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Ryan Clark returns to Steelers, Dolphins FS search must continue

When Ryan Clark landed in South Florida it seemed as if the Dolphins had identified their future starting free safety and all that needed to happen was a little solid negotiatin' and the deal would be done.

Well, the deal isn't done.

And the deal isn't getting done, not in Miami anyway.

Clark is re-signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers, a source tells me. His visit with the Dolphins, cordial, was productive, but not enough. Clark told the Dolphins he wanted to remain with Pittsburgh.

[Update 7:12 p.m.: Various media outlets are now reporting Clark agreed to a four-year deal with the Steelers.]

So what do the Dolphins miss out on? Check it out.


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I'm ok with this, I like what we have at FS..pick up a veteran later in the summer and we will be fine.

I think without a doubt he played the phins only to scare the steelers into giving him what he wanted.. He acted like he crazy wanted to be here... Reminds me of that center Olin kruetz from da bears who came to Miami swore up and down this is where he wanted to be and then resigned with chicago... Clark is a chump who just used the phins as leverage for the money he wanted from the steelers.. He got a reasonable offer I'm sure just like rolle did but as always these chumps don't just want a huge deal they want an absurd deal... To hel! With Both of them especially rolle who acted like he was never from here and the dolphins low balled him or something.. I don't blame the phins for not giving these guys crazy money...These guys turned us down for monster and I mean monster deals... We will find someone and quite frankly the draft has plenty at safety and free safety.. Love the Earl Thomas kid


They have had the sane needs for going on three years. Last year will be the norm because they have not shown they can draft either. I'm disgusted.

Has there been a sadder day in Dolphinland then tonight?

Years from now, many of us will remember where we were when we heard that Ryan Clark had decided not to join the team.

He gone,hell be back he's getting his 1 grade math book.


Ruck Cryan Flark

Sensor Wences,
Come on MAN, dont talk that wet back lingo.ENGLISH.USA first language.I couldn't understand any of that COW POOP.


Clark is a strong safety playing free----they got burned alot last year without Troy out there---

Sharper is the better fit---if this teams want a veteran FS sharper is very durable and will make more plays than anyone still left out there---Atogwe is nteresting but sharper i think will be cheaper b/c of his age---and is more durable sharper has missed 4 games in the last 5 season while racking up 27 ints----that palymaking is second to none---same class as ed reed

Get it done i heard bears going after atogwe

It the phins or the saints outbid them

Interesting FA

Greg ellis--had a strong year in oakland has ties to parcells in dallas

Jamal williams---visiting denver, not goin bak to chargers

Maake Kemoeatu--visiting washington

Adalius thomas hasnt been cut yet, but will---just like i told you jamal williams would get cut weeks ago

These are some guys that fit our 3-4 system---could add leadership and allow us to be flexible come draft day

NFL Network said "there is an NFL Team with Interest" in Sharper other than the Saints.

Carlito....1,2,3...that better????....was that you helping that goat over the fence the other nite again???....left your gum boots in the mud brother....Me cago en diez..!!

Might not be us but....

Ya never Know.

lets get cam worrel

Jeff Darlington tweeted it was a very "strange" thing...The Dolphins wanted him, it was not a low ball offer, Clark just backed out at the altar and wanted to go home


Posted by: ALoco

I am too stricken by sadness over losing Clark to walk, let alone hike.

A strange darkness descends over the Nova Facility.


will allen signed with steelers why are we not being updated?


Good, at least you learning something here. You almost have as little class as you do knowledge of football. What is "helping a goat over a fence" and "gum boots"? I don't know what you talking about man. SMH

Its ok, keep learning, maybe one day you become a smart fan.

I dont beleive it Bobby....he was very keen on Miami....somethins happened....maybe his wife saw Carlito helping that goat over the fence on the way to the meeting?...just sayin....

Darlington's tweet explains much........I think Tuna & Ireland will now be snake-bit for the rest of free agency, afraid of getting left at the altar again.

The season is now teetering on the brink.

Darren Sharper in FA or Earl Thomas on Draft day will give us all something to High Five about!


Yeah Right,(COUNTRY). I don't buy it.

Ryan Clark can hit hard, woooo! If I were 225lbs and running full speed at someone who isn't looking I could truck them too! Clark isn't a good fit anyways.

Carlitos goat is called Golfito....likes a hole in ONE....lol



Hey Joe, Good to see you.

why would we consider bringing in someone like Ryan clark who dosnt have great pass covrege skills and i dont think would be a very big improvement over gibril in the first place? especially when sum1 like O.J. Atogwe is still out there with a tender on him that the Dolphins could easy give, he's young, can tackle and cover and is exactly what we need at the FS position.

Sorry Carlito...couldnt help it....yeah you got me...1,2,4.....funny really

LOL, I'm just glad I'm not a part of this one, Carlito vs. BigaFly, round 2 DING...

the will allen that signed with steelers was the will allen from tampa bay not our will allen like the nfl network showed.. It was our will allens pic.



Ryan Clark is the best player ever.

Trade for Marshall

Trade Brown and select Spiller and Bryant with the same pick

Sign Sharper

Trade Ginn for Boldin, I hear Ravens dont really want him

Sign, Sign, Sign, trade, trade, trade, spend, spend, spend


(that is you)



go see Darlington's Twitter page.

This is a major debacle; he slipped away even though we wanted him badly.

Bad vibes all around Nova.

Fake Bobbyd12 back, I'll be reporting you to the Hearald again tommorrow, there gonna get sick of your B/S and me complaining and ur ass will be gone, just a matter of time COWARD

I thought Clark was actually a fantastic upgrade on Wilson...and was very positive about the move..much better than Rolle...Clemmons isnt ready yet....many holes to fill...story of my life I guess...lol


I simply am unable to enjoy the evening as a result of this snafu w/ Clark.

will allen signed with steelers why are we not being updated?

Posted by: tired of losing | March 08, 2010 at 08:06 PM

Doe's any one really care about will allen???

If it makes you happy Fake B12, I'm black.

different will allen

I gotta ax ya Fake B12, what gave me away?

So... the truth is... Miami offered him MORE then the Steelers.... he was just trying to work the deal.... this had NOTHING to do with Miami and Everything to do with Pittsburgh and their player...

Armando failed at getting the fact in this story reported... he left people to continue their unfounded attacks and a very good management.
Trade the entire Saturday draft for Boldin plus give him $28 million... Idiots...

Carlito...what ccrap are you writing???

I never said Spiller...Trade Brown and select Spiller and Bryant with the same pick

Sign Sharper

Trade Ginn for Boldin, I hear Ravens dont really want him

Sign, Sign, Sign, trade, trade, trade, spend, spend, spend

What rubbish are you goin on about man????

Carlito your definitly back working Security at nites and eating donuts while u get fatter cos your brain is MUSH...!!!!....and leave that goat alone

Carlito 1

Alfy 10

Yes will Allen signed with the steelers, but not our will Allen. He played for the bucs!!!!!


Greg Z, ur not understanding what this is about, we do not WANT or NEED a young safety, we have Clemons and Culver...Clark was perfect, someone we could sign for 3 years or so and prepare one of our youngsters to take over..if and when Clemons is ready, Clark could be traded...this was just a "stopgap" measure and we got burned...everyone who is happy we didn't get Clark are not going to be too happy with what we probaly are going to end up with


Bobbyd, Cry me a RIVER. Your to Funny man. QUOTE, I"m gonna through you out, fake bobbyd12.What are you man blog POLICE.Gat a Life.

Derek the draft is on Thursday, you shouldn't throw stones!!

100% spot on Bobby....Clemmons isnt ready at this point in time and Clark was the right fit....looks though that he got COLD FEET....ok....not Miamis fault there...

Or maybe you were in the store when I bought those Magnum condoms.

Figured it was too good to be true when he was going on and on about praying it would work out in Miami. Didn't figure that was a very good negotiating tool - I was wrong - it worked GREAT on who it was intended for. I'm not going to pay attention to FA anymore. I'll watch the draft and then see who's here to suit up in July. See you guys then!!

No Sean, Im the real police, and this idiot was warned before, I know cause I talked to the Herald, and yes, if this coward continues to use my name, his ass will be gone simple


The guy was 30 years old for heavens sake.

I don't get why we aren't looking at Atogwe. He's got the same physique as clark, 2 years younger, way more interceptions, comparable amount of tackles, comparable amount of FFs. What is the critique against him?

So Tom Hartman, draft another guy who won't be ready right??? We have Clemons n Culver so let's draft another guy so we have 3 guys who are not ready to play, fabulous idea

Good update Derek. Get the truth out there. For the most part the trifecta is doing just fine by me.

embarassing to say the least. one thing is for sure. we do lowball often and when we dont its a dumb contract like the gerbil or williford. they might be great and parcells is god latta latta latta, but im starting to expect more from these guys

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