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Ryan Clark returns to Steelers, Dolphins FS search must continue

When Ryan Clark landed in South Florida it seemed as if the Dolphins had identified their future starting free safety and all that needed to happen was a little solid negotiatin' and the deal would be done.

Well, the deal isn't done.

And the deal isn't getting done, not in Miami anyway.

Clark is re-signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers, a source tells me. His visit with the Dolphins, cordial, was productive, but not enough. Clark told the Dolphins he wanted to remain with Pittsburgh.

[Update 7:12 p.m.: Various media outlets are now reporting Clark agreed to a four-year deal with the Steelers.]

So what do the Dolphins miss out on? Check it out.


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bobbyd112, that makes noooo sense at all, after what you saw from clemons cover skills last year do u rly think he'll be ready for a starting gig anytime soon? and tryone is barley any better then wilson. if we were to groom clemons to b our future safety it would take 2 or 3 more years if ever, by then clark would b a 33 year old safety who's cover skills will probably had dropped even more and we would not be able to trade him, unless i'm mistaken and theres a large market for over the hill big hitting safetys who's cover skills are lack luster at best. he's basicly another gibril. not to mention the $ we would have to waste on him. we dont even need to give up a pick for Atogwe unless the rams match it (wich dosnt look likely) then we'de have a clear starter and possibly a great bakup, we have two goor running backs y not two good FS's bobby112? the only risk on Atogwe is that he had shoulder surgery, we could get a young, talented player cheep. theres a lot more upside there then downside if u assess the situation. and on the bethea issue, he's not worth our first rounder anddd parcells and his crew will certanly not trade away the 12th pick overall, its crazy to even say if u know anything about the parcells crew. ~Brandon Z

If we cant get the kid from the rams then maybe we can draft a cb in the early part of the draft and move will allen over to fs. He has excellent cover skills and is coming off an injury. It could be the most logical for Parcells to do. As far as reciever goes I am split on what to do. Marshall is a very good upgrade but is he really worth the baggage and the draft pick/picks? I dont think so! We can draft a productive reciever but we do need to sign a NT before the draft to help mold the next run stopper for us

national football post reports

Javan Walker released.

Wilson: Javon Walker and Greg Ellis released?

Packers linebacker Nick Barnett announces transactions Aaron Wilson
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The Oakland Raiders have released a pair of veterans, according to Green Bay Packers middle linebacker Nick Barnett.

Barnett has broken some news on his Twitter account, announcing that wide receiver Javon Walker and defensive end Greg Ellis have both been cut loose by the AFC West franchise.

Barnett isn't known for pranks on the social media site and seems to have pulled off a scoop a la Chad Ochocinco.

Plus, Barnett and Walker were teammates in Green Bay previously.

No official word at this point from the Raiders, but the moves, especially Walker being let go, make sense.

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b12, Look your no ANGEL ok. LOOK what you did all that foul language we all seen it.Not to mention all the other crap.I'm not trying to be the LAW or piss you off.But you've done pretty nasty stuff here too. And just to be completly fair I'll call the herald too. I live in MIAMI DUDE.

we just got played. if you look at ryans quotes it was built up to be for sure thing saying lots of teams are interested and weve chosen carefully where we want to go etc etc and then right at the end when the deal is expected to be done the thing to do was leave the facility pack his bags call the steelers and get a better offer. theyknew what theywere doing all along.....played like poohbuts

Greg Z, 2 or 3 more years for Clemons to be ready??? LOL what r u smoking tonite, yea, I did watch Clemons last year and he is alot closer to starting then not... Clearly we don't agree on this but I looked at the list of UFA Safeties out there, we will not be giving up a draft pick, that I agree, but I hope ur ready to live with one of those guys on the list, because that's what we will be getting


I don't see the difference if the Dolphins offered more or less, lets get this correct, yesterday Clark wanted to be here...today he didn't. I could care less what his reason is...it's all B.S. anyway. Did his family not matter yesterday? I'm happy his not being signed by the Dolphins...and thats all that matters to me, as a Dolphin fan.

Yea Sean but I've always been MYSELF, I've never ever gotten on here using someone elses name or anyother name...u wanna be pissed at me, be my guest, but I'm not a COWARD who needs to use others names

Plenty of FS out there in both FA & Draft....he's one guy that had an ok year...no worries.
In Tuna We Trust!

Yeah fake B12, I wanna invite ya down here for a fish fry.

National Football Post...
sharper will probably remain with Saints due to surgery they report.

Report: Sharper had knee surgery

Showed up for DVD premier on crutches tonight Brad Biggs
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Darren Sharper might need to get off crutches before he begins his free-agent tour.

The veteran safety has undergone arthroscopic knee surgery and showed up for the premier of the Super Bowl DVD for the New Orleans Saints using crutches, according to Mike Triplett of the New Orleans Times Picayune.

Sharper told Triplett that the surgery was performed to corrent a lingering knee issue. It’s believed the injury forced the durable Sharper out of two games last season. He’s played in 16 games in a season in seven of the 13 years he’s been in the league.

The Saints are believed to want Sharper back and there was considerable debate last month whether or not the organization would place the franchise tag on him. They didn’t and he’s been shopping for a more lucrative deal than he had last year when he proved to be a good fit in Gregg Williams’ defense. Sharper couldn’t find any takers and wound up signing in New Orleans for $1.7 million for the year.

Per Triplett, Sharper didn’t want to discuss his situation as a free agent after arriving at the Prytania Theater. It would seem his best move would be to re-sign with the Saints.

Now that you know my "dark" Secret.

I mean I don't want a guy who doesn't want to be here, but freeing up a draft spot that we so clearly need AND having a decent player there would have been nice...again, look at the UFA Safeties out there and tell me if u like what u see

FA FS's are getting slimmer. We should probally go with what we got. Clemmons can not be any worse than the Gerbil.

YEESSSSSS > Miami doesn't get Clark !!!. he wasn't the anwser anyway and wanted some good money. It today" s NFL you need a safety that can cover and clark was far from it.

what happened there, how did the dolphins not end up signing him?

sooo bobby122 u agree with Atogwe or not? or did u read every part other then the Atogwe parts? have u seen clemons in person? theres no way he'll b ready for atleast 2 years, dont get me wrong he's 1 of my favorite players but theres not a chance he'll be ready anytime soon. maybe next time u'll do your research before commenting back to me, Atogwe isnt a UFA he's a restricked free agent with the lowest possible tender on him, meaning we would not even give up a draft pick for him. idk how to put it into any clearer words for you. spanish maybe? is english your second language or something bcuz this is really as simple as it gets. its like a white envolope taped to a white wall simple, use what ya got up stairs bobby. if we dont have Atogwe Sharper is still on the market but he'd would be a 1 or 2 year guy wich is not what the trifecta wants, they want a player that can stay on the team for a while and rly fit the new defensive scheme not a stopgap guy.

All right NJ, what's ur answer I'm curious, who do u like from what's left in the UFA bunch???

The is crazy talk about not wanting Marshall. I think all of u guys need to look at see what our receivers put up and what he put up. We need him, period. Also, I think it's time somebody says it: this administration drafts HORRIBLY. Where Phillip merling? Patrick turner? Pat white? Im even going to through in langford and parmalee. And let's face it, parcells isn't the only decider in the draft, so before that, the first three picks of the previous two years were Teddy ginn, John beck, Samson satele, Jason Allen (first round puke!) Derek hagan, and Joseph Toledo. So it begs the question: WHY ARE WE LEAVING ANYTHING TO THE DRAFT?!?!


Thank you! finally, someone who agrees with me on Clark... Don't give it a rest ;)

B12, Help me understand this, can you admit that you said things maybe you shoudn't. Because this is what I"m going to tell the herald. But I'm not going to call them.I am going there, I live 20-min from there. And its not personal. But whats right is right. I have copys of everything you said. This is not a joke either.Can't stand for one guy to take all the blame. And i Won't.

bobby stop using other names hahaha it must be fun haveing no friends

Greg Z, I put it in English very clearly, I don't agree with u on Clemons, it's that simple, there's no sense in arguing because were not gonna agree on Clemons, and yes, I'm a season ticket holder and I go down to the practices when I can and I have seen Clemons "in person"

Sean live under the Julia Tuttle causeway, it only takes him 30 mins to walk to Miami Herald and he ask for change the whole way back... its a pretty busy day...

Sean, enjoy ur trip down to the Herald

U have copies of everything I've said, I'm impressed, can u send me them for my archives???

B12, Bank on it,i will.

i go to the practices to and chris and pat are the same wayy to smalle for the team. and y are u even argueing at all, you havnt mentioned any suggestions or anything about atogwe or sharper or even bigby or bethea, thats the real issue. not chris clemons, if any1 thinks chris clemons is going to be ready for a starting role soon say something and agree with bobby, its pretty obv. he's not.

Bobbyd12 , first , thanks for your reply to it smells like tuna in regarding Kindle , when he brought up oewns , porter and LT. That would've been my exact response . That was the weakest comeback/ argument to my comment. It was RIDICULOUS!!. As far as FA and safeties , i like atogwe. If not it's on to the draft. No big Deal. We would've drafted a S anyway. I'm sure we'll pick up a veteran.

We don't need a fs move will allen there til clemmons is ready!! he can hit and cover!! nuff said. drsft a late cb to compete with jason allaen

Boy Sean, talk about someone with NO LIFE, copying everything I said. LMAO hope it rains on you!!!

draft and allen my badddd

hardy har har, rain! that was a knee slapper bobby! (sarcasm)

Greg Z, I don't know anything about Atowge, the whole point I tried to make is I liked Clark because of his age and he wouldn't be here that long, obviously we are not going to agree on Clemons, so be it...I put my trust in Bill Parcells, not u and if he felt Clark would have been a good addition I tend to believe him

Hey Morons!.... DEZ BRYANT will not be on the board at pick 12...pull your heads out ok!!!! God, there are so many STUPID Dolphin fans out there, and people reporting on them too...WTH?!

lots of bs

Dear Derek in Palm Beach, you have used MY blog to attack ME, accusing me of inciting a backlash against the Dolphins when I did nothing of the sort.

You've also posted links on MY blog to other blogs. You've also used MY blogs to besmirch my name.

Derek, your posts are gone and you are banned from this blog. You feel poorly served by me, I will somehow try to continue carrying on without you. Bye.

B12, Soon you will see your not the only smart one here. Your power trip does not work with me. Your going to have to explain yourself. Plain and simple. Wrong tree b12.

Sorry guys, this has nothing to do with any of you. The sad thing about this is, b12 can talk football and then run people in the dirt.

Having played the safety position and watching clemons in preaseaon and during the year , I'd say he 's not ready to man that position yet. He needs alot of work. Hehas the physical tool but needs to work on the mental acpects of the position which includes his communications skills.


Can we ban all posts that are longer than your blog?

Derek's posts were very long, so I did not read them... Wonder what he said?

well another OJ on the dolphins wont be bad.. i say go to st louis and get him, and this time make sure the glove fits !

sean... idt b12 can tlk football at a level above my friends 8 year old daughter, run in the dirt idk what that exactly means lol but go to the herald if it will get him off this blog and leave us with an inteligent convo :)

Would Ben Watson fit in our system?

Lmao! I love this blog! You guys make my day. Im frustrated aswell by not having an answer for our FS spot but its not the end of the world yet. Id rather have a young up grade instead of a stop gap. Just as long as the situation is rectified prior to the draft so we can select either Bryant,Spiller,Berry. If all of those players are gone by twelve than trade down and pick up a 2nd or 3rd and then trade that lower 1st round pick for Marshall if he still is a member of the Broncos.

LMAO !!!! @ Derek in palm beach. SEEEEE YAAAA !!!!

I agree with carlito. Ban all posts that are longer than the blog itself. i don't read most of them anyway.

greg z,Your cool with me.

Manado do you think will allen would be a good stop gap at fs til clemmons is ready


Oh man Bob good save. I was about to question your judgement in moving Will Allen to safety! This really isn't a big deal and I find it hilarious that every time there is an announcement of a FA visit tons of people come out of the woodwork to talk about how the player is so great and will save our team. Loved all of the Wilson comments last season. "Hill is over the hill, he is done", "Wilson is a HUGE upgrade", "can't wait to see Wilson smack some people around", etc. and blah blah blah. Now it's "we low balled Rolle and lost him" (when in reality the Giants made a HUGE mistake in making him the highest paid FS in NFL history and everyone will see why come September) and "Oh my God Clark used us"! His agent wants to do business with the Dolphins in the future so that wouldn't be a wise move not to mention Clark is said to have left money on the table to go back to the Steelers which screams family involvement. As in his young children and wife are comfortable where they are and were more than likely pushing him to stay. Or the ever famous "the Dolphins are being cheap"! Ummmmm by not overpaying for a 30 year old FS who doesn't cover very well (And remember he plays next to Polamalu so he has the best help in the world) they're being cheap? And he left money on the table, according to his agent which means he went back to Pitt for less. I'm so sorry that some of us are judgemental over some of these posts but please put yourselves in our shoes. It's as if some posters have never even watched the game yet come in here and spout off all of these ridiculous accusations and theories that have no basis in reality. It just gets frustrating to read the same garbage over and over, sheesh.

Armando, thats a little ruff is it not? I can see you calling Derek out...thats fair..but you did say nothing is taboo. I find it's always better to show a person/person's the error of their ways...but thats just me.

if he thought clark was a good fit then he would had sighned him, do u honestly think clark just left and didnt give them a chance to pay him more? if parcells wanted him or rolle he would had payed them. and if you dont know about O.J. Atogwe y r u here?!?! thats like not knowing who sidney rice is, in the way that there about evenly well known, talented, and young! learn a little more about football then come back and we can argue ;)


start the petition, who else will sign?

your kool with me too sean, kets just hope the herald isnt kool with bobby over there.

Guys let's cut out all this football talk, head over to my place for tea and crumpets!

sorry mando lil drunk. cant spell...but really what do ya think? just a ?

Sean needs a life

Wow. What did I miss? The heck is going on in this place? Mando banning people?

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