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Dolphins seem to be driving Jason Taylor away

... And another thing ...

Oh, got a little carried away. I guess I'm a fired up because I've been thinking longer and harder about Jason Taylor's current situation. It really doesn't make sense to me. And on my drive from Orlando back to South Florida I thought of other reasons it doesn't make sense.

To catch you up, I've written a column for Wednesday's paper explaining how poorly the Dolphins are acting in dealing with Taylor. Read the column to get the details that go well beyond coach Tony Sparano declining to comment about Taylor during the NFL's annual meetings.

I then explain the reasons it makes sense to re-sign Taylor and make the point that by acting as they are, the Dolphins seem to be driving Miami's all-time sack leader to another team -- possibly the Jets or the Patriots, who had interest last year and still are looking for pass-rushers this year.

Well, here are some things I didn't have room for in the column that add to my point.

The Dolphins began their offseason conditioning program Monday. It's a big deal to them. It certainly was a point of contention in the spring of 2008 when they wanted Taylor in the program and not on Dancing with the Stars.

That basically nullifies the thought that Miami is taking a wait-and-see approach on Taylor. They obviously have a chance to sign him and get him in the program now. They have a chance to sign him and get him rehabbing his shoulder under their care. They have a chance to sign him and get him in better shape than he would otherwise be in.

Why aren't they doing that?

The Dolphins also have a new defensive coordinator in Mike Nolan. Why wouldn't they want Taylor to be signed and absorbing Miami's new defense as the mold is cast on that defense this offseason? Sure, Taylor could catch up later if he had to. But why delay such a thing?

Look, Jason Taylor wants to play for the Dolphins. I know this.

If the Dolphins would like Jason Taylor, they should tell him so now. If they don't want Jason Taylor, they should tell him so now. He will live either way.

But this being all mysterious about the issue with Jason Taylor? That's not good business. 


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What facts and what rhetoric? You talk about ALL this wasted money? What are we talking about, Wilson? We had a need, they tried to fill it. Didn't work out...so what!! What SHOULD they be doing? We tried to fill it this year with Clark. Didn't work out...we tried. I'm not sure what your point is. Can you clarify for us....do you want them to participate in FA or not? If you do, then there's going to be mistakes. Happens to evry team.....that's not rhetoric....that's FACT. Do some research and tell me I'm wrong.

Secondly, you say we go LUCKY with Pennington. Does that also mean we got UNLUCKY with Wilson, Wilford and Anderson? See you can't have it both ways.....either we screwed up on the misses and did a great job on the hits or we got lucky and unlucky.....so which is it?

Let's clarify something else guys....Karlos Dansby was brought in not only to perform on the field but to be a veteran presence and leader on the team. You don't pay a guy that kind of money and not expect him to be THE GUY. And whether he takes over from Crowder as the 'General' out there remains to be seen but I think that will happen sooner rather than later.

And for the guy, that said your not a veteran or can be expected to lead at 28, your full of it!! Danbsy has been in the league 6 years and like it or not he's been brought in to run the defence. He ran the defence in Arizona and is well-regarded in the NFL, as shown by the number of teams that expressed interest in him. If Sidney Crosby can be a captain in the NHL at age 21, then Dansby can certainly be a leader on this team at age 28.

D-Dense, Taylor wants to play longer the one year, he has stated that he wants 2 or 3 more years...he wants to start, we have guys who need to play..he probaly wants a big payday, we don't want to give him a big payday....again, you say you have all this respect for JT but u want to sign him to a minimum one year deal.... To me that's selfish, let the man go somewhere where he can get his big check, start and maybe win a ring, he deserves that opportunity...by the way, NYScott it right, average player plays 5-8 years in NFL, there are exceptions but very few compared to all the players, Dansby is a vet with 7 years pro-bowl experience, whether u agree or not is irrelevant. It's a fact in this league

Great job by Armando.....I think they whole point of this article was to get everyone all riled up and create some emotion and discussion. BRAVO.....mission accomplished!!

I know he is laughing as he's reading this. I think the REALITY is the Dolphins and Taylor have an understanding. if there is room for him on this team AFTER the draft then he will be welcomed back. If not, I am sure there will be more than a few teams interested in him. I would say it's about 70-30 on here for guys wanting him back, with about half of those wanting him signed now and the other half of us who are saying wait until after the draft.

Maybe, just maybe JT is asking for way more then anyone is willing to offer. He did state during the season that he was playing cheap this year but was not going to next year. Seems to me that Tony's comments may have been a message to JT that the Fins were ready to move on unless his asking price dropped. Almost 3 weeks into free agency and no other team has given JT the cash he's looking for. I think JT can fiil a real nice role on the team, as the powers that be might think also, difference is that they have a price slotted for that role, a price that JT hasn't been willing to play for, yet.

Nobody else on this team can do what JT does. Wake can pass rush better but cannot cover or stop the run the way JT can. Anderson? Please! They will re-sign JT in late April - June. Same as always. Sparano lies. Ireland lies. Why would they ever tell anyone their true intent? Would Belichek? Only Noob coaches do that.

If JT can help the team and/or the group of OLBs they currently have is the same, he will be back. If they feel he is done or they bolster the OLB corps with a younger, proven veteran who is at least as good (good luck with that), then he won't be back.

We fans love him but the business end of things doesn't allow for sentimentality. Except where Ted Ginn and Pat White are concerned. Oh wait, that's embarrassment, not sentiment.

I will say that not signing Zack for a day so he could retire a Fin was crass and stupid from a PR standpoint - if it is true. For the most part, I like what the Fins are doing, but that non-move was purely classless. Ross should step in on that one since he is such a "lifelong" fan. Who does it hurt? Nothing to lose, much to gain.

Oh and Pricemaster and Craig - you never answered my question yesterday about how you would use Pat white: he never ran - and should never run, the Wildcat, the option offense they tried to run with him was an abysmal failure, we have too many possession WRs. The only possibilities are as a change up RB (but we're kind of loaded at that position) or as a Slash - but one of you said you wouldn't want him as a slash. He is a good college player without a true position on an NFL team. So, where/how would you use him?

Whoa...Armando, you're taking you're "know it all, I can be a better GM than you Tuna / Ireland" attitiude to new heights!

How about this for a rational reason they have not yet signed Taylor. They are targeting an OLB with the first pick and if they get that guy they don't need Taylor. But, if they don't get the guy they are targeting they will bring JT back. So they're just waiting till after the draft.

Tuna is not in the habit of hanging players in the wind for no reason. If he was certain the Fins will not be needing Taylor, he would cut him loose now.

MJZ - he isn't under contract and is free to sign anywhere

I bet if Taylor doesnt sign with the Fins, Bellicheat wont sign him either. He will go to play for the Vikings or Saints


I think the regime is still trying to figure that out. Everyone comes down hard on White for what he did last year but I think a lot of the time he was misused. I think a lot of what he did ws very predictable. I think he could be a good change of pace player, in the Slash type of role. One thing is for certain, his accuracy has to improve greatly if he's going to throw the ball. I don't see him as ever being someone who will be used more than 8-10 plays a game. There may be times we could use him as a decoy and then run something with Ronnie. The point is the guy is very athletic and I don't believe he was utilized properly last year. I think Philly gets off easy but the Eagles did a very poor job of using Vick last year and nobody comes down hard on them. I think there are things Vick does that White could use also.

Jimmy, your right....he may well be a player without a position (I expect the same thing could be said about Tebow this year) but he's athletic and you can always find room to get those guys into your offence.

Jason Taylor won't sign with anyone until July.

Willi Chirino shut up...fool

Craig - agreed. Thank you for your take on it.

I will take heat for this - and I am a U fan so maybe I am sinning twice - but I like Tim Tebow as a late round pick. Someone will grab him long before that but, the fact is, like White, there are a lot of intangibles there and he has an awesome "Can do" gung-ho attitude. Unlike White, he's a big dude.


Pretty simple to me.

Posted by: Finheavenblows! | March 24, 2010 at 11:43 PM

I love armando and it is a fact. kiss kiss


I think he will be a limited, effective player for somebody (maybe the Pats) but alas, he doesn't fit on this team. With White on the team and so many other needs, we just don't have the luxury of picking someone like that. But if there is any truth to the story that the Pats were interested in White, he would be a natural for them this year in the second with all their extra picks.

Whats up fellas? Come one Mando. You're slacking bro! It's 12 noon and no new blog today.

I would like JT to come back but I understand why he is not a priority. He turns 36 during the season next year and 36 in the NFL is like being a dinosaur. I'm sure he understands what is going on. I think Mando might be making something out of nothing. If JT don't understand the situation then he is in denial like most aging athletes. However, I think he is smart enough to understand. Miami will target an OLB early in the draft. If they find a guy like in round 1 (BRANDON GRAHAM!!!) that wouldn't count out resigning Taylor. It's a wait and see approach like most NFL teams with older players.


Jimmy Jam, I don't know where ur getting info from but ur not going to sign Zack to a one day contract during the offseason...u will do it one day during season and have a ceremony I love how people just make crap up

JT IS 39 OR 36 ?

Craig M,

What I love about the Gibril acquisition and firing, is that they didn't waste any time. There are some players you see film on and you think they might be able to accommodate and assist with what you're trying to do. That's the way they felt about Gibril...unfortunately, some swings are strikes-> but it's the way they corrected the problem immediately and cut Gibril that leaves me feeling good about this regime.

It seems that the guy Alcoa is a Jets'fan, he doesn't want Miami to resign JT so that Jets can have him. JT is still the man and he will teach the young guys that we have and that we will draft. PLEASE RE-SIGN JT.

Jamar chaney---2nd round----------He is a beast


Kasey, that's the most ridiculous arguement there is to sign someone, so he won't go to another team....It is time to let the pups out, enough time on the bench, JT taught enough last year...and ALoco isn't a Jets fan,just using common sense




Bobby - I have no source but what I am reading here. Which is to say that I probably shouldn't have made that statement, considering the source!

But it is why I said "if it is true."

I would hope they will do the right thing. I'd like to know where that info really did come from. Perhaps it's just the lack of PR coming out of the F.O.. But you'd think that they would state that intent to pump ticket sales just a tad. Maybe the timing isn't right.

Really looking forward to this draft. It is such a mystery due to the pick #. What's this about Friday for the draft? PFT saying that - did the NFL move the first round to primetime Friday night? Would make sense - easier to watch it that way, too.

Armando, it seems you fail to realize that the dolphins are not addressing certain position in free agency is because they made plans and commitment to full fill those certain positions in the draft (wr, olb and dt). If they miss out on getting a player they want at one of those positions then we will see the phins going back to free agency to fill that position. Originally and maybe even now the phins want to address the free safety position in free agency but it hasn't workout thus far, so they may address it in the draft. So adding safety as position of need in the draft its more likely they will miss out on a or players at one of the needed position. So if we miss out on a big time olb that we want then Miami will resign Taylor.

I think someone had too much sugar cereal this morning.

wouldnt say jt is the man anymore. but hes a solid vet who can play third downs or more for very little money. switch his role and wakes from last year. they should resign him

maybe they will go OLB with the first pick. But either way, there's great value in keeping JT if he comes cheap.

JT not your typical 36 yo. He's always been in great shape, never injured. No brainer. Keep him IMO.

however, After assessing the past season maybe the trifecta weren't that satisfied with what they got from that position, including taylor. I do trust they're judgement in regards to OLB.

Miami waiting after the draft. Depends who we draft. If Miami goes LB with first pick. Say good by to JT. But it's all up in the air.

Why not bring JT now for the off-season programs, let him teach ur young pass rushers with his work ethic and dedication???
And with the acquisition of Mike Nolan (in my opinion, the best thing we did so far this year!!!), he can get 10-12 sacks out of JT. No one knew about Dumervil before last year and McDaniels didn't let Nolan blitz much...
Its a win-win for the Dolphins, fix this mess and bring the guy back Danm it!!!



Yea, Taylor comes cheap, who says???? Taylor never injured, that off season shoulder surgery says different...,I respect JT, yea let's give him minimum money...JT has stated he wants to play 2-3 more years, JT has stated the hometown discount was a 1 yr deal...so here's a 36 yr old OLB coming off surgery who wants one more big payday and I'm sure wants to start..none of that sounds like what the Dolphins need...Bye bye JT

I'm starting to thing that craig m and bobbyd12 are the same person. Ever notice how one backs the other? Bottom line is that JT earned a spot, Porter didn't. I'm all about getting young guys as many reps as possible. You say a true fan would want JT to leave and win a ring somewhere. So I'm selfish boobyd12, no. If JT wants to finish his career here i'm fine with that! Marino certainly got that chance and one can understand JT wanting to finish his career where ge started. His choice, he doesn't need to league min salary. He's a pro player. He's earned my respect but bobbyd12 and Craig m you ain't got mine!!!!

Lady Gaga is the new minority owner of the fins


I agree with your 12:27 post. The times the trifecta have been wrong on someone they have been quick to correct their choice. They will do the same with White and Turner in a few years if these guys don't develop but I think they will both get at least a couple more years to develop.

Waterboy, don't even joke about that.

No Dense, it's not his choice, it's Parcells choice.... U tend to think this is a "happy place" it's not..this is a "business"...I buy season tickets to see the Dolphins win, not to see nostalgia...u have ur opinion, I have mine and Parcells will make the Final call...and I've been on this blog a looonggg time, if you think I'm Craig M or anyone else ur not to smart...some of us want to move to "the future" and Taylor isn't a part of that

We dont need JT or need a WR either.

a search of lady gaga + dolphins came up with: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&VideoID=101784182


I can ASSURE you that Bobby and I aren't the same person. I just happen to agree with a lot of the things he has to say and I happen to think he's one of the few guys on here who talks sensibly and thinks before blurting stuff out.

I live in Canada but I've followed the Dolphins for close to 30 years. I've only seen them play a handful of times, all in Buffalo but I'll betch I'm as much a diehard as anyone on here.

D-dense, we just don't happen to share the same opinion on this. I'm not down on Taylor, by any means, but you and everyone else who want to run out and sign a guy based on what he's done in the past is not how we build a championship team. I'm saying he's not a priority right now. Let's not show all our crads right now and let's see where we are after the draft. If Taylor gets cold feet and needs to run out and sign with someone else, then so be it.

I'll say it again....whether Jason Taylor plays on this team next year is not going to be the difference between where we win or not. The trifecta will have some able, productive bodies to play and it may or may not include Taylor.....end of story.

some of you are idiots. jt can still play at a pretty high level for a pretty cheap price. why wouldn't want that on your team. if he competes and shows he deserves playing time how does that stunt someone elses growth. so maybe adrian p should sit so a rookie can develop

Well bobbyd12 we are all looking to the future. I've been here all year buddy. Check the game posts or ask Armando. I rattled his cage for a while too, while he thought all the fins problems came from the O and I kept telling him that the secondarys open.

Look, I have no issue with you, but am entitled to my opinion. You don't agree that's fine, I'm pretty sure 10 years from now, you'll see things a little different. I've waited since 1972 to see the fins win another SB. Truth is if it wasn't for "team leaders" like Don Strock, we might have never seen Marino realize his potential. I have mentored inner city youth, through business associations to learn what lifes all about in the business world. We educate our kids our friends our nieghbors, yet the qb coach or the lb coach should do all the teaching? No mentoring is a part of life and there is value on it.

We can agree to disagree, won't lose any sleep, but I've enjoyed this bantor. You'll probably see me out here for another 20 or so years. Have at it!!!! Great fun!!

Not signing Jason Taylor, who has shown that he can still play D at a high level, is just nuts. I think the Parcell-Ireland combo could care less about player loyalty and they certainly don't care about the players who are popular with the fans. but after all, these are the resident geniuses of nfl team rebuilding, and we should be grateful that after two years of their intense efforts, the fins are now a solid 7-9 team. woo-hoo!!

I'm out, guys!! I find some of you guys on here incredibily frustrating!! Not really sure how Armando puts up with some of you....

To Bobby and Bootang and Rob in OC and a few others......thanks for keeping the conversations intelligent and interesting....


I hope they are only being mysterious to the public and JT knows what is going on. He deserves at least that much.

This place is full of JETS fans who doesn't want Miami to resign JT. JT WILL SACK YOUR QUARTERBACK, and he will resign with Miami. Tough luck guys.

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