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Miami Dolphins trying to trade Justin Smiley

ORLANDO -- The Dolphins are in the process of breaking ties with guard Justin Smiley.

Team sources are telling The Miami Herald that Dolphins football czar Bill Parcells called the guard Saturday while he was on a hunting trip in Alabama. Smiley was told not to report to the club's offseason conditioning program that begins today in Davie.

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland deflected questions about Smiley today, saying coach Tony Sparano would be the team's spokesman on all matters during the owner's meetings.

"We're going to be one voice here, OK? That's going to be Tony tomorrow. That's the way our policy works. We'll be one voice tomorrow. He'll answer any questions you guys have about anything regarding the Dolphins world"

Pressed on the fact that Sparano isn't scheduled to address the media until Tuesday morning and the news on Smiley has already happened, Ireland still wouldn't discuss the issue.

"I'm not going to respond to it right now," he insisted. 

Smiley, who signed a five-year, $25 million contract as an unrestricted free agent in 2008, was told the Dolphins are in the process of attempting to trade him this offseason. The Dolphins hope to conclude a trade within the next couple of weeks but certainly before the NFL draft is over in April.

The intriguing part of this approach is that the team is apparently admitting Smiley was another in a growing list of unrestricted free agency misses -- a list that includes Gibril Wilson, Ernest Wilford, Josh McCown, Chris Crocker and others.

It is also interesting that the club was believed to have just filled a need for interior line help by signing Richie Incognito to a one-year deal worth $1.35 million and is now creating a new need at the spot. The deal with the tempermental Incognito comes with no guarantees that he'll even make the team. Incognito, who has been cut or not retained by two other NFL teams, got only $25,000 in guaranteed money from Miami.

Smiley got $9 million to sign with Miami in 2008 and has been a relatively good player when he's been healthy. His major problem is that he came to the Dolphins with a history of being injured and that history has held true in his two seasons with Miami.

Smiley played 12 games in 2008 before suffering a knee injury that ended his season. Last year he was nagged by a shoulder and other assorted ailments that kept him out of the starting lineup four games. Although Smiley still was active for 15 games, the emergence of Nate Garner kept him on the bench for three games as a starter.

It is unclear what price the Dolphins hope to exact for Smiley. League sources at the current NFL annual meetings are speculating the asking price is a third-round pick. The Bengals, Seahawks, Atlanta, and San Francisco are in the market for interior linemen.

If the Dolphins cannot trade Smiley, the could decide to cut him.


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Rob, Life is good when we can have a forum to debate the possibilities of who will be our 3rd Rb. on the Depth chart! The thing about Gerhart that makes me think he would be a poor fit here is. 1 he isn't a proven pass catcher, in fact I'm not sure if he was thrown to more then 20 times all year. It is vital that the Rb's can catch the ball Screens, check downs. Lex is very good at this. 2 Pass protection- Gerhart is a big guy, pass protections are the hardest things for Rb's to figure out, and in this offense the Rb. must be able to block or they will never see the field. Again these are things that I'm sure Gerhart could learn(Stanford education, not bad) But Lex can do these things well, and it seems to be a waste of a pick, when we should go Te in that slot.

Rob in OC...I still think Mays will go ahead of Burnett. I'm not so sure about Chad Jones after he ran just under 4.6. I was expected faster and I think most people were. Which I guess goes to show he plays fast - definitely a good thing. Plus he Jones looks like he never bench pressed in his life. I know he's played baseball so he might have wanted to stay limber up top for that. Can be seen as a plus or negative actually. Full time football player and he'll be in the weight room more and might lower his body fat - gain some more speed in the process. I just prefer Burnett's ball hawking ability.

1. Berry
2. Thomas
3. Burnett
4. Allen
5. Chad Jones
5b. Major Wright

Taylor Mays is a linebacker to me.

I rather believe that Parcells already has a trade worked out. Now trying to figure with whom is the problem.

Rumor has it that Smiley Cyrus is going to the Seahawks.. for a 4th Rounder and some swapping of positions in round 3

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sorry, swapping in rd 2


Could you be any more touchy on the whole putting words in your mouth thing?

Also Eric Berry is dropping fast
and Bay Bay might be the 1st WR to go.

Old Fin Fan,

Thanks for coming in and humbling us all; it's good to know there are fans like you out there.


What happened to R. Jones on your safety list?


I would be happy with that trade but have a feeling you making it up

has anyone thought of wacky toughts like this one...

Suh or mCcoy droping to say the 8 or 10th and miami trading up for them? I´m not very into college football(spain has its limitations) but could they be good NT´s?

Suh and McCoy are not NT's


no. If we trade Smiley i think it will be for a player, not extra draft picks. I think a team must have called miami and inquired about smiley.

ok carlito...but would it make some kind of sense for miami?

Rumor has it that Smiley Cyrus is going to the Seahawks.. for a 4th Rounder and some swapping of positions in round 3

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Posted by: Waterboy | March 22, 2010 at 03:52 PM

I would rather have a 3rd rounder than that...


McCoy and Suh are DT prospects. They dont have the shorter quatter type build that is required of a NT in a 3-4 defense.

Suh and McCoy would play DE in the 3-4, which is one of the Dolphins deepest positions on defense... Moving up would be costly, don't think it would happen

Smiley was no bust. He brought a veteran presence when the Tuna knew they were picking Jake Long. He couldn't stay healthy and then Jake showed he is a pro bowler. They should draft a solid center in the 4th or 5th round to provide more flexible back up on the interior line.

I really think they have a deal in the works that includes Smiley.

First post here

I read online that there is a possibility that the phins draft Joe Haden (he had a great pro day), and move sean smith to safety


Where did you read that? Why are of people convinced smith would do good at safety?

I doubt they would move Sean Smith to safety. I think our needs at CB were filled by last years draft.

Darryl Dunphy,

Here is a clip of a post I sent to Esteban:

If they managed to move Smiley for a 3rd then we would have firepower to grab an TE like Jimmy Graham or RB like Ben Tate or Toby Gerhart to bolster run game. Cobbs is a good player but is coming off injury and has never been an over the top talent. He would be let go from the rotataion first imo.


I was basically throwing out a few different options with TE J. Graham first and Ben Tate second. Toby Gerhart is a serious talent at RB and his numbers in college were pretty studly. Throw in that he ran a 4.55 at 231 which is faster than most thought he could run and I'd say he has definite 3rd round talent.

He is light on the receptions side of things but it may be due to their offense at Stanford. Also in private workouts they can find out if he can catch sufficiently.

I cannot vouch for his blocking but at least he has a good stout base frame and good heft to work with.

I too love being able to freely exchange ideas on players and draft strats. Keep up the good work as you are a very sharp poster!



Just got your post from about an hour ago. What I was comparing was how the two teams are going about their business diferently. Granted Newsome has a head start but there are moves that the trifecta should be making and aren't. I'm just not sure we're going to be as improved this season as I thought we would be be......and before everyone jumps all over me, I realize this off-season is a long way from being complete and we're going to add in the draft, I'm just saying we've missed some opportunites......again.

This is why teams never wanted Parcells to "buy the groceries"

Regarding Sean Smith,

I am not sure he can tackle or wants to tackle enough to be a safety right now. He may grow to be more aggresive but I would trust Vontae at safety before S. Smith.

Like Parcells always says "If they don't bite as pups..."

I would not bet on any switch of Smith or Vontae as I doubt they want their heads to swim so they can just knuckle down and get better.

If the did take Hayden it would be only if they thought he was just head and shoulders above all other choices at that pick and I don't see them thinking that.


Craig M, fans move by emotions and that translates into geting FA...what is the trifecta think some are not worth it? We should not sign FA just for the sake of it... we cant get everybody...also you would have to think that "some" player besides money look at the actual team and see there chances to making the playoffs, maybe miami isnt a soo desired team to go...

This year is going to be slow for miami, but i still think we are in the right direction...that we could have gone faster like ravens and jets are doing yeah we could have...but we are taking the right baby steps...

Old Fin Fan: (@ 3:21 PM)

Its a pleasure to have someone join who wishes to raise the level of our discussions in a positive way.

also happens to be the reason why I agree with your assessment of
Pennington. Well-prepared, dedicated, Actors enhance the quality of the groups they engage with.

Pennington is a classic example.

Guys like that usually help organizations win.


I don't see Smith as a Safety. He has the size to play the position but he is not a great tackler. In the Dolphins scheme the Safeties must be strong against the run. Smith is not strong in that area. He can run and has great ball skills but couldn't effectively support the run defense. That does not necessarily mean that we won't draft Haden but Smith is not a safety. I also don't think we will draft Haden but who knows at this point.





I just do a small part of many great posters on this blog.

I appreciate the very kind words my man!


Trade Smiley and a 3rd rounder to Broncos for Brandon Marshall. Done.
Incognito starts at RG and the winner of Thomas and Gardner on the LG

Some great posts and posters on today....

Let's keep it rolling folks!

I'm out for a bit... be back later.

Ciao for now.


Could you PLEASE arrest the clown who is mixing LSD in Aloco's
M e a t b a l l s.


i so called this a week ago its b/c of injuries and his salary-----torbor is next

by the way armando---just because they are going to trade doesnt mean---he was a miss---they must just feel comfortable with the younger guys at gaurd and center--who can play multiple postions and stay healthy---if Justin smiley was a miss he would be cut---and would have no trade value---he play well for us and gave us good gaurd play when healthy what is wrong with the two years he spent starting for us and being a mentor to the younger guys---stop tryn to get at the trifecta---

As someone mentioned before I think the trade will be a done deal by tomorrow. Trifecta wouldn´t tell him not to go to the trainings just because someone knocked on the door but because a trade is really near.

Sean Smith is S-O-F-T! He is soft even for a corner. He has no interest in making tackles at all. I never understood the rookie praise he seemed to receive. He was below average in coverage, horrible tackling and didn't make any plays at all. Zero interceptions, zero forced fumbles, zero recovered fumbles.

I believe what Will Allen said a few weeks ago that he will be a starter next year. He is better in all facets then Smith.

Denver won't take less then a 1st rd pick. U guys are saying send either Ginn or Smiley and a 3rd rd'r are dreamin.

Dolphins already have a replacement on the current roster to supplant mostly injured Smiley.

this is becoming a joke, another wasted signing. we gave him 9 million dollars. unreal who are these clowns running this team. our oline gets worse daily.

Please stop with the Marshall bullshyt..New blog up

All you have to do is read between the lines a little.

Before they cut Smiley, they would let him come into conditioning workouts. They would let him try and compete for a job. Take a look at cut downs and make a decision then. They could make a salary dump at anytime up until final cuts.
The only reason I believe Parcells makes this call now is because of his and another teams concern over a possible injury during conditioning drills.
Injured players are hard too trade. There's a deal already in place.

Swami says: Goodbye Smiley, Hello draft pick.

Well, thanks for the responses for the haden comment. I read it on walterfootball. He said it is a possibility there, which seemed highly unlikely because I figured, if they needed to fill the safety need, they would just draft earl thomas

The Trifecta is officially no better than any other front office in football (except maybe the Raiders).

I think "NJ PHIN FAN" hit the mark way back on page 1 of the posts. Just because a team lets a FA go or makes another move with him does not make that player a "Bust" or a "Miss". Sometimes a guy just fills a "Temporary Need" until a lasting solution can be decided upon. Smiley, as good as he is, will always be one of those guys who can leave your team high and dry at altogether the wrong moment. I am also a big Believer that next years FA situation (as reported by Armando a few days ago) leaves Miami in a good situation. They will certainly lose a few FA... but there are also some guys out there who Miami may be gearing even a year in advance to be in a financially stable situation to get aggressive with. This is still a young and building team early in their RB process, This years draft and next years FA acquisitions may be the "Right time, Right place" moment teams are always looking for. What will suck is if a "Lock Out" happens and throws the whole process to the breeze. But all ya gotta do is take a look at who hit 100% FA in the NFL next year and you can see why Miami wants to be ready to jump.

Why are so many of you bashing the Trifecta? Do you miss Nick Saban and Cam Cameron? Did you expect to win the Super Bowl two years off a 1-15 season? Give me a break. Some people you just can't please...

Smiley is a good player with an injury problem. We took a chance that he'd stay healthy and he didn't. He met our needs for a time and now we have good, young players who are ready to step in. We're getting decent value out of Smiley before he loses his value.
How is that stupid? It sounds pretty smart to me.

I think we should offer Denver Ted Ginn, Justin Smiley, three 7th-rounders and the contents of Gibril Wilson's old locker. What do you think? Maybe the Colts will trade us Peyton Manning for a dirty jockstrap, a can of expired Cheez-Whiz, and a Jeff Ireland-autographed napkin!

I agree, it;s too early to bash the trifecta, especially when you compare it to what we have had. Some move are to build for the future, some are to fill the roster. They signed Smiley as a FA, he played well when healthy, now they have younger cheaper alternatives, if they get pact a a player they an use or a pick in a deep draft, I say that was a good move.

I also think by going CB/CB last year(not counting Pat White pick) the CB situation is hopefully set. I believe Sean Smith could be our best CB very soon, give the guy a break he was a rookie last year thrown to the wolves, big learning curve there. If was want a DB in the 1st we'll just take a safety.


Yes out with the oft injured and in with the new. We knew that most of the veterans that were signed where stop gaps to a even bigger problems. Which was the ineptness of past regimes so that we may put something on the field that resembled a foot ball team.

Now if we get a third rounder that would be huge and if Parcells asked Smiley to not show up for work, you have to think the trade is most likely done or gonna go down soon. If there isn't a trade in the works I would be suprised however, what would Smiley count against the cap and that may or may not be motive enough, but you have to thinks that the Trifecta is gonna get something in return. Even a fourth would be ok, because this is a deep draft. Not to mention a package deal to move up or down in the first two rounds.

Things are shaping up and this is gonna be a great draft.


Trading or releasing smiley is not an admission of a mistake

Where do you guys come up with this stuff

Smiley was a productive guard for 2 season. Now the fins are opting to go in another direction...so what

It's nothing more

I agree with NC Fin Fan. If we could trade Ginn & Smiley for Marshall, then take NT Williams (1st), Spikes (2nd) and best safety in the 3rd round, I would feel very good about our chances, not just for this season, but the near future, as well.

I agree with NC Fin Fan,

If we could send Ginn and Smiley to Denver for Marshall (big if), then draft Williams (1st0, Spikes (2nd) and best safety (3rd), we woud vastly improve our team's chances, not just this year, but the near future, as well.

This is a GREAT move!

As someone else said the O-Line is one of our deepest areas on the team and getting a 3rd or 4th rounder for a disposable player is GREAT.

I also expect that before the draft we will probably pick up another pick for either one of our RB's (cobbs or hilliard) or one of our receivers (cam or ginn) maybe we get a 5th rounder by some luck for one of them.

This sets us up with A LOT of bargaining chips to move around in the draft to get the guys we want. I feel like by the draft we will be in a position to pick up at least 3 or 4 starters from the draft.

Also, anyone who thinks we aren't going OLB in the draft is crazy. The only way we don't go OLB is if Berry falls to 12 which probably isn't happening. For those Bryant lovers out there forget it. If we we're going WR in the first round we would be going after B. Marshall instead of waiting for a less talented, unproven Bryant. 12th is too high for Williams and Thomas.

IMO...anyone else have any thoughts on my theory???

I am pretty sure once the season starts we'll be set on OL. I do think we draft Dan Williams (DT) with our first pick. We should trade Smiley,and possibly ginn! I think Arelius Benn will be there for us in the second. We could even trade back up into the late first or early second to grab him! Then we have are #1 WR and a Starting DT! We will still need a FS but I think we should grab Otogwe from the Rams!

WE need to remember Bill Parcels is a master at finding diamonds in the rough! We will compete this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smiley was anything but a mistake. His veteran presence brought leadership to the OL. He mentored Jake Long and together they kept the blind side one of the most reliable units on the field.
His play for two years should not be denegrated because the team decided to make a move motivated by $.

I don't get this move at all...why are we creating holes on the O-line which is the strength of this team...I'm losing faith in the Trifecta..
They could have received a pick for Porter..They miss out on Boldin and sign a known trouble maker in Incognito.. Oh and don't forget Matt Roth..we should have gotten a pick for him as well...

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