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Miami Dolphins trying to trade Justin Smiley

ORLANDO -- The Dolphins are in the process of breaking ties with guard Justin Smiley.

Team sources are telling The Miami Herald that Dolphins football czar Bill Parcells called the guard Saturday while he was on a hunting trip in Alabama. Smiley was told not to report to the club's offseason conditioning program that begins today in Davie.

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland deflected questions about Smiley today, saying coach Tony Sparano would be the team's spokesman on all matters during the owner's meetings.

"We're going to be one voice here, OK? That's going to be Tony tomorrow. That's the way our policy works. We'll be one voice tomorrow. He'll answer any questions you guys have about anything regarding the Dolphins world"

Pressed on the fact that Sparano isn't scheduled to address the media until Tuesday morning and the news on Smiley has already happened, Ireland still wouldn't discuss the issue.

"I'm not going to respond to it right now," he insisted. 

Smiley, who signed a five-year, $25 million contract as an unrestricted free agent in 2008, was told the Dolphins are in the process of attempting to trade him this offseason. The Dolphins hope to conclude a trade within the next couple of weeks but certainly before the NFL draft is over in April.

The intriguing part of this approach is that the team is apparently admitting Smiley was another in a growing list of unrestricted free agency misses -- a list that includes Gibril Wilson, Ernest Wilford, Josh McCown, Chris Crocker and others.

It is also interesting that the club was believed to have just filled a need for interior line help by signing Richie Incognito to a one-year deal worth $1.35 million and is now creating a new need at the spot. The deal with the tempermental Incognito comes with no guarantees that he'll even make the team. Incognito, who has been cut or not retained by two other NFL teams, got only $25,000 in guaranteed money from Miami.

Smiley got $9 million to sign with Miami in 2008 and has been a relatively good player when he's been healthy. His major problem is that he came to the Dolphins with a history of being injured and that history has held true in his two seasons with Miami.

Smiley played 12 games in 2008 before suffering a knee injury that ended his season. Last year he was nagged by a shoulder and other assorted ailments that kept him out of the starting lineup four games. Although Smiley still was active for 15 games, the emergence of Nate Garner kept him on the bench for three games as a starter.

It is unclear what price the Dolphins hope to exact for Smiley. League sources at the current NFL annual meetings are speculating the asking price is a third-round pick. The Bengals, Seahawks, Atlanta, and San Francisco are in the market for interior linemen.

If the Dolphins cannot trade Smiley, the could decide to cut him.


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Take about hidden acorns.....

NJ Phin fan, scooping the CFL... Dude, closer we get to the draft, the more I feel like Dez Bryant may be the pick... If it happens just tell me you will not be in a room with any sharp objects or any automatic weapons... I need you on here to beat up on... :)

Also, on the subject of free agent busts, the only one that was really costful was Gibril Wilson. He or a big contract and played terribly. The other guys signed smaller contracts, low risk-high reward types. If they didn't work out, oh well. We had barely any legit starters when these guys took over, let alone depth. Many of these 'bust' signings were for depth and competition purposes. If Karlos Dansby comes in and is terrible, that would be a bust. You don't call 3rd round picks busts, you call them misses. Same thing applies to free agency.


If we can get a 3rd rounder for Smiley then I say let's do it. I like the guy but he gets injured too much. I don't think he's played a full season yet in Miami.

If Pat White can't play receiver, than he is a bust. I will reserve judgement until then.

Play WR?????

Does he have the body to break tackles or go over the middle????


So.. If you're trying to trade a player, would u publicly announce him a bust? Or did Mando just ruin the chances of getting a 3rd round pick and get us a 5th instead?

instead of counting bust how about counting hits made in free agency.

I think this speaks volumes as to how much the Trifecta likes Incognito.
One week after signing him, they put Smiley on the trade block.......Hmmmmm.
It aint rocket science fella's, it's an instant upgrade for a lot less money. Throw in the pick they get for Smiley and it's a good solid FO move.

I love Henne's comment in that last article on Incognito:
Instead of knocking Incognito's nasty style, as long as it doesn't lead to any more personal fouls, quarterback Chad Henne is fine with a little in-game anger.

``We love it,'' Henne said. ``We want a guy in there that's going to go hard every play. He's definitely going to help out our offensive line and open up the competition.''

only Oakland would be dumb enough to give us a third rounder. We already paid this guy a hugh chunk up front so lets not give him away for a fifth. 3rd or 4th round would be fine.

Omar Kelly just wrote an article about how Smiley was his favorite Dolphin on the team... ;)

Did Marvin Harrison have the body? Does Ted Ginn? Does Desean Jackson? No. They still play or played WR.

Well Carson Palmer was a bust. Philip Rivers was a bust. They didn't even play their first year. Drew Brees, good god have you seen his rookie stats. SUPERBUST. Good thing noone ever gave him a chance to get better. It amazes me the stupidity of people calling him a bust after one year. Let me ask you something, in a game, when the starting QB gets hurt, what is the first thing you see the backup do? Start warming up. Pat White didn't have that luxury. If he warmed up on the sideline, opponents would no what is coming. People who truly understand football know the speed difference at first is gigantic, it takes time to get used to. How many reps has Pat White taken with the first team offense? Not many. Was he the best pick at 44?No. Is he a bust because he was 0-5, absolutely not.

Draft Bay Bay
Draft Earl Thomas or
Draft Eric Berry
Draft Graham
Draft Williams or
Draft Dough Boy

Cut Allen
Trade Ronnie
Trade PipPen
Trade Smiley Cyrus
Send Pat White to the CFL
Cut Torbor
Cut Dotson
Resign JT
Trade for Steve Breaston

Pat White is a bust as #44... dont sugar coat it.
I hope he turns into a prolific offensive gem but the fact is we have 4 qbs on the roster and Pat White is 4th on the depth chart as pick # 44....

Who cares what the Omar Kooky says, he hasnt broke a story since 2005

Mando, did we make an offer for the Bengals scrub we had in town over the weekend????

Marcus , " beat up on ' ?? That will be the day. Maybe you can get your posse from Jersey city after me . LOL !! :) If Bryant was the pick and i had a automatic weapon you'd be dead along with evrybody esle in the room. :)

everybody else

I get you Marcus, but those guys had 3-4 years experience in playing WR. I just dont want to see Pat White creamed on the ground again.

Maybe if he wears a smaller helmet he can run quicker.

Who's the name you guys would be most mad about at 12? Me personally, I will be pissed at if it is Jason Pierre-Paul. I just don't like this guy for some reason. I can't be talked into him, as some can't with Dez Bryant or others.

There are 2 guard spots and 4 guards on the team other than Smiley. I don't think that makes a hole at guard if Smiley is traded either...

Team sources told the Herald? Why not just give credit where credit is due and say that the "other newspaper" and other outlets reported the story before you instead of trying to make it seem like you broke the story. But I guess that would take journalistic integrity. Time stamps FTW!


there aren't any members of the Ginn family in this draft is there?

NJ, Tough gun laws in N.Y.C, just ask Plexaco...lol..:)

This is a good move by the trifecta!! Everyone who doesn't understand,look at it this way!! YES they overpaid for J.Smiley, but he was the BEST option at the time, now his time is no longer!!! He has decent trade value, so you get a two yr stop gap then move on, but instead of just releasing him you get compensation!!! I hope they really pull a rabbit out the bag with this one......... anyone thinking trading down??

LOL @ Honest.....

good point

I would be pissed if they took Spiller at 12 unless they traded Ronnie before hand.
Paul Pierce, is a small school bust waiting to happen.

Boontang . my 3 would be Spiller , bryant and JPP. Throw in kindle too

Carlito, I hear Felicia(The kabasa queen)Ginn is up for the draft....What position she plays(Or what position she likes to be in)are unclear...Maybe some one could "GOOGLE" to see.......

I hope the pick we get for Smiley is higher than the one we use on that nut job Brandon Carter from Texas Tech.
Incognito and Carter manning the guard spots. Yeah baby high character guys? Well......they're characters anyway.

Did Marvin Harrison have the body? Does Ted Ginn? Does Desean Jackson? No. They still play or played WR.

Posted by: Marcus | March 22, 2010 at 11:31 AM

Harrison didn't have the body because he had it disposed of after he shot it.

Will they Resign JT???

Dear Mr. Salguero

I just read

"If Bryant was the pick and i had a automatic weapon you'd be dead along with evrybody esle in the room."

I'll be honest Mr. Salguero....I don't wanna die just yet.

Does NJ have a weapons permit ?
How's his aim ?

Will he be shooting us even if the pick isn't Dez Bryant ?

Why didn't he shoot us when they picked Pat White last year ?

Anywhoo I'm gonna go shopping for some body armor till this thing blows over.

Soiled :)

Marcus talking to Pat White on the phone the other night

"Your body is a wonderland"

Bootang, since I always respect what you have to say on here, is trading Smiley for a pick a good move? If it's for anything less than a third, I think it's a mistake. I don't like how the trifecta never gets proper value in trades. I don't like how they were only able to get a sixth for Satele and there were others.

And for the guys that have already annointed White a 'bust' after one season, your ignorance is showing. If you know anything about football, the quarterback position is the hardest to grasp when you are right out of College. Bootang is right about the speed of the NFL versus College and all the QBs who were nothing their first year in the NFL. Look too at Aikman and Manning's numbers their first year. Not saying White will ever come anywhere close ot these guys but let's give the kid a chance. He was drafted with no expectations last year. If he has contributed nothing in the next two years then maybe you will have the right to call him a bust. But at this point he is still someone who has the potential to be a dangerous weapon.....just watch!!

By the way , we have a new member of the BUFFOON hall of fame even though he's a old member on here. This guys takes the cake. CONGRATS justin incredible on your membership. The reason is self explanatory.


A victim of where he was drafted.

If my #44 player in the draft plays 20 snaps in the year, without being hurt I would say it was a crappy pick.

Hopefully he will break out some 20 lbs of extra muscles this year.

Please read my post on the signing of Incognito. I told the blog world the truth about the lack of toughness on the left side of the center and that Incognito was not brought in to contest Donald Thomas but Justin Smiley, we were able to get all pro caliber of competition out of DT for a fraction of what it cost Justin Smiley to lace up his cleats. Deuces

Look at it this way. We basically traded Porter for Dansby straight up. We got the better end of the deal.

Where are the usual suspects: Indiana, WestVa, Jamillion, Rob in OC??

Soiled , very funny . I also read episode 5 of NJ's Adventure and dilemma. Also very funny stuff. :)

Why are you guys talking about Pat white?
He ain't going to be a WR. He play like a Rabbit. Very fast. Very scared.

Hey...instead of the wildcat, we could install an offense called the "WHITE RABBIT".

For those who wonder where NJ gets his supposed "expert" analyisis on Arrelious Benn please visit:


On A. Benn. benn is not a #1 wr or a game changer. He's more of a complimentary wr who would be better of in a west coast offense. Benn is not a vertical threat. He catches the ball with his body and has inconsistent hands. He also needs to work on his route running. His size , strength. leaping ability and blocking make him perfect in the west coast.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | March 17, 2010 at 11:37 PM

Get off your pedestal and hit the weights - respect other people's opinions because you obviously don't have your own.

Ok relevant discussion guys,

What teams are in most need of a guard?


The Rams , the 49ers(even though thats where he came from) also KC, there are more but these are the teams I think the trifecta should be shopping J.Smiley to.

Get off your pedestal and hit the weights - respect other people's opinions because you obviously don't have your own.

Posted by: Thats Right | March 22, 2010 at 12:02 PM

NJ, your not going to let this go unchallenged are you oh mighty one?? SMITE this heathen.......

If Pat White doesn't retire before the season starts, he gets my vote for NFL player most likely to get murdered on the field.

Send Smiley, a #3 in 2010 and and conditional 2 in 2011 for Marshall - that would be great trade!!!!

Denver needs a Guard...

If not - i like the idea of getting some additional draft picks. Now that we re-signed Chad P., maybe we could trade Tyler T for a 3rd or 4th??

Sorry, even though this trade is likely to happen, I'm not convinced this does anything for the team. There is nothing wrong with Smiley as a guard and I'm not convinced that Incognito or Thomas or anyone else is going to improve the line. SOonds to me like the trifecta has already shown their hand on this one and I don't believe this will get full value for Smiley. It's probably going to be a 4th or lower and I think that stinks!!.....your not going to be able to convince me that this is a good move for the team, other than clearing salary.

If KC is in need of a guard I could see that being the place that makes the most sense with son in law Pioli over there

soiled.......i am waiting for YOUR UPDATE ON NJ PHIN THE PLUMBER TONIGHT , LATER .

If it is KC they need to forget the pick and try and pry away D.BOWE!!!!

Aloco, Isn't it busy at Sub-way, Shouldn't you be making subs and not posting on this blog???? go to work, I'am already tired of paying for your health care........

in this draft you aren't going to get more than a low round pick for Smiley.


This is my picks for the top 4 ROUNDS picks

Round # 1 - DT Dan Williams or LB McClain (UNLESS BERRY DROPS) which he is not lol.

Round # 2 - WR Demirtris (Bay Bay ) Thomas

Round # 3 - S Rachard Jones

Round # 4 - TE Jimmy Graham


j dizzle,

Bowe would be a great addition but I don't think KC would move him yet and I have heard he's had attitude/work ethic issues. He had run-ins with the HC last year. That's not the kind of guy Parcells likes. But I agree with you, Bowe would help.



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