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Ryan Clark returns to Steelers, Dolphins FS search must continue

When Ryan Clark landed in South Florida it seemed as if the Dolphins had identified their future starting free safety and all that needed to happen was a little solid negotiatin' and the deal would be done.

Well, the deal isn't done.

And the deal isn't getting done, not in Miami anyway.

Clark is re-signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers, a source tells me. His visit with the Dolphins, cordial, was productive, but not enough. Clark told the Dolphins he wanted to remain with Pittsburgh.

[Update 7:12 p.m.: Various media outlets are now reporting Clark agreed to a four-year deal with the Steelers.]

So what do the Dolphins miss out on? Check it out.


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I dont understand the reason that Antonio Bryant will not visit Miami.

Sign A. Bryant
Trade for S. Rogers

Draft :
1 D. Bryant
2 FS
4 NT
5 WR again

yes mando! i just started writting on here lately but have read for a long time. im in nc and am thankful to get the right in town news! thanks man

Amando, do you see any player that the Dolphins may go after using their first rounder as in a trade? It's not like Parcells has never used draft picks before...I believe he use one on Martin.

Mando if the draft were tomorrow, who do the tale at 12?

Good Stuff Mando

I think todays actions are screaming FS at #12!!

Our biggest needs are NT, WR, and then Safety (in that order). So, I really don't know why you guys are wigging out over this. Trust that Parcells, the coach, and the GM know what they are doing. They turned an 1-15 team into 11-5 team. Last year was a fluke. No one could have forseen the injuries that happened! )

I wish would would sign A.B. and give P.T. this year to come around and see what we got moving foward

TN, if you do it, it's OK.

OLB !!!!!!

Well, maybe we go after a NT now. We had to get two OLB's in the first few rounds, and the FO knew it. Otherwise, we would have been content to draft Berry or Thomas at 12 (two of the best players in the draft). Make a deal to get a NT; draft Thomas; pick up a couple of OLB's; draft Pitta in the 4th.

Dishpan, you know that I cannot predict who the Dolphins might pick in the third round in two months.

The coaching staff liked McCluster during SR. Bowl week. But he didn't have a great game and he didn't have a great combine.

He's not that fast for his size. More quick than fast.

JT that was not a fluke. They are not deep enough as a team to be good. No where near enough plaaymakers. 11-5 was the fluke.

mock draft 4.0
- best available by position
- no more than 2 olb

1. olb or nt
2. olb, nt, wr
3. olb, nt, wr
4, fs, te
6a. te, rb
6b rb, ol, dl
6c ol, dl
7. ol, dl

Don't sign the RAM!

I just want to say one thing about this our D from last year, we all saw them give away games in the first half only to buckle up and at times dominate the second. So this year they should only get better and be more effective. With a few tweeks like the addition of Dansby and the draft maybe another starter FA as well as Mike Nolan this D will much better. At least I hope?

I believe in the fo but if they are not working a trade i can't see why they would not go after A.B. i know he has issues but we need an upgrade bad and now

Guys , i know for a Fact that armando has a good sense of Humor and lets alot stuff fly on here. In fact i know he finds some of the stuff we do around here pretty funny. Sometimes enough is enough when it come making false accusations and lies.

comes to

ok guys, since mando has blessed my posting from other sites, does it bother you if i do. i do not like to over do it like some. i try to only post reports of interest pertaining to needs or current discussion not yet reported by the herald.

yes or no?

In typical Miami fashion, the Dolphin "fans" are again all doom and gloom...what a bunch of paranoid, know-nothing losers (the paranoid, doom and gloomers, NOT ALL FINS FANS!)
I'm so tired of hearing Miami fans WHINE..if it's not the Dolphins, it's the Heat...it not the Heat, it's the Marlins...
What any other city would do to have to teams we have, especially with the Dolphins future being so bright, along with the Heat...but, Miami fans (a lof of them) are nothing but bandwagoners, period.
I'm so sick of hearing all the ngative, doom, gloom, whining....stop it already.
Also, everytime there's a free agent out there, Miami fans think that the Fins should go after that person....CHILL OUT and let Parcells do what he does best...he's got the credentials, not you arm-chair QB's!!

I realize that Mando, but I ask nonetheless...your proximity is better than mine. I think Teddy Ginn would attest to the fact world class speed isn't everything, unless you're playing the Jests. McCluster has tremendous ball skills, an uncoachable attribute Miami lacks, and lacks in all three phases. Holiday is another kid that comes to mind as a late-rounder. Thoughts?

We should be thankful we have his insider info and a platform to discuss! a lot better than most of the other blogs

Best thing that could happen! Clark has health issues as well, Hill than Wilson it's time we take this position (safety) serious and draft a Taylor Mays USC with the 1st pick. Bryant (motivation problems) and Morgan will be likely off the board. Mays had great NFL combine numbers and at 6,3 is tall, fast, and strong he might be the best player to have an impact in this whole hearty draft.

I for one am glad at the Ryan Clark thing. I wouldn't have minded a big hitter back there, but I want the ballhawking safety, and Clark is not that.

TN, news is news

TNphinfan. NOOOOOOO !!!

cv... no mays, please. he is another jason allen. all the tools, but, slow mentally.

One thing I should pass along and then I have to go:

Keep your eyes on Taylor Price the WR from Ohio. Good player and Dolphins like him a lot.

Goodnight folks.

Taylor Mays couldn't cover my 90 year old grandmother. He horrible in coverage. I don't want this guy near the 12th pick or the 1st round for that matter.

You've got a fast grandmother


You and I see eye to eye on a number of things Fins and NFL. Brandon Graham will be a great player in the NFL so if he ends up a Fin that would be a great thing. We were both bummed when he pulled up with a hammy issue. He is going to retest and have his own pro day in April from what I could find. While I think he may have damaged his stock some with the unfortunate combine, like others (McClain, Dez Bryant etc) he will have a lot riding on his Pro Day workout.

I would say in light of Derek in PB being 86'd you should probably change the tagline of your blog "No subject is taboo". Although I see exactly why you would can him he probably thought he was flexing his freedom of speech under that kind of a slogan.

I agree with NYScott and a few others that we should be able to post our thoughts in posts...period. Some on the blog have it out for a lengthy post but, I am not sure why. It would seem and easy fix using the scroll wheel to zip right on by?? Most of my posts are directed as a question of someone or an answer for a fellow poster. I have shortened up some posts but, still like to lay down my ideas.

Post length will not be undersiege will it?

Thanks in advance for your answers Armando. There are some pretty knowledgeable souls that post on this blog, some huge egos and some I'm never wrong posters as well. By and large a good group.


Taylor price is a good one !!!

LOL @ dishpan. she won't run out of bounds either.

I already like her better than Teddy...

If the shoe fits.

I really hope they send Teddy downfield on at least 80% of the passing plays. No curls, comebacks, slants, nothing short of 25 yards

taylor price is 6.0 198. fast.

sounds like a ginn to me? i though everyone wanted a big #1 wr?

we will see.

and yes nj, i googled him.

Mays could be turned into a OLB...at 6'3" 230 it would take but 10-15 lbs...and he does run low 4'3 times.

Let mays go try to be a LB somewhere else. If he did try Lb it would have to be in the 4- 3 like thomas davis of carolina.

I rather have Mitchell than Price.

It's nice to see many of you are with me on Taylor Mays. I was wondering did anyone who likes him ever actually see him in a game?

Clark leading us on does leave us with a hole still and 1 less spot of flexability in the draft. I saw people saying move Sean Smith to free safety that would never work he isn't built for it or physical enough. Dude is soft even for corner. I wonder how hard they start looking at Earl Thomas. I personally would rather take a front 7 guy with the 1st pick. Dan Williams, Kindle, Graham. Unless Bryant slips which I can't see happening and even if he did who's to say Parcells would take him.

me too on carlton mitchell.

wow my names n blue know!! super cool lol does anyone think pat white will ever offer anything? maybe wr> i just hate 2 see another wasted pick that could of been use to fill a real void!

While I would have loved to go 2 for 2 with FA guesses in Dansby and Clark. I do know that in this crazy talent evaluation game you have to watch what you wish for as you might just get it.

Maybe Clark wasn't ever going to leave Pittsburgh or maybe he thought they would force Miami into giving him way over and above what the Steelers would pay. In the end the Fins brass has the discipline to just say "no".

Clark is no spring chicken. Playing as hard nose as he does trying to knock the taste out of a WR's mouth or hitting a RB so hard his family feels it, he won't be around and healthy for too much longer.

The talent search continues. If the Trifecta is too worried about FS knowing what they already have and minus G Wilson they will end up pursuing OJ, Bethea (I think unlikely) or Sharper.


Glad it didn't happen...Fins should have learned from the last big PIT name they took. bunch of loser, premadonnas......good riddance Clark and hope the Patriots return the hit next time you face them.

n blue now 2 many buds

When J. Taylor came out he weighed 245...when Porter came out he weighed 241...so Mays at 240 wouldn't be far off as a OLB in a 3-4

i just googled mitchel and we should draft his mother at fs... she is one tough cookie.


i did not post the entire article because i did not want nj to feel... "uncomfortable:! lmao

By the way J. Taylor ran a 4.64 40 and Porter ran a 4.65.

NJ Phin and I have a lil side bet on WR Carlton Mitchell...

If he goes in rounds 1-3 he WINS!!

If he goes in round 4 we both tie

If he goes in rounds 5-7 I WIN!!

Good luck Senor NJ PHINster. ;)

Cheers bro. Good to see you on this eve.

I have to say that after the combine...my best guess is Mitchell is taken in the 3rd round.

Please no Taylor Price. I like the kid, but we have his type of WR already. If we draft a WR, I want a big, physical receiver. Same goes with Andre Roberts, I like him, just not for us.

good night everyone.

By the way , porter and taylor were pass rushing DE's not safties. like i said let some other team TRY converting mays to OLB. Good luck with that. LOL !!

What would any of you think about drafting super speedster WR Jocoby Ford to replace Ginns speed??

If Ford has more heart and stays upright for Y.A.C. then we could ditch Ginn if he doesn't make significant positive advances as a WR this year.

Whattya think?

Night TN

Sorry NJ..You should know that players out grow the position they play all the time. You should also know that O-line players switch to D-line...running backs grow into other positions. As a safety he already knows how to play coverage...so what does he have to learn...run past the tackle...and with sub 4.3 time...I don't see that as a problem.

Rob in oc, " While i would've loved to go 2 for 2 on free agents guesses in dansby and clark ...... " Really ??? . You were mentioning and Predicting maimi would get casey hampton in almost every off season scenerio for a long time before pitt signed him to a extension. :) 1 for 3.

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