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Miami Dolphins trying to trade Justin Smiley

ORLANDO -- The Dolphins are in the process of breaking ties with guard Justin Smiley.

Team sources are telling The Miami Herald that Dolphins football czar Bill Parcells called the guard Saturday while he was on a hunting trip in Alabama. Smiley was told not to report to the club's offseason conditioning program that begins today in Davie.

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland deflected questions about Smiley today, saying coach Tony Sparano would be the team's spokesman on all matters during the owner's meetings.

"We're going to be one voice here, OK? That's going to be Tony tomorrow. That's the way our policy works. We'll be one voice tomorrow. He'll answer any questions you guys have about anything regarding the Dolphins world"

Pressed on the fact that Sparano isn't scheduled to address the media until Tuesday morning and the news on Smiley has already happened, Ireland still wouldn't discuss the issue.

"I'm not going to respond to it right now," he insisted. 

Smiley, who signed a five-year, $25 million contract as an unrestricted free agent in 2008, was told the Dolphins are in the process of attempting to trade him this offseason. The Dolphins hope to conclude a trade within the next couple of weeks but certainly before the NFL draft is over in April.

The intriguing part of this approach is that the team is apparently admitting Smiley was another in a growing list of unrestricted free agency misses -- a list that includes Gibril Wilson, Ernest Wilford, Josh McCown, Chris Crocker and others.

It is also interesting that the club was believed to have just filled a need for interior line help by signing Richie Incognito to a one-year deal worth $1.35 million and is now creating a new need at the spot. The deal with the tempermental Incognito comes with no guarantees that he'll even make the team. Incognito, who has been cut or not retained by two other NFL teams, got only $25,000 in guaranteed money from Miami.

Smiley got $9 million to sign with Miami in 2008 and has been a relatively good player when he's been healthy. His major problem is that he came to the Dolphins with a history of being injured and that history has held true in his two seasons with Miami.

Smiley played 12 games in 2008 before suffering a knee injury that ended his season. Last year he was nagged by a shoulder and other assorted ailments that kept him out of the starting lineup four games. Although Smiley still was active for 15 games, the emergence of Nate Garner kept him on the bench for three games as a starter.

It is unclear what price the Dolphins hope to exact for Smiley. League sources at the current NFL annual meetings are speculating the asking price is a third-round pick. The Bengals, Seahawks, Atlanta, and San Francisco are in the market for interior linemen.

If the Dolphins cannot trade Smiley, the could decide to cut him.


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We need OL depth, why trade a pretty good player like smiley? Incognito....wow

Smileys always hurt.

I dont know bout yall but Donald Thomas is a monster. Watch the replay when he clears out the Jets Dline on the winning wildcat play on MNF. Smiley always hurt and had a hefty contract. He wont be missed.

Smiley and a second rounder for Marshall.

smiley canarillo and a 2nd for marshall would be a great deal i like camaraillo but he is a clone of what we have in bess harltine
cant afford to have 3 posssion WR's out of 5

So what's Smiley's worth? 3,4 or 5 th rounder

The Dolphins have OL depth. It's the deepest unit on the team. No big loss and hopefully Smiley brings a 3rd round pick. Most likely the Dolphins will draft another G/T.

they knew he was injury-prone when they signed him to a fat contract.
Just another Trifecta mistake.

Donald Thomas is a run blocking freight train, but his pass blocking leaves a LOT to be desired.

Last year there were several instances when he did not know who to block so he just stood in the middle of the line and watched linebackers pour through and kill Henne.

He seems confused by pass blocking schemes, someone needs to work with him on his assignments. I've always coached my linemen to block from inside to outside, never let the inside man through, especially on the interior of the OLine.

No defender should ever be able to come through the center-guard gap and Thomas lets that happen way too often.

Armando...i hear the Seahawks are interested.
Any info on that?

Mando, don't think Smiley was a miss... He was the best lineman on our team two years ago... He served his purpose... Now if we turn around and get a pick for him... That will be great. I think this says more about how they feel about Nate Garner then the Incognito signing. Garner played very well. This also clears some salary in a year when there is no penalty. Now yall can stop saying it is a 155 million dollar line... Watch out Vernon... Lose some weight or next year, this will be you on the trade block... Think about it Mando, this is what the Chargers and Steelers do all the time... Get rid of a guy right before he loses value.


I like to idea of a trade to Denver for Marshall.

Trade to clear up money for ............?

3 out of 5? who besides Ginn isn't considered a possession receiver?

Smiley was always injury prone and to an organization or any organization...its wasted money they can use on other players their trying to pick up or trade. Nate garner obviously as alot of potential; you couldnt even tell smiley was missing from those three games...and those three games henne threw for over 300 yards with those % POSSESSION recievers haha. We still need a big play reciever but i beleive in what they are doing..i just want our defense to be number one next season in some categories...especailly in passing defense and higher in run defense and total defense


justin, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

They must think that Garner, Thomas, and Richie are able to give them 2 starters and a solid back up. Could they be targeting a player in rounds 3-7 they really like. They also might believe the Tackles they drafted late last year will be able to contribute more. Smiley has played in less than 75 percent of his games as a dolphin. You want as much stability as possible on your line. The market might be at its peak for a guard right now. If we can get that 3rd round pick, or even a 4th and 5th it might be the way to go if we have younger guys who are cheaper and capable.

I like Thomas, but it makes sense.

While all have questions, Thomas, Garner, Icognito and Berger are arguable starters/#1 reserves. Having three of those to back-up the 3 interior line positions is almost overkill.

So with Icognito signed on the cheap, they are looking to take a 4th (ain't gonna be a 3rd) for Smiley and spread the wealth elsewhere.

Smiley was a great pulling guard and was a good reason the Wildcat worked good for us. Maybe it a sign we are moving away from the WC less


I like the idea of a trade to Denver for Marshall.

Mando, who else isn't at the workouts?

Sorry, should have started -- "I like Smiley" (but I like Thomas too).

I cannot understand why people say the trifecta made a mistake! They found cheaper players who are better, younger, and not injury prone. It seems like an upgrade to me.

I like the move for a 3rd or 4th.
The following can play guard
1) Berger
2) Thomas
3) Gardner
4) Incognito
5) Hartline (Rookie)

We have enough depth plus Smiley is always hurt.

I expect some trades at the RB and QB which are also logjammed.

Maybe the Tuna is getting picks lined up.

I would trade my 1st for STEVE BREASTON..... a choir boy WR

Smiley was a great pulling guard and was a good reason the Wildcat worked good for us. Maybe it a sign we are moving away from the WC less

Posted by: Standley23 | March 22, 2010 at 10:44 AM

I hope so!

This is shocking news to me. Smiley is our best pulling guard and routinely makes plays down field (when healthy). As Mando said there is no way of knowing if Rich I. will work out so why are they creating more holes on a team with too many of them. We'll have to wait to see how it plays out. The only thing I can think of is that someone called about Smiley and the Dolphins realize the value of a third round pick outweighs keeping a highly payed injury riddled linemen. Once again, they knew his history of injuries before they signed him so why did they even bother. I remember Mando writing about it and complaining they didn't sign Faneca over Smiley and most of us were yelling at him that Smiley was younger and would be part of the rebuild. Looks like we were wrong.

Dont the Rams or Redskins need Guard help????

Who can be a trade partner?

3rd and smiley for marshall. (not my idea but it sounds good). Mr Nolan knows the right people in the right place.

And now my question is who in the f*&k is in charge of signing free agents and how are they screwing up so badly? I was giving them some wiggle room before judging but this is getting ridiculous. How are these guys so good at drafting and so crappy at signing free agents?

I'm a bit suprised too...Maybe they are freeing up more $$ for another big move?

I know everyone is thinking WR or OLB or Safety in the 2010 draft, Im guessing its going to be Mike Iopati OG, hes a beast. check out his highlights on youtube. If he plays next to Jake Long its OVER...............

go DoLpHinZ

The trade its a done deal.

The fins where not going to tip their hand and let the world know the where shopping Smiley Cyrus without a trade partner.

Sorry.....don't really get this one. You build a strong line by having continuity. The trifecta seems to want to tweak and micro-manage the line every off-season....that's not how the teams with strong lines do things. I'm not sold on Ingonito as anything more than a depth player....I think he's a borderline starter. And I don't get why they would want to open up a hole on a pretty strong line. If they are able to trade Smiley for a pick, it just means they are going to use a pick on some young guy to develop for the line. I don't see this as anything other than freeing up money in an uncapped year....and I think those of you who think this is going to help us get Marshall are going to be disappointed.

Who is this mbacharmas guy?? Smiley and a second?? HA! Go to mcdonalds and have a healthy meal sport

At least we can say things are getting interesting again.

Smiley Cyrus is a great Pulling guard??? He is descent but not worth the 25 mill contract.....

Next Up: Jason Allen

If Bill Parcells is so willing to hang onto Smiley for a draft pick - and I happen to agree with that move- then why in hell did we just release Porter. Obviously there were teams out there that thought Joey was a very valuable commodity and willing to pay him well. Why didn't we just suspend him without pay and take our time and put together a deal with the Cards for Boldin. In fact we could have used the remaining money to sign Role and maybe a few other players. It seems to me that there is no-rime-or-reason to the Dolphins decision making process when it come to players.

Run Ricky run: you've smoked far too many joints. Mcdonalds has happy meals, not healthy meals. Quit puffin that whacky tobaccy, chief (pun intended).

By the way, GREAT scoop Mando.

@ Jim

Nobody wanted Porter. Cardinals bid against themselves in FA
They were desperate without Warner, Boldin and Rolle.....
Get Real

Mandito got scooped by the PPB


I would hardly call Justin Smiley a free agent mistake...

I gotta say, I am pretty surprised by this move... Smiley is a good player, and one of the best pulling guards in the league. He plays hard and is not trouble in the locker room or off-field... He does have his injuries, but its not like he missed over half the season or more...

I do see the reasoning behind this... They uncovered a gem in Garner last year and it appears that they really like the guy... Also, they picked up Incognito who is getting paid under $1 million per year and Smiley has a huge contract... I'm still surprised though...


Obviously the Cards wanted him enough to give him a three year contract and a ton of money.

There would be no way Arizona would have taken on Porters contract in a trade! And there I'd no way we would have taken on Boldins with a year left. They both had to be released.

this is good news !! we're making space !! all it means is more money in our pocket to go out and be more aggressive in free agency and more draft picks

Smiley is an instant starter despite his injury history. Someone will take him for a decent draft pick. I am of the mind that anything less than a fourth is not smart but, the higher the better, of course.

I like Smiley. He has a great attitude. A shame that he can’t stay healthy. Overall, I am a bit shocked. Incognito is a solid replacement but he is only signed for a year and I don’t see enough depth here. All I can think is that they’ve got more definitive draft wishes than picks.

Then we have Grove who has a similar injury history. Both have a great, hard-nosed, even nasty attitude. I guess Smiley’s injuries were too many and worse than Groves.

Denver is, apparently, in need of a guard. Some interesting thoughts on Marshall here, but I still don't think the Fins give up a draft pick in this draft (not to mention that they like their offense nearly as it is). Now, a package of players, including Smiley wouldn't be a bad idea. Lessee: Smiley and Ginn to start off with, maybe Crowder (I really doubt they get rid of Crowder - but he is also injury prone, and not very good, although he should improve with Dansby there. The other thing about Crowder is that he probably isn't in the team's good graces with his comments re: Porter on the radidio), people keep saying Camarillo who I really like but I guess he could be viewed as redundant. Ah, all this sounds good but for one thing: only the fans want a true #1 WR.

porter wasnt worht anything cuz we messed up trying to release him prematurely

wich means why would someone pick up his high contract when they knew we release him anyway

and then they can work out their own deal for less

If this were a capped year, I don't even think that they attempt to try and trade him. They are able to trade/release him and not feel any ramifications later on down the road. If they keep him and he is injured again, then they are stuck with the contract. We have great depth, so this isn't cutting off your nose to spite your face. To me, this is all about one thing, the contract. Nothing to do with Smiley as a player.

This all in the masterplan to turn our offense into a prolific pass attack machine. Forget Colts, Saints, Pats .... The Fins will pass for over 350 Yards a game...

With Hartline, Bess and Camarillo on 3 WR sets, no one stands a chance!!!

Go Tuna, Show the World how you can have the best White WR group in the NFL.
Pile on to your illustrious carrier and to your last decade resume full of playoff appearances and titles

Long live the TUNA!


Greg Camarillo is Mexican-American, not white.

Really, I thought he was Slow-Whitey

Trade Smiley and Ginn for Marshal then 1st pick Williams 2nd Spikes.3rd Best Safty still on the board . Talk about changing look of a team.


I was under the impression that Boldin was traded to Ravens for a third and a fourth and the Ravens got back a fifth rounder. You don't think Porter would have reworked his deal to be traded to the Cards. Especially, if he had been suspended with out pay, for conduct detrimental to the team. aka: Marshall

The only FA busts I have seen was Gibril and Ernest Wilford. We got a pick for McNown... Crocker was brought in to compete... He was not a bust... Same with Eric Green... Holes needed to be filled the first two years... FA allowed you to fill them immediately but no one you got was going to be here forever... Just long enough to find an upgrade.

I've mentioned this before and i'm going to say it again. Besides Garner the miami dolphins like OG Dimitri Tsoumpas who they signed from the CFL. He 's a 6-4 315 monster with great strength and is a excellent run blocker and good pass blocker ( CFL People ) .He was the 2nd overall pick in the CFL draft last year as OL and was named CFL OL of the year. Remember the name during traing camp ,

Has the Gerbil Wilson found a job yet?

Porter is 33? Everybody in the league knew he would be released and is toxic. None of that = let me trade a draft pick for that guy.

Nobody wanted to trade for Porter when the Steelers got rid of him.

Smiley was only brought in to sure up the o-line and help Jake long develop next to an experienced guard. My guess is they draft an OG in the 3rd-5th round and let him develop next to a top OT in Jake Long.

A 3rd rounder? I got a bridge in Brooklyn...wanna buy it?

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