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Ryan Clark returns to Steelers, Dolphins FS search must continue

When Ryan Clark landed in South Florida it seemed as if the Dolphins had identified their future starting free safety and all that needed to happen was a little solid negotiatin' and the deal would be done.

Well, the deal isn't done.

And the deal isn't getting done, not in Miami anyway.

Clark is re-signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers, a source tells me. His visit with the Dolphins, cordial, was productive, but not enough. Clark told the Dolphins he wanted to remain with Pittsburgh.

[Update 7:12 p.m.: Various media outlets are now reporting Clark agreed to a four-year deal with the Steelers.]

So what do the Dolphins miss out on? Check it out.


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U know what Greg Z, stick it up your ass and take ur boyfriend Sean with u...

bobby I don't know what other people were watching but I saw Clemons bust into a starting role in his rookie season. Granted Wilson was bad but still, FS is like playing QB in that you have to make all of the reads for the cb's and SS and have to be able to communicate shifts, personnel changes, defensive plays, etc. It is a huge responsibility and the coaches trusted Clemons with it and he perfomed very well for a rookie in that position. He was a huge hitter in college and a very good playmaker. Yes he could still use a vet to mentor him for another year but in no way is this kid even close to being a bust as some might try to claim. I'm with you on this one.

Always enjoyed Derek's comments

fishey, this has been a pattern of behavior with this poster. He rips me for whatever opinion I have. Opinions are neither right nor wrong.

Then he accuses me of writing things I've not written and he wants to incite you guys to discredit me.

On my twitter I wrote that sometimes guys come in and don't sign and things like that happen. But this dingbat is saying on here that I'm allowing an attack on the Miami front office because I don't report exactly what another newspaper is reporting.

Bottom line is I'm not going to allow lies bout me to fester on my own blog.

ok, so who is in the lead for this blogs Plungie?

Please tell me before the count of 1,2,4

greg z. It just got worse,and worse. I try to talk phins football with you guys and here comes b12 with those bomb words. And then he acts like I did nothing wrong.

Oh, and by the way, The Herald is reporting the exact same thing the other publication reported on its website. So what's the dude's problem?

Sorry I don't know about your bot Atowge but I go to the games and I don't have time to watch every player out there, obviously ur a fantasy football player whose life revolves around football mine doesn't

I guess that means some of my posts will be deleted! I tend to ramble but it's only because I can't spend all night in here making my points. :)

hahahahahahaha its funny wen ppl have to use gay jokes to make there problems go away! just saying get your facts straight..o wait, try getting some facts first ~Brandon

lmao @ lipsintoronto and 1.2.4.

Not mad Clark not signing.

Wow Mando. Don't recall any of his comments (frankly, I dismiss nonsense rather quickly), but he REALLY must have been yakin' out his bum yo upset you this much. Your blog, your perogative, your rules. Bottom line. Go Dolphins

mando ur thoughts please.

Rolle overrated. (how am I doing guys?)

Whatever Greg Z and his boy Sean can spend the rest of the evening imparting their incredible football wisdom to the masses, two dopes

bob, the Dolphins have no plan to move Will Allen to safety at the moment.

How about getting rid of the CHICKENSHYT that just impostered me a few minutes back. :)

Well said NYScott

Some people are ignorant and should not share their thoughts.

Maybe Parcells is better coach than president. Mike Tennenbaum (NY Jets) has an aggressive style that does not hesitate to give his team (draft Sanchez, draft Greene, Edwards, Cromartie). Meanwhile, what is the direction of the Dolphins? Everyone agrees that Miami had problems with the WR, but it does not work to improve the situation even when opportunities presented themselves (Marshall, Boldin, A. Bryant).

Dan Williams will be our 1st pick in 2010. All right, we need a NT, but will make touchdowns in 2010? Do you still think the Wildcat will do damage? Pat White (c'mon man). I think not. When was the last WR was able to produce like a true #1 WR? Chambers? Please, it is high time to improve the attack.

Would Taylor Mays be any good at FS with the #12 pick?


b12, Smile, Like Me.

Thanks mando!! u the man brother. i believe in the fo!! but it seems as if they have made some bad moves and non moves what id the deal are they stuck on finding guys who r always projects other than a splash here and there

I would have liked to have signed Clark but it wasn't in the cards. I think a year deal was a little more then Parcells may have wanted. Clark would have had to move his family and the whole deal so in Pittsburgh he stays. He might have never had any intentions of signing with Miami it might have just been the leverage he needed to get a decent deal with the Steelers.

I don't think they should go after Sharper. He would be a professional and a great mentor for the young corners but he is old and I don't think he would be a great fit in a 3-4 defense. The free safety in a 3-4 is asked to man up with the tight end and come hard downhill to make open field tackles on running backs catching balls out of the backfield. I don't think that's Shaper's strenghts. He isn't going to be able to free lance and be no where near as productive as he was with the Saints.

This is the Herald story on the Ryan Clark matter with the same quotes from the agent as they appear everywhere else: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/03/08/1517793/pittsburgh-steelers-safety-ryan.html

Ya see? It's either you write 20 posts a day and stay on the computer for hours or you write two or three large posts and get out while the gettin is good. Don't begrudge me my posts man! :)

by the way, Boldin was not a free agent, so it wasn't just a sign him for money issue. i t was give away 2 early 3rd and 4th round picks for Bolding and a late round 5th... THEN sign him for big money extension.

The only way you make that trade is if you are desperate or just one player away from making a run. I hope we are not the first and I know we are not the second.

Mike, the Dolphins didn't plan on using their first round pick on Taylor Mays. I still doubt they would. A bit high for him.

Lipsin, that isn't entirely accurate.

The trade was Boldin and a fifth to the Ravens for a third and a fourth to Arizona.

Can we please get one "JOHN MADDEN" offseason with these Dolphins?!?!? Just one or something similar? LOL !!!!!

Rd 1 - Taylor Mays, FS
Rd 2 - WR
Rd 3 - OLB
Rd 4 - OLB
Rd 4- NT (Trade Pat White)

What's interesting to me Mando is , until it was announced he was coming to Miami , you never mentioned his name. Now , it's here is what we missed . What's your point ?

mando, is there anything to the olsen talks


your true blog followers know the real armando :)

What happened today is why the Trifecta has to trade down in the draft.We really need a second second rounder. That way all 3 of our DEFENSIVE needs can be adressed. Nose first!!!
Sorry Mando but no Wide Reciever for you.

Mando, you need to lay down the law once and a while because people will take advantage of you so I see nothing wrong with you banning that puke. We are trying to have a society here and people should at least try to be civil. I have wanted you to set some ground rules but God love ya you have a big heart and don't want to take away anyones freedom of speech. I have been to many blogs and you allow WAY more than any of the other writers. Don't lose a minute of sleep over this one, you were in the right.

didnt the bucs fs will allen get signed by steelers? why would he go back to them?

is there a issue with using mando

Westernfin, it was not announced he was coming to Miami. The Herald and specifically Jeff Darlington broke the story that he was in Miami. That was Sunday. I was off.

On saturday when I went down the list of safetys out there I DID mention Clark's name.

So what's your point?

Aquamike, Taylor Mays would be just as bad if not worse in coverage as Gibril Wilson. He has great straight ahead speed but can't change direction at all. I see all you people drooling over Mays. I watch college more then pro and during the game he is invisible. He makes the Sports Center highlight hit every other game and everyone acts like he is some sort of All American. He is HORRIBLE in coverage trust me on that. Miami doesn't need anymore safeties who can't cover. We been there done that route.


I don't know if I speak for the other guys on the blog - the real people at least like NJ, Bobbyd, TN, Carlito, Cuban, NY and some others - but we appreciate your reporting and your experience and understand that no one is perfect and no one will always be first to break anything everytime. F them haters.

Now as I wipe the tears from my eyes, what's the deal with Darren Sharper and OJ Atogwe??

Could you have found a better video high light? I mean seeing a saftey take out a defenseless Wes welker in a crossing route isn't much of a highlight as far as I'm concerned.

beer, the Will Allen that signed with Pittsburgh today is a special teams guy. They also signed Arnaz Battle because he's a good special teams guy also.

Pitt's special teams were terrible last year. They improved them today.

How is the video not a higlight ? How many times did the dolphins do that to somebody ? A momentum changing play ? Zero

Mando, I know you beeen plugging for a WR. But what gives. Are we gonna have to sit thru another year of no over the top help on the D and no playmakers on offense? It seems like other teams attack the holes and the Trifecta let's theirs fester. Man it looks like another tough year?

U know what Greg Z, stick it up your ass and take ur boyfriend Sean with u...

Posted by: bobbyd12 | March 08, 2010 at 09:22 PM

Hey bobbyd12, you know how I know you're gay? Because only a queer would think that was a good insult. hahahahahahahaha lighten up, it's a joke and I'm not a homophobe btw.

bob, Olsen is not currently on the Dolphins radar.

sorry, bad punctuation. I meant 2 picks, a third and a fourth, not 2 third and 2 fourth..

Anyhow, my point was that it wasn't a FA issue. Someone above mentioned not getting Boldin as a mistake made in FA.. and I still think that it was too expensive.. same with Rolle.. too expensive.

That is elite money and Rolle isn't elite.

jdizzle, I would also like the Dolphins to land a big free agent class but this is not the year to do it.

This is the worst UFA class in a decade maybe. The FA class to watch is the one that follows a new collective bargaining agreement. That one will rock because it will include all the 4-5 yr. free agents plus all the guys that should have been free agents this year.

Lipsin, neither is Dansby elite but have to start somewhere to improve roster. Clark would have been a great fit.

mando, the herald released the clark story. very similar to the ones i read on other posts. no more news was necessary until a signing. no signing no news. the man signed with pitt. it was reported. what is the issue?

thanks mando!! really your great at getting out the info! screw the tools who don't really care about the football info!!

Nothing on Sharper. In fact, I understand the guy's just had surgery.

We have no confirmation on Atogwe right now.

Mando the reason we are all here is because of the info u provide. Keep it coming, I , anyway, appreciate it from up here in RI.

mando, does it bother you when i post reports from other sites?


Not a problem...just thought someone should stand up for a fellow fan...then again...someone has to maintain sanity here...sure wish you could get rid of the fools that write under numerous names. Very distracting if you know what I mean.


Armando, by the way, for what it is worth, I think you do a great job on this blog. I mean, it is the reason I come here every day. You also attract some really well informed posters so even when you get a day off here and there, the discussions continue (although the longer you are away, the more restless the lunatics get).

Am glad you occasionaly take out the garbage, and sometimes I wish you did it more frequently. Although I dispise the Jets fans that come here, it is the annoying fake posters that blog as 10 different names in a schizophrenic attempt at humour that I wish were gone!

Mano, will McCluster be a Phin?

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