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Ryan Clark returns to Steelers, Dolphins FS search must continue

When Ryan Clark landed in South Florida it seemed as if the Dolphins had identified their future starting free safety and all that needed to happen was a little solid negotiatin' and the deal would be done.

Well, the deal isn't done.

And the deal isn't getting done, not in Miami anyway.

Clark is re-signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers, a source tells me. His visit with the Dolphins, cordial, was productive, but not enough. Clark told the Dolphins he wanted to remain with Pittsburgh.

[Update 7:12 p.m.: Various media outlets are now reporting Clark agreed to a four-year deal with the Steelers.]

So what do the Dolphins miss out on? Check it out.


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Are you still of the mind that the Fins take your main pick McClain at #12?

Or have you moved on to:

DE Morgan
S E. Thomas
DT/NT Williams
OLB/ILB Weatherspoon


" As a safety he already knows how to play coverage " . Really ??? , I must have missed That. How many succsseful converted safties to olb do you know ???.

" As a safety he already knows how to play coverage " . Really ??? , I must have missed That. How many succsseful converted safties to olb do you know ???

Did you know that Joey Porter was once a RB..Wing back and WR...In 96 he caught 9 rect for 165 yds. He changed over when he transfered to Colorodo State..." he has more to learn as a defender but he seems to have a bright future".

cannot believe all the frivolity here on a night when our rebuilding suffered a penetrating blow. The loss of Clark reveals the chaos in the FO.


Some guys are able to switch positions, but their few and far between.
Do you know any history on Mays? Any experience at OLB?

If you're drafting a guy with the intent of "converting" him, then by definition he's a project. I don't like taking any projects higher than the 5th round.


Speaking of "gotcha" games??

I also correctly stated that Wilfork would not be a FIN. 2 for 4! LOL. (shakes head)

You are in the same boat saying that we would "Wouldn't get Dansby" until he got signed?? So what?

The early reports were that Hampton was going to be available and then PITT wised up? I can't help that?

If ANYONE doesn't mind admitting to being wrong it's me and NOT you! You are always telling people about how you "have been touting this or that guy for months" or trying to tell people "you were the first ever to report blah, blah, blah."

Who cares who is 1st to report something newsworthy? It doesn't make it an original thought bro.

How many succsseful conversions of safeties to OLB do you know ?? I'm still waiting. Guys played different positions in high school . What's you point ?? You're flying all over the place.

No FA wants to come here. Dansby only signed because he's a loser who wants big money. This has been going on for a decade at least, since John Randle & Kreutz & John Tait spurned us. The stench of failure hovers over the Nova Facility.

cannot believe all the frivolity here on a night when our rebuilding suffered a penetrating blow. The loss of Clark reveals the chaos in the FO.

Posted by: Senor Winces | March 08, 2010 at 10:57 PM

Heh heh, he said penetrating blow(spoken in the voice of Peter Griffin).

Rob . wrooooooong !! I said i would take dansby at the right price and 22 mim guaranteed is much better than the 30-32 mil that was first reported. The wifork thing was easy. I told you we wpoldn't be getting wilfork , franklin or hampton. also i was just playing with ya !! CHEERS!!

Gee how many rock solid linebackers can run sub 4.3 times...even if he runs a 4.3 at 240...show me one that plays now. You make it sound like there's safeties that run 4.3's all the time...never mind linebackers. Again...linebackers are born...they are converted. J. Taylor was a OLB for two years before they made him a DE in college.

Good eve Odinseye!

Demarcus Ware had projection involved.

If the Big Tuna and Co think they can make a guy fit their application I doubt they would hesitate to draft him.

I am not real big on huge projects but if guy has the ability to flip or enough athletic ability to make a change then I wouldn't rule him out.

That said, I would side with Odinseye and NJ PHIN on Mays as a OLB project. If you draft him draft him to be a safety only. If that doesn't work out then OLB can be a fallback imho.


Wake is in the process of converting from a CFL DE to an NFL OLB.

That fills my quota for OLB projects. Would I take a chance on a guy like Weatherspoon converting? Sure.
Mays? Maybe, if he's available in the 6th round!!!!

Aren't born.

This guy Bucky Brooks is a disappointing to me - he said Trent Williams was in the Senior Bowl - don't know what game he was watching but Williams wasn't there. I think I even saw Mayock shake his head....


It wouldn't be right if you and I weren't jousting about something man... LOL. It's ALWAYS in a good "Jersey giving a friend shyt" kinda way...it's all good mang.

It took me a while to figure out that you were playing about most of your posts that hack on me or anyone else for that matter.

Meh, like Goodfellas says "Sooner or later everyone gets a beatdown." Thickens the ol' skin. Haha.


Just Because,

Bucky Brooks is still very nervous on camera. I think some of his reports are off base but it's all opinion so its a great gig.

I think that rough stone will be in the polisher a while.


I'm definitely jaded after suffering through a season of watching Gerbil Wilson embarrass the entire Dolphins organization.
Ryan Clark? Once bitten twice shy. I'm convinved the guys an upgrade over Wilson, but I'm relieved that we didn't hitch up the money wagons to that horse.
I'm down with the youth and talent we're developing in our secondary. The only guy I would start over Clemons this year would be Eric Berry.

Sure the guy played and was a former scout; but he been with NFLN for a few years now - and he was at the Senior Bowl - whether a player was or wasn't at the game is something he should know. Charles Davis is much better than him.

I always like to pick out a couple of late round sleeper Offensive linemen. I think they're always woth taking a gamble on.
Anybody got any leads for me?


I am not real big on Bucky either. He just isn't really all that knowledgable, and he makes many errors.

so if you draft berry because you've failed to sign clark that means another position of need goes down the scale to another draft round. we have too many needs to simply rely upon the draft.

In an uncapped year we canspend money to get good FAs.

You guys can laugh all you want, but the FO WANTED Clark and did not land him; that's a loss in anyone's book and disrupts the entire draft-day plan.

say no to sharper, he was not really the difference maker for the saints as it was their top CB that was the real difference for their passing attack, sharper is 35 and is not worth the type of money he is going to get, even for a year, I rather give a multi year deal like 4 years for a 28 year old real play maker and complete safety package in Otagwe!!!

Then we need to draft the OLF from Texas and find a way to get a WR and a NT, Jamal Williams maybe? 2 years younger than Feguson and also coming off an injury season BUT he is still really good and maybe he needs a change of scenery, he should be motivated and should come in at a bargain


A guy to keep an eye on would be Mike Tepper of Cal, good size. Also, probably not a true sleeper, but John Jerry of Ole Miss is very good too.

General question:

Is there anyway on God's green earth that the Fins cut Wilson ahead of time "thinking" they had a done deal with Clark?

I mean it was pretty eerie the way he swooped in late and said he "was hoping he didn't have to leave Miami" and "only scheduled one visit" etc.

What about the BS about how Clark was fired up about Dansby already coming here?

The Fins ended up playing the Steelers tough with a 3rd string QB. The Steelers are not much ahead of the Fins in a SB Mr. Clark.


What about bringing in LT, Thomas Jones, Brian Westbrook, Justin Fargas or Darren Sproles for RB support? Ronnie got injured again, Ricky won't last by himself, and a knee injury to Patrick Cobbs leaves us hoping they will be fine in a return. We have decent #2 & 3 receivers, we should draft a NT, but how about CJ Spiller?

Late Round OLinemen

Tony Washington - Abilene Christian
Brandon Carter - Texas Tech
Shawn Lauvao - Arizona St.
Marshall Newhouse - TCU
Thomas Welch - Vanderbilt
Matt Tennant - Boston College
Casey Bender - South Dakota St.


Carter from TX Tech is an animal, my type of O Lineman

You got that right Bootang - I like Tepper too forgot to mention him; Washington probably moved up some with the good combine.

Think you, me, Rob, and NJ should apply for Bucky's job?


Any of us could be superior to Bucky.

The Seer

I'm not laughing about not signing Clark. I think it would have been a good move at the right price.
I just don't believe FS is that big of a need. All joking aside, getting rid of Wilson was bigger than signing Clark.
The only way I pick a FS is if Berry's avaliable, and he wont be.


Rob and NJ would be very good arguing with each other like Kiper and McShay

Rob, don't think the Fins had a deal ahead of time with anyone before they cut Gibril (that type of stuff doesn't happen in the NFL wink, wink) - I think they were just cutting the dead weight and feel more comfortable with Culver (who has 2 years in the system now) and Clemons and anyone else that they might bring in via draft or FA.

I think Al Davis could be a better FS than Gibril.

Truefan... Your statement
Derek the draft is on Thursday, you shouldn't throw stones!!

Posted by: Truefan | March 08, 2010 at 08:22 PM

In response to me saying that Baltimore gave away their entire Saturday draft...

Newsflash for a guy who says he' a "True fan"...

Only Round 1 is Thursday, I said they gave away Saturday when in truth they gave away 2/3rds of Fridays draft which is the 2nd through 4th rounds.
Regardless, Miami giving away 2/3rds of Fridays draft would have been an idiots move... And until YOU learn the draft schedule better then me... how about I just throw the rocks at YOU?

Talk about our management team getting played by a player and his agent....I knew something was up when Clark showed up in Miami saying that he was practically really to sign, as who in their right mind would do that and give away any leverage they have to get the best deal from the Phns. Only reason to do that is if your intent is really to get the best posible deal from the Steelers and selling them the idea that you really are going to leave their team, so they pay up big time. Hope we don't deal with that agent or any of his players again.

I would DEFINITELY tune in to watch Rob and NJ go at it over Carlton Mitchell and Rolando McClain - now that's made for TV drama.


G John Jerry should go around the 4rth round area. He has the size and tenacity to be a really good player. Long arms, very stout and anchors against the bull rush well. 4 year starter so he has the experience. May have climbed with strong Senior Bowl.

G Alex Parsons shows well athletically and looks the part 6-4, 310lbs, strong and can run. Great program at USC. Should stick and can develop into a producer. 5-6 round?

I would rather get a veteran safety who can cover and wait n see if clemons devolops. Clemons can flat out fly just gotta see of he can read QBs and use that speed to break on the ball.

Maybe he saw all of the negative comments the fans were saying about him on the internet. You dont think they tune into some of these pages and read what people think??? Maybe he felt that the fans did not want him there so he didnt want to play there. Maybe you guys should not be so negative and you might get players who will want to play there more. The attitude from the fans also makes a team want to win, and an organization bring in the best players. If the fans gripe and complain all the time, and pooh pooh certain players possibly coming to the team, I am sure those players would not want to play for a city who lacks good fan support, and would not wish to welcome them.

Karlos Dansby still signed.....


We may have to kick the tires more on Saftey OJ and look at NT J. Williams more in depth. I have to believe the Fins sign one more FA to have less glaring holes going into the draft.


LOL @ just because and bootang25.

I wouldn't be suprised if a FA NT, WR, TE, OLB/ILB, or FS are brought in before the draft - the only problem is that there aren't many players that fit the profile for what the team is looking for.

Despite Ross stating money doesn't buy you victories - he sure spent the money on Dansby and was willing to spend it on both Antrel and Clark - just not more than the FO thought they were worth.

We are on the right track - if Clark didn't want to be here - then too bad for him.

Odinseye. I Got a good sleeper OL For you. I hear if you add 70 pounds to Yaylor mays , he can play OT. He's got good speed.

Don't discount trades either. This regime is good at finding good value. Big Ferg was what a 7th if I remember right, ayodele and fasano for a 4, Thigpen for a 5, McDaniel for a 7. They wouldn't surprise if they made 1 or 2 more trades before the draft or around training camp.


I think you are undervaluing Mays ability as a placekicker. 6'3 230 man, with a big running head start, and as strong as he, imagine how far he could kick it.

Should do the around the horn deal and add points for good points - point for bootang on trades, point for NJ on Taylor Mays

Julie , your lucky you're a woman because i would rip you for that post. If you really think a player isn't going to come to a team because fans on a blog are ripping him , then you need to learn a little more about football and money.

Carlito would be our Woody Paige lmao.

sorry Taylor,

NJ, Rob,
to join the he said she said jousting.
Well over a month ago I was one of the first to say that Miami would go hard after and sign Dansby.
I then remember NJ especially, and then a few other posters jump in and say NO WAY, DANSBY WILL BE A GIANT! LOL

Yeah thats right...lol.
Oh well, the main thing is that we got a guy that was really key for Miami so many different levels. Filling a glaring hole, more flexiblity in the draft, leadership...etc.

Getterdone . WROOOOOOOOOOOOONG !! i always said that i would take dansby for the right price. 22 mil was the right price. i did say i would think he would go to the giants becasue the tuna wouldn't overpay, The giant weren't interested. I always thought the phins had a good shot. Nice try Though. :)

Just because and Bootang , you guys are pretty funny. You should do a stand up rountine, You guys are like abbott and costello. :)

The Fins are no where near being a SB team. There is no way they fill every hole this year. None. They likely will not make the playoffs. The definitely will not win the division. My best guess is 9-7 but that's without knowing how the draft will go. So yes, the Steelers are a better team at this point than the Dolphins.

We are a 3-4 defense without an anchor-the Nose Tackle. Without a solid NT, your inside linebackers are hindered from being able to take away the middle of the field from slot receivers and tightends. They deemed far more ineffective. They are no longer able to be playmakers and act as plays happen. Instead, they are forced to react to big plays being made on them. A NT opens the doors for your OLB to create havoc in the backfield. They can put pressure on the QB because an extra blocker is being used on the NT. And because of the pressure beign applied to the QB, there's less time to throw and your secondary is able to make plays and shut down receivers.

We don't have a quality NT. Therefore, out defense is barely average. We won't be good against the run. We won't create pressure on the QB consistently. And we will continue to get shredded for big plays through the air.

But even with a NT, we have no playmakers at OLB. Cameron Wake? Really? Charlie Anderson? Porter is gone. JT is unsigned and old anyway. We have no elite pass rushers on the team as of right now.

We have a big hole at FS. Another big hole at both RG and TE. And then we could really use an infusion of depth at OT, QB, and RB. We don't have a dynamic PR/KR. And we also do not have a No 1 WR. One draft and FA will not fix all of these issues. It will take at least two Free Agency periods and 2 drafts to get this team turned all the way around the corner and headed towards elite status.

Top 5 Choices for #12 (no particular order and as of Ryan Clark using the Dolphins like a dirty prostitute on 79th street):

Dan Williams
Everson Griffen
Earl Thomas
Derrick Morgan
Rolando McClain

And of course the dream - Eric Berry (I have visions of him in Aqua and Orange and then wake up and have to change my undergarments).

I'll leave Dez Bryant, Brandon Graham, Jason Pierre-Paul, and Segio Kindle out of it since they all have some sort of red flag in my book.

Def not agreeing with the whole Take mays fans---but if you want an example of that drafted safety converted to lb---

Thomas Davis from carolina was a big time safety in the SEC at georgia---hes been a gem at LB for them for 4 or 5 years it is rare to see that transition tho....

Sign sharper---someone said that Sharper didnt make a difference for the saints---the DB did---guy how about you watch more games then the last 2 of the year---wont even waste time getting into this battle


I don't think I would bring in any of the long in the tooth backs like LT or Jones. I just don't think they would be cost effective with that much previous mileage wear and tear on their bodies. RB is literally one of the roughest positions and those two have had good, long careers.

I do think this is a great year to shop for a back in the draft. You mentioned Spiller and I think he would be a solid pickup and can do soooo many things dynamically for an offense.

Most on the blog are stalwart DEF ONLY drafters so you can run into hostility even suggesting Spiller. I think he is the real deal. I keep telling people that if the Fins were to take him in the 1st round after already landing Dansby and then drafted mostly Def rounds 2-7 it would still be a very Def draft. It doesn't sink in with many folks but, dems da breaks.

RB Jahvid Best actually ran a touch faster than Spiller and could be had maybe in second round.

I REALLY like RB Ben Tate who may also go in the 2nd but may slip to the 3rd. Great combine, 218lbs, strong, approx 4.5 40 and can block very well. Also has soft hands out of the back field. His blocking really stood out at the Senior Bowl practices.

RB Montario Hardesty had probably one of the top 3 overall combine perfomances and is a very stout 225lbs with speed 4.49, 41 inch vert. One of the most athletic guys at the whole combine.

Of course Toby Gerhart ran well 4.59 and opened eyes. Many had him pegged as a Mike Alstott fullback type but he showed fluid drills and great overall athleticism at the combine for a big back.

Dexter McCluster is much more quick than fast and also is a very small back at 5'8" and less than 175lbs. He has posted good numbers in the SEC and has shown good durabilty. He is a multifacted guy that has some return ability as well. The Trfecta coached him at the Senior Bowl so they should have a birds eye view of his skillset.


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