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Dolphins seem to be driving Jason Taylor away

... And another thing ...

Oh, got a little carried away. I guess I'm a fired up because I've been thinking longer and harder about Jason Taylor's current situation. It really doesn't make sense to me. And on my drive from Orlando back to South Florida I thought of other reasons it doesn't make sense.

To catch you up, I've written a column for Wednesday's paper explaining how poorly the Dolphins are acting in dealing with Taylor. Read the column to get the details that go well beyond coach Tony Sparano declining to comment about Taylor during the NFL's annual meetings.

I then explain the reasons it makes sense to re-sign Taylor and make the point that by acting as they are, the Dolphins seem to be driving Miami's all-time sack leader to another team -- possibly the Jets or the Patriots, who had interest last year and still are looking for pass-rushers this year.

Well, here are some things I didn't have room for in the column that add to my point.

The Dolphins began their offseason conditioning program Monday. It's a big deal to them. It certainly was a point of contention in the spring of 2008 when they wanted Taylor in the program and not on Dancing with the Stars.

That basically nullifies the thought that Miami is taking a wait-and-see approach on Taylor. They obviously have a chance to sign him and get him in the program now. They have a chance to sign him and get him rehabbing his shoulder under their care. They have a chance to sign him and get him in better shape than he would otherwise be in.

Why aren't they doing that?

The Dolphins also have a new defensive coordinator in Mike Nolan. Why wouldn't they want Taylor to be signed and absorbing Miami's new defense as the mold is cast on that defense this offseason? Sure, Taylor could catch up later if he had to. But why delay such a thing?

Look, Jason Taylor wants to play for the Dolphins. I know this.

If the Dolphins would like Jason Taylor, they should tell him so now. If they don't want Jason Taylor, they should tell him so now. He will live either way.

But this being all mysterious about the issue with Jason Taylor? That's not good business. 


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Seeeeem to be

Mando, commented on your column and will do so here as well. I don't understand what the Dolphins are afraid of. They love competition. Sign the guy and let him compete.

If he's the best guy, great. If he's not, he gets cut and no harm done. It's logical. Why can't the Dolphins figure this out?

I played quarterback. I wish JT would sack me.

makes no sence not to have taylor come on front office lets get it goin

I'm losing respect for Jeff Ireland. How many rings has he ever won?

I pretty much forgave them for cutting Zach. I pretty much forgave them for trading JT.

But this makes no effing sense to me if they don't bring him back and he ends up playing two games against us every year for the Patriots. That would suck. And I'd turn in my fan card.


Has anyone considered that they are letting JT off the hook for now so he can spend time with his family and then they will sign him. He has been to enough of these camps. While I understand Parcells has issues with that, I also feel this is Tony Sparano's team more than people think. This is a Sparano move, and a smart one. JT will be fresh mentally and physically for the season. If he were on the market, wouldn't he have been snapped up by now?

ALoco, Lets say JT goes to the Jets, the two teams play and JT sacks Henne and knocks him out of the game. What would be your comments in the aftergame blog?

personally I appreciate LT'S talent, however I still remember how he let us down when he wanted to dance. We owe him nothning. We need to go ahead and get younger.

jt will never put a jet jersey on ......NEVER......HE'S NOT GOING TO LOSE THE LOVE OF FINS FANS FOR FEW THOUSANDS BUCKS .

That's the way Parcells does business.
I don't like the secrecy culture he has put in place.
From top to bottom, this organization has lots of room for improvement.

I just used the Jets as an example. My point is I hope he retires a Dolphin. I would hate to see him on a different team and we have to play that team,

ive been a fan since I was 6 and I hated to see Danny go the way he did and now there doing the same thing to JT Iam really thinking about becoming a fan of a team that loves there players its not like hes washed up he will be great where ever he goes just like Danny would have done if he didnt retire thanks oh ya if JT reads this Id love to meet you someday just to shake your hand thanks



Thanks Troy. I do read this blog.

its kind of sad that they don't give a crap about the team's history. the don't want to resign him, they didn't sign Zach thomas for one day like he asked just because he wanted to retire a Dolphin. I am losing respect for them because in my opinion they don't have respect for the organization's past. JT are ZT always brought their A game even when the team sucked...

I love Jason Taylor more than anybody but the Dolphins don't owe this guy anything. He's been a warrior on the team, has played through injuries, is supposedly a great guy in the locker room and has been very productive for us. But football at this stage of the season is a business.

For all you bleeding heart liberals out there, GET A LIFE!! We're all about winning football games, not about 'doing the right thing' or being popular. I don't want Jason Taylor on this team if it's going to lead to someone else's detriment or stunt someone else's development. We're all about winning football games here guys. This is not a Summer Camp we're running.

There will be a time and a place to sign Jason Taylor and that time isn't upon us. If that's not good enough for JT then feel free to go sign with someone else and be a complimentary player for them.

The fact he was out best linebacker last season says a lot about how weak we were at the position last year. I expect us to be much improved at the position this year with the addition of Dansby and through the draft and that may or may not include Mr Jason Taylor.

Agree with Armando 100% on this one. You've got a great character guy who still has something left at a position of need, who is beloved and will sell tickets, and who will play for a home town discount to boot! I think sometimes this Parcells regime is too conservative and stuck in their ways. I agree with 95% of what they do but they're wrong on this one.

Wow alot of new people

You hit the nail on the head Mando. Great stuff.

Troy the door's open.....please find another team. And take KID with you. WE don't have time to play all nicey nice. We're building something here and this team does not revolve around Jason Taylor any more. It's about winning guys!! If Jason Taylor can help us in that regard (and at this stage it's open for debate) he will be a part of the team. Otherwise, thanks for the memories....NEXT!!


ALoco and Craig M are the ones that got it right..if Armando wrote this blog and said the Fins were gonna sign a 30+ yr old linebacker coming of shoulder surgery this blog would be up in arms...But say it's Jason Taylor and it's OK??? I don't think so...Even though Armando says they are hanging him out I don't think it could be any clearer, Sprano mentioned Taylor in the past tense 3x...Jason Taylor thank you but it's time to move on..

Okay Craig M, who would you like to see in the OLB position? I know JT is getting up in age, but who can we get with experience that can fill the position?

Wpw, what a bunch of bitchers. Wasn't JT part of a one win team ? Did he have leadership that year ? What'd he do that next offseason ? He worried about himself and a hollywood career. So now Miami's supposed to owe him something ? They brought his @ss back last season and what'd they get ? A 7-9 record and wonderful leadership again. Didn't you see him tell Porter to leave the field when asked ? Becuase he didn't, he was a non leader !!!

I think it makes sense.... only if they truly believe Wake and Anderson Torbor and moses are ready to step it up

This dosent make sense at all....it would cost almost nothing...and they could cut him later or trade him again.We could get a 7th easily..

The Smiley trade is also DUMB...there is no deal as yet....maybe theyl get one but why do this to him now?????

The Boldin non trade was dumb...
The Ryan Clark thing was dumb..

Theyd better draft well.....

i believe they draft two outside linebackers this year dont know which rd



I'm not in love with JT and YES I want the team to win. I just think we need the experience and leadership on the team for one more year.


That's exactly my point. If it wasn't JT you wouldn't hear the uproar.

Some of you guys need to decide if you want to be all warm and nostalgiac or whether you want to see this team back in the playoffs again this year. I'm not saying I don't want JT back on this team but can we see how the draft shakes out first before we make a decision. 'Cause if JT is on this team next year you can be sure he's going to be eating into the playing time of some young guys and I'm not OK with that.

And MphsDolfan, why does it have to be someone with experience who plays the position next year? At this point in time we don't know if Dansby is going to play inside or outside but you can be sure Wake is going to get some playing time outside. You don't necessarily need to have an experienced player play OLB. There's been some kids come right out of College and be studs right away and I believe there are some studs in this draft too.

MphsDolfan, it's always one more year, we know have a new leaders, Chad Henne and Karlos Dansby, life moves on


I agree Craig, there seems to be great OLB talent in this draft. I just hated to hear there was no communication between the two side.

I agree that it's a business but what bugs me is that the Phins signed Pennington (who's coming off another shoulder injury) and Ferguson (who will be suspended for the 1st 8 games) but they won't sign Taylor who IMO can still help this team?
I guess if the Phins have determined that he won't be much help then so be it.
But you can't tell me that the same question can't be asked of both Pennington & Fergie?

Big Ben's accuser is no longer cooperating with the police....so how much money did she settle for??? No doubt she got paid, money = justice disgusting

Anybody have thoughts on Brian Jackson (Oklahoma) as a possible FS pick? 6th rd pick maybe???



Have you heard the Dolphins come out and say they don't want Taylor on the team? No. Have you heard them say he's too old or they don't like him? No. What they have said in a round about way, they haven't made up their minds about him yet. Pennington was brought back because he has a great relationship with Henne and has and will continue to mentor him. Ferguson was brought back because we have a huge gaping hole at the NT position and he provides good leadership. Both are guess very familiar to BP, having played on his teams before.

There isn't the same urgency to sign JT. There are lots of guys who can do what he does now. It will likely be in the draft but there may be a free agent out there who becomes available.

Come on guys....a little perspective might be in order, no?

MphsDolfan, we need a FS who can come in and start, we have Clemons n Culver.. If we don't get one in FA then I don't think a 6 th round pick in the draft fills the void

Pennington and Ferguson are Parcells guys, Taylor is not. JT himself has said he knows nothing will happen until after the draft. What is hard to understand about this? If we come away with good OLBs in the draft, JT won't return. If we only add one OLB, JT returns.

Mando, great article. It's a sad reality that this is a business, and as much as I love Taylor, I have to accept the fact he may have played his last season with the Fins. I don't agree with how they are going about this though. As a player, you can't always rely on quotes the organization has given to the media to assess where you stand. I think Gibril Wilson can attest to that. Taylor has put enough blood, sweat, and tears on the field for this organization to warrant a return phone call. As with any other business, it seems to be the employee that always gets the shaft...do we ever get a two week notice when our employers decide to go a different direction? Much love to you Jason...if you don't end up in aqua in orange, I'll still be pulling for you...please just don't go to the jets.

Mando I can't agree with you more. It really makes me question the "Trifecta" They are letting their arrogance get in the way. JT is a leader and will elevate which and help mold the rookie that they will undoubtedly draft in the first two rounds of the draft. I've seen this time and again that teams franchise players out in the ending years of their career and they produce for rival teams (Issac Bruce, Junior Seau, Favre) Parcells and Ireland need to cut the crap and do the right thing here. JT can still produce and is the model of what you want your players to be like. It makes me so angry, just like their inability to admit that today's league is a passing league by continuing to admit they like their receiver corp the way it is and don't see a need to add a big time play maker. All signs show Dez Bryant falling to Miami at 12 and I am nearly certain they will pass on him in favor of reaching for a defensive player. So far I'm unimpressed with the offseason moves.

Good point Bobby. Not many FA left at FS in my opinion. Sharper was be a nice 2 yr pickup. The other FA would require draft picks.

And Armando......shame on you posted a hedline like that 'Dolphins Seem to be Driving Jason Taylor Away'. How? Because they haven't called him back or shown their hand. Did you ever think that this might all be part of their strategy for the draft? Why tip teams off to what we may or may not be doing? At this point I don't think any of us have a clue what they are going to do and I love that!! Maybe if a team thinks we're going outside linebacker they give us something in return for fear that we take their guy. Who knows....

But with ALL due respect, Armando, this is why you write and why they get paid the big bucks to run a football team.

The Big O has said he knew JT won't be back but he couldn't say why. I think at the most the Phins are looking to see what they can get in the draft. If they get two OLB's then they won't want him back. If they can't fill the position then they may consider it.

JT didn't mind taking this time of the year 2 years ago to pursue his own interests, why does he all of a sudden give a crap about being around right now?

Let him walk... his best days are far behind him. Develop the younger talent.

He didn't tip anything. The article is right. This is exactly what happened last time and what ended up happening? Jt as a redskin.

Craig...I think the organization can give Jason a call without it making national headlines. Even if it's to say "let's wait until after the draft to assess the team's needs."

It's either a negotiating ploy or they have no interest....and why should they when we have....

Cameron Wake, situational pass rusher who can't cover or fight off blocks and defend the run.

Charlie Anderson, situational pass rusher with 17 tackles and 2 sacks.

Erik Walden ST's player with 8 tackles last year and 23 for his career.

RFA (3rd round tender) Quentin Moses who had 6 tackles and 1 sack last year and 17/2.5 for career.

No problem. We will just pluck two starting outside LB'ers in this years draft like we did last year with Smith and Davis and expect them to put enough pressure on the QB as to make our second year CB's and ????? FS give up less big plays....

and/or be stout enough against the run (without a NT than can occupy multiple blockers) so that opposing offenses don't run outside on us all day long.

Yeah...right. Every one of those above players struggle in coverage and against the run. They are basically the same one trick pony. The bright side is that they can play the run better than Porter...not a ringing endorsement.

They have no choice but to sign JT at this point. Wake and Anderson were fine as situational pass rushers coming off the bench but to do it for 50 snaps a game for 16 weeks is a totally different story.

JT played 73 more snaps than Porter last year and more than all but 13 OLB's in the NFL last year....and with an injured shoulder.

He can cover the WOLB spot and still thrive and demand double teams.

That allows us to draft an OLB high who can AT LEAST play run downs on the strong side letting Wake come in for passing downs with Anderson spelling JT occasionally.

Not to mention the fact that he has earned it...Its a no brainer. Show you have one Dolphins!


About a month ago Armando talked about Taylor Quote "Jason Taylor knows where we stand" Unquote...now all of a sudden Taylor is not getting calls...Taylor "wants" to play for the Dolphins..well Jason how's it feel to "want"..We wanted u to play football and u wanted to "Dance with The Stars". Like I've been saying since the end of the season, bye bye Porter, bye bye Taylor...move on


Bobby, Craig and ALoco,

No they don't owe him a damn thing but when you can pick up a phone and offer a measure of respect that JT has earned over the years in Miami for free... it seems petty on the Trifectas part.

No different than them not already having re-signed (or announced any plans to) ZT for a proper Miami retirement. I'd say it's down right weird as BP was suppose to be a coach guys would run through a wall for. Parcell's may not have drafted ZT and JT but he had to have admired they way they went about playing the game, approaching their craft, desiring to be great...even if from a distance.

What's the harm in letting JT know where they stand with regards to him with a single call?

A simple phone call. JT is honorable and wants to be a Fin bad enough that he won't even talk to Armnado for fear of blowing his chances to get back on the team. That's a pretty strong bond with a home team.

If they phone him up and say sit tight till after the draft or thanks for your years of loyal service go chase your dreams... whats the harm in that?

Obviously they have ZERO problems signing older injured Fins as they resigned Ferg. And he is out for half the season. Nothing from Sparano but, it's a great resigning as he will be there for us down the stretch...yadyadayada.

If they have zero interest let him go now... the goofy mystery limbo game is too bizarre.

If I were Jason Taylor I would be using this as motivation everyday the phone didn't ring and would go talk to the Pats. I would proceed to everything in my power to show the Fin's that they shoulda pulled a Ferg and signed me as insurance if nothing else. Every time I dropped a Fins QB I would do that heart punch sack dance of his looking Sparano squarely in the eyes. But apparently, Taylor can take more palm to the face from this regime than I can.

It's not even that I can't let Taylor go it's just the lack of class, the disrespect seems fester with how the F.O. does some things regarding player personnel.

Great that we can agree to disagree and if the writing on the wall is correct you guys will have the talent stopping plug of JT pulled from the team.


Mike in Houston,

Who's to say they haven't already talked to him. Who's to say he's not all a part of this thing? I think odds are he'll be back but why show our cards a month before the draft? Let's keep everyone guessing......

Is Jason Taylor seeking a team now, is he trying to get signed? How much money does he was, how many years? This is a pretty unfair article. You have like 10% of the story and rush to judgement. I remember the clowns that have run this team lately, so i am still giving these guys the benefit of the doubt, they have a plan and just because we don't know it doesn't make it wrong.

You rush to sign the big ticket guys early(Dansby) then you sit back and wait, see what you can do in the draft, let guys markets develop and let their prices drop, especially with other vets getting cut, post draft. At his age thats the deal, no hurry here. You cover the team, you should know how things work a little bit.


You had me onboard with your post views until the last line... Dansby will be a GREAT addition.




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