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Miami Dolphins trying to trade Justin Smiley

ORLANDO -- The Dolphins are in the process of breaking ties with guard Justin Smiley.

Team sources are telling The Miami Herald that Dolphins football czar Bill Parcells called the guard Saturday while he was on a hunting trip in Alabama. Smiley was told not to report to the club's offseason conditioning program that begins today in Davie.

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland deflected questions about Smiley today, saying coach Tony Sparano would be the team's spokesman on all matters during the owner's meetings.

"We're going to be one voice here, OK? That's going to be Tony tomorrow. That's the way our policy works. We'll be one voice tomorrow. He'll answer any questions you guys have about anything regarding the Dolphins world"

Pressed on the fact that Sparano isn't scheduled to address the media until Tuesday morning and the news on Smiley has already happened, Ireland still wouldn't discuss the issue.

"I'm not going to respond to it right now," he insisted. 

Smiley, who signed a five-year, $25 million contract as an unrestricted free agent in 2008, was told the Dolphins are in the process of attempting to trade him this offseason. The Dolphins hope to conclude a trade within the next couple of weeks but certainly before the NFL draft is over in April.

The intriguing part of this approach is that the team is apparently admitting Smiley was another in a growing list of unrestricted free agency misses -- a list that includes Gibril Wilson, Ernest Wilford, Josh McCown, Chris Crocker and others.

It is also interesting that the club was believed to have just filled a need for interior line help by signing Richie Incognito to a one-year deal worth $1.35 million and is now creating a new need at the spot. The deal with the tempermental Incognito comes with no guarantees that he'll even make the team. Incognito, who has been cut or not retained by two other NFL teams, got only $25,000 in guaranteed money from Miami.

Smiley got $9 million to sign with Miami in 2008 and has been a relatively good player when he's been healthy. His major problem is that he came to the Dolphins with a history of being injured and that history has held true in his two seasons with Miami.

Smiley played 12 games in 2008 before suffering a knee injury that ended his season. Last year he was nagged by a shoulder and other assorted ailments that kept him out of the starting lineup four games. Although Smiley still was active for 15 games, the emergence of Nate Garner kept him on the bench for three games as a starter.

It is unclear what price the Dolphins hope to exact for Smiley. League sources at the current NFL annual meetings are speculating the asking price is a third-round pick. The Bengals, Seahawks, Atlanta, and San Francisco are in the market for interior linemen.

If the Dolphins cannot trade Smiley, the could decide to cut him.


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Rob, I don't think Morgan makes it to the 3rd round anymore. After he showed that he didn't only play fast, but actually could run his 40 fast and show explosiveness in other drills I think that's gonna cement him a spot in the 2nd round.

I think he's the 3rd best safety in this draft after berry and thomas.

"Burgess had an alright season with them last year. Thomas was a big miss though. HUGE miss."

Burgess cost the Patriots a third rounder and they are not going to resign him. What does that tell you? You don't rent a player for a year for a third rounder. Them not resigning him shows one thing he doesn't fit. The pick was a miss. Who cared if he played "alright"

Andy in NJ, allthough I wrote what I did on the matter I do half agree with you. There are plenty of other teams who miss on free agents due to a wide assortment of reasons. It would make a very interesting article (cough,cough MANDO! cough,cough) written by someone who has the time and resources to do the research. A comparison of the rest of the leagues free agent signings against the Dolphins signings.

Sorry guys but what they are doing in Baltimore is WAY ahead of what our guys are doing here in Miami!! Newsome just added Corey Redding today, to go along with some of his other moves like trading for Boldin and re-signing Mason. These guys are streets ahead of us, and don't give me the argument that they were further ahead two years ago when the trifecta adopted a team that was 1-15. We keep plodding along....one step forward and two steps back....
We keep pissing around with our OL, instead of addressing glaring needs at WR, NT, LB and FS. I recognize that all of this takes time but a Karlos Dansby signing and that's it, is not the off-season I had hoped we would have so far.

I agree with Craig M's 1:37 p.m. post. I am not crazy about this move. Smiley has consistently been our best interior OL since we signed him. He does get injured but you got to believe his luck with injuries is going to even out. Our OL has been our best unit since the trifecta took over. I don't like any move that weakens it.

Real good news!!! I don't believe for one second that this deal isn't already or not close to done...The Dolphins would have had Smiley come to camp and join workouts if they felt that a trade wasn't already a done deal...If in fact they get a third round pick for him comes to fruitation then I will be really happy that the Fins will pick up that extra pick they so desperately needed in the 2nd or third round

I just don't get the trifecta's fascination and obsession with the OL. I get that the game is won in the trenches but our line is just fine. Go out and get us some damn playmakers and stop giving us 'lip-action'. Exactly how dumb do they think we really are?

Smiley's shoulder is degenerative - it will never heal properly and he probably will never play a whole season again; especially with the violence of the position he plays. If the team can pull a 3rd rounder off for him I think it's golden. You not only can get a very talented player at that point - you are saving a boatload of money to be able to play with not just this season but next season as well.


Do you really believe the Dolphins could get a second for Smiley? That would be wonderful but I don't think that would be realistic. A third would be fine but I fear it's going to be lower than that and I don't think this is anything other than a salary dump.

Craig M, I'm pretty sure NT, FS, LB and WR is going to be addressed in the draft, which is 31 days away...u can't fix problems till the future actually happens unless u have a time machine

Marcus and Mark in Toronto - NJ will NEVER admit he is wrong in anything - check my earlier post with the link to Pro Football Weekly and see how his analysis is word for word with what they have there.

Everyone that thinks he is some sort of "guru" would be better off listening to Todd McShay and Mel Kiper.

A "Hot Tub" Time Machine bobbyd???

Craig M, I said the Dolphins needed to pick up an extra 2nd or 3rd rounder this year, not that they would get a 2nd for Smiley...if they do pull off a third for Smiley though it would be great for our draft...

I just don't get the trifecta's fascination and obsession with the OL. I get that the game is won in the trenches but our line is just fine. Go out and get us some damn playmakers and stop giving us 'lip-action'. Exactly how dumb do they think we really are?

Posted by: Craig M | March 22, 2010 at 01:53 PM

Craig I hear ya.

I could've done better than the Trifecta this off season just sitting here at my computer with a bottle of Jack.

Craig, Not understanding what your mad about here. It seems as if you're upset about trading an o-linemen for a draft pick that may help us to land the exact player or players that you're complaining they're not going after. Meaning, are they tinkering with the o-line like you say, or are they making room and gaining picks to land players for an area of need by getting rid of a player who plays in an area we don't have a need? Remember, NJ reminded us of the guard the trifecta picked up from the CFL and this kid could be something special. Just trying to understand your argument.

Craig said;"I get that the game is won in the trenches but our line is just fine". I strongly disagree. Our o-line is set at center and left tackle. We have no one special at both guard positions and Carey can't keep his weight down. After thinking about this I believe the Phins are getting worried about Smileys shoulder and don't think he will ever be the player they hoped he would be. If they get a third rounder for him it will be a steal.

I realize I just contradicted myself by saying they were getting rid of a player in an area we don't have a need and then posting that the o-line isn't set. It's not set but I don't believe Smiley is the long term answer for us at left guard because of the injuries and once again I'm crediting Mando for pointing this out before they signed him.

Craig I hear ya.

I could've done better than the Trifecta this off season just sitting here at my computer with a bottle of Jack.

Posted by: odinseye | March 22, 2010 at 02:03 PM

my NORSE warrior friend, should the out-lying villages be concerned??

Armando, I'm getting sick and tired of hearing you rag on the Trifecta about their FA misses.

Eric Greene, Ernest Wilford, G Wilson but what about the hits? Tony McDaniels, Randy Starks, Wake, Pennington, Bess who was an undrafted FA, Lousaka Polite (waiver wire pickup I beleive), JT who was solid if not great last year, Reggie Torbor solid backup and special teams guy. Karlos Dansby this year by all accounts should be a very good addition.

You should attempt to be fair in your analysis.

Why does everyone discount Harline as a true #1 receiver? He is 6'2" and runs around the forty around 4.5 He has pretty good hands as well. Smart kid too from what I've read. I don't think we are in as bad shape at WR as common perception holds.

Cuban Menace,

The outlying villages inch ever closer to the edge as we count down to Draft Day.

I drink mostly Bourban during the off season and that ain't a good thing for the natives!!!!



Lets get one thing Straight, derrick morgan is NOT my 1st choice or even 2nd choice. Berry at 12 asked me about his mock draft that had berry and mclain at 12 but if they were gone he said williams. I'd perfere morgan over willimas, that's it. I still think he might better DE than a OLB however like estaban pointed out, in mike nolan's system the DE/olb is used more like A DE with his hand on the ground and uses alot of 4-3 alignments. morgan will rarely asked to drop into coverage. Moran would never make it in a different 3-4 system. GOT THAT !!

Mark in Toronto , don't you know that everybody in the greek community are cousins. So yes , tsoumpas is my cousin. :)

OK guys I'll post later


I was being sarcastic. I think the Trifecta is doing the right things.

AWright MIAMI!!!!

Craig M.
I was trying to explain a scenario in which we could use Pat White at Rb, or Wr instead of Qb. Rb, or Slot made the most sense to me, Then Odinseye made the point that we were jammed at both spots. I agree that Brown will be the starter this year, but by default. He only has value here in Miami, I'm not sure too many teams will pay the price we are asking. to big of a risk. Bong Pipe marches to the beat of his own drummer, he belongs here untill he calls it quit for the weed farm. That left Lex, who hope we keep, and Cobbs who might be odd man out. Mind you this is my own scenario to get some production From White. The easiest thing would be to change his number, so he wouldn't be forced to come into games as a Qb.

Soiled , Funny stuff on the network and i being at odds due to my threats over bryant. Good stuff , keep it up.

Listen, we all know how important this draft is, it can't be a bad thing to be picking up extra picks...Fact is u can't trade garbage for draft picks, our O-line is our strength and Justin Smiley is expendable for a pick...we have needs on defense that need to be filled along with WR and I believe TE...

Why is it that other teams make trades...but the Dolphins cut players that other teams pickup for nothing...if you can't get a third rounder take a fourth...why cut value to nothing....it just doesn't make sense.


That makes more sense now. Sorry I missed your point before but I agree with what your saying. I just wish people would give White a chance. Right now he's a change of pace guy and he was drafted for a reason. This guy had tremendous skills in College and I think if we just sit back and let's this guy develop he will provide some value to the team.

should have held porter for trade as well!they better find a partner.3rd and smiley and camarillo for marshall & r.feilds.now thats a fair trade for both!and we would get a true #1 wr and a stater at nt (m nolan) player.this is the ticket right here!!!!


I will agree with your 2:33pm post but if we're only getting a 6th or 7th back in a trade then it's not worth it. I don't believe trading is the strength of this regime. I think there are several players would we could have gotten something back for and we didn't. So I'm not optimistic this will turn out good for the team.

*Hartline *** runs the forty around 4.5

denver also interested in kevin mauiwe old center??fins need too trade denver for feilds&marshall!!!!!!

On the subject of trades, I think that the Dolphin's 1st round pick (#12 overall), may lead to a trade. Not that the Dolphin's will trade their first round pick, but I still see them eyeing Rolando McClain with the 12th pick. If he is available, and the Dolphin's select him, I can see a package deal to trade Ted Ginn & Channing Crowder, along with a mid-round 2011 pick for Brandon Marshall. If that is not attractive enough for Denver, it may also require throwing in someone like Camarillo to get a trade done. That assumes the Dolphins want Marshall on this roster. All speculation on my part.

Camarillo runs the 40 in 4.9


I see you upgraded Burnett to the 3rd overall safety going in the 2nd round.

I think Chad Jones will go before him in the 2nd due to his more Mays like freakish triangle numbers.

Its a real tough call as to where some of these guys get taken as there are some tight races.

If Burnett did fall to the 3rd it would be a coup to land him. I would grab Rashad Jones in the 3rd along with you if Burnett was gone too early. My fear with R. Jones is that he would end up being more SS material than FS which is our true biggest need at safety.

If they managed to move Smiley for a 3rd then we would have firepower to grab an TE like Jimmy Graham or RB like Ben Tate or Toby Gerhart to bolster run game. Cobbs is a good player but is coming off injury and has never been an over the top talent. He would be let go from the rotataion first imo.


Don't you think Gerharht is the same player as Lex? where would he fit in, and why would they draft another running back with similar skill sets, when what I think they want is a guy who is more elusive.

He's one of our better linemen... (we're trying to build OLine chemistry here not take it about)
WTF man!?

I didn't like the Satale trade last year but it turned out to be a good move! So I guess I'll trust them on making OL moves bacause they sure as hell haven't made the required moves at WR!!

listen i know this won't happen but i would love too have 3 of denver's players for maybe 3-4 of are's and a pick in 2010 or 2011.

wr-brandin marshall-c.crowder-maybe j.allen?
nt-ronald feilds-j.smiley-maybe t.ginn?(r speed)
te tony scheffler-g.camarillo & 2011 2nd/player preformace enhanced deal that could turn into a 1rst?.

than get ilb in draft.



That would be a tad too many people leaving at one time considering they have already clipped Wilson (starter) Roth (would have started) Ayodele (starter) and with your trade we would further lose Ginn (starter) Crowder (starter) lose a 2011 draft pick and throw in a very solid back up WR all for BM??

This just in...No one has dealt for Marshall as a 1st round only tender. Marshall will end up moving for cheaper than a 1st.

If you really wanted to get Marshall wouldn't it be much less costly to simply give up a 2nd and Camarillo versus 2 starters and a back up and a pick in 2011?

I don't want to bring in Marshall as I believe NFL teams know stuff about Marshall and thus are staying away. On sheer production alone he is worth a 1st round pick but EVERY team in the NFL is balking at that price... hmmm, what don't we know?



Ozzie Newsome (or Smith if you ask Armando lol) has been in Baltimore how many years now? The Trifecta has been here how many years now? Ozzie has had a lot more time, his roster is much more complete. Not fair to compare situations.

Go fins!

First post here. Thoroughly enjoy the intuitive insights from most, disappointed in the inappropriate attacks by a very few, and the uneducated insults by even fewer.

The ability to disagree in public about anything is a cornerstone of our democracy. However, public discourse should bring with it decorum, no matter how exuberant or impassioned the dialogue.

I'm not a fan of March Madness nor baseball, and although also an Old Heat Fan, it is the Dolphins and all that surrounds them that bring joy to this old man's day.

So thank you to all who contribute within the bounds of civility, and here's hoping the rest will reconsider a more diplomatic approach to discussion.

Now, I do not have (like most, I assume)even 1% of the information available to the Big Tuna and staff needed to run this multi-million dollar enterprise, nor the expertise garnered through a lifetime of study and experience at all levels as do they, but I do have an opinion, so here it goes:

Keeping Pennington is the best personnel move they could have made. He is the ultra-rare combination of brains, experience, physical ability, and most importantly, leadership with class. He still has the drive to be the starter, so competition will make Henne better, and yet the class to accept a backup role, if that happens.

Again, my thanks to those who study the Fins and offer informed insights. I am educated and entertained by such, and my day brighter because of it.

Go Fins!

if we trade channing crowder there goes one of our best defensive players and we'll be left with only 2 lbs cameron wake is not starter material. Get Eric Berry i know its almost impossible. If not we need Earl Thomas and Brandon Marshall on our team next year no matter what.B Marshall is a stud and proven! First pick should be a safety whther its berry/thomas/or Mays. 2nd round has to be a LB spikes/grahmn/ norwood/morgan/JJP/weatherspoon. 3rd we get NT.

>Greg Camarillo is Mexican-American, not white.

Sooo if not white, what color is Mexican-American?

Off-white? Beige? Mocha?

Old Fin Fan,

Truer words have never been spoken to embody everything Pennington brings to this football team. What he meant to this reclamation project is the core reason he will never escape my list of Top 15 favorite Dolphin players.

If we get a third for Smiley that would be a steal due to our depth at the position. I would say a 4th would be what we end up with. I like this move......

The day is better with Dolphins news ;)

Garner is a beast, I would say he is a shoe in at one of the Guard spots

Darryl Dunphy,

Me personally I would want a more elusive back and have laid out my scenario to take RB Jahvid Best. I feel he is that much of a game changer and maybe the most dynamic player on OFF in the whole draft including Spiller.

What the Fins end up doing could go in a few different directions. The main key to the whole puzzle is how they view Ronnie Brown longer term. I am not sure they are ready to hitch their wagon to him for much longer due to injuries.

Ricky says he now may want to play longer but I am not sure he can maintain 1000yrd plus season at his age. The idea of Wilcat was to get these two on the field at the same time... due to Ronnie getting nicked that has been problematic. Ricky is solid but this is about the time his skills should start to fade some.

Lex is a very decent back up type and he can double as a FB behind Polite. He did show a few nice plays and may just need more exposure. His resume is nothing like Gerhart's coming out of college. Gerhart found the endzone and ran over a ton of would be tacklers in college.

If the Trifecta want to keep smashing people in the run game I could see them getting Gerhart and have a Gerhart/Hilliard combo after the 2010 season.

It's a rough call. As many have proposed they may try to tough it out and hit on RB's next year. I just feel that one RB is coming in this draft.


Old Fin Fan, You're welcome. :)

Well said Old Fin

Two flaws in Bill Parcells' thinking. He wants to win with alter boys (which can't be done in today's NFL) and he downplays players who have a history of injuries (Smiley, Jake Grove). He could stand to take a page from Jimmy Johnson's book regarding these errors in judegment. The fact that Smiley and Grove are injury prone mistakes are a major setback for this franchise...and ones that should have been avoided as the writing was on the wall. Another flaw in his thinking concerns his obsession with players size. He has an idea as to what a football player should "look like". This was the motivation to take Patrick Turner 6'4 220 (whatever he is). Yet the guy can't run routes or catch the ball. Finally, the Pat White pick defied logic. I'd believe that even if he had scored 10 touchdowns in 2009. In year two, this team needed a guy who will play 30-40 snaps a game from a 2nd round pick, not a specialty guy. They say hindsight is 20/20, but even a blindman could have seen these problems. I've been a Parcells supporter but I'm starting to lose confidence. Are we going to be talking about Karlos Dansby being cut in 2 years ?

Old Fin Fan,

What NJ PHIN FAN meant was "You're welcome to join our blog of Fin Fans openly exchanging ideas...just watch out for the Plungie Award!"



should have held porter for trade as well!they better find a partner.3rd and smiley and camarillo for marshall & r.feilds.now thats a fair trade for both!and we would get a true #1 wr and a stater at nt (m nolan) player.this is the ticket right here!!!!

Posted by: jprecise | March 22, 2010 at 02:49 PM


Ok, after reading alot of the posts I´ve gotten to agreed with much of the posting:

1. He is not a bust signing, he served, well but got injured often.

2. Trifecta thinks they got a good or even better replacement at Nate Gardner(As some mentioned, nobody died when smiley did not start)

3.It saves money and we get extra picks

4.Guards are well covered with incognito,thomas and gardner

It just all makes sense for his move. I agree he is and will be a good guard, but miami can move on without him and not notice. With this miami will continue the depth by drafting late round of o-line.

That's not what i meant , stop putting words in my mouth. . Old fin Fan, you're welcome :)

Old Fin Fan,

I like the Pennington signing as well. I think he is a very bright and capable QB when healthy. I especially like his leadership and his contributions 2 years ago.

That said, I actually think they signed him (complete with a trade clause stipulation that adds money to his pockets but still allows a trade) to eventually trade him if he can sufficiently rehab. After seeing what the Chargers got for Whitehurst I think Penny would have some great Value to a QB starved team. I think they will keep the mix of Henne, Thigpen and White as the trio moving forward.

Even though he was a second round pick I think the Trifecta will expect much better play from White in year 2.


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