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Five days into free agency is no time to panic

Unrestricted free agency started as a sprint over the weekend when many NFL teams jockeyed for position to immediately land their prize targets or re-sign their best players.

The Dolphins got Karlos Dansby who is an upgrade at inside linebacker. The Dolphins locked up backup quarterback Chad Pennington. And they added by subtracting Joey Porter and Gibril Wilson.

But not all has gone according to plan.

The Dolphins have struggled to land a starting-caliber free safety because fate has not been kind. They put a certain value on Antrel Rolle and the New York Giants placed a higher value on him and got him. Value is defined here by cold, hard cash.)

They placed a higher value on Ryan Clark than his most recent team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, but Clark, a classy, solid dude, had other priorities he had to answer to. So Clark left Dolphins money on the table in order to return to the Steelers.

Some front offices might begin to panic. I trust the Dolphins will not, not with Bill Parcells at the helm.

On the surface, the situation looks uncomfortable if not dire.

A survey of the landscape shows the Dolphins have needs at too many positions to solve all those needs through the draft. 

They need a starting OLB, a NT, a starting FS, and, of course, a playmaker at WR. Always a playmaker at WR.

So what to do?

While Cincinnati is hosting both Antonio Bryant and Terrell Owens this week, while Seattle is studying Brandon Marshall, after Baltimore traded for Anquan Boldin and Kansas City signed Chris Chambers, the Dolphins have done nothing.

I love Boldin -- a lot. But I cannot criticize the Dolphins for not moving on anyone left. It would be a sign of desperation for them to go after domestic batterer Marshall. Even if the move might be popular with fans and sell tickets, it would be a huge risk.

Owens will be 36 years old. He's better than any wide receiver the Dolphins currently have, no question. But did I mention he'll be 36 years old? And he has a history that rubs Parcells the wrong way. So is the Big Tuna going to basically cast off everything he believes in and chase this player? That would be a sign of desperation.

Bryant? He has had issues with his knees. His career byline is one of inconsistency and wearing out his coaches and his welcome. He also apparently would like a nice payday.

So maybe, just maybe, the Dolphins would best be served by sitting this one out if they have a plan. (God, please let them have a plan!)

The safety position is equally troubling because the Dolphins don't have a starter at the position. By their chase of both Rolle and Clark, the Dolphins have told everyone they don't think Chris Clemons is ready to be a starter and might never be. Remember, they offered those guys multi-year deals so the team was comfortable with Clemons not starting at FS for some time.

The problem is that the free agent options are running out. Darren Sharper is very, very, very productive but also older than Miami typically likes. He's also coming off knee surgery and reportedly isn't taking trips. O.J. Atogwe continues to be out there, but as of this writing, no contact from the Dolphins.

The Dolpins obviously didn't want to draft for this position. They might need to unless they can uncover a double-secret starting FS no one is aware of.

And then there are the other issues the Dolphins haven't even attempted to address in free agency: The team needs at least one starting outside linebacker, but DeMarcus Ware isn't available. They need a nose tackle but Vince Wilfork re-signed with New England. The Dolphins are a team in much need. 

So why am I not crying "The Sky is falling" from my house top?

Two years ago, as the Steelers and Cards were preparing for a Super Bowl year, neither team signed a free agent early on. Last year at this team, neither the Colts nor the Saints signed a free agent early on.

Free agency is less than a week old. It is not Labor Day yet. The draft will plug some of these holes. And since this front office doesn't typically show desperation, neither will I. At least not yet. It is way too early for that.


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Hopefully they can work a reasonable trade for Bethea from the Colts. Oh yeah, and now a NT who can fill space. The Dolphins gotta get stout on defense!

Something is up with Atogwe. It seems odd to me the Rams would tender him at the lowest amount when he has been their most productive defensive player the last few years and is only 29.

His injury must be worse than what we thought. I don't know that any team has shown interest in him yet.

I hope the Fins do show some interest but there must be a reason they haven't so far.

Give me Linval Joseph or Torell Troup in the 3rd for the NT - pass rusher will be the 1st pick; or depending on if they sign Atogwe; Earl Thomas or Eric Berry (oooo had to change the undergarments) in which case hopefully Jerry Hughes is there in the 2nd.

Exactly what I was thinking yesterday about Atogwe Eric

Just, I don't think it's too crazy to think J Hughes ends up in the first round. He was one of my top round 2 hopes, but he will not be there at 44.

I wish there was some way to pick up another early-mid 2nd round pick - even if it meant trading back with the Patriots.

Terrel Owens used to be better than any WR the Dolphins have, but he isnt any more. He is just a name now. I think Devone Bess and Hartline are both better than him today. TO is a first ballet Hall of Famer, but he is way past his prime. He was ok last year, nothing special.

True he showed very well at the combine - showing the necessary athleticisim to make the move to LB and has been extremely productive throughout his career - maybe a guy like Ricky Sapp or Thaddeus Gibson then.

Alright fellas - I am out - hopefully we get some good news tomorrow (negotiations begin with Atogwe maybe??)

Just, given the depth of the hybrid pass rusher type in this draft, I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't pick 1 until the 3rd round. Conversely, it could be Graham/Kindle in round 1 and then Sapp or someone similar in round 2. The thing the FO has to try and figure out is how they see the draft shake out. If they pick NT in round 1 thinking there won't be any good ones in round 3, and them get to round 3 and there are still 2 there, it diminishes the round 1 pick.

Goodnight Costello, er I mean Just.

Nite abbott

Night Just Because

Who is in a panic?


Your characterization of NJ as Mel Kiper and Me as McShay is very spot on.

He is the grizzled old vet blogger and been on this blog much longer than I. Mel Kiper has been doing draftnik stuff since the late 70's. McShay is the sharp, opinionated new comer for ESPN. (hehe...I had to get that in.)

I also heard a podcast of with Kiper and McShay and it sounds like McShay is right with me on the McClain analysis. Kiper is more solid with McCalin going as far as saying good teams with later picks in the 1st are "Piling On" with bad news about McClain to make him fall on purpose so they can pick him.

Kiper was kinda shocked when he asked McShay if he thought he would fall out of the top 15 and McShay countered with 15-20 range.

The McClain debates NJ PHIN and I have had on many previous blogs are LOUD and IN YOUR FACE PROJECTIONS from us both. Time will tell who is right.

Strangely enough I have a very good feeling about being right on McClain. While I don't think he will be anywhere close to the bust Gholston was I do think he won't live up to his heavy collegiate praise and many accolades. I see more propaganda than stellar play. I say he will end up being like a Channing Crowder or less as an ILB. It doesn't get much bolder than that as you can check lists anywhere and McClain is ranked #1 in most every one.

I don't go by lists... I use my own eyes. My eye's tell me I sure as heck don't want him to be a Fin! I am trying to build a SB bound team. I am hoping that picking up Dansby means that the Trifecta sees what I see. If McClain is there when we draft and we don't take him it will reflect that to a large extent. ;)


If it is any consolation NJ...I think the your WR Carlton pick is a pretty good coin toss proposition. No way I see him going in rounds 1-2 but the 3rd has a shot. Ciao


Seems to be a general panic that runs through the blog when a guy comes in then...dun, dun, dun,...leaves unsigned.

They got rid of Wilson and swung and missed at 2 other safeties.

I really think Clark just had a weird vibe running though him. He is probably a super loyal guy and said that he had always wanted to retire a Steeler.

Maybe he thought if Parcells and Co met him in person they would flop Rolle's offer in front of him since he was second and he thought they were desperate?

Kudos to the Fins brass! Gotta stick to your guns and there will be other ways to skin that cat. OJ, Sharper, From within, Draft, Cut players later.


No duh niether saints nor colts signed free agents early on because they had most of the pieces to thier puzzle! But we still have a while

Maybe if Eric Berry is in NY before the draft Cuban Menace can pull him over and plant some "magic herbs" on him that would make him drop to 12 ;)


the saints were 8-8 in 2008....

lol @ carlito...maybe...would be a good thing.

Good point Wildcat!


In general though people can list quite a few spots that "need" an upgrade to be SB winner ready.

I say just follow the history of the sport. Teams that win SB's don't make the playoffs and also rans like the lowly Fins go from 1-15 to 11-5 division winners.

I think the parity is what really grabs fans and has them riveted on all this draft / FA stuff. The worst to first rally cry actually works in the NFL and not juts once every Haley's Comet.


LMAO @ ROB , You can't give the mcclain thing a rest can you. ?? Nobody was talking about it. Consilation prize ?? Really ??? because picking up dansby means the trifecta sees what you see if mclain is thereand they don't take him will reflect that ??. LMFAO !! That's the funniest thing i've heard. Are you kidding me with that comment ?? How about it was that a TOP FREE AGENT at a position of NEED was availble for NOTHING and that would leave open the option of drafting another position of need. ?? Sheesh !

Rob....in your opinion....what exactly do the Phins need to become SB winning team?

My guess in offence....a No1 receiver is all.

In Defense...NT, FS, OLB..ILB...TE

I think the rest are pretty good...

We would need luck with injuries and Soprano would need to stop making dumb calls...

Nolan will stiffen the defense....

So thats 6 positions to upgrade for me...if we get 3 good ones from the draft, I feel we are close....

Whats your take???....Oh and I would take Graham, Spoon, D Thomas and C Thomas in that order....finsh with J Graham if he there..

What do you guys think ??

Sharper sounds good.

He's old....but he has a Spleen!


THIS MESS IS GONNA TAKE TWO DRAFTS TO FIX. In the meantime, pick bpa on defense and find a game breaking wr to develop

Geeeez...Your asking Rob what he thinks?
THAT reply could stretch across the next three pages...

Be4 the draft is here we will have a veteran FS-----

Im more interested in how to attack NT and OLB---i wouldnt draft an olb in this draft if they dont like the top 2 DE's---i think thats how you get in trouble with your roster---when you take young guys just to fill a need that maybe you dont value as high as another postioin at that same selection----

I would trade out of 12 into the 20s---Grab Cody, or golden tate their and have more picks in the second, 3rd and 4th rounds---Im a Spikes fan---i would like to grab him in the 2nd---and upgrade at TE in the 3rd--4th

I think going FA at olb is smart considering you have 1 year stop gaps---

Jason taylor
Greg ellis
Adalius thomas---thats the guy i wanna sign--b/c you can line him up anywhere in 3-4 lb--and he is 2 to 3 years younger than other options

You need to stock up some picks---trade 1 of our qbs--and ginn---if someone signs fasano---which i wouldnt count on---that would be a nice 2nd round pick to have---

If we can get an additional 2nd--i wouldnt mind sending it to Seattle and sign darryl tapp---just a thought



Why would I let the McClain thing "rest"??

He is a #1 ILB that you, boobyd and others are very high on. This is the forum where that stuff gets talked about...yeah, and not forgotten about or swept under a rug.

WTH you mean he Dansby was gotten for nothing???
He was signed for one of the rishest contracts in the league. The money was why you didn;t want to sign him and said in numerous blogs that the Giants would get him... I can dig some up if you can't recall em. When Getter Done commented earlier you kinda blew off the signing a little bit like you were all for it. You made it seem like money was the ONLY reason you said not to get him. You also said he was simply just not worth it... remember your words of says don't pay great money for a good player?

Dansby got more than just good player money.

Yeah, I stand behind my projections good or bad. You don't remember the countless times you and Bobbyd said I was high for saying saying McClain had holes in his game? It seems like you are coming off your McClain is King Kong in cleats position a bit? Is this true?

If he is the stud that you had built him up to be originally back on other blogs don't you think the Fins would see that and have 2 x Dynomite players in the middle or simply play Dansby at OLB?

Just curious. I am TOTALLY suprised you are saying "am I still on that" and that "No one is talking about it" is a reason not to talk about Fin fixes for any position.

Any thoughts bud?


uhh why are you such a drama queen man we just signed the second biggest free agent on the market and there is plenty of time left with a couple good safeties out there and the whole draft. chill. were gonna be fine have trust in parcells.

Does giving up our 2nd round pick this year and tedd ginn (or any wr they want except for probably Hartline) to Denver for B. Marshall make as much sense to everyone else as it does to me? I'd even give them my 1st next year and the WR of their choice. Instantly makes us a competitor and allows us to focus on the Nose, Safety and OLB's in the draft and hopefully a TE in the latter rounds. TRADE FOR BRANDON MARSHALL!!!!!!! Get it done Tuna!!!

Sharper was great last year 9 Ints and I think 3 or 4 for Tds. But can we expect those numbers again. If we don't do something to sure up the D line, the safties will be making a good amount of the tackles again this year, exposing Sharper to his weakness(run support)and not for his strength(ball hawk)

Sharper would be a good pick up we need a centerfielder to help the young corners. Although I wouldnt be mad if we got Earl Thomas then work the nose and OLB's in the mid rounds. Bottom line though, for Henne to succeed, which I think he can, we need to get him that # 1 horse of a WR. The guys we have now would only benefit from a Brandon Marshall and I think our offense would put up some points. I hope we get involved for BMarsh soon!

Im with you Philly chirino

I would trade my first for Brandon Marshall---becaue like it or not he is a top 3 WR that is 25----this situation is unheard of---its funny how Armando dies for Boldon ----Boldin isnt even close to the weapon Brandon Marshall is----Does he have Baggage absolutly---but sometimes you have to take risks like the Patriots did with Randy moss that worked out pretty well----

Getting brandon marshall isnt a desperate move Armando---its a move that takes a pair----You are talking about arguably the best WR in the league----

Dont give me Andre Johnson, or calvin johnson this kid is even better--- 23 tds, 300+receptions--and roughly 3500 yds--he made orton look like montana for 5 weeks---

Make it happen

Rob in OC. Are you seriously kidding me ?? You don't know what i meant by it cost nothing ??. I meant is didn't cost any draft picks or wasted a draft pick on the need. c'mon man maybe you chose to ignore that to better suit your argument, Dansby signing coat noting and filled a major need while freeing up the draft to take a position at another . You going tell em if miami didn't get dansby the would pass on a mccalin who played a position of need they filled with dansby ?? I think NOT !! ANY THOUGHTS ??? Also stop putting words in my mouth ab out dansby , You know what i said about him and the right price,

cost nothing

Ill take Andre Johnson over him though, but I see your point, he's not available and will never be! This guy would make everyone on our offense better, and were not that far away on that side of the ball. Teams will no longer be able to drop down that extra safety to stop ronnie n ricky cause with Henne's gun and BMarsh catching everything in the zip code, we will be DANGEROUS!!! Plus the flexibility it gives us in the draft will be amazing. Only WR in draft that really has # 1 WR potential is Dez, and he's a freakin head case himself! To take a chance on a head case I want the guy that has already proven in the league that he is a stud. Gotta make this happen!


I am not the pessimist some are about the Fins chances. I am thinking babay steps 1st but the Playoffs is a VERY doable goal.

1st we got hosed with a ton of bad calls as well as bad bounces last season. I just finished watching two Fins games as I have most stored on my TiVo and I rewatch them win or lose. You are correct on the play calling at times was dicey at best Ricky throwing on the 2 yard line?

As for players I know they will HAVE to solve the OLB, NT and FS jobs between now and reg season kick off.

Your choices of players are very solid in my eyes. There are some very tight races at certain positions. Cam Thomas has competion from Cody, Linval Joesph, Troupe and I would even include Lamarr Houston if he can anchor enough.

I think that a running back will be drafted somewhere. I am of the belief that if they played the draft right they could get a serious weapon like Spiller or WR D. Thomas early and still have a super Def oriented draft. Getting Jimmy Graham the TE at the right time would be a coup. I think he has STELLAR upside!

I think it's a misconception that if their 1st pick were a suprise player like Spiller for example to get chunk yardage they so badly seek, they could draft Def behind it and have great success in 2010.

In the end, we have to see how more plays out. The QB quandry is interesting by itself. I see Henne starting ...perioid. Who goes between CP and TT is up for debate. I am thinking that if CP flashes any old form it will be used for trade bait more than keeping as a backup but, thats my opinion.

The Fins are closer than some of the gloomers would think. As with any season it will take some pixie dust, eye of newt and some good old fashioned dumb luck too.

Cheers bro,

Yazzi... lol...good form!

ewwww, short posts feel weird...haha

All this...is being saved for cultural and historical purposes -- it will be given to the Library of Congress
so that future Generations can know -- OUR "THOUGHTS".

In fact it may be put in a Time Capsule and SHOT INTO SPACE. so that Aliens can know -- OUR "THOUGHTS"!!!

Bottom line is if you add Marshall on Offense--

Add sharper at Fs---a veteran NT---and draft another big LB----

We are in the playoofs and no-1 wants to play us---

If the Jets didnt show you anything --it is on Defense its more about a great coordiantor than greatplayers---

I understand you still need players----

But are you goin to tell me that the jets team speed was good----it wasnt

That they had ballhawking safeties they didnt--

that they had a huge dominant NT----they didnt

Puha is not nasty ----he is 30 and is a ave mill nt

What did they have 2 very good ilbs, a great corner, Pace is okay--he is invisible in big games----IT WAS RYAN

We have nolan stop stressing out on the defense ---thats why i would love to see spikes next to dansby

B/c the jets cleaned up te run game b/c of Bart scott and harris----you dont need an all-star everywhere if you have a great scheme---

Mike nolan is our pass rush---if we get Marshall im talkn shy*e alll day this offseason----

And so do the Jets and the Patsies!

Great example ll the talent Cardinals have on defense last year didnt matter---b/c there scheme/coordiantor was so vanilla---

Why did the saints stop peyton in the 4th Qtr

B/c the great offenses in this league are effected by creative schemes, not all-star studded defenses---saints defense was average but on a given day if greg williams was on his game---they were very tough---cause you need a defensive mind-----

Fear the phins if we get marshallll

Spiller is very impressive. But I think that if the phins had plans to draft him, they would have done something different w/ R.B. Now that he eas been tendered, he has no value to anyone, except us. If he could have been used for a piece in a trade, drafting Spiller would have made more sense. The sad part is that R.B. even if he comes back and has a good year, probably will not have much value in the future.


Let me get this straight... For blogs upon blogs you AND bobbyd fed off each other extoiling the infinite virtues of drafting McClain if he were there at #12 lambasting me for saying he wasn't all that.

You guys had a field day mocking me (and anyone else that shared the same view) for bringing you clips with tons of his suspect game play, lack of effort, bad tackling form, lack of getting off blocks etc constantly saying you "had seen the games on tv or or went to the games and so you didn't need to re-watch McClain in action."

If the Trifecta had pegged McClain as the end all be all, studmo ILB you guys said he was wouldn't the Fins go harder for S Rolle or S Clark and get McClain in the draft??

It's fine... I know you are a died in the wool McClain guy but I am emphatically clarifying that. When the verdict comes in after all these guys go into the NFL there will be zero room to squirm on McClain. Your eye for talent is matched up head to head with me on McClain... I think I spot a player or lack thereof. I am taking the much riskier road too as he has all the Butkis awards and fancy tackle numbers to boost up his list ratings. Oh and his is a biggun 6'4 258, and smart, and a leader, and knows Sabans complex Def, and breathes football etc... Despite the claims I say he is soft and his brand of tackling will not translate well to the pros.

Remember, I am talking about him and not you so don't take any of the analysis personal bud.


The trifecta is usually SLOW to act.

This 30+ age barrier they seem to is absurd. They can develop a yound WR and a young safety in addition to Clemens by taking:

(1) DAREEN SHARPER for one year. He was only tied for the most INT's last year at (9). plus 3 returned for touchdowns. He could be 60 years old - it is how he plays ON THE FEILD that should define his value. The Gerbil had how many ints? 0, right? Since there is no cap, if one of the youngsters developes, they will not need to resign Sharper in 2011 with no cap consequence this year.

(2) TO - OWENS - had a 15+ yards per catch AVERAGE with one of the worse QB tandems in the NFL, not too mention a coach that was fired mid-season. The guy is STILL a beast and substantially beter than any WR we have. We still draft someone at WR, BUT OWENS can perform now and let the youngster learn and develop. AGAIN, No cap consequence with either move.

Two simple one yhear solutions and major UPGRADES

TO and Sharper for 1 year --- while we draft a long-term solution.


NOT TOO MANY PEOPLE HAVE CONSIDERED WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO FA IN 2011 - It makes sense to not go crazy with long-term contract NOW since there will be TWO years worth of FA's with back-log this year in 2011!!!!!!!!!

you know i am not against them drafting a receiver but not to many come in and make a difference right away ...and i really dont like them draft niks suggesting jason pierre paul at 12 he is a project and miami doesnt need projects they have those on both sides of the ball ....wake on def ....ginn,white,turner on offense thats jus off the top of my head

owens is not coming here to be a dolphin parcells referred to him as that player wouldnt even call him by name i think that is a definite no on terrel owens...

Goodnight Rob,

My "THOUGHTs" are that McClain seems like a worthy 'project'
(even at #12.)

He LOOKS like a football player and If they draft him, maybe he'll PLAY like one too!

While I'm sleeping I'll be dreaming of McClain someday Colliding with people!


i think denver is idiots if they let marshall go he is that good keep him there and still draft bryant if they so desire it would only help him out in the long run then let bryant go to free agency next year

Rob in OC----

I hope your right bout lamar houston ima big fan of his---b/c im all about these defensive players that are supercoordianted b/c they played RB at highschool---he was a 275 pound rb in HS---

Could he be the next undersized jay ratlif at nose--6"3 305---he puts on 10 pounds i could see it....

and it isnt that marshall isnt worth a 1st round pick he is ...its that all the teams no he is unhappy their and the coach is unhappy with him their so no team is going to want to part with a first ..cause they know he can be had for a 2nd rounder and if they dont want to take it they will wait for him next year

I am squarely aligned on the same side with NJ PHIN on Marshall. Just like NJ PHIN I feel:

I love Marshall's ALL World talent...what's not to get drunk with? His skillset is intoxicating. He has all the phyiscal ability, has even displayed it in the NFL already unlike question mark draft picks.

The thing I believe that BM supporters need to look deeper at is why in the hell would McDaniels let an all world talent go? He could / should use him to club the rest of the league over the head with Marshall.

The one TOOL Brandon Marshall is missing is the required 6" of good grey matter from ear to ear. It's like those that support Brandon Marshall ignore the fact that he's already walking a thin line with the law on domestic abuse charges. BM already has the parents of his longtime girlfriend / punching bag hounding the NFL about bringing him to justice. You think Goodell can let the next battery charge slide with Marshall? He is already battling his new fiance physically where cops are involved.

He is also known to act out around teamates if he is not getting his way? Grow up Mr. Marshall.

This is not known as writing on the wall this is insanely bad writing on the wall.

Marshall could clean up his act but I am not willing to bet some whopper of a salary. He would get like 8 million a season plus a bunch gauranteed... even if it is Mr. Ross's.

I think his production will die down a lot as he is being suspended for abuse of a woman.

There's my nickels worth.


Darryl Dunphy,

It depends. I do call Spiller an outside shot at best as the Fins do have needs on Def and we do have a servicable group of RBs now.

With a few eyeballing Spillers many virtues you must be careful mnot to tip your hand as I think he will be one of the few guys that teams may trade up for in the 1st round.

They did not tender RB with a 1st and 3rd RFA so like Marshall business is open for potential trade talks. Brown just has way different red flags than Marshall. He has the injury prone label. Because he is a good talent but not an overwhelming talent I see RB staying. As of now he is the only one that has run the Wildcat with great effect. Because I believe the Wildcat will still be used I think that's why we would value RB over other teams.

Even if they tabbed Spiller they would play out 2010 with Ronnie and Ricky in the heavy lifting roll. Spiller's main value at that time would be the mix of yardage and TD's he could add while taking about 20 touches a game between playing RB, WR, KR and PR.

The idea he would be a partime player is wrong. I could see him getting more touches total than RB or RW when you factor in all the plays he could be involved in.

The arguement there are other backs to be had is completely true. Most don't have the same big play resume. We have a stable of brute style RB's. Nearly 50% of all Spiller's TD's in college were from 50 yards out or more...


Yazzi...cheers man! Good stuff.

Hey, for ALL the "Hating" I am doing on McClain if the Fins were to grab him I would be on my knees praying I'm wrong.

I would endure the worst of NJ PHINs tongue lashings to buy wins for our Fins!

Have a good one Yazzi!


Lamarr Houston is a VERY coordinated guy. He may not be able to clog as well as a Cody ever but you would get WAAAAAY more solid snaps from him.

Ex RB's typically make some of any teams best athletes. He could get more penetration vs run or pass which could net more tfls and sacks.

I agree, some team will luck out to get Houston and I think his best football may be ahead of him.


I understand Marshall baggage---but also understand the only reason he is being shopped is Mcdanials---this guy is a young ego maniac---He has had a problem with cutler, Marshall, sheftler---his 3 most talented WR's----any other coach in their rite mind wouldnt be on a total pwer trip by getting rid of his franchise corner pieces on offense---i could be wrong but this coach and haley from Kc are all about a pissing test----marshall has baggage but putting him under a good coaching staff--instead of an ego maniac culd just be the right place for him---

Is it still a risk absolutly, but if your going to take a risk on a guy with character concerns ---THIS IS THE GUY


True... I think the NFL vultures are circling and they see Marshall going for a 2nd if all teams wait it out.

He will be a classic boom or bust RFA. If he keeps his head in the game and can manage to stop hitting all the women close to him he will be a steal even if you gave up a 1st.

If he reverts back to the behavior he has shown time and time again with women then he is a jail term / nfl suspension away from the stark reality that playing football is a priviledge. One that can get taken away.

Remember back when Jimmy Johnson drafted Cecil "the Diesel" Collins? He was showing great promise as a RB and Johnson took him despite numerous red flags (it was ONLY a 5th round pick though). Early on JJ is looking like a genius. Collins got injured and couldn't play. He ended up sneaking into some lady's apartment and his actions there wound him up in prison. When people would ask JJ about it he would say 5th round draft picks are not sure things and he did have talent.

Marshall would do well to talk to Cecil Collins and it may enlighten him.


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