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Dolphins seem to be driving Jason Taylor away

... And another thing ...

Oh, got a little carried away. I guess I'm a fired up because I've been thinking longer and harder about Jason Taylor's current situation. It really doesn't make sense to me. And on my drive from Orlando back to South Florida I thought of other reasons it doesn't make sense.

To catch you up, I've written a column for Wednesday's paper explaining how poorly the Dolphins are acting in dealing with Taylor. Read the column to get the details that go well beyond coach Tony Sparano declining to comment about Taylor during the NFL's annual meetings.

I then explain the reasons it makes sense to re-sign Taylor and make the point that by acting as they are, the Dolphins seem to be driving Miami's all-time sack leader to another team -- possibly the Jets or the Patriots, who had interest last year and still are looking for pass-rushers this year.

Well, here are some things I didn't have room for in the column that add to my point.

The Dolphins began their offseason conditioning program Monday. It's a big deal to them. It certainly was a point of contention in the spring of 2008 when they wanted Taylor in the program and not on Dancing with the Stars.

That basically nullifies the thought that Miami is taking a wait-and-see approach on Taylor. They obviously have a chance to sign him and get him in the program now. They have a chance to sign him and get him rehabbing his shoulder under their care. They have a chance to sign him and get him in better shape than he would otherwise be in.

Why aren't they doing that?

The Dolphins also have a new defensive coordinator in Mike Nolan. Why wouldn't they want Taylor to be signed and absorbing Miami's new defense as the mold is cast on that defense this offseason? Sure, Taylor could catch up later if he had to. But why delay such a thing?

Look, Jason Taylor wants to play for the Dolphins. I know this.

If the Dolphins would like Jason Taylor, they should tell him so now. If they don't want Jason Taylor, they should tell him so now. He will live either way.

But this being all mysterious about the issue with Jason Taylor? That's not good business. 


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JT is one of my alltime favorite players. The man bleeds aqua and orange. Period. That may not mean much to you but it means something to me. He is not a Joey Porter type player. Peezy needed to go even before he started running his mouth. JT, on the other hand, is still quite good and I think should be given a chance to compete. He is a team player and leader. He fires up the others when they needed it, he slams footballs into the Jets logo, rips down the cowboys logo, etc. He is so intense. I can always find a spot for a player like that at a reasonable cost as long as he can still bring something to the table.

Rob in OC, just last month Jeff Ireland was qoutes as saying "Jason knows where we stand" PFT reported that the Fins were "giving Taylor the opportunity to speak to other teams" I wonder if Jason Taylors phone makes outgoing calls to??? To sit here and state we know what the Fins said or didn't say to Taylor seems to be a leap. How quickly everyone jumps to Taylors defense. Maybe the Fins said maybe and now he is trying to use fan and media pressure to force the Dolphins hand??? Stop blaming the organization for everything because Armando said so...I think Sprano made it VERY clear when he referenced Taylor in past tense 3x where the Dolphins stand...


You have got to shorten your posts. I've spent all day reading and a big post like that just gives me a headache.

I'll say the same thing I said to Mike, 'How do you know they haven't called him'? Because he said so? I think they are still interested in him and I think he might still be there. But I think he and the orgnaization have an understanding.

I think everyone is playing this up way too much, sorry......

NJack, good post, sensible and well thought out Thank you

Craig M,

Then call him up and feed him a lie (maybe they already did?)...if that's what you are worried about. You can give him the old "Oooops the plans changed becase of "X" later to explain it away if you like.

At least you would have showed the courtesy and respect to call a player that would seem to have full loyalty to the Fins. Not only last year but every year he was with the Fins.

Putting on that jersey means something special to JT. I know you can give a rats rip and it's all about the organizations best interest but that's where you are not seeing the big picture... Jason Taylor is in the same foxhole fighting along side you against the enemy(the rest of the NFL).

I happen to like JT (as if that didn't rear it's ugly head, lol). I hope that there is more to the story that we, including Armando, don't know.

I'll let it go at that.


I choose to believe Jason and Mando's reporting as opposed to what the organization tells the media...again, just ask Gibril Wilson.

bring taylor back another year to be a mentor and share snaps at olb it wouldnt hurt thats for sure


I'm a big JT fan too. I just think the tone of this article is ALL wrong. Read the headline.....ridiculous!!

And NJack.....one of the BEST post I have read in a long time. Bobby you too!! Nice to see there is still some people who haven't lost their senses out there.

dolfandave commented on 'Dolphins seem to be driving Jason Taylor away'

2010-03-24 21:05:56 -0400

The Big O has said he knew JT won't be back but he couldn't say why. I think at the most the Phins are looking to see what they can get in the draft. If they get two OLB's then they won't want him back. If they can't fill the position then they may consider it...This is what I believe, these radio guys are more right then wrong

Well guys, have a great night, I enjoyed today's conversation, really good all day

Before we all start going down on each other, let's just keep in mind there's a reason why Mando does what he does for a living and we don't. I don't completely agree with the article, but I do believe Jason has done enough for this organization to warrant a phone call...that's all.

Parcells made a side deal w Taylor that is what happened!!

The deal is u come back and no early workouts

I just think he signs after the draft.Before it does make you think they might not go defense with the first pick.But if you sign him after the draft it can lead to all kinds of speculation..More so they grab Dez with there number 12 slot..Just my thoughts.But I could be wrong.

Craig M seems like the lone voice of reason in this debate. I won't say anything else because Craig has been right on!


If that last statement were true about reading the 3 x past tense why wouldn't they simply tell him we moving on if they are?

I mean once you tell a player that they are going in a different direction don't they the shop themselves hard or decide to retire?

Truth is, I am not gonna claim to know of all the dealings between the team and JT. It's just much easier to take a "shoe fly" approach because you are of the stance that we are better off without him. I am looking at our many holes and saw two FA's come and go at Safety and know sometimes the best laid plans...

Regardless, the Fins will go ahead and march the team out next season.

I wish I had the same exact faith you show in the face of a swiss cheese starter/depth chart.

Cheers bud,

Craig M,

Just using the same logic you are applying to the teams magical mystery tour...

Armando (and his crazy titles) are simply doing some provacative journalism to get us all posting and reading... mission accomplished I'd say.

Touche Craig.

I am ALWAYS big on healthy discussion and apologize that when stirred I uncork a War and Peace on ya. Take a couple of aspirin and walk it of...or just type through the pain as JT would!!! LOL


Night Bobby!

You consistently praise the subterfuge deployed by these idiots, why find it offensive now?

Dear Mr. Salguero

Armando Salguero : Well coach what do you think about JT ?

Coach Sporano : was a super guy for me, and I enjoyed him. I enjoyed having him on my team.

JT : Dude!....I'm standin right here.

Soiled :)

There was some fine debate/discussion on here today folks!

I will catch you all later.

Draft plans will be revelaed to us in due time.

Let's hope for a couple grand slam homers and some stand up triples. Blech... baseball jargon, phooey!


LOL, Good one Soiled!!! You have the gift of funny bud.

Between your one liner quips to your Plumbers of Bergan County series... I hope you didn't miss your calling.


Craig M, I read your posts and have decided you don't know anything. You say the Dolphins aren't signing Jason Taylor so they don't tip off their draft strategy.

By not signing Jason Taylor they are doing the exact opposite you dummy. By not signing Jason Taylor they are telling the entire world they MUST draft an OLB.

If they have Jason Taylor, everyone will be guessing if the Dolphins will address one of their other needs and not OLB because, well, they have JT.

So please don't come here and act like you can tell Salguero how to do his job or act like you've got it all figured out. You don't know squat.

Big O says he knew JT wasn't coming back but couldn't say why?

Like he knew a couple of years ago that Vernon Gholston was Miami's sure-fire first round pick?

The only thing Big O knows is what he reads in the newspaper and on the internet.

Craig M.,
I understand the reasons for signing Pennington & Fergie however I'm still puzzled by the timing.
As Fergie was signing, the league was suspending for 8 games. Won't be helping that huge hole until late in the season so they could have waited.
Do we really believe that someone was hot on Pennington's trail?? Yes good mentor but wouldn't it be good to have Cam Wake learn from JT who has over 120 sacks in the NFL?
You are correct nobody has said he's done with the Phins. He's an unrestricted FA, I get that but to sit here & say that Penny and Fergie had to be a top priority and JT can wait until after the draft. Well the logic "seems" to indicate the Phins are done with JT.

Mando, rarely post on here although I read all your stuff. Great job in uncovering how this team does business.

And you said it well in the column: They are miss as often as they hit in free agency.



First, I have been a big fan of JT his entire career. What he has done for this team is short of amazing. However, I want to take a different approach to this. I think some players, for whatever reason, have some kind of personal curse that follows them around. Like they are doomed for personal success, but their team will never be a winner...ie, Dan the Man, Barry Bonds, Jason Taylor...JT is gone and we go 11-5. He comes back and we go 7-9. Is he the curse that needs to stay away?? I don't know, I'm just sayin, I played a lot of baseball, and everyone knows how superstitious and weird baseball players can be. Again, just a thought. Will always be a JT fan, unless he plays for the Pats.

Common, JT has been great for us but he's old and injured, he also represents a lot of losing seasons and the culture from that time, and the trifecta sees him as a progress stopper for Wake and the guys they'll draft (probably 2 OLB)

i think craig m is right the dolphins are playing thier cards close to thier chests

Every single person on this blog that believes we don't need Taylor is delusional.
I'm a Taylor fan. Sure.
Is the guy getting old? Sure.
Has the game passed him by? Not just yet.

Here's something for all you so called genius's to think about.
Forget the name and all he's done for the Dolphins. Just look at the skillset and his stats from last year.
Can Porter put him on the bench? Nope Porter's gone. How about Wake or Moses? They haven't so far. Don't even mention Anderson or any of the others.
The sad cold hard fact is that 35 year old Jason Taylor is better than any other OLB the Miami Dolphins have under contract.
Oh but you genius's think we can pull two starting OLB's out of the draft. Name them. Better yet name one OLB, that we could get out of the draft, that will positively put Taylor on the bench.
If your stupid enough to think that you can, THEN tell what you do when this rookie OLB gets injured in the 1st week of the season.

Guys the Fins dont negotiate in the media like other teams. Surely JT and staff have talked about this situation. Fans, media dont run the Fins. Love JT but bleed aqua and orange first. Go to online store lots of mdse really cheap!! Fins subglasses $3.96 long sleeve t shirts $12.00, etc

Craig M,
Wouldn't want to stunt someone else's development? Huh?! He is our best OLB and plays cheap. How does getting rid of our best OLB help the team? Oh, I get it, let's develop some other guy for "next year"! I don't know how long you have been a Dolphin fan, but wake up!! It is "next year"!!

y-not and bob arg,

Thank you for the kind words.....

here here Odinseye.

I want to field a team - I agree we need to get younger, but you don't get rid of every old guy without replacing them with someone as good or better.

Taylor still has a motor and can compete and be productive for us. If the price is right, why not bring him back?

If he is too old or too injured to make an impact in camp, then end it.. but comeone, to write him off like this would be tragic.

ORLANDO -- Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland has called Jason Taylor's agent one time this offseason but that was about college players. Taylor's name didn't come up during the conversation nearly two months ago and Ireland hasn't called back since.

Coach Tony Sparano, who had a great relationship with Taylor even during the Dancing With The Stars saga two years ago, also had not returned Taylor's messages as of Wednesday morning.

I wouldn't treat my ex-wife(of course I don't have one) this way.
This is unacceptable behavior at any level, let alone a supposedly professional F.O. that's coming of a 7-9 record.

I wonder if Belicheat ignores his best OLB's

Sign him now!


I didn't say don't re-sign JT. I simply said, what's the reason for panic and all this disrespect talk. Disprespect would be to say he's 'lazy' or a 'trouble-maker' or a 'selfish player'. He's none of those.

And dinisa63, the Ferguson signing was a bit of a surprise after the announced suspension but I think it just goes back to familiarity and the lack of quality NTs out there. As you probably know a quality NT is very important to a 3-4 defence. My only point was there are a lot of guys who can do what a 36 year old player can do.

Dear Mr. Salguero

I see it now.

Sunday...Game day...Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas standing outside the stadium dressed in civilian attire.

With heavy hearts and tears in thier eyes they stand there looking in the windows of the house where they once lived....and they were Kings.

Now they are just a fond memory.

Soiled :)

Team First,

Your lucky!! I guess my response back to you was censored and didn't make it through.

You want to get into name calling.....YOUR A MORON!!...does that make you feel better?

I expressed an opinion and you couldn't even rebut my comments in some sort of logical English. You had to resort to name calling. You must be a child!!

This is a blog, pal....where we can all express our opinions. So next time somebody has something to say that you don't like, try and come up with a sensible comment back instead of resorting to name-calling. It's what we do here.

Craig M,

I don't think JT tells the media they haven't returned his calls......unless.......they haven't returned his calls.

I'm still waitng to hear all the better options????

I dont understand why JT is on the outside looking in. I like Ferg and Noodles but they are not better than JT and we keep them around. Considering with all the arrests this team is in need of some standup guys. I dont get it.


I just want to make sure I read your comments correctly. Are you saying that JT is a better linebacker than Karlos Dansby?

Maybe just Maybe they feel J. Taylor is done and it's not worth it.


It's possible, except if they thought that wouldn't they just tell him that? These guys are smart. They're not going to close any doors just to keep JT and the fans happy. If they can upgrade the position they will. If not, JT will be the fallback guy.

As fans, why do we have a problem with that? Every other position on the team we want the best guy we can get for that position. Why is it any different when it comes to JT?

The minute JT take it to the media he signed his no return ticket, now that all the media is talking that the trifecta shall bring him back and pushing for it, they just won't do it, big mistake by JT to air it

Ok, lets not forget that JT was defensive player of the year like, 2006? Not too long ago. Plus, he's representing the longevity of this team, who else on that team has played w Marino???

Dear Craig M forgive me for calling you a dummy or whatever I called you. Don't get your panties all in a bunch over it, ok dude. If you have thin skin, go back to the nail salon and talk sports to the vietnamese women.

As to the crux of my post, you actually posted your opinion in the guise of a fact. And it was incorrect. And you made it seem as if anyone not sharing your opinion was wrong.

ON all counts, you were wrong.

Now, stop crying and learn some football will ya?


I just want to make sure I read your comments correctly. Are you saying that JT is a better linebacker than Karlos Dansby?

Posted by: Craig M | March 24, 2010 at 11:08 PM

Don't waste my time with silliness Craig. Were talking JT and OLB's.
Dansby's can rush the passer but he's a much better ILB. Besides if we moved him outside, we'd be in worse shape in the middle.
You should know better than this Craig.

All I'm asking is who or what better options do we have than JT?


These people are under the delusion that we have a ton of better options than JT right now.

What do you think?

It's not what fans want that counts...we Dolphin fans should know that by now. Age catches up with us all...perhaps it finally caught up with Taylor...I guess we'll find out soon.

Maybe they haven't signed him because he is busy filming new dance movie with The Rock for disney


Reading comprehension is wonderful thing....get some.

My post read: The sad cold hard fact is that 35 year old Jason Taylor is better than any other OLB the Miami Dolphins have under contract.

Dansby will play on the inside...try to keep up.

Let me see, if I remember correctly EVERYTHING Armando wrote about Jason Taylor the last three years was dead on accurate.

In 2008 he wrote the Tuna blew JT off in a meeting room. That turned out to be true. He wrote JT wanted to be traded. That turned out to be true.

In 2009, Armando wrote JT could come back to the Dolphins. JT denied it. The Dolphins were mum. That turned out to be true.

Now Armando is saying the Dolphins are ignoring JT and not returning his calls. JT isn't denying it. The team is mum. I believe the guy with the history for getting this thing right.

Pretty simple to me.

Maybe just Maybe they feel J. Taylor is done and it's not worth it.

Posted by: fishypete | March 24, 2010 at 11:11 PM

I hope not. Then again, these are the same guys that believe in Ginn, Camarillo, Bess and Hartline.

sign the guy for the league min, he makes this team better. tired of this stupid secretive do nothing front office

just got home from work did we get brandon marshall yet or are we still goin with the six yard outs and field goal srategy


cant live without it


Now your just being a smarta$$!!

You said JT is the best OLB under contract on the team. How do you know that the team isn't going to draft McClain, play him inside and move Dansby outside?

See....you don't....you want to make your comments and take your cheapshots but you don't ACTUALLY know what the Trifecta's game plan is. So why don't YOU get some reading comprehension and learn something!!

just got home from work did we get brandon marshall yet or are we still goin with the six yard outs and field goal srategy

Posted by: kc | March 24, 2010 at 11:53 PM

We traded Pennington, Smiley and a 4th for Marshall.

Bombs Away!!!!

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