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Dolphins seem to be driving Jason Taylor away

... And another thing ...

Oh, got a little carried away. I guess I'm a fired up because I've been thinking longer and harder about Jason Taylor's current situation. It really doesn't make sense to me. And on my drive from Orlando back to South Florida I thought of other reasons it doesn't make sense.

To catch you up, I've written a column for Wednesday's paper explaining how poorly the Dolphins are acting in dealing with Taylor. Read the column to get the details that go well beyond coach Tony Sparano declining to comment about Taylor during the NFL's annual meetings.

I then explain the reasons it makes sense to re-sign Taylor and make the point that by acting as they are, the Dolphins seem to be driving Miami's all-time sack leader to another team -- possibly the Jets or the Patriots, who had interest last year and still are looking for pass-rushers this year.

Well, here are some things I didn't have room for in the column that add to my point.

The Dolphins began their offseason conditioning program Monday. It's a big deal to them. It certainly was a point of contention in the spring of 2008 when they wanted Taylor in the program and not on Dancing with the Stars.

That basically nullifies the thought that Miami is taking a wait-and-see approach on Taylor. They obviously have a chance to sign him and get him in the program now. They have a chance to sign him and get him rehabbing his shoulder under their care. They have a chance to sign him and get him in better shape than he would otherwise be in.

Why aren't they doing that?

The Dolphins also have a new defensive coordinator in Mike Nolan. Why wouldn't they want Taylor to be signed and absorbing Miami's new defense as the mold is cast on that defense this offseason? Sure, Taylor could catch up later if he had to. But why delay such a thing?

Look, Jason Taylor wants to play for the Dolphins. I know this.

If the Dolphins would like Jason Taylor, they should tell him so now. If they don't want Jason Taylor, they should tell him so now. He will live either way.

But this being all mysterious about the issue with Jason Taylor? That's not good business. 


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No more comments back? Your the one who wants to throw the zingers but you never respond back in a mature matter.

What are you doing? Colouring between the lines?

Seriously man, let's bury the hatchet....you don't think think my last suggestion could be a viable option? Would that not upgrade our linebackers without bringing JT back?

Fins are working out Syracuse WR head case Mike Williams tomorrow. Was leading team in receptions before he quit the team. I guess we dong mind headcases as long as they dont cost too much.


Good point....

Miami needs OLB and Jason Taylor would still be a starter on this team if we resign him. Yes he is old but he is still a great player who loves playing for the city of Miami. I really cant believe some of the things i read from u so called Dolphin fans but everyone has the right to their own opionion. For the record Jason Taylor would sign here way chaeper then he is worth so I see know reason why we r playing games with the man. We need OLB, sing this guy already so we can fill another hole.

Odinseye its clear taylor has declined but hes still better all around than wake. Now if they draft DE Morgan then Taylors a goner.

You said JT is the best OLB under contract on the team. How do you know that the team isn't going to draft McClain, play him inside and move Dansby outside?

See....you don't....you want to make your comments and take your cheapshots but you don't ACTUALLY know what the Trifecta's game plan is. So why don't YOU get some reading comprehension and learn something!!

Sorry Craig, try again. Reading comprehension, give it a try. I never said JT was under contract.

I said verbatim: The sad cold hard fact is that 35 year old Jason Taylor is better than any other OLB the Miami Dolphins have under contract.

I can see I'm going to have to explain this to you(OMG!).
JASON, the FREE AGENT, is better than our other OLB's, THE ONES UNDER CONTRACT.
I'll wait here for you to catch up. Are we good? Lets continue.
As far as Dansby, I used MY READING COMPREHENSION SKILLS and read that the Trifecta was quoted as saying Dansby will play INSIDE. Are you keeping up Craig?

Oh wait taylor is already a goner

OK Craig.

I'll bury the hatchet. In your head, that what Viking Warriors do!!!!

Alright-LOL. Seriously, I think Dansby will be kept inside no matter what. I wouldn't mind us drafting McClain. I think Him and Dansby could be terrors playing side by side.

Craig, all I'm saying about Taylor is that he's our best option at OLB right now. Even if we draft two OLB's we can't count on them being starters or adjusting to our style of 3-4. Then considering the ever present possibility of injuries, bringing back JT for 1 more year makes sense.

Back to my original question: What better options at OLB do we have.

PS: Your draft McClain, move Dansby outside is the only response I've got so far. In my opinion Dansby stays inside.

Here's to burying hatchets!!!!

Again, JT will not be resigned until after the draft. He himself aleady stated as much. He understands a youth movement is in line. Depending on our OLB position after the draft, Taylor could be brought back. As for the nonsense about needing to get acclimated to Mike Nolan's defense, it sounds nice and all, but is not really as important as you would think. That statement almost is knocking JT. Here is a guy who was a top 4-3 DE for how many years? Has worked as 3-4 OLB with Saban, Capers, Parcells. Taylor is a savvy vet who will have no problem signing in the middle of July and contributing. It all hinges on the draft. I will tell you at the end of the night, on Friday April 23rd whether we bring JT back. This is not a money issue, or an issue of respect. It's about getting younger.


Some of my responses aren't coming through. Not sure why, they're all clean.

If you've been following along you'll realize that Nolan likes to move his linebackers around and there is every possibility that Dansby will play SOME OLB. One thing you have to learn, don't listen to everything the trifecta says. That's why I don't get why all their comments are posted and debated at verbatim. They aren't actually telling us ANYTHING.

So for the record, I'm for waiting until after the draft to see where we are before we sign Taylor and your for signing him ASAP.


Thank God.....a voice of reason.

I think if everyone took the emotion out of this and actually thought about what might be best for the team they owuld get it.

I just don't think it makes ANY sense to sign JT before the draft for any reason. Some of these guys are all about plugging holes, just because there's holes. They're not looking at the big picture.


If you've been following along you'll realize that Nolan likes to move his linebackers around and there is every possibility that Dansby will play SOME OLB.

I agree, I know about Nolan and I'm also sure Dansby will be moved around some.
Still I think he will be used primarily as an ILB.

One thing you have to learn, don't listen to everything the trifecta says. That's why I don't get why all their comments are posted and debated at verbatim. They aren't actually telling us ANYTHING.

I already know all about the Trifectas "lip service". Still considering their statement on Dansby in conjucntion with our ILB situation, I personally believe they keep Dansby inside.

So for the record, I'm for waiting until after the draft to see where we are before we sign Taylor and your for signing him ASAP.

NOPE. I'm all for waiting too. I just took offense to them not returning his calls. I think they should be upfront with the guy. Keep in touch and privately let him know right where it stands.

My bad Craig. I apologize. I thought you were one the guys saying not to resign him at all.


You want to fight?

I'm in a KeyBoard Gangstering kind of mood!


Come on, I'll fight ya with one Brandon Marshall tied behind my back.

I'll let cha hit me with a Dez Bryant first!


I'm taking my ball and going home.

Odin good fight the other day. U got under my skin for a sec. Cant fight now i gotta go read up on the republicans new delay tactic to refuse to work past 2 PM. Im takin my ball and go home should be their motto. Lol.

I enjoyed it.

Come on Draft Day!!!!

I hope JT remains a Dolphin for as long as Tom Brady remains a Patriot. C'mon Ireland why are you letting Tommy breath a sigh of relief. Tommy hates to play the dolphins when he knows #99 is on the other side of the ball. It is a proven fact, Tom Brady plays his worst when Taylor is in the game. You think Brady is scared of a couple of young kids trying to play corner against Moss...NO! But put a dominant pass rusher on #12 and he makes all kinds of mistakes. So do it! Resign JT and make Brady sweat a little.

Craig M,

Why should we take our passions out of defending a player we feel still has game can and will help the Fins if allowed to in several different catagories.

1.) If they signed him now you have a locker room presence that hates to lose and can show ANY would be sack artists the team brings in some of the ropes and tricks only a player of his caliber could know.

2.) If you have NT insurance after 8 games in Vet Fergie and you got Vet QB insurance with Penny why would you NOT want to re-up on cheap, vet help? Unlike Crazy Joey Davola Porter JT will come off the field when asked but, will love to be back on as any true competitior should.

If the preseason is a few games in and you can see that JT has lost what he once had then you can part ways if the contract is structured correctly.


PS ** I will bet ya that Dansby stays inside! Would you put your money where your mouth is? Are you just hot for McClain and want him bad enough that you would put Dansby in a lesser position for his max effectiveness at OLB? ** Crowder will NOT be sat down as they won't draft and play McClain AND Dansby inside or move Dansby outside... won't happen imo.

I sure as heck hope the deal is finalized to move Smiley if they already told him not to report.

How much egg would that be for no trade to go through?

I hope it's not the old, "Well, we got our missing 5th rounder back." I think what he adds as competition and depth as an OL.

I know football is a young mans game but having competant veteran players to compete, push, start or back-up the starter is a great place to be.

Like many have stated Smiley could be a salary dump of sorts.


Morning All;

Rob I know you probabally read the report bootang comments about in the above thread; as well as the one a couple of months ago saying he probabally wouldn't resign for the same 1.5 million he played for last year after proving he can still play at a high level.

I think you will see the interest from our office as well as others after the draft when teams (whether it be Pats or us) know better what they have to work with; then the discussions of price will come in, and who is willing to pay him what he wants.


He is just not that good anymore. Doesn't he have a bad wing? I just do not think it is that big of a deal.

Maybe Mike Nolan does not want him.

This may only be one way to confuse the other teams as to what we may do in the draft.
Its possible they have already told JT that he will be back, but to not say anything.
You never know. Just a thought. We all know JT likes his time off during the summer anyway.

Sign the guy back damnit. Sign JT back, period. It's not like we're stacked at the OLB position, could be our weakest link on Defense.

Sign the guy back so he can mentor these rookies we place in there.

Sign JT, period.

42 tackles, 7 1/2 sacks, int, 3 forced fumbles, and a TD. Numbers speak for themsleves. JT can play and has a good 2 - 3 years left.

This lack of veteran leadership, needs to teach arguement has gotten stale...We have a veteran leader, his name is Karlos Dansby...and if u want someone to teach, maybe JT can become a coach, there comes a time where the kids have to PLAY to learn, not just watch Jason Taylor play to learn..this was the excuse to bring him back last year, no such excuse this year...Thk u JT and good luck

I just hope they don't end Jasons career with the Dolphins on a sour note, giving him reason to sign with the patriots, jets or bills. If he does he will probably play the best game of his career against the Dolphins out of spite.he deserves to retire a Dolphin.

I sometimes pretend that Jason Taylor rescues me when bullies are picking on me. I hope he stays in Miami or nobody will ever save me.

Boontang @9:02 hit the nail on the head. You're either one of Parcells "boys" or not.

Prime example: Jason Ferguson. Ferg is (a) old (b) injured (c) has not even decided IF he'll play or retire (d) 8 game suspension

But yet, he was signed a couple of weeks ago.

LMAO @ The Knight, that's the best reason I've read yet!!!

jt makes this team better, period. sign the guy for the league min. this front office gets so tiring.

This is a travesty the way they are handling one of the greatest players to don a Dolphin uniform in Jason Taylor. He deserves better. I am a big supporter of the current regime, but they continually have made mistakes the past couple of years that have left a sour taste in my mouth. If this continues, something must be done. This draft is do or die for me and this current regime!

parcells and co. haven't signed jt because they are waiting to see if anyone younger becomes available who could produce similar to jt whether thru trade or cuts. if miami resigns jt now they HAVE to commit a starting job to him even if they draft or sign someone who could be a better starter in their eyes. if taylor gets demoted will miami still see the locker room presence and leadership? i'd like to think so but you never know.

My first game watching Miami play in person was in the Orange Bowl against the Chargers in 1972. I already had watched them play with my parents on TV for two years and I was so damn excited. We when to the Orange Bowl from our home in West Palm and it seemed like a million miles. That was they day Bob Griese had his ankle broken. I was crushed, did Miami still win?... Of course they did... it was 1972!! If Miami does not break with what was once a very good and valuable player... and move on towards the future... I doubt very seriously I will ever be able to feel the feeling like "Of Course Miami will win" again. I have JT Jerseys, just as I have Griese, Offerdahl, Czonka (Original), Marino (who doesn't) Zack, and others. I have not bought a New Jersey since I bought a Zack to replace the R. Williams I nearly burned (but didn't).... I am ready for a new jersey... and I am ready to see Miami start winning consistently... JT is NOT going to get Miami to a Superbowl... if he could... he would have already. Love him to death... but its time to move on. Should Miami make a deal I would not be upset... but I was over it when he left for Washington.

Sammo, BINGO!!! nice,

Armando is like everything in life.... sometimes one side has the leverage over the other... and this time around is the team over the player...
I don't see it as any disrespect towards Taylor, its a business move on the dolphins part.... and people get fired every day after 30 years working for companies so not a big deal in todays business world.....unfortunately!

It's time for Taylor to start his new Hollywood action hero career. He could earn a hell of a lot more money with less of the pain.

Take care of number one, %#@* the Dolphins.

Ask Bill, we both know this is more about nostalgia then anything else...if Armando wrote a blog saying the Fins were signing a 35 yr old OLB coming off shoulder surgery people would be saying Parcells suks, they don't know what they are doing etc...because it's Taylor they give him a pass...people will get over it when tgey win, which is the bottom line

"when they win" and if they dont?

Armando - you are theone who recently pointed out how well team tuna does in not showing their cards when it could affect the draft. If they sign taylor it is a pretty good bet they won't take an OLD with the first pick, right?

Rob in OC, I agree with everything you said EXCEPT for JT in a Pat uniform! If the Trifecta already decided that they no longer want or need him,then at least let the man know so that he can exit Miami with dignity! If you are not sure, then let the man know, as well - that way he can TCOB! He has pulled through for us in Miami and the rest of South Florida many, many times over through the years! Show the man the respect he deserves! Let JT either stay or go, but at least let him know and don't leave him hanging! To go one step further, as one of last year's team sack leaders, one of NFL's all time sack leaders, the face of the Miami defense and team icon for so many years, I'd say that at least another competitive tryout is warranted! Also, show support for another Miami icon and give Zach Thomas the love and respect he deserves and let him retire as a Dolphin! How about letting Chad P. compete for the starting QB position - he only brought us to a winning 11 & 5 season! Chad H brought us to a losing 7 & 9! Let them compete and let the best man win! Justin Smiley on the trade block, skimping money on the very needed FS position - what gives??? One more thing - lose this whole control thing regarding WR divas and sign one!

bills and raiders going hard after mcnaab. philly wants a second round pick for him




Alex Marvis of Fox Sports News on WQAM said he feels strongly that the Dolphins will use their 2nd round pick for a TE...interesting choice that high

I rarely post but always read these blogs and now i need to get something off my chest. I have to say the trifecta has a lot of questionable moves. For starters they let Matt Roth go for nothing and whatever the real sitiuation was, why not trade him to someone, im not saying get a 2nd or 3rd rounder but come on get something, anything for the guy. And the list goes on with our TE last year Martin, Porter. And they are basically hit or miss on FA and Draft choices. And now with Talyor a guy who is still probably one of our better OLB on the team, they appear to be preparing to part ways with him, which will only create another hole. Sometimes i wonder wtf the guys in the front office are thinking with some of thier moves. Its like they constantly sign FA with a history of injury problems (Grove and Smiley) and they throw a ton of money at them. And now look they are shopping Smiley around because of his injuries, dont get me wrong i agree with trading him but why announce to the whole world that he will not be on your team next year but at the same time dont have a trading partner for him. Its like they are so secretive about the draft and other stuff, but in this case and with porter they show their cards way before the flop and totally diminish their value. I mean dont get be wrong i am a fan of what they did in turning this team around and i believe they did a lot of great things and i know you get bat .1000 but some moves they do im stuck here totally scrathing my head. Its like watching a train crash in slow motion because you see from the beginning this is just totally going to end bad. (How they handled the whole Roth thing from day one, the signing of wilford when they gave him a ton of money and lets be honest his production in jax before hand was nothing to get ecastatic about, now act 2 with Jason taylor and the list goes on) Anyway get wait for the draft and i am a dolphins fan for life and i do believe these guys at least have us heading in the right direction. Just for fun below is my whish list for the draft.
First sign Sharper it would be huge and would fill a major need and would allow us to take a FS later in the draft.

If they can somehow trade down to the low 20's and pick up an additional 2nd or 3rd that would be ideal. And if they can trade Smiley for at least a 4th or a 5th another ideal possibility. So below has these two scenerios included.

R1 trade down and pick either LB Weatherspoon/Kindle/Graham/Mclain (one of these should be availabe in low 20's)

R2a pick either WR Golden Tate/ D. Thomas/LaFell/Benn

R2b pick either NT Cody/Williams/Cam Thomas

R3 pick either LBSpikes/Norwood/ TEAron Herndez/Pita/Graham

R4 pick either FS Burnett/Rolle/The Georgia FS)forgot name

Then with the rest of the picks go best availabe, should be able to get a RB, OL, CB, another LB, NT, and WR

These could be possible and they were all poductive players at highly competitve schools and more than half these guys should be able to at least compete if not start for us. Im sure there are tons of possibilities and names i didnt add to this list, but bottom line this is a deep draft and we could possibily come out of this with 5 potential future starters and just maybe a probowler or 2.

Sorry for the excessive length and i look forward to reading everyone's comments and get wait for the draft

If the Dolphins can resign Jason Ferguson at age 35 coming off a season ending injury then I don't want to hear about the age. Jason Taylor is just as much of a difference maker for the Dolphins as JF ever has been. They are a better team with him on the field and he is a tremendous leader. Is there some thinking that we don't know about? Of course there is. However, I want JT to come back and play and retire as a Dolphin. By far my favorite player in Dolphins history right behind Dan Marino (1a to 1). I'm not a homer though. He can still play and proved that last year. He made a change that Porter couldn't make and proved he could play the run as well as rush the passer as well as being a 3 down player for this team. Imagine what he could do if in his natural position and playing with depth around him.

Sprano referred to JT in the PAST tense 3X the other day..."It was nice coaching him" "he was a nice player" How much clearer can it be????

well said jason, this front office is slowly losing alot of fans. they have def made more bad moves than good.

For all you SOB's that think this game is just business listen up. All that have ever slap on the pads it's never been about business. Bring back some of the things that make this the greatest game. Team is a hell of alot more than just putting a puzzle together. Team is going to battle to protect your family and pride where is it? Too much turnover as in players, how can you build anything when you tear it apart all the time. Think about it.

Right on Jason, well put. I wonder about the GM skills of Jeff Ireland. We know Parcell's role, Sparano's role, I think much of the blame here has to be put on Ireland. He really is pretty clumsy with his handling of players, either letting them go, selecting the free agents, and throwing too much money. The list of his free agent mistakes is pretty horrid -- time to put Ireland on notice.

A Wilford a year adds up, and now, disrespecting the greatest defensive player in Dolphin history, a guy willing to play for minimum veteran money? Ireland is a moron.

My take is the following

1) JT can still play
2) Fins would like to have JT. Why would they sign Fergie for 8 games? Is he a progress stopper for Solai, and any other NT to be drafted?
3) Parcells is a nasty businessman but that works for him, especially with all his recent playoff appearances LMFAO!
4) He will not tip his hand prior to the draft because he doesnt want to give indications of what we are going to do.
5)If Taylor is off the market, Bellicheat might draft an extra OLB.

yeah, that is another real head spinner-- they sign Jason Ferguson, 35 years old coming off a serious injury TO PLAY 8 GAMES?!? Yet they can not sign JT??!?

Jed, are u Taylors agent??? How do u know he will play for minimum this tear??? Did JT tell u what he want??? Please stick to facts and don't make things up, no one knows what Taylor wants

JT should stop putting all the business out there when talking to the media. Just deal with the team. If they don't call then stop calling them. Do you.

and the idea of drafting two OLBs early...its growing on me - especially if a guy like Rickey Sapp is there in the 2nd round.

Armando, it's funny but you rarely make comments about players that you'd like to keep on this team. However, for once I agree with you. Look JT actually did a pretty good job last year. This crap with Porter was over the top. He went on the radio to tell his side of the story. Now JT has been the opposite, a man, but the time for this team to make a choice has come full circle. The DWS stuff was crap, he left for Washington and all he wanted was to come back to Miami and finish his career. Now had porter or anyother player, played to their potential we wouldn't even be having this discussion. No one stood out, yet week in, week out we got the same effort from JT (except after his shoulder injury, yet he still played). No excuses, no one to blame. The man has "Dolphins" written all over, it's painful to hear so many say, "get someone young out here". This team was not built with youth, rather with the expertise that JT can pass on to other LB. I agree that the holy Trifecta doesn't want to give out too much about what they'll do draft day, but the burdens shifted. Belechick likes JT and they may not wait. So it's time for the Tuna, Irleand, Sporano and their ilk to make a good choice for this team! Step up!!!

bobbyd, are you Ireland's plaything? Everyone knows JT signed for the veteran minimum last year.

Mando, sorry. You're taking this JT thing hard to chest. we'll be fine, man.

yes jt did play for vets min and def would again.

D-Dense, question, how many years must youth sit on the pine watching JT play till they "learn"??? JT is saying he can play another 2 or 3 years...there comes a time u have to get off the bench n play...Taylor filled that role nicely last year, but it's over...Last month Ireland told the media "Jason Taylor knows where we stand" I'm sure he does, he just has a different opinion...

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