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Dolphins seem to be driving Jason Taylor away

... And another thing ...

Oh, got a little carried away. I guess I'm a fired up because I've been thinking longer and harder about Jason Taylor's current situation. It really doesn't make sense to me. And on my drive from Orlando back to South Florida I thought of other reasons it doesn't make sense.

To catch you up, I've written a column for Wednesday's paper explaining how poorly the Dolphins are acting in dealing with Taylor. Read the column to get the details that go well beyond coach Tony Sparano declining to comment about Taylor during the NFL's annual meetings.

I then explain the reasons it makes sense to re-sign Taylor and make the point that by acting as they are, the Dolphins seem to be driving Miami's all-time sack leader to another team -- possibly the Jets or the Patriots, who had interest last year and still are looking for pass-rushers this year.

Well, here are some things I didn't have room for in the column that add to my point.

The Dolphins began their offseason conditioning program Monday. It's a big deal to them. It certainly was a point of contention in the spring of 2008 when they wanted Taylor in the program and not on Dancing with the Stars.

That basically nullifies the thought that Miami is taking a wait-and-see approach on Taylor. They obviously have a chance to sign him and get him in the program now. They have a chance to sign him and get him rehabbing his shoulder under their care. They have a chance to sign him and get him in better shape than he would otherwise be in.

Why aren't they doing that?

The Dolphins also have a new defensive coordinator in Mike Nolan. Why wouldn't they want Taylor to be signed and absorbing Miami's new defense as the mold is cast on that defense this offseason? Sure, Taylor could catch up later if he had to. But why delay such a thing?

Look, Jason Taylor wants to play for the Dolphins. I know this.

If the Dolphins would like Jason Taylor, they should tell him so now. If they don't want Jason Taylor, they should tell him so now. He will live either way.

But this being all mysterious about the issue with Jason Taylor? That's not good business. 


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Matt Roth was on the PUP list and could NOT be traded. What don't you guys understand about that? They even tried to activate him, and could not. All that money for Wilford? 3 years, 9 million.? That's not a Gibril Wilson contract. Wilford was a decent player, they gave him a decent contract, he just didn't have the goods. He really tore it up in JAX last year, didn't he? Yeah right. Joey Porter, anyone still saying anything about that i'm not even trying to argue that nonsense anymore. The Wilson signing is the one sole move you can say was truly terrible.

And don't tell me about loyalty with JT, I love the guy, but just 2 years ago he went and did his own darn thing on Dancing, when if he truly cared about being a leader like all you guys say he is, he would have been here right along with the other guys. If he was such a leader, he needed to stop the Porter situation last year, he was the only one who could have. He did nothing.

I ask you the last time that we went to the playoffs with Jason Taylor? Forever. JT is a great, great football player, but nowhere have I ever said to myself wow, what a leader. I was SHOCKED last year when Sean Smith got beat on that jump ball against NE and JT went over and said something to him, only because JT never does that. I loved him throwing the ball against the Jets logo last year.

I love what he brings ON the field. But to act like he brings much else OFF the field, you are fooling yourself. For the last time, JASON TAYLOR already said last month he knew nothing would happen until after the draft. Last I freaking checked it is March 25th, not April 25th.

Quit thinking with your heart guys, think with your head. I love reading Armando, but there are times I wonder what his vendetta against Parcells and Co is, is he mad he doesn't get any access? I don't know. What did you guys want the Trifecta to do? Call Jason and ask how his St Patricks day was? What are his plans for Easter? Nothing has changed since they last talked, they are in the middle of free agency, preparing for the draft, let's just stop all this to make sure JTs fragile ego is alright. Okay, that's real important. Give me a break.

Guarantee that JT will have 10 sacks and several key fumble strips/recoveries next season. i hope it is with Miami.

Also, who is giving Mandito this info??

Either JT or his agent.

This is like a guy crying about his ex gf not calling him back.

This is a negotiation ploy by the agent, to get all Fins fans up in arms....

This behavior is just as despicable as Morano's not answer JT calls.


We keep hearing, Dolphins do not want divas -- yet, they sign Incognito, who can't even stick with a college team because of his mouth.

Frankly, Dolphins management is just bad. Hit and miss with free agents with a history of injuries or throwing multi-millions at free agents who have not done much at all, e.g. Wilford and Wilson, yet, afraid to take on real All-Stars like JT or Anquan Boldin?

We could not trade Matt Roth.

1. Up until the Trade DEADLINE (the last date you can make a trade in the current year), Roth was on the PUP list. You cannot trade injured players.

2. After the dealine, when he came back, he wasn't contributing. Since it seems he has found his game in Cleveland, it looks to me like he was not interested in playing for Sporano anymore.

3. At seasons end, he would have been a free agent.

Given the above, when or how could we have trade Roth? It is dissapointing that things didn't work out, but if Roth had no interest in playing for us here, why wuld they resign him and gamble that they couldn't trade him (since he was sucking on the field for us, he was lowering his value)

Maybe I am missing something - but I just can't see the scenario under which we could have received compensation for Matt Roth?

Bobbyd12, I don't think that you can put a number on youth or experience. What I'm trying to say is that some guys comes out of college ready to play. Marino comes to mind, but he benefitted from Strock being the more seasoned qb. My point is that as long as JT productive (statistically) then why let him go! Look we had Pennington a real leader, yet where was he to help Henne. He should have been on the sideline helping Henne. Yet, this triafecta could have benefitted from penn's take. Instead, he watched the game from home. Not a Shula ethic, yet this coaching staff hasn't the talent to see the advantages of having the "old man" on the sideline. Look at Bret Farve 41, yet still competes week-in, week-out. It's not an age thing it's a stats thing, bobbyd12!!!!!

Good post at 8:38am, Bobby. All this talk about mentoring linebackers and teaching and stuff is total BS. That's why Bill Sheridan was brought in, so GET OFF IT, GUYS!! JT wants to be a starter somewhere and wants starters minutes. Yes, he wants to win but he wants to add to his numbers and he wants to ensure his place in the Hall of Fame.

And Rob in OC, you criticize the regime for not going out and signing JT right now. You talk about respect and honour and what a warrior he's been and the best guy to don the uniform etc....and yet your OK with signing him to a minimum contract and then tossing him to the curb later in the year if he's not panning out. Now THAT sounds direspectful!! Do you guys not realize they really like and respect what Taylor has done for the franchise? If they decide he's going to be re-signed then they want to make sure he plays and contributes. They want to make certain there is a role for him. At this point in time, not knowing what we're going to do in the draft nobody can say there is a role for him. I would hate to think they don't pick a LB who has dropped because JT is already on the team and we know JT has to play. That's not how you put a team together, guys.

Bobby, your post earlier about TE....do you think they will look long and hard at Gronk in the second?

Looks to me like the Dolphin corporate spin team has arrived to do damage control.

BUT, the facts are what they are fellas..Ireland and co. have made way too many mistakes with free agents. Heck, they do not even know how to figure up salary cap..The rest of the league was in disbelief at such slack management.

I just read an article on espn.com about Ndamukong Suh, the top-rated defensive tackle in the draft. He sounds like a real warrior and beast of a defensive tackle with an impeccable work ethic and the type of player that Parcels and this organization craves. I think the Dolphins should make a blockbuster trade to move up to the #1 or #2 spot to get this guy. I think an exception can be made for giving up a high draft pick and some quality players to get this guy. He can be the Jake Long of the defensive line and the replacement to Jason Ferguson, whose retirement is knocking on the doorsteps. If that means the Dolphins have to address their other major needs (OLB, safety, receiver) in the later rounds, so be it. This guy is going to be a force, a special player, and at a huge need position for the Dolphins. I would not be opposed to the Dolphins trading next year's first round draft pick, this year's first round draft pick, this year's third round pick, and Justin Smiley, to get this guy. This guy sounds like a special type of player who doesn't come around that often. In the meantime, the Dolphins should resign Jason Taylor as a stopgap to address one of the OLB positions. He's proven and reliable.

Craig M
good post buddy

this is the biggest sack of crap. How do you not want JT to come back to this team. the guy is a beast and has done a great job here. the coach and the management need to wake up sign JT back. this will be the biggest mistake next to Pat White if they don't sign him. The Jets are getting better and we really need to sign JT... We must make noise to the team in order for them to sign JT. JT please don't leave ussss.

Team Tuna
As other bloggers pointed out to me Suh is more fitted for a DT on 4-3 than a true nose.

p.s. was referring to the Joey Porter release and quick re-instatement last Jan. What a screw up -- put the skills of the GM on center stage.

Bobbyd12, can we agree that stats are the true measure of a players worth?

Team Tuna, please, u wanna give up 3 draft picks and a player for ONE guy, this is a big reason the Dolphins are still struggling from the last era...I don't care how great he might be, not worth it


Oh and the fact that they take nothing away from the game, aka TO!!!!


Stats are far from the whole story. Porter had 9 sacks, and anyone with a brain knows almost all of those were against inferior competition, and he was awful against the run. Terrible. But if you just looked at stats, you would think Porter had a good year.

If JT comes back, he will play full time, so whatever Rookie, Anderson , Moses ETC we have will have reduced snaps. If these guys are scrubs, well we need to find out....

Then Next year you guys want to bring JT back for another season, and then another until he is a joke of a player.

Get real guys, we arent making the superbowl or even the playoffs. This team is an 8-8 roster team.

We would need 0 injuries and perfect play from Henne to make it. The defense would have to gel immediately from game 1.

As far as defending the Trifecta, they have had decent drafts compared to the previous 2 regimes. Their FA signings have been terrible when trying to add starter material but they have hit on depth guys and have find some acorns such as carpenter and Bess.

JT is a HOF but stop crying your hearts out.

The thing that kills me is that we always preach depth and competition, yet with Girbil and porter gone, and ferggie gone for half a season, we have too many HUGE question marks on defense. Sure, JT is older, but at least if kept, we could take a bit of a chance with an OLB and not worrying too much about him being rookie of the year.

If we get a safety in FA, then am not as worried, but it scares me to think of the outstanding needs of this defense and how little quality depth we have in case of injuries or failure to meet expectations.

Sign JT Sign JT sign JT sign JT

Waterboy, am glad you are not GM.

Waterboy, thanks. Bootang, great post at 10:01.....some real solid posts!!

Another point, guys.....get off this thing about the trifecta and their misses in FA. We could be like the Buffalo Bills and not even participate in FA. Their GM went to bed the first night of FA and didn't stay up until midnight to even participate. Our guys are trying to make this team better ANY way they can. Sometimes they work out and sometimes they don't. Would you rather they stay out of FA then? You guys would criticize them for that too. So which is it? FA is an inexact science. The Patriots make mistakes with this too (see Fred Taylor, Adalius Thomas and others...). They are trying guys......GET OFF IT!!

Come on boontang, seen your post out here most of the year. Of course you factor in the opposing team, but buddy we had one hell of a schedule last year, we played some tough teams and both SB teams! So, no I don't think that you're correct in your assumption. Toughest schedule in the NFL and JT still played better than everyone else and let's face it, he may have done better had they not pulled him in and out with Porter. Look I'm not JT's agent, but I still think he CAN contribute. Period!!!!

I am gonna check out and get back to my life.

But to sum up, the list of Ireland screw-ups is so long and sad its time for Dolfans to really take a closer look and call this guy out. I could understand if he has made mistakes with some signinigs, but to do so in such a really stupid way, wasting millions upon millions on injury prone and mediocre types yet acting too good for bonafide All-stars and good football people like JT, it really makes me wonder what Ireland is smoking..The guy should be fired for his screw-ups, to be honest. If he was not Parcell's buddy, am sure he would have been by now in any other NFL city. This is not about talent evaluation, though that is part of it, its about Ireland's lack of skill and tact in handling his management of player personnel.

Keep up the pressure, Armando!


Please tell me where I said JT could not play? I never said that. I just said we won't look to sign him until after the draft. I said I love JT as a football player. Said I loved what he brought ON the field. I said nothing in reference to JT not having skills.

I think some of you guys need to get off this blog and maybe find another team to support. SERIOUSLY......the negativity is overwhelming!! Are you guys Toronto Maple Leaf fans too or something?

I'll say it again, Jason Taylor has had a wonderful career, on and off the field with the Dolphins. Probably my favourite Dolphin of all-time....a sure-fire Hall of Famer. But he's 36 years old, he IS NOT the same player he used to be (those who say he's as good as ever didn't watch closely last year and your talking out of the side of your mouth) and we have never won ANYTHING with this guy on the team. We're 8-24 the last two years he's been on the team. While I'm not blaming him for any of it, the reality is he's not the saviour many of you make him out to be. So if we can get younger and better, I'm all for it. If not and he's our best option, we welcome him back.

D-Dense, stats are a piece of a whole equation....u must balance out future upside..to sign Jason Taylor would continue to leave people on the bench...NFL people will tell u there comes a point where leaving players on the pine too long hurts them...let's face facts, Jason Taylor isn't going to win a Superbowl with the Dolphins...it's in the interest of this team to have young players develop together, Jason Taylor takes away that opportunity, I would be fine with JT sitting on our bench for depth, I am not fine with him being a starter, especially if the Fins draft an OLB with # 12.... you say respect Jason Taylor????I say the same thing by letting him go out somewhere where he can get a last big payday and maybe grab that ring...that's respect, not bringing him back here for maybe minimum and a backup role

None of the current Dolphins mangement from the owner down to the coach were here for JT's great years. I don't think they feel they owe him anything, which is too bad. I miss the days of Jason and Zach tearing up opposing offenses.

I have a problem with two things that were written in the article for the Herald. #1 It states that all the Taylor camp wants is a call from the phins and he will play. That makes it sound so simple but it isn't. JT also wants a hefty pay raise going into what could very well be his last season after coming off of a shoulder surgery. #2 The article states that JTs calls are not being returned making it sound as if JT is waiting by the phone with his chin in his hands wondering why Coach T. won't call him back to discuss the last episode of Lost. I have a really hard time believing that JT is personally trying to contact the trifecta but they are flat out ignoring him. Was that just journalistic wording in order to make the subject of the story a bigger victim in the readers eyes? Shouldn't it read 'calls by Taylors agent have not been answered'?

To Bootang and LipsInToronto

Well it seems like from the beginning of training camp last year something was going on with Matt Roth. There was writing on the wall from the beginning that Matt Roth was not going to continue to be a Dolphin. Fine i hear where you are coming from about not being able to trade a player that is on PUP. But the front office and Matt Roth were playing mind games from the beginning of training camp. Why not make the move then? Dont tell me the FO didnt have any thoughts when this started that they didnt want Matt Roth on the team from the beginning of this saga.

Im not even sure what your argument against me is with wilford. Yes they paid they guy 9 million for 3 years still would make him one of the higher paid moves they made that offseason on a guy from Jax who the year prior to signing was just Ok. The guy barely sniffed the field. This was a bad signing bottom line.

Fine maybe the couldnt get value for Porter, maybe they could have but come on the first time they release the guy the move was voided because they were not allowed to do it yet. Are you kidding me that is someones job to know the rules on that, thats unacceptable.

And the JT comment all im saying is if the season started today he would be our best OLB on the roster, the guy for what its worth made plays last year. yes this is all being blown out of proportion because your right from the beginning they said nothing was going to be talked about till after the draft. But the media picks apart every word that is said by anyone in the FO so this JT story is the topic that was brought up, and that is why i am giving my opinion on it.

I aprreciate your opinions on what i mentioned and bottom line is we are all Dolphin fans and want them to win

CraigM, didn't you know the Dolphins are the only team in the NFL that misses on free agents? Yes, all of the other 29 teams find the perfect fit every time they bring someone in. It's amazing right?


I don't know that Roth could have passed a physical to complete a trade. My point from the Wilford signing was that it was low-risk, if it didn't work out, oh well. We were so terrible, so void of talent, they had to do many of these contracts. I just don't think it's that big of a deal. IMO. If you do, you are entitled to your opinion. I would love for JT to be back. Personally I would already have resigned him. But, the people that actually do make these decisions had an agreement, nothing until after the draft. Simple. JT doesn't need a cordial phone call asking how his week has been.


Your comments at 10:35am are laughable.....seriously!! Were you singing the same tune last year at this time, when Ireland and company had taken us from a 1-15 season to a 11-5 playoff spot? Biggest turnaround in NFL history!! Were you saying Ireland should be fired then? I don't remember reading any of your posts at that time.

So they've had a few misses....big deal!! Show me a team that doesn't miss and I'll show you a team that sits on their hands. Free agency is high risk/high reward....it's not how you build a team. The trifecta has had two very solid drafts....I DARE you to defy that! And they will do the same thing again this year.

And for the record...I like that these guys are VERY comfortable and familiar with each other. There are other organziations where the coach and GM don't get along and aren't on the same page....total chaos!! And any and all decisions are not made by Ireland alone...it's a consensus with input from all three men, although many will tell you that BP has most of the input. So get your facts straight, man!!

My whole take on this is, JT is one of the all time great Phins, he deserves at least a reply to his question, if the Phins are not going to have him their plans next year, they need to grow a pair and tell him so, not play little kid games in the school yard.

Man up Tony Sparano and talk to the man like a man instead of hiding like a little girl! If he's not in your plans at least be man enough to tell him straight up, because it you don't you're going to lose a LOT of respect in that locker room this coming season.

Bootang25, no true you never said it, you just inferred it. Porters numbers don't reflect his play right. Do JT's? Look, my only point Is that youth has it's upside and downside. I don't necessarily disagree with what you're saying. Just want to make clear what I'm saying. This staff does not have the where-with-all to teach these kids. It's the vets, that have typically done that. Shaq an Wade orourning and Wade. My point is you're relieing on mgmt to solve all these issue on D. I think that the #2 pick Pat White was a mistake last year. Penn could have helped this guy, instead they use a qb coach. Granted that the world of pro sports, only as good as your last play!!!

Jason if I may but in. The problem with your argument and with a lot of the arguments in here is that you don't really know what happened behind the scenes. "Why not make the move then"? This is what you asked because obviously you and the rest of us have no idea as to the whys. So the argument is incomplete without the facts. We could sit here all day and make assumptions as to why the team does anything but at the end of this thing here (Sparano lingo) we really don't know.

We have a veteran to teach, his name is KARLOS DANSBY


I inferred nothing. My argument about Porter was about Porter, had nothing to do with JT. I just gave you an example how stats can be misleading. That post was only about Porter. I have said if it were up to me, JT would already have a 1 year contract for next year.

For those who are curious, Zack Johnson is 1 over after nine holes at the Arnold Palmer invitational

Bottom Line: Without Jason Taylor next year the Dolphins defense will suffer and have fewer sacks and pressures leading to a continued record number of long yardage pass plays. No rookie OLB will be able to step in and match the number of sacks Taylor could get, I would say most OLBs drafted end up only working out 50% of the time, which seems high given the Dolphins recent success at drafting.


You keep saying Karlos Bansby is our vet, this guys is 28. Assuming that the 12 in your handle is your age then he's a vet. He's got what 16 years on you. So that might be a vet for you, but still a kid to me!

The guys that are pro-Taylor being signed TODAY.....I'll put it another way. The kid that played for the Texans last year, Brian Cushing, won rookie of the year. I am fully expecting that we are going to draft an outside linebacker in the first round and this kid is going to come in and have an impact on our defence and compete for ROY. If you bring Taylor back and he plays starters minutes, what do you do with Wake? Maybe some of you aren't sold on Wake but you have to admit he has to play more and he has to develop more. He's not going to develop sitting on the bench. OK, so he plays.....then what do you do with the kid you just drafted at 12? He has to play too and he has to develop. So can't you guys see that bringing Taylor back is going to eat into somebody's development? Our complaint has been that this defence is too old. This is a good year for LB's. Let's go and get one or two and start developing them!!

Bootang25, your right.

Wu1sabes.... Weren't we all cying on how the Texans had aggressive young players like Matthews and Ryans?

Also if Wake played the snaps of JT he would have recorded maybe double the sacks he had... He is a crappy in coverage but who are we kidding, thats why Dansby was brought in. Wake will play all downs and Dansby will clean up the coverage.

Hi Craig, was a great turnaround, good thing the Dolphins lucked out and got Chad Pennington. What do you think their record would have been without Pennington?

Yes, the Dolphins have made some good moves, but its pretty darn clear that they have also made way too many stupid moves, wasting way too much money in the process. The facts speak louder than your rhetoric.

I agree Dansby is not a veteran to teach other players at this point. He could be a defensive leader or team captain, but he has to earn that respect this year.

To Bootang and NYScott

I totally hear you we definately dont know what goes on behind the scenes and that is the problem that we dont know the whole story and it does cause all of us fans to question and bring up these topics cause at the end of the day we only can have opinions on what we hear and see out there from the media and front office (which half the time is smoke screen and lip service.)

Wilford was a swing and a miss but i guess its better that they at least tried to get involved in FA and make a move. Bottom line some of their moves are questionable but at the end of the day they are trying to make the Dolphins better and have it least sterred us in the right direction.

So no one commented on my draft scenerio, what you think about what i threw out there:

First sign Sharper it would be huge and would fill a major need and would allow us to take a FS later in the draft.

If they can somehow trade down to the low 20's and pick up an additional 2nd or 3rd that would be ideal. And if they can trade Smiley for at least a 4th or a 5th another ideal possibility. So below has these two scenerios included.

R1 trade down and pick either LB Weatherspoon/Kindle/Graham/Mclain (one of these should be availabe in low 20's)

R2a pick either WR Golden Tate/ D. Thomas/LaFell/Benn

R2b pick either NT Cody/Williams/Cam Thomas

R3 pick either LBSpikes/Norwood/ TEAron Herndez/Pita/Graham

R4 pick either FS Burnett/Rolle/The Georgia FS)forgot name

Then with the rest of the picks go best availabe, should be able to get a RB, OL, CB, another LB, NT, and WR

These could be possible and they were all poductive players at highly competitve schools and more than half these guys should be able to at least compete if not start for us. Im sure there are tons of possibilities and names i didnt add to this list, but bottom line this is a deep draft and we could possibily come out of this with 5 potential future starters and just maybe a probowler or 2.

What is this Teacher BS?
Jason Teacher?

JT wants to pad his stats and get a ring. He aint worried about being a teacher.

Jason, I like BAY BAY Thomas as WR but doubt he be at RD2 still

I also like Pita. I doubt the fins trade down as the value / dollar relation at 12 is quite high:
Bryant, Berry, Thomas, Williams, Graham could be their and be signed to a descent guaranteed amount.

Jason, I have a lot of the names you mentioned on my board, and I would be for the Sharper signing, but as with JT, only after the draft, and only after we didn't get a good player.

D-Dense, then ur an old man, most NFL players after 30 urs old are considered on the downside of their career...Dansby has been in the league 8 yrs??? He is considered A VETERAN by any NFL standard

I don't see a single negative about bringing him back. I know the trifecta knows a hell of a lot more about football than I do but the way they handle some things make absolutely no sense to me. How did saban sneek in the video?

Sharper doesn't fit the Nolan mold of a big safety. Look for Fins to Pick up Earl Thomas or Taylor Swift Hips Mays

Alright guys, this is a blog entry by Armando Salguero, from February 16th, 2010. I cut and paste, can anyone tell me what has changed in the month that has gone by. I only put one statement in the entire thing in capital letters, you will understand my point. This was written by Armando, not me.

Even as Jason Taylor has so far done everything expected of him to get ready for the 2010 season, the question has curiously persisted whether he'll actually be in the NFL for his 14th season.

I've told you he plans to play, and now his agent Gary Wichard is confirming he plans to play.

"He has every intention in the world to play," Wichard told me moments ago.

Taylor recently had arthroscopic surgery on his shoulder to clean up the area. He played with the shoulder injury the last few weeks of the 2009 season.

"He wouldn't be having surgery if he didn't intend to play," Wichard said.

So that should settle the question whether Taylor, 36 in September, has a desire to continue what is obviously a Hall of Fame caliber career. The question now becomes where Taylor will continue that career.

He is an unrestricted free agent starting on March 5 and neither he nor the Dolphins have committed to one another for 2010 despite the fact both sides obviously value each other.

Taylor would like to continue with the Dolphins assuming he has the ability to compete for a starting job and play every down. The Dolphins, looking for OLB help, will try to get younger at the position in the coming draft but still see Taylor as a solid player that can be part of the solution UNDER THE RIGHT CIRCUMSTANCES.

That obviously doesn't guarantee Taylor will be in Miami. But it's a good start.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/page/7/#ixzz0jCXGdUYq

Jason, it all sounds great but I don't see anyone trading up this in year in a stacked draft. The one point you made about Sharper has been a question for me. I really hope they sign a vet for a year to teach the young guys how to QB a defense because the guys we have are nowhere near ready for the mental aspect and any rookie coming in is going to make too many rookie mistakes. So signing a veteran FS and drafting an OLB 1st overall (if the best one is still available) is exactly what I want the team to do.

Why would you sign another linebacker like JT now that can't work out yet. It may interfere with draft day trades if other teams think we are going to do one thing and do another. I am sure they have spoken. He and sporano have an open line of communication. He would be valuable in not only what he can contribute on the field but wht he can teach the other players. If the fins want to have younger players play Jason may not want to just fill in part time. He may want to be a full time player as the young players will never be ready if they don't play. You have to wait until after the draft and quit speculating on the conversations that no one is privy to.
I still think that with the strength of this draft I would trade any of the players that can give us 2nd or 3rd round picks that have not performed up to expectations or hae a lot of injury history. I would consider Ronnie Brown(2), Vernoon Cary (2), Smiley(4),Fasano(3), White(4th),Ginn(2). I know everyone will not agree but I don't want to see any more players cut without compensation like Porter, Roth and others. I see a lot of our cut players out there with 2nd and 3rd round tenders on them. I think Roth could have gotten a 3rd and Porter a 4th.


Not an old-man, just old enough to know that a 28 year-old doesn't know crap. Can't help others with their positions or give input. A 30 year old?? Yet I hate to disagree with you, the fact is that there are plenty of other players including Ricky, Penn and Taylor that fit that criteria on the fins, man. I'm not asking that they keep Taylor for 3 years. I just think that he earned a spot through his play for THIS year. That's it, we don't need Taylor for 3 more years, just 1 and then he'll move on. Nothing wrong with that?

After 5 years players are considered veterans by the nfl. The wording of the contracts states it officially. Yes they are still young guys in life but in football years in which the average career only lasts 5 to 8 years, they are vets.

Listen up Armando,

He still hasn't signed on any other team and in fact haven't even heard about another team showing interest. Which to me means he assumes something is going to happen in Miami and he'll be around next year.

Why else would he have not signed with another team yet?

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