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Miami Dolphins trying to trade Justin Smiley

ORLANDO -- The Dolphins are in the process of breaking ties with guard Justin Smiley.

Team sources are telling The Miami Herald that Dolphins football czar Bill Parcells called the guard Saturday while he was on a hunting trip in Alabama. Smiley was told not to report to the club's offseason conditioning program that begins today in Davie.

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland deflected questions about Smiley today, saying coach Tony Sparano would be the team's spokesman on all matters during the owner's meetings.

"We're going to be one voice here, OK? That's going to be Tony tomorrow. That's the way our policy works. We'll be one voice tomorrow. He'll answer any questions you guys have about anything regarding the Dolphins world"

Pressed on the fact that Sparano isn't scheduled to address the media until Tuesday morning and the news on Smiley has already happened, Ireland still wouldn't discuss the issue.

"I'm not going to respond to it right now," he insisted. 

Smiley, who signed a five-year, $25 million contract as an unrestricted free agent in 2008, was told the Dolphins are in the process of attempting to trade him this offseason. The Dolphins hope to conclude a trade within the next couple of weeks but certainly before the NFL draft is over in April.

The intriguing part of this approach is that the team is apparently admitting Smiley was another in a growing list of unrestricted free agency misses -- a list that includes Gibril Wilson, Ernest Wilford, Josh McCown, Chris Crocker and others.

It is also interesting that the club was believed to have just filled a need for interior line help by signing Richie Incognito to a one-year deal worth $1.35 million and is now creating a new need at the spot. The deal with the tempermental Incognito comes with no guarantees that he'll even make the team. Incognito, who has been cut or not retained by two other NFL teams, got only $25,000 in guaranteed money from Miami.

Smiley got $9 million to sign with Miami in 2008 and has been a relatively good player when he's been healthy. His major problem is that he came to the Dolphins with a history of being injured and that history has held true in his two seasons with Miami.

Smiley played 12 games in 2008 before suffering a knee injury that ended his season. Last year he was nagged by a shoulder and other assorted ailments that kept him out of the starting lineup four games. Although Smiley still was active for 15 games, the emergence of Nate Garner kept him on the bench for three games as a starter.

It is unclear what price the Dolphins hope to exact for Smiley. League sources at the current NFL annual meetings are speculating the asking price is a third-round pick. The Bengals, Seahawks, Atlanta, and San Francisco are in the market for interior linemen.

If the Dolphins cannot trade Smiley, the could decide to cut him.


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i'm starting to think Graham goes before the 4th.

I like it , except i would substitute Derrick Morgan for dan williams.

Why would anyone trade for Smiley when they can just wait until he gets released? - which obviously is going happen if Parcells called him while he was on a hunting trip!?!?

SOonds to me like the trifecta has already shown their hand on this one and I don't believe this will get full value for Smiley. It's probably going to be a 4th or lower and I think that stinks!!.....your not going to be able to convince me that this is a good move for the team, other than clearing salary.

Posted by: Craig M | March 22, 2010 at 12:07 PM

I'm hoping the Trifecta already has a deal in place. Parcell's didn't get to where he's at by prematurely tipping his hand.
As far as clearing salary, this is the year to do if you're going too.
For the moves their making, just remember:

Scared money don't make money!!!!


I Like D. Morgan also; however I dont know to much about him. I saw him play vs UM this year and his number was not called NOT EVEN ONCE. Then I saw him play vs Iowa and he didnt do much, so...... you think its just a couple of bad games or what?

Aloco, It's the lunch rush, help your co=workers and start making subs......


What players would u like with the 12th pick??

jimbo, the only way i could see someone trading for Smiley is to make sure they get him. but nothing more than a 7th or maybe a 6th if lucky.

How many practice reps did Pat White get last year? I'm sure most of the the reps were wasted in the Wildcat, not dropping back learning to read defenses. If the Wildcat is what White is going to be used for, switch him to reciever, so we can develop another Qb. not just have him as a prop.

Dear Mr. Aloco


The Plumbers of Bergan County is on hiatus.

Termoil on the set

Star actor recently made threats to shoot the place up if a certain team drafts a certain player named Bryant.

Network executives feel backing a delusional sports fan with homicidal tendincies are not in the best interest of the network.

Soiled :)

First off we need to get Brandon Marshall to make the offense explosive. Too many times were we in the red zone had no big recieve to throw it too. So we trade whatever it takes to get him other than a first round pick. I think Earl Thomas is a playmaker for our Pass Defense just look at his tape. Him and Bell could play well together. Although Taylor Mays would prob develope faster because of his size and speed. I think the first round pick is use to get a playmaker not a NT. We need an OLB this draft is stock with linebacks for ex. Spikes and Watson from UF n FSU who are potential late round picks. I also think Jahvid best and Cj Spiller r gunna be the best RBS but i think roon n ricky are perfect. The "Trifecta" better not mest this one up. They always find a way to get 2 good player n the rest shitty. Jacoby Ford can also be an explosive player for the WC. I honestly believe hes gunna be a steal. Just imagine Spike/Crowder/Dansby. With Taylor Mays/E Thomas behind them. And Marshall/Ford/ginn/Bess on Offense creating Havoc.

The Plumbers of Bergan County is on hiatus.

Termoil on the set

Star actor recently made threats to shoot the place up if a certain team drafts a certain player named Bryant.

Network executives feel backing a delusional sports fan with homicidal tendincies are not in the best interest of the network.

Soiled :)

Posted by: SoiledBottom | March 22, 2010 at 12:33 PM


College Kid,

That must be some great CRACK you snorting

College Kid,

That must be some great CRACK you snorting

Posted by: Berry please fall to 12 | March 22, 2010 at 12:36 PM

Crack is not snorted but smoked through a device known as a "crack-pipe"

If the Wildcat is what White is going to be used for, switch him to reciever, so we can develop another Qb. not just have him as a prop.

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | March 22, 2010 at 12:31 PM

How in the hell do we switch White to reciever?
We didn't have space for Turner on the active roster. We have a logjam of 2nd and 3rd WR's as it is. Drafting or trading for that infamous true no.1 is all that people here have been clamoring for.
So again, how in the hell do we make room for a Pat White to WR PROJECT?

NJ, I know you didn't! You did not say Derrick Morgan! Because when I said Derrick Morgan, you said that the people in ATL said he was strictly a 4-3 guy and that I didn't know as much as them. Could you have spoken too soon? Where you wrong? If so, I think you owe me an apology.

you don't snort crack. snort cocaine.

like Whitney Houston says...crack is wack.

The reason for the trade is that we do NOT have a 5th round pick which we gave to KC last year for Tyler Thigpen who we used in only one game against Pittsburg after henne pcked an eye andf Pat White was leveled into the bleachers.

Therefore, NOW, we have picks: 1,2,3,4.(none at 5)...6,6,6,7,7 but no 5th in one of the strongest drafts in a decade. Personally,I thought they were going to trade Thigpin back for a 5th. Smiley will probably just get a 5th back for us.


It looks like offensive guard will be Pat White's job to lose.


If they can only get a 6th or 7th for Smiley, then that's a trade they shouldn't make. It's nothing more than a money dump and I still feel it opens up a hole on our line. If Thomas and Icognito and whoever else are able to do what Smiley could do I'll be surprised. I'll be very disappointed if the best they can do is get a useless 6th or 7th for Smiley!!

If KC got a 5th rd for T.Thigpen, I'm sure the trifecta can pull a third for a decent starting guard. I just don't think the trifecta is creative enough, they don't seem to venture outside the box!!!!! I.E. A.Boldin look how cheap he went!!! You can't say it won't happen/ work until they TRY!!!!!!

Trade Pat White for a 6 pack of beer.

I would hate to be his health provider. Can you imagine an exclusion for playing football...accident prone....keep the ambulance motor running.

derrick morgan fits a mike nolan 3-4 LB. have him play the Suggs role in the Fish's 3-4. drop on occasion but usually is playing like a DE but standing up.

either way. at #12 the Fish got some good options. just hope people don't lose it cause the guy they wanted isn't the pick.

a decent starting guard who doesn't start that often as has been pointed out on this blog since he's hurt a lot. plus this draft is so deep no one wants to give up a 3rd rounder for an injury prone OG who isn't pro bowl caliber even when healthy. the Fish can trade him for a 6th/7th or cut him before June 1st. its pretty much going to be either or at this point - that's assuming its true that they told him to stay away from the facilities.

Pat White would've been a great pick.......if we were trying to win the Rose Bowl.

j dizzle.....good post at 12:41......

If Derrick Morgan can play the OLB position with his hand on the ground and he is there at 12, I believe he will be the Dolphins pick. I don't really have someone I don't want them to pick, but I think Kindle or Graham would be my most disappointed pick. I like Graham a lot but not at 12.

This draft is deep on the DEFENSIVE side not offense, so J.Smiley is gonna command a 3rd!!!Name some late round Guards that are better than J.Smiley????

I was trying to justify why White was choosen.
He isn't going to play Qb in this league, so They could try to switch him to a position that he may be able to play, sort of like a faster Randle El. He could also be the same sort of slot player that C.J. Spiller fans (I'm one) want.Possibly saving a pick for something of need. If nothing else White can develop so that he has some value this season, or down the road, and we don't have to look back on his time here as a total waste.

we'll settle for a fifth always ask for more and settle for less

still frees up money we need


Your last post makes NO sense....

Smiley played in 13 games last year. It's not like he never played. And it's not like he has a huge contract. It averages out to $5 million a year, which is what a starting guard should be paid. To get rid of this guy for a sixth or a seventh or to release him is just plain stupid. I'll say it again.....this is not how you build championship teams!!

And with the 3rd round pick obtained in a trade the Miami Dolphins select John Jerry G Ole Miss.


Smiley was expenseive but definitely served a purpose as a bridge to further accelerate Long's development and provide a quality guard that was adept at pulling. As NJ pointed out there is some depth at G with the guy from the CFL and Garner will continue to grow into the position. If they were to add a draft pick like G John Jerry with an impressive skillset and nice bulk (6'5 3/8 328lbs) that Sparano and BP likes it would provide a very solid base of players to keep pounding the rock.


This draft is deep on the DEFENSIVE side not offense, so J.Smiley is gonna command a 3rd!!!Name some late round Guards that are better than J.Smiley????

Posted by: j dizzle | March 22, 2010 at 12:50 PM


Brandon Carter Texas Tech?

Check the guy out on youtube and tell me what you think.

i think they already have someone to trade him to ... cuz if not i dont know why we would be giving up insder information like this..

that would just depreciate his value

j dizzle...what about the 4th or 5th rounds? got some guys who can probably come in and compete against Garner or Thomas from those rounds. If a team can grab a Mike Johnson or Sergio Render in the 5th round why trade a 3rd for Smiley? And Smiley can be better than as many guys as he wants but if they are on the field and he's in the trainers room then they have more value.

Esteban - I agree if someone really wants him they may trade for him and I also agree that it will be for a lower round pick if someone does bite on it.

I was reading on a different site yesterday. How a guy said he bumped into Smile"s and Y. Bell yesterday at Atlanta airport. And he talked to both of them and he was real down in the dumps because he was told not to report to camp today because he was being traded. To most likely Seattle. Funny thing was this guy was bashed up and down on his post. And the whole time he was on the up and up. To funny

Darryl Dunphy,

Seriously, I hope we find a way to exploit Whites talent because he is obviously talented.
I just don't think it happens here in Miami. We have a logjam at QB, RB and WR. How are they going to fit in this project?
Ultimately, I think the White experiment is just a disaterous example of Dan Hennings senility.

We definitely shouldn't just cut smiley bc he's more valuable than nothing. But I could take a 3rd rounder for him.

Craig M....I'm not saying I agree with getting rid of Smiley. For the reasons you put I think you just hold on to him and let him compete with Garner. But if the Fish told him to stay home (just going by what's been put out there) then they've left themselves little room to really negotiate. No incentive for a team to give up much for a guy that they probably will be able to get without giving up a draft pick and at a lower salary after he's cut.

NJ, is Tsoumpas your cousin?

Dear Mr. Salguero

Did Tuna's conversation with Justin Smiley go anything like this ?

Rocky (Smiley): Hey, yo, Mike, whose lock is this?
Whose stuff is this in my locker?

Mike (Tuna): It's Dipper's(Incognito) stuff. It ain't your locker no more.

Rocky: Whatta ya talkin' about it ain't my locker no more? It's been my locker for six(2) years. Where's my gear?

Mike: Mickey told me to bag it. Hang it.

Rocky: You put my stuff on skid row? I been in that locker six(2) years; you put my stuff in a bag on skid row?

Mike: Mickey tells me what to do. I gotta do it, right, Rock?

Rocky: Where is he?

Mike: Working with Dipper. He's in a baaad mood.

Rocky: So am I.

Just wondering

Soiled :)

ah...that changes things. If they told him to stay home cause they have something already in the works than who knows what they might able to get for him.

I will blind the neighbour's cat if Kindle is the pick at 12.

Marcus, don't expect NJ to say that he was probably worng about a player. he was definitive in his claims that Morgan was strictly a 4-3 DE in conversations with me going months back. I pointed out numerous players that played OLB who had similar builds and athleticism as DM but he refused to budge. It's ok NJ, we are all wrong at some point.

I was wrong in thinking the administration would keep Ayodele over Torbor but I was wrong. I still claim that Ayodele is the better player and should have been kept. Torbot is useless on defense. Strictly a special teamer and situational player.

The problem with the log jam, is there is not much value to other teams in a trade scenario. The Jury is out on Ronnie, I don't think too many teams are going to give up a first rounder for him. Maybe a sign and trade situation with him. Bong Pipe may not play after this year, Lex, is to versitile and the unknown in the equation. I wish he would have gotten more carries at the end of last year(also my favorite player, Doesn't matter)So Cobbs is the last guy, maybe worth a 6th rounder, or in a package deal. If we do make a trade at RB. we could slide white into one of those spots, at least change his number so that he isn't on the roster as a QB.

Berry please fall to 12,

I like your mock as well but my tweak would be OLB/DE Brandon Graham in the 1st. If they can find a trade back partner that would be optimal. If not I have seen enough mocks that have him going around 16 that the few spots up to 12 to get the most all around productive college DE would not be a big reach.

I also agree with Esteban in that unfortunately TE Jimmy Graham may not make it to the 3rd round. He is my top choice for value at TE and I hope they could get him in the 4rth.

I also could easily take S Morgan Burnett in the 3rd round. Rashad Jones hits harder but is a little less of a ballhawk. This is good because it would mean there are two very solid options in Rashad Jones or Morgan Burnett at S in the 3rd.


The Pats will learn today how many compensatory draft picks they will be awarded in next month’s draft. They already have eight picks, four of those coming in the first two rounds (top 53). They could receive an additional four picks when the compensatory selections are handed out.They lost four players to FA in 2009.

Marcus there are several Online names I make it a point not to read - but after your posts at 10:43 and 11:15 you will be one I will make it a point to read!!!!

Good job you made great points and I felt the time I spent reading your posts was well spent and informative.


Eternal fodder !

That is unless or until the Dolphins have 22 starting pro bowl players and go 19-0 with a Superbowl blow out victory . There every move is was or will be a " mistake "

Journalist job security.

Rob in OC, you think Burnett makes it to the 3rd?

and I like UM's other TE a lot, too, in Dedrick Epps. Just might not be what the Fish are looking for since he's 6'3, 250. Might be a couple inches less than what they want. But I think he'll run faster than Graham at UM's pro day. Good receiving TE who's a lot better blocker than he was a couple years ago.

Rob in OC,

I would draft B. Graham in a heart beat; however at 12?? But I think if they did draft him at 12 I would be ok with it. Beacuse the fact is if we dont get him the pats will FOR SURE.

The good thing is 3-6 mafia (Parcells-Ireland-Sparano) saw his motor live in the senior bowl so they know first hand what they are geting with him.


Da words out. The Boss is pissed.
He heard you been putting "company" business out on da street.

You better packs your bags, lay low for a while and hope dis blows over......in a good way, if youse knows wat I mean!!!!

Smiley is a good player but not at his cost for only part of a season. Hope we get some draft picks for him. Message from Trifecta to all the players is that the standards to be retained are high. Hopefully Incognito puts his intensity into being a great player and does not kill us with penalties. Hopefully Donald Thomas stays healthy. From the record of last year, you cannot have enough depth.

All of you guys saying "just another mistake by the Trifecta" are morons. I guess you don't remember all the holes Miami had prior to the Trifecta. Miami was 1-15 and improved to 11-5 and fell back to earth with all the injuries and a bad defense last season. The overall pictue is looking bright in Miami for those of you who don't see it. Take a look at the rest of the league and how many misses those teams have. Look at the royal "highness" Beli-cheat. Who missed on Adalius Thomas, Derrick Burgess, Joey Galloway, Fred Taylor. The list goes on and on.

Has anyone told Waterboy that not only is Camarillo Mexican but that Davone Bess and Patrick Turner are black? So much for your white receiver theory you ignaramous.

Tuna's already got a trade partner, he would never tell someone not to report to work unless he had a done deal. Pioli is his son in law so KC probably is the place. Would be nice if they packaged Smiley and a pick next year to move up to the 5th pick and grab Berry ?

Burgess had an alright season with them last year. Thomas was a big miss though. HUGE miss.


Not getting your take on RBs from your post at 1:11pm. The Brown DUI is disappointing but I still think he's our starting running back this season. The rest of the group will be back, so outside of drafting some one in the 4th or lower, running back really isn't a concern this year.

It's amazing to me that I haven't read a single post on here from ANYONE saying that Smiley should be moved over the last few weeks and this story comes out and everyone says it makes sense. It makes NO sense. We've got a guy who is 28 years old, a solid citizen, who doesn't complain or cause trouble on the team and Incognito gets signed for a year and all of a sudden people are prepared to give this guy away for a sixth or a seventh or to even see this guy released. This guy is a good player, whose only black mark is he gets banged up a little more than we would be like. To do a deal like this doesn't reflect well on the trifecta and I'm sure Smiley is a pretty popular guy on the team. It's a poor trade (if in fact it's for a 6th or 7th) and is just bad business.


Morgan is the real deal and could easily get drafted before S Rashad Jones. I am predicting they both go in the 3rd right now.


M. Burnett: 6'1 3/8 209 4.55
2008 13gms 93 tcks 8 pbu 7 INTs
2009 14gms 85 tcks 4 pbu 4 INTs

R. Jones: 6'1 1/4 214 4.56
2008 13gms 76 tcks 3 pbu 5 INTs
2009 13gms 73 tcks 7 pbu 4 INTs

They are very similar players and thus I think they will go in the same round. I think Burnett's stats are more impressive and he looks so complete when he is playing. Looks natural tackling as well as making the INT. He is a very fluid athlete as if nothing will be too big for him jumping to the next level.

Especially in his Jr campaign having 93 tackles means he was the soul of that GT defense. Hopefully Miami's front 7 will shoulder more of the workload but typically we have overworked our safeties, I think Burnett would be up to that challenge. Rashad Jones is a very good player in his own right and I believe he can caused some FF's on killer hits.

I would happy with either in the 3rd.


don't know what to think about this. OL depth is important. but If he's not living up to his end of the contract then I suppose you move him.

It's true Mando, their FA acquistion history is border line terrible. at least they've made up for it in the draft.

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