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Five days into free agency is no time to panic

Unrestricted free agency started as a sprint over the weekend when many NFL teams jockeyed for position to immediately land their prize targets or re-sign their best players.

The Dolphins got Karlos Dansby who is an upgrade at inside linebacker. The Dolphins locked up backup quarterback Chad Pennington. And they added by subtracting Joey Porter and Gibril Wilson.

But not all has gone according to plan.

The Dolphins have struggled to land a starting-caliber free safety because fate has not been kind. They put a certain value on Antrel Rolle and the New York Giants placed a higher value on him and got him. Value is defined here by cold, hard cash.)

They placed a higher value on Ryan Clark than his most recent team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, but Clark, a classy, solid dude, had other priorities he had to answer to. So Clark left Dolphins money on the table in order to return to the Steelers.

Some front offices might begin to panic. I trust the Dolphins will not, not with Bill Parcells at the helm.

On the surface, the situation looks uncomfortable if not dire.

A survey of the landscape shows the Dolphins have needs at too many positions to solve all those needs through the draft. 

They need a starting OLB, a NT, a starting FS, and, of course, a playmaker at WR. Always a playmaker at WR.

So what to do?

While Cincinnati is hosting both Antonio Bryant and Terrell Owens this week, while Seattle is studying Brandon Marshall, after Baltimore traded for Anquan Boldin and Kansas City signed Chris Chambers, the Dolphins have done nothing.

I love Boldin -- a lot. But I cannot criticize the Dolphins for not moving on anyone left. It would be a sign of desperation for them to go after domestic batterer Marshall. Even if the move might be popular with fans and sell tickets, it would be a huge risk.

Owens will be 36 years old. He's better than any wide receiver the Dolphins currently have, no question. But did I mention he'll be 36 years old? And he has a history that rubs Parcells the wrong way. So is the Big Tuna going to basically cast off everything he believes in and chase this player? That would be a sign of desperation.

Bryant? He has had issues with his knees. His career byline is one of inconsistency and wearing out his coaches and his welcome. He also apparently would like a nice payday.

So maybe, just maybe, the Dolphins would best be served by sitting this one out if they have a plan. (God, please let them have a plan!)

The safety position is equally troubling because the Dolphins don't have a starter at the position. By their chase of both Rolle and Clark, the Dolphins have told everyone they don't think Chris Clemons is ready to be a starter and might never be. Remember, they offered those guys multi-year deals so the team was comfortable with Clemons not starting at FS for some time.

The problem is that the free agent options are running out. Darren Sharper is very, very, very productive but also older than Miami typically likes. He's also coming off knee surgery and reportedly isn't taking trips. O.J. Atogwe continues to be out there, but as of this writing, no contact from the Dolphins.

The Dolpins obviously didn't want to draft for this position. They might need to unless they can uncover a double-secret starting FS no one is aware of.

And then there are the other issues the Dolphins haven't even attempted to address in free agency: The team needs at least one starting outside linebacker, but DeMarcus Ware isn't available. They need a nose tackle but Vince Wilfork re-signed with New England. The Dolphins are a team in much need. 

So why am I not crying "The Sky is falling" from my house top?

Two years ago, as the Steelers and Cards were preparing for a Super Bowl year, neither team signed a free agent early on. Last year at this team, neither the Colts nor the Saints signed a free agent early on.

Free agency is less than a week old. It is not Labor Day yet. The draft will plug some of these holes. And since this front office doesn't typically show desperation, neither will I. At least not yet. It is way too early for that.


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Cuba, que diablo es un plungie?

Taylor Mays will be our starting FS.He's a freak of an athlete thats too good to pass up.After Mays at 12,we should go DT/LB/LB/TE or WR.


Posted by: carlito from golfito | March 09, 2010 at 12:15 PM

Carlito, Those are all Prime numbers....

My Top 5 draft picks for the Dolphins are

1. Dan Williams
2. Rolando McClain
4. Earl Thomas
5. Sean Weatherspoon


If we get rid of #6 does Pat White disappear?

lets face it, we're not winning the super bowl next year. we are going into next season with some weak links.

However, we're still going into next season a better and more experienced team. I'm more worried about the RB position than FS.


Cuba, que diablo es un plungie?

Posted by: Seter-dme | March
It's NJ PHIN FANS contribution to this little blog, usually awarded after a day of some real stupid post, it can also be called "The buffoon post of the day" it really depends on where you live on what it's called E.G west coast or east coast.....

Another time "It's not time to panic"was uttered Was when aloco found out that Sub-way decided to make ALL subs 5 dollars doubling his work load....



The best ryan clark hit was against Willis Magahee of the ravens. We missed out on a ferocious hitter.

Seter-Dme is the winner of the BUFFOON POST OF THE DAY simply for being a D*CK .

Seter-dime, why wouldn't we be satified with Dansby. He is exactly what this team needed. He is a side line to side line player. He can drop in coverage and is a great tackler. Who cares about the Popularity Contest Bowl aka Pro Bowl. It's for people like you that rely on that to gauge a player's worth and impact. Also you said we lost out best players in the secondary to Denver. Who? Over achieving, solid but nothing special Renald Hill or Nate Jones? Come on dude get real and learn football and then come back with your wack, weak post!



Posted by: ALoco | March 09, 2010 at 12:32 PM

Aloco, I probably pay more taxes in a month then you earn in a week.....Now go make me a sub....(No pickles please)..lol:)

Seter-Dme is the winner of the BUFFOON POST OF THE DAY simply for being a D*CK .

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | March 09, 2010 at 12:33 PM


its so funny how people on here are so against signing rotten apples like brandon marshall but they just love the thugs murderers and coke addicts that the U has infested the NFL with over the years hahaha too funny

They're damn good coke infested murdering football players at that.

It's all about the U

I have to disagree...please lets see some desperation for a change. How many years can we say...maybe next year...maybe the Dolphins will get lucky and either find a receiver or god forgive even trade for one. The NFL has been and will continue to be the home of troubled players...this is nothing new...heck the HOF is full of them. We Dolphin fans have had our fare share...thats for sure. I wish that this was different...but SMART teams know how to treat those players..it appears that the Dolphins don't...they rather have choir boys like J. Allen and Ginn...guys that aren't worth a hoot compared to a player like Marshall...well this isn't church...it's a game and those that win the most games win the prize...sometimes you just have to dance with the devil. Marshall is not Ceceil Collins or Lawrence Phillips...he's not been found guilty of anything so serious that you must take him off the list...and is a guy like Parcells so scared to write a contract that protects the team but still acquires a far better receiver that his team has had for decades? There's a time for a team to reach for greatness...the Dolphin are close..but not close enough to use draft picks for proven players. I've been a fan of the Dolphins since 1968..I've seen them come and go..there has always been bad boys in the game..be it drugs, booze or girls...thats a fact of life...come on Dolphins...reach for greatness!!


Please reconsider todays buffoon award. I would just like to call attention to this gem from bigalfy this morning:

"My guess in offence....a No1 receiver is all.

In Defense...NT, FS, OLB..ILB...TE

I think the rest are pretty good...

We would need luck with injuries and Soprano would need to stop making dumb calls..."

LMAO, dumb calls like playing TE's on "offence"!!!! What were they thinking!!!!!


I highly agree that Houston very well could be the best player in this draft at NT. He has the size and speed to be a three down NT.

ROB IN OC. Here's a statement you said last night that was pretty ridiculous and can't believe it came out of a your mouth . You say you know your football but said " If the trifecta pegged mcclain as the end of be all ILB , wouldn't the fins go harder for rolle and clark and get mcclain in the draft ? ". What ?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME ??? First , the dolphins went after rolle ( 5 yrs 32 mil ) and clark real hard offering them alot of money anyway. Second how does the trifecta know they can land mcclain in the draft. Mcclain could be taken ahead of when they pick. Do you really think the trifecta or any smart team would pass on dansby who plays a position of dire need to take a CHANCE on getting mcclain ???. i don't thins so. It has nothing to do with the trifecta liking or disliking of mclain. It has to do more with miami going after a player ( dansby ) who fills a dire need now and not trading draft picks or using a draft pick on that need ( ILB ) and leaving the option to draft other needs. You're not going to pass on danby to take a chance on getting mclain IF he' there. C'MON BRO !!!


There is no hope for you. Do you really believe good decisions are made in desperation? Its March 9 and you already saying maybe next year? Quit yer b!tchin

Carlito , We all know about Bigafly and his BUFFOON posts of the day. He keeps comimg up woth them everyday. In fact , bigafly has is own mantle in the BUFFOON HALL OF FAME !!! :)


It's my dime...and I spend it the way I want. Maybe you haven't been around that long...but I've seen this story many times before. The one thing about Shula that made him a great coach was he wasn't afraid of taking chances with the game or players. Bobby Beatherd(?) knew that to be great...you had to take chances with special players...so far I haven't seen that with this management. They rather spend money for safe older players...well lets look at Ferg...how did he work out...8 week suspension for Steroids...and he was one of Parcells players.

Carlito , We all know about Bigafly and his BUFFOON posts of the day. He keeps comimg up woth them everyday. In fact , bigafly has is own mantle in the BUFFOON HALL OF FAME !!! :)

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | March 09, 2010 at 01:00 PM

Iam still ROTFLMAO....... Stop NJ, Please before milk comes out my nose.....


The Wandstatt years must have been your favorite

I am pretty surprised more isn’t being made about Ferg’s suspension. I had him pegged to resign and fill NT this year while we develop whomever we draft. Soliai hasn’t shown he’s the answer and even if we draft NT at #12 (Williams) he most likely isn’t going to come in and start. So Ferg getting busted is a pretty big deal IMO.

NJs on a roll today... Watch out or aloco well use you on a "foot-long"...

Hey aloco, You can make a New sub, call it "NJ on a roll", But advise people it may cause indigestion....

Toxic waste on a roll?


Was it your's? Shula was the best coach this team has had.

Take it easy menace.

Seems Quinn and Anderson could be dumped soon.

I just found out the I'm having a baby boy! Please help me welcome another Dolphin Fannatic into this world 4 months from now!

I'll take name ideas too..lol.

Hey aloco, You can make a New sub, call it "NJ on a roll", But advise people it may cause indigestion....

Posted by: cuban menace | March 09, 2010 at 01:13 PM


enrique1085 - Congrats!!

Don't you mean your wife is having a baby boy?

Either way....good for you both.

time for my meatbll sub .

do you work ?i am sure i pay taxes for you .

Toxic waste on a roll ??. Look who's talking. LOL !! I wasn't going to say anything but since you took it up on yourself to take a shot at me when i wasn't even talking to you. You also have a mantle in the BUFFOON HALL FAME.

Why would we bank on an old NT coming off injury? no sense kong


You totally sound like the sky is falling. I mean you just sound like the world is gonna end if we don't get a so called prized free agent. Though this has happened before, your Chicken Little antics but it's so becoming of you.
What are you gonna do. Rememeber sometime during early to mid ninties when the dolphins were siging all these big play free agents. Nothing came of that and here you are today, cowardly hoping that Parcells and Co. have a plan for so much need at so many positions. They do it's called the draft and they may not solve all their problems but thats the way you do it, RIGHT in this business.\

How about Don?

Take it easy menace.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | March 09, 2010 at 01:19 PM

Sorry NJ, Got off work at 6 am this morning so Iam on Happy hour, actually Ive been on happy hour since 9 am......

I remember when the award first started coming out i believe that FishyPete was an all star because he seemed to win it everyday.

Congrats enrique. Good for you. How about Dolphin Denny ???

Congrats Enrique!! I got 3 of the buggers (1 boy 2 girls). Only 9 more years till the last one turns 18. Yes!!

What the matter N.J. Can't take it. Maybe we should start calling you baby.

Bebé NJ

WestVa, Ferg was playing at a high level until he got injured. It wasn't a knee injury or another that would have effectively ended his career. It was a good bet all the FA NT were going to be held onto by their teams. Made sense to me :)

What was your solution to NT this year?


Ventilador de pescado de Nueva Jersey de bebé

I look at the talent available through the draft and see plenty solutions to NT. Do i need to list them all to you because i think we have covered this enough.

patata e polpetta


Congrats Enrique! 4 months away and u r just now finding out. You can name him Louis Oliver after one of my fav fins


what "Pro Days do the Dolphins Brass plan to attend?

NJ, What are your thoughts on the upcoming draft??? Who do the mighty air breathers pick at 12???

As i've never won the plungie award, and would really like to, I am going to give it my best shot.

I think weshould offer a 1 and 3 for Ray Lewis. Trade our 2 for Mike Vick. In the 4th round, select Joe Haden out of Florida. Trade our 6 for Wes Welker, his injury has lowered his value. And with our three 7s I want Leigh Tiffin, Marty Schottenheimer, and take a flyer on LeBron James, his Cavs contract is up after this season (maybe we can use him at RT)

Fishheadpete, You keep bringing it up. You're the one that sound like a baby. LOL ! Did i hurt yout itty bitty feeling with the buffoon hall of fame ??? AWWWWW !! Poor baby/bebe. If the shoe fits.


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