
Did any other Dolphin defenders make the pro bowl? No


2nd CODY


You are an all star in complaining

Price maybe they can come up with a defensive package equivalent to the "wildcat" and make the entire team to look like H0M0's, what are your thoughts???lol...

bell made the pro bowl

Just a perfect example how sacks can be overrated. You look and see 9 sacks and think hmmm, that's a pretty good year. He got 11 QB pressures all year. That means when pressuring the passer he only mattered on 11 plays ALL year.

Give me the guy who gets 40 QB pressures and 4 sacks all day long.

Cam Wake didn't get a sack for the play that sealed the NE game Crowder got an INT but Wake got just a QB pressure.

Players get overpaid all the time.... does that mean they are good? No way, If that was so Jamarcus Russell would be polishing his super bowl rings right now and Albert Haynesworth would have led the league in sacks last year...

Give me an f'n break, players go to other teams and start without compensation all the time, its the way of the league after free agency. The Panthers cut Delhomme, and he will be the Browns starting qb, despite the fact that he is horrible, much like our friend Hoey Porter.

I agree about the Roth thing. Something about the whole thing stunk and we DID lose out by not being able to get anything for him at some point when it was still a possibility.

Every other player you mentioned it makes perfect sense for us to do what we did.

Porter & Wilson had bloated contracts nobody would take on. EVERYBODY knew we would can Joey. All they had to do was wait. Nobody would trade something of value and take on a bloated contract when they can just wait.

Ayodele was crap but I guess we might have been able to get an 8th or 9th round pick for him...haven't heard he was going to be a starter in SF. If so, they'll regret it soon.

JT still might be a Dolphin. They kind of played hardball with him last year and we got him at a great price.

and porter visited washington first

niners didnt sign akin and he was visiting detroit now, no chance at starting anywhere

got my name because I recognise back door football when I se it.
Have Mando go through the archives back to game 4 of the 2008 season.
That was the first time back door football was unleashed on the NFL.
When they ran the wildcat for the 3rd time I posted: "This is backdoor football" and "These a s s h o l e s are making all of us fans look like h0m0s"

Posted by: YourBackDoorMan | March 31, 2010 at 09:52 PM

Actually I remember that price......

The FO has signed Dansby and it is an absolute guarantee they draft at least 2 LB in this draft including 1 in the 1st 3 rds that they expect to compete for a starting position right away. Wake maybe moves up to WOLB and hopefully last year's weakness becomes this year's strength.

Okay geniuses.
On defense to cover 2 OLB and 1 FS spot we'll be using Culver, Wake, Anderson and 3 rookies.

I think we're going to have a great season, be a force to be reckoned with, especially the last 4 games of the season when that rookie endurance kicks in.

Why do you think we had to make Dansby the highest paid LB of all time? He would'nt have played here otherwise. Neither will any of the other FA's. Every agent tells his players these days: Don't go to the Phins.

basically yourbackdoorman is gay and dumber than a retarded rock

Dansby is not the highest paid LB of all time

But YBDM is your solution is to stick with what definitely wasn't working last year? How does that make sense?

The most entertainment we're going to get for this Phins season is going to be in this blog, not on the field.

Cuban Menace,

A Wildcat defensive package would be to have two 6'9" to 7 feet tall players creating a wall to block field goals on special teams.

Make teams beat you with touchdowns not by a wimp in a clean uniform!

The Dolphins fired the defensive coordinator, hired the best DC available, signed the best free agent available to suit their needs, they fired the worst players on defense that were responsible for the collapse and big plays given up all season... It is before the draft, training camp and the end of free agency... They are addressing the issue, what do you expect?

My favorite part is when backdoorman/pricemaster said that Sparano's job is to please us, the fans...


If you seriously think that is what an NFL head coach's job description is, then that completely explains your posts tonight...


The average playoff team last year scored 2 points more per game then it gave up (look it up).
We gave up 2 more points then we scored (look it up).
What we needed to do was turn 1 opponent TD drive in a FG and turn 1 of our FG drives into a TD.
That means draft or trade for a stud safety and WR. Draft depth at linebacker to push Quentin Moses and Charlie Anderson and Cameron Wake.
We got issues at RB also: Brown can't stay on the field and when he does he only averages 2yds/carry in the pro set (look it up).

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