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Five days into free agency is no time to panic

Unrestricted free agency started as a sprint over the weekend when many NFL teams jockeyed for position to immediately land their prize targets or re-sign their best players.

The Dolphins got Karlos Dansby who is an upgrade at inside linebacker. The Dolphins locked up backup quarterback Chad Pennington. And they added by subtracting Joey Porter and Gibril Wilson.

But not all has gone according to plan.

The Dolphins have struggled to land a starting-caliber free safety because fate has not been kind. They put a certain value on Antrel Rolle and the New York Giants placed a higher value on him and got him. Value is defined here by cold, hard cash.)

They placed a higher value on Ryan Clark than his most recent team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, but Clark, a classy, solid dude, had other priorities he had to answer to. So Clark left Dolphins money on the table in order to return to the Steelers.

Some front offices might begin to panic. I trust the Dolphins will not, not with Bill Parcells at the helm.

On the surface, the situation looks uncomfortable if not dire.

A survey of the landscape shows the Dolphins have needs at too many positions to solve all those needs through the draft. 

They need a starting OLB, a NT, a starting FS, and, of course, a playmaker at WR. Always a playmaker at WR.

So what to do?

While Cincinnati is hosting both Antonio Bryant and Terrell Owens this week, while Seattle is studying Brandon Marshall, after Baltimore traded for Anquan Boldin and Kansas City signed Chris Chambers, the Dolphins have done nothing.

I love Boldin -- a lot. But I cannot criticize the Dolphins for not moving on anyone left. It would be a sign of desperation for them to go after domestic batterer Marshall. Even if the move might be popular with fans and sell tickets, it would be a huge risk.

Owens will be 36 years old. He's better than any wide receiver the Dolphins currently have, no question. But did I mention he'll be 36 years old? And he has a history that rubs Parcells the wrong way. So is the Big Tuna going to basically cast off everything he believes in and chase this player? That would be a sign of desperation.

Bryant? He has had issues with his knees. His career byline is one of inconsistency and wearing out his coaches and his welcome. He also apparently would like a nice payday.

So maybe, just maybe, the Dolphins would best be served by sitting this one out if they have a plan. (God, please let them have a plan!)

The safety position is equally troubling because the Dolphins don't have a starter at the position. By their chase of both Rolle and Clark, the Dolphins have told everyone they don't think Chris Clemons is ready to be a starter and might never be. Remember, they offered those guys multi-year deals so the team was comfortable with Clemons not starting at FS for some time.

The problem is that the free agent options are running out. Darren Sharper is very, very, very productive but also older than Miami typically likes. He's also coming off knee surgery and reportedly isn't taking trips. O.J. Atogwe continues to be out there, but as of this writing, no contact from the Dolphins.

The Dolpins obviously didn't want to draft for this position. They might need to unless they can uncover a double-secret starting FS no one is aware of.

And then there are the other issues the Dolphins haven't even attempted to address in free agency: The team needs at least one starting outside linebacker, but DeMarcus Ware isn't available. They need a nose tackle but Vince Wilfork re-signed with New England. The Dolphins are a team in much need. 

So why am I not crying "The Sky is falling" from my house top?

Two years ago, as the Steelers and Cards were preparing for a Super Bowl year, neither team signed a free agent early on. Last year at this team, neither the Colts nor the Saints signed a free agent early on.

Free agency is less than a week old. It is not Labor Day yet. The draft will plug some of these holes. And since this front office doesn't typically show desperation, neither will I. At least not yet. It is way too early for that.


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Frankie say: Relax
This team isn't going anywhere in 2010 with the road sked they have. Keep putting the pieces in place for a 2011 Super Bowl victory.

Agree Carlito, though again it's still early.....Cant waut for the winning post... should be a doiozzzy....

cuban menace - Nope...just went to NFL.com and ESPN.com as well as checking some twitter accounts to see if anything was posted. I leave the Googling to NJ, because that is his favorite thing to do!

Well for any Indianapolis fans, the news below is not going to make for a fun commute home hear in about an hour....CRAP!!!



How about signing Javon Walker?

He was cut by Oakland today. Yes he is 31, but he has been sitting on a shelf in Oakland for 2 years collecting dust. Lets bring him in for a tryout and sign him to an incentive laden contract, with LOW guaranteed $ up front.

If Marshall were to wind up with the Dolphins I would be estatic. I do not think it would happen, but, I would support him. I would hope all you fans would too.

I think, though, that we cannot afford to give up draft picks this year with the talent available in the draft.

I would, however, like to hear Mike Nolan's point of view on Marshall.

How about signing Javon Walker?

He was cut by Oakland today. Yes he is 31, but he has been sitting on a shelf in Oakland for 2 years collecting dust. Lets bring him in for a tryout and sign him to an incentive laden contract, with LOW guaranteed $ up front.

Posted by: westcoastkid | March 09, 2010 at 03:52 PM

A new nominee............

No outside linebackers, NT, FS, WR omg omg omg omg. Dez bryant skipping pro day that son of a ... omg omg.

With Marshall on the team we could open up a new concept... the Wild BM!

NJ - Agree to disagree? I'm good with it.

Can't remember who said it but an above average receiver with more speed than anyone we've got (Ginn doesn't count because he's a track star, not a receiver) will make this offense so much better. If defenses have to account for a guy who's a realistic threat to stretch the field AND actually catch the ball then they cannot jam the line.

Sell promotional Items licke chocolate in the shape of a football player with marshall's number and call it BM on a stick

Who would you rather have in the 1st round; Dez Bryant or Brandon Marshall?

What do you guys think?

Also remember we have four starting positions to fill: OLB, FS, NT and WR.

You can find two starters in the first 3 rounds but the other two have to be taken care of through free agency.

We need to take care of atleast 2 of those positions in order to have a comfortable draft.

NJ PHIN! (Said like Jerry Seinfeld says Newman) @ 12:54 =)

Wassup my brother? You keep saying I should drop the McClain rants but, I am glad you keep serving me up more material. Seems like I am not the only one that can't drop a topic. Besides, you were starting to do too good of a job letting mcClain fade into the background after all your woofin about what kind of dominator he will be in the NFL. You are starting to see that he is slipping.

I am definitely saying that if the Trifecta was seeing the very SAME ILB in McClain BP & Co most certainly would angle to get him! That's how you get better as a team right? If the guy is the next Pat Willis as you, bobbyd, carlito and others had said the Fins would FOR SURE go after him...EVEN with Dansby!!

A. McClain is reported to be drafted somewhere around were we draft. It's not like we had Indy's pick and I am saying get DT Suh. We have #12 and one of the spots that may be hot for him is Denver not far at #10.(Even though they will successfully rid themselves of Marshall at somepoint and may take Dez).

B. My logic is not flawed on this one. If you want a guy because he is a stud you don't sign a veteran player to get in the way of taking him @12?

C. If McClain is the "IT" ILB that you have praised for so long then could't the Fins simply move Dansby to OLB and take McClain anyways? You even cut and pasted Singletary quotes raving about the guy... even though they draft one spot behind us and could get him? Hmmmm, what a dolt Coach Mike S is giving out free scouting reports.

D. I stated if they thought McClain was the lights out type that you think he is then wouldn't they NOT get Dansby and instead FILL the new glaring need at FS by using a more concerted push to get Rolle or Clark? Remember, we would have ALL the $$ from NOT signing Dansby. The offers that Rolle and then Clark got were AFTER spending the BIG $$money$$ on Dansby! Stands to reason they would have more money to offer the Safeties with no Dansby.

Speaking of big money on Dansby... why are you spinning it like it's a great pickup now? Dansby is just a "good" player in your estimation... the FINS brass gave him a contract that makes him the HIGHEST paid ILB in the NFL...That should jack your jaws. Your mantra was signing Dansby was ok as long as it wasn't for too much money???

Shouldn't you be up in arms about how he is an overpaid so and so?

And the beat goes on... ladadadee


I think if we can trade Camarillo and our 12th pick we can get Marshall. After reviewing some publications I may have been wrong about Jimmy Graham in the first but he should be there in the second. We could snap him up like the cuban does an empanada.

Go 'canes!

If Dez Bryant is there...take him. If not, draft a ball hawk safety. Bell is very good, but he gives us tackles and big hits. We need a safety that can go get the ball. Speed. Speed. Speed. Defensive tackle in the 2nd round would be great. Maybe an outside linebacker. I love brandon spikes, would be great with channing and karlos. I'm not worried at all. There are many options available. It will happen, trust me. Until then....be happy we cut Joey Peezy...." Popcorn Muscles" hahaha.

Rob, NJ never said that Dansby would not be a good fit. He said he would be an upgrade. NJ just did not think he was worth a 9mil per contract that would escalate to a 40+ milion contract over 5years. These are not exact words, but, what I interpreted him saying

I don't want Bryant or Marshall with the Dolphins first round pick... There are much bigger needs on this team, all on defense, that are bigger that WR. I don't want the #12 pick to go to a wide receiver. If Dez Bryant gets selected with the #12 pick I will be surprised, but not mad. The only doubts I have about Bryant are his reported character issues, but if the Trifecta feel he is worthy of the pick I will not doubt them. (Much like Vontae and his reported issues last year, even though Bryants are much more serious)

I did not address Brandon Marshall, because its just not going to happen. He is a restricted free agent with a first round tender. All of this trade a 2nd and Thigpen and Ginn and blah blah blah is stupid because he can only be had for a 1st round pick in the 2010 draft...


Oddly, we just got news that a pedestrian fatality occured on our train line, so will be a mess getting home too. (although I would guess the disruption in Indy will be worse!)

Rob in OC, we are cool, but don't misquote me again. Leave my name out of you and NJ's spat.

I am still a big McClain supporter, Dansby changes the situation a little, but McClain could still be the pick at 12.

BTW - Marshall was a 4th round pick..

Who knows, maybe we take McClain and dump big mouth crowder to some other team for an extra pick next year when it is WR heavy!


Yes, good point, Marshall was a 4th round pick... and one thing that these guys that are going crazy over his "stats" (no actual numbers) don't mention is that his avg yards per catched has dropped every season from over 15 yards per catch to just over 12 yards per catch... That is not a good stat line and something that would definitely jump out to a good GM

What about signing Javon Walker to a cheap one year deal. He might be a good veteran upgrade at wide receiver maybe?

No, let me correct myself. Brandon Marshall's average yards per catch was 11.1 last year! That is terrible for someone who is supposedly so great!!!!!!!

Why the blind faith in the trifecta? They've missed more than they have hit in my opinion. The only proven one in my eyes is Parcells and that was more as a coach. I'm not arguing, I just don't have as much faith after 2 full years.


NJ has said he "Does not want a good player getting paid like a great player"

How much more than the HIGHEST paid in the league at his position does he have to get paid to draw his ire?

His contract is 43 million...

The thing is there is a spin for everything... In all actuality he wanted McClain so bad he could taste it...so did you by the way. He speaks out about not getting Dansby for a high price and when Dansby gets the richest ILB contract in the league where is the rant? It gets spun away as being ok?

Furthermore he now can now distance himself from the "McClain Superman at ILB" posts as now the Fins have Dansby. If RM is such a freakin stud shouldn't he say lets double down and get Pat Willis Jr and move Dansby to OLB where he can fill that glaring need?

Amytime you fill one position of need in FA that makes the draft more flexible.


How come the Fin’s are not jumping on the Rams safety Atogwa?
33 forced fumbles since 2006 the most out of ANY player in the N.F.L.
Last year he had 2INT, 74 Tackels and 3 forced fumbles.
Sure he is a restricted free agent but the Rams have put the lowest possible tender on him, which means the can match any offer but it wouldn’t be that expensive.
If they don’t adress this quick it will be a banner year once again for tight ends who play against us.

Indiana , stop accusing somebody else of your dreaded googling disease. We all know it's you. you just can't leave it alone. ???

My name is Lips, and I've googled 13 times today.


Its not blind faith... but there is no denying these guys know what they are doing. They brought this team from 1-15 and 6 years of horrible football to 11-5 and a division title in their first year and had them in playoff contention through week 16 last year in a season that was riddled with injuries to their best players and played the hardest schedule in the league. They have completely turned this team around and it is a relief to have someone that knows what they are doing running this franchise for a change... How could you be so blind not to see this? Or maybe you became a fan in 2008.

Rob , what ?? You're continuing to talk jibberish and putting words in people'
s mouth . and the beat goes on ladadadadadadada ! Blah Blah blah blah.


We are cool. I agree.

What did I say to misquote you? You just confired that you still like McClain and he still may be the pick?

I said you and Bobbyd are big fans of McClain and you are... still as you just said he can be the pick.

The only one I was "quoting" was NJ PHIN as he was the biggest McClain supporter of all.

Pretty fair assessment I'd say. Let me know what I misquoted you on and if it's wrong I'll recant it...just like a good newspaper or erroneous newreport gets taken back.

I have zero problem saying sorry or admitting mistakes... can't say the same for some posters on this blog but, meh, to each his own.


I google once every 5 minutes - me and Tiger go to the same therapist...

Thank you THPHINFAN for backing me up on my words to rob. Rob continues to put words in my mouth and quite frankly it's starting to tee me off.

NJ - I am not the one who mentioned anything first. I think the whole "google" crap you guys throw around is comical. I figured I would get you to say something. Does it bother you? You like to blame everyone else when soemone accuses you of something though. Awful defensive and quick to defend as well!! LMFAO!!

Not sure how long you've been a fan but I have been around since George Wilson was the coach. I just tend to think that it was a fluke in 2008 and last year was the norm. Listen, I can't argue that they are better than 1-15. I just don't see any brilliant personnel moves and many misses in that area. Anyone can improve on 1-15 but to be a consistabt team you need playmakers. They have none, even with Dansby, who has never been in a pro bowl, I fear we might be saying in a year or so that he's overrated. Last 2 drafts have produced a total of 3 "good" or serviceable palyers, one of which was first over all. I just don't see the brilliance. It's a by product (pessimism) of being a Fin fan for too long. Since 83 this team always has a hole somewhere that contributes to it's demise that for one reason or another is never rectified. We are going on year 3 of a pop gun offense with no Wr. That's all.

Very nice. Now allow me to remind you that none of the teams you mentioned, not signing any free agents last year, had the unusual needs the Dolphins have. Yes, UNUSUAL because it is beyond comprehension how the second highest payroll IN THE LEAGUE! can possibly have so may deficiencies.
If the Dolphins were a normal corporation, doing normal business other than sports, none of these people, including Parcells, would have a job this year.

We"re going to draftan olb/pass rushing specialist with the 12th pick and his name is Sergio Kindle. I think its that simple. Its the position Parcells loves to draft and its a top priority with Porter gone, Wake developing and JT aging. Now with Dansby in the middle, we go OLB,WR, NT. in that order....So let it be done.


Classic comeback bro... yuk yuk yuk...you got me there.

Tell me any words I put in anyones mouth with a cut and paste of my post and I will apologize if I am wrong. I was always taught the bigger man admits when he's wrong.

The fact is you didnt answer the post... does that mean you are getting out of the McClain is the best ILB since Jr. Seau business?

I know you watched all the Bama games as you told me as much in the tons of posts in other threads. How is Mr. Assisted Tackles doing nowadays? Show some Bama pride and defend McClain's honor! (I know you're prolly not a Bama fan per se)

You have a bunch of posters on your side... I am one of a few willing to call out McClain on his suspect tackling, not shedding blocks, not hustling fully on plays going by him.

I am now climbing further out on the limb and saying he will still be there when the Fins draft AND we will take someone else... maybe Spiller for his keen offensive prowess!

LOL, it's all good man. There will be a trainwreck of talent evaluation as both of our eyeballs see a completely different player... We are both on the same track and our oldfashioned steam engines are headed right at each other. I am adding more coal to my locomotive... Do I see yours backing up?


Mondo, do you think Denver would trade Brandon Marshall for Ronnie Brown and a late pick (say a 4)??
I dont think it's that crazy considering Randy Moss was traded for a 4.
Then Mia could grab the RB from Ole Miss, and team him with Ricky.


3 serviceable players in the last 2 drafts??? Are you kidding me???

Jake Long.
Chad Henne
Kendall Langford
Donald Thomas
Lex Hilliard
Davone Bess
Dan Carpenter
Vontae Davis
Sean Smith
Brian Hartline
Chris Clemons

All of these guys are serviceable in the least, most are good players/starters. You talking out yer arse on this one

Rob , dansby got 22 mil guaranteed not the entire 43 mill over 5 years YET !!! He can be cut in the next 2-3 years and will recieve his 22 mil after 2 -3 years and NOTB recieve the 43 MIL. It was reported he wanted 30-32 mil guaranteed. 22 mil is a far cry from 30-32 mil. I can live with that. Who the F is backing off mcclain ??? Not me. Also if you knew anything about me and were here long enough . you would know that i'm a big eric berry fan and he's my first choice over mclain . Berry might not be availible , so i ike mcclain after berry, Do me a favor ?? Until you stop putting words in my mouth , don't address me anymore . CHEERS !!!!

Carlito - Might it have someting to do with Cutler having an off-year in 2008 and then Orton - I mean Orton? - being the starting QB last year. Not many of our receivers had an average near 11 yards when Penny was playing (Ginn, amazingly, did - of course he didn't catch but 25% of his passes) because Penny cannot throw it very far. Neither can Orton, with any accuracy. Marshall's lack of yards last year is almost entirely to do with Orton. He had an NFL record 21 catches in a single game last year. The guy is exactly what we need. But it is moot because the triad won't do it.

Someone argued the Fins can't/won't trade picks because they need them all for defense. When Marshall can contribute 7+ TDs and 1100+ yds/season, how is that not defense? Scores = defense. Fins lost four games by a TD or less last year. Add Marshall and put those in the win column. Oh wait, that's a 11-5 record. Oh wait, that's an AFC East championship. Oh wait, that's playoffs! And, oh wait, that's no playoffs for the Jest.


You assumed that I think McClain is slipping and thats why I don't debate with you. You assumed that I think that the trifecta is not targeting McClain because they signed Dansby and you said that I stated McClain is the next Patrick Willis... You know what you said, I shouldn't have to tell you unless you just ramble incoherently and even you don't know what you said in those long-winded posts

NJ phin is a big donkey w/ big ears and big aszzzzzzzzzzzzz .

carlito is assuming a lot of things lately .


"When Marshall can contribute 7+ TDs and 1100+ yds/season, how is that not defense? Scores = defense."

You going for the plungie buffoon thing with this one

Carlito Davon Bess a FA which are hit or miss. I'll give you Long,dAvis, Smith and Carpenter. But the others? Wouldn't start on most. In any event, those names are not names that a so called guru would pick. Come on, with their payroll in consideration you don't see a lack of talent on this team?

Indiana . Quick to defend ? ?? Really ???Cuban menace goofed on you because of your googling and you brought my name into it. take it up with the menace. You want me to stop but you keep bringing it up. I was willing to stop but GOOOOOOOOOGLE INDIANA GOOOOOOOOGLE !!!

LMFAO !!!!!

nj is a big donkey w/big ears .

carlito, do you enjoy arguing with lamp posts? just let it go. Rob is the ultimate master-debater. I'm sure he comes on here to give his wife and friends a break. I'm sure he has a wife and friends because he is pretty classy for a guy who is never wrong. I've met a lot of people who cant be wrong but Rob is the nicest. The Mr Rogers of arguers.

For the love of all things holy, let's not go google crazy. Makes for a crappy commute.

Carlito , that's right.


You don't know what you are talking about... Both Bess and Carpenter were rookie free agents which means they didn't get selected in the draft and then brought in by the Dolphins afterwards... The fact is they were targeted by the fins in college and brought in as rookies, split hairs where you want

Langford, a steal in the 3rd round has started for 2 years... Donald Thomas, Brian Hartline, Chris Clemons have all gotten starts, Lex Hilliard was a steal in the 6th and a solid contributor and you don't even mention Henne!!!!!

nj is a big donkey w/big ears .


Whats right?

nj talking to himself w/gusto.never mind carlito.

LOL @ love dolphins. you described him to a tee.

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