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Five days into free agency is no time to panic

Unrestricted free agency started as a sprint over the weekend when many NFL teams jockeyed for position to immediately land their prize targets or re-sign their best players.

The Dolphins got Karlos Dansby who is an upgrade at inside linebacker. The Dolphins locked up backup quarterback Chad Pennington. And they added by subtracting Joey Porter and Gibril Wilson.

But not all has gone according to plan.

The Dolphins have struggled to land a starting-caliber free safety because fate has not been kind. They put a certain value on Antrel Rolle and the New York Giants placed a higher value on him and got him. Value is defined here by cold, hard cash.)

They placed a higher value on Ryan Clark than his most recent team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, but Clark, a classy, solid dude, had other priorities he had to answer to. So Clark left Dolphins money on the table in order to return to the Steelers.

Some front offices might begin to panic. I trust the Dolphins will not, not with Bill Parcells at the helm.

On the surface, the situation looks uncomfortable if not dire.

A survey of the landscape shows the Dolphins have needs at too many positions to solve all those needs through the draft. 

They need a starting OLB, a NT, a starting FS, and, of course, a playmaker at WR. Always a playmaker at WR.

So what to do?

While Cincinnati is hosting both Antonio Bryant and Terrell Owens this week, while Seattle is studying Brandon Marshall, after Baltimore traded for Anquan Boldin and Kansas City signed Chris Chambers, the Dolphins have done nothing.

I love Boldin -- a lot. But I cannot criticize the Dolphins for not moving on anyone left. It would be a sign of desperation for them to go after domestic batterer Marshall. Even if the move might be popular with fans and sell tickets, it would be a huge risk.

Owens will be 36 years old. He's better than any wide receiver the Dolphins currently have, no question. But did I mention he'll be 36 years old? And he has a history that rubs Parcells the wrong way. So is the Big Tuna going to basically cast off everything he believes in and chase this player? That would be a sign of desperation.

Bryant? He has had issues with his knees. His career byline is one of inconsistency and wearing out his coaches and his welcome. He also apparently would like a nice payday.

So maybe, just maybe, the Dolphins would best be served by sitting this one out if they have a plan. (God, please let them have a plan!)

The safety position is equally troubling because the Dolphins don't have a starter at the position. By their chase of both Rolle and Clark, the Dolphins have told everyone they don't think Chris Clemons is ready to be a starter and might never be. Remember, they offered those guys multi-year deals so the team was comfortable with Clemons not starting at FS for some time.

The problem is that the free agent options are running out. Darren Sharper is very, very, very productive but also older than Miami typically likes. He's also coming off knee surgery and reportedly isn't taking trips. O.J. Atogwe continues to be out there, but as of this writing, no contact from the Dolphins.

The Dolpins obviously didn't want to draft for this position. They might need to unless they can uncover a double-secret starting FS no one is aware of.

And then there are the other issues the Dolphins haven't even attempted to address in free agency: The team needs at least one starting outside linebacker, but DeMarcus Ware isn't available. They need a nose tackle but Vince Wilfork re-signed with New England. The Dolphins are a team in much need. 

So why am I not crying "The Sky is falling" from my house top?

Two years ago, as the Steelers and Cards were preparing for a Super Bowl year, neither team signed a free agent early on. Last year at this team, neither the Colts nor the Saints signed a free agent early on.

Free agency is less than a week old. It is not Labor Day yet. The draft will plug some of these holes. And since this front office doesn't typically show desperation, neither will I. At least not yet. It is way too early for that.


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Williams stinks and thomas is washed up.

Mark u said exactly what I said u said. U called ginn clutch. That is the definition of a plungie.


i been sayn the Morgan thing for weeks---the guy is supercordianted and is big witht he size parcells likes--he also was domiante in the ACC for 2 years----i think at 12 its still between him JPP--esepcailly b/c after the 1st round the option at olb are meek to say the least -

Jerry huges, ricky sapp---whoever else you want to add--they wont play SOLB in a 3-4 morgan and pierre can---
There is a reason they interviewed morgan so early int he draft process...

Jamillion, or should I call you Sinsamillion, Like Nancy Reagan said 20 years ago"JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS" ........

Guys can we remember this? He says our pick will do better than marshall next year guaranteed. Let's see. If it's dez Bryant he'll need 1200 yards. If it's Morgan he'll need 12 sacks and three picks.

I dont understand it...when is everyone going to wake up and smell the coffee!!! Parcells and Ireland are not going to go after Dez Bryant!!! He is not a Parcells kinda player. In Parcells eye's Bryant is just a younger version of T.O., and we all know how Tuna feels bout T.O. Get it out of your mind, because DEZ BRYANT IS NOT GOING TO BE IN the MIAMI AQUA AND ORANGE come game days.

Pierre is a one year wonder. I'd rathe have selvie

This is off subject, but I think whoever gets suh is going to get SCREWED

mark in toronto---denver has never went to the plaoffs---b/c marshall cant play defensee

This isnt the NBA---are you telling me with all the production in his first 3 years that he hasnt done his part---its a bad argument by you----

If you dont want him stick to him slapping up females...in your argument

Inimounts you can't argue with these guys, they know everything and hate everyone.

fishypete, impressive resume. But you forgot to mention how he was a central figure to 2 of the most collossal collapses in NFL history during the last 2 years. Denver faded badly 2 years running.

In addition, I don't buy this WR necessity thing. Many teams have won the super bowl with adequate or above average receivers. it's true that it is more of a passing league - but it is a QB league, not a WR league. Great QB play has won many super bowls. When was the last time an alpha male wide receiver (i.e. this Brandon marshall type) the reason a team won a super bowl?

Randy Moss
Terrell Owens
Andre Johnson
Brandon Marshall
Chad Johnson

ZERO super bowls. The role of the #1 wide receiver is overrated.

Fishypete, I live right next to UCF and I watched Marshall tear everyone they played a new arse, I say they should at least talk to the SOB.. and go from there. I don't want baggage or divas on this team, but I never got the impression he was either. I don't like the guy, but I can't judge him either. I think it's best to leave that for the pros.

NJ, who are the early leaders in the "PLUNGIES"??


Never helped the Broncos win? Really? Just how bad would the Broncos be if they didn't have Marshall? 1-15...Like the Dolphins were.

Jimmy jam , Personal attack ??? all i said was give me a break after bashing marshall and not blamming his ex on everything. back to football , MARSHALL ISN'T COMING TO MIAMI !!


fishypete, why wasn't Marshall on the team during a must win game last year? MORE TROUBLE THAN HE'S WORTH.

And Inimounts, you are the king of taking things out of context - I said Ginn made a clutch grab in that NYJ game. if you want to keep taking my words out of context then go f**K yourself. I don't have time for people with grade 1 reading comprehension skills.

Mark..What? You want to blame someone...blame the defense...and blame the headcoach...he was the one who didn't allow Marshall to play in their last game...it was alright for him to play in every game...except the last one.

allen, defensively the Broncos were in the top half of the league last year.

Don't be mad cuz I hit you with the news first you Cuban Menace or should I say Cuban Mariconson!!

Jamillion gets you the news first, all you idiots can thank me later when you here it and they make it "Official"

Not even Mando knows about this yet!

Brandon Marshall to Miami for 2010 2nd draft pick, QB Tyler Thigpen and WR Devone Bess. 5yrs $45 Million with $18Million guaranteed in the first 3yrs!!!

BOOM SUCKAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NJ...If he does come to Miami...then what?

NJ and Fishpette


the whole argument does a #1 wr help you win a championship i agree is overated---

You no what isnt overated----

Does a number #1 wr help a young QB develop?

It absoutly does and thats why every situation is different b/c a young QB can be made or broken over pure confidence in the pocket ---once you have that confidence thier abilty to take thier game to the next level is easier---its what plaxico did for eli---and they dont win that superbowl w/o Plaxico

Brandon marshall would allow henne to develop and the run game to flourish

When you have a top flight QB you dont need a #1 wr, but we a a very talented young QB--that could take a huge step in development if he had bigger windows to throw into--and had a playmaker to bail him out

mark from toronto---

m not talking just about last year--last year they went from culter to orton

the 3 years be4 that they were one of the worst defenses ever in football----you are focusing on his whole career not just last year----

Thier fdefense prior to last year looked like a older version of a pac-10 playing a spread---NOT GOOOD

Jamillion - It is not reported yet or anything close to it, so currently he IS NOT coming to Miami. Quit acting like a jackazzzz thinking you know this news that no one else supposedly knows. C'MON MAN!!

He got benched for behaviour last year!

He can't help win games on the bench, and last I checked, it is # of wins that get you in the playoffs, not # of yards receiving by your #1.

Plus, any man that beats his wife/girlfriend has no right to call himself a man.

I agree - a nice skilled WR would do awesome for our offence, since he have legitimate running game and a QB with a heck of an arm - but let's not mortgage the future by trading picks and giving up big bucks for someone that is NOT guaranteed to be in the game week in and week out.

Hell, I would rather we gave up a 1st and third for a player like A Johnson!



I give you credit man, the deal looks realistic. lmao!

allen, brandon marshall cares about brandon marshall. that's why he didn't play and that why i don't want that poison around this team. like it or not, there is no quick fix to the wr problem. it is a position that needs to be developed and we don't need that virus around this team.

Man, I'm thinking that the way this day is going - we might have to hand out a "Life Time Underachievement PLUNGIE!"

I agree...either have a link or don't say anything.

Jamillion, stop ur nonsense and stop eating those mushrooms u picked from ur yard!!!!

Jamillon, You sir are up for the "PLUNGIE", dont know anything else that can be written today that could bypass your post, but the good news is its still early.......


Indiana Dolfan

Just because it's not reported yet doesn't mean it's not true.

How the hell can I make up such a thing up??

My insiders tell me he was traded for a 2010 2nd round draft choice, QB Tyler Thigpen and WR Devone Bess. 5yrs $45mil, $18mil garaunteed.

That's the guy we need and we're getting the deal done.

Thank me later

I worry about Morgan since he got shut down by Bulaga in the OB; shut down by Fox versus Miami; and shut down by Black versus LSU in their bowl game from the 08 season among other games.

He plays with a great motor - and is a skilled pass rusher no doubt - he is also very good versus the run. He showed good athleticism in drills and could make the transition to the 3-4 OLB spot; but is IMO a more natural fit as a 4-3 DE.

I also think a team before the Dolphins will draft him and then there wouldn't be anything to talk about.


Can you show us where Marshall was CONVICTED of beating his wife? If not..stop saying crap.

Just Because, jax at 10 is a definite threat to pick Derrick Morgan. Their other viable option is Dez Bryant I guess.

Jamillion your crazy, I like you, but your crazy!!


False rumor.

friendly APRIL FOOLS


we'll find our guy.... Dez Bryant??

You mean a fool in April...er March.

Congratulations Jamillon, you may be the "Earliest" winner of the "PLUNGIE".... congratulations......

Congrats on the plungie

Dolphin Disciple @ 7:00am,

I am sorry you had to miss some/all of my posts due the your "Cheers-aphobia".

May you win your battle vs this dreaded disease!!! Maybe rub a little BOOM! tough actin Tanactin or take some 'Tussen for that.

To spice things up for you I have prepared a new lil closer...

"I know the only thing that comes out of your state is steers and Cheers and I don't see a set of horns on you pal!" Vundaba!


Where the heck is mando

I wonder why the Jets are interested in Berry.

Why wouldn't they be interested?

fishypete, the cops are at his house more than at the donut shop. Regardless of convictions, he is always involved in shady dealings. DUI, assault, at the scene and intended target of a murder, the list goes on.

Sure, he goes to anger management or counselling and gets off until the next time.

He is the common denominator in the big clusterf uck that is his non-football life. That is not a coincidence.

Even with his great skills, he brings drama to the field. I have never liked that kind of player. Sure, being cocky is one thing - but I would rather improve our D and pick up a receiver when we come back with a new CBA...

The jets are only interested in media coverage, sometimes they create rumors in order to get it. Losers

Love Dolphins @ 10:56am

Won't you be...can't you be... my neighbor?

Can you say idiotic post?... ooooo, I thought you could.

Today we are gonna take Mr. Love Dolphin over to Mr. Teacher and explain to him that ALL people on the blog state, debate, argue or fight for their opinion to be heard, acknowledged, disputed or whatev's. Most people believe their opinions are right regardless of whether they are or not.

Now this is also Mr. Robs neighborhood so if you are not digging it...get ta steppin!!!!

As Ghandi might say... You are both the wall and the lightpost.


Lips, that's not a bad idea. Although picking up another veteran wide reciever would be good for henne. But gettin the D stocked is a good plan

Agree with "Lips", Though it's not the 1st time I've agreed with a pair of Lips.....

Aloco, (Sup bro) @12:15

No Food in the House
No food in the House
Walking around with No food in the House!

(To the tune of Pants on the ground)

Hehehe, Cheers!


So the cops are at his house...so? Again...to claim that he beat his wife...is only an accusation...it doesn't make it so. If you read the history I posted a few times...you see that many times the cops were called to his home he wasn't there and it had NOTHING to do with him. I won't speak for anyone else but I went thru a divorce and was accused of so much crap...and later it was proved to be just that, crap...it's easy to accuse someone...the truth sometimes gets lost.
I'm not saying he's a angel...he doesn't have to be...he didn't kill anyone...he didn't hurt anyone...and he deserves the right to prove himself free from all the crap that has been said about him.

Jamillion - How can you make it up? Let's see, you type anything on this blog that is not true and click POST button and that is how you do it.....JACKAZZZ!!!

Indy, How can you believe it is the pertain question....

Oy Vey!

Indy, i dont want to say it but i cant help it.... "DID YOU GOOGLE IT TO SEE IF IT WAS TRUE........... LOL.... Sorry couldnt help itr.........

There are not enough plungies to go around on a day like today

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