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Perspective: Mandich wages a battle for his life

Football is a game. It is only a game.

It's easy to forget that sometimes when your team loses and your spirit feels defeated. It's easy to forget that when your team wins and you feel unbeatable for days.

Football is a game that lacks perspective unless and until life intervenes. And then when life does what life does -- throws curves, some of them vicious and biting -- we remember that how our team performs on Sunday or in free agency, or on the draft's first day, matters not one wit in the grand scheme of things.

Football is a game. It is not a battle or a war as many players and even some coaches often suggest in passing reference. Wars are happening in Iraq and Afghanistan every day without relent. Not in Pittsburgh or New England or Buffalo for 16 weeks in the fall.

Football is a game. It is not a life and death struggle between two teams. True life and death struggles play out every day on our streets and in our hospitals and nursing homes.

I remind you of all this to tell you that football as life is a lie.

Life is life and it is filled with more drama and more bitterness and more boundless joy than any 60-minute game could ever hope to offer.

I remind you of all this because I am touched and saddened but also heartened in hearing that ex-Dolphins and current broadcaster Jim Mandich is battling cancer. 

I want to publicly say that I pray Jim recovers completely. I want to say publicly that I hope he recovers a million times more than I hope the Dolphins win a Super Bowl next year.

The Super Bowl, you see, would be an important accomplishment. It would be great for us all. But no one will live or die if the Dolphins succeed or fail in chasing a Lombardi Trophy. Mandich is indeed fighting for his life.

And all of us would be lessened if he doesn't win the fight.


This is not an obituary. Jim Mandich shall live and not die.

So I'm not going to tell you what a great guy Jim is. I'm not going to share stories of his career both on the field and in the radio booth. The time for those nostaligic tales is not yet. Hopefully it will not be for a very long time.

We believe Jim will recover. We trust that when the 2010 season dawns, he will be there to witness it, to describe it on the Dolphins radio network, to take us via his commentary to all the games we cannot witness in person or on television.

Today we celebrate the fact that around here we understand what's truly important.

Today we celebrate and toast Jim Mandich with a "Green lizard."

Get well soon, Jim.

Get well soon.

[Update 11:30: There is a fan facebook page for anyone wishing to sign a petition to get Jim Mandich's name on the Dolphin Honor Roll. Here is the page if you wish to sign the petition.]


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Indiana , do you see anybody else talking football ?? NO. Not only that you asked a question on football TWICE !! and nobody answered you because they have respect for mad dog and know this is a get well blog . NOBODY had to assign anybody to say that it's a get well blog . It's obvious no anybody with a half a brain. Which you lack. YOU ARE THE BUFFOON OF THE YEAR !!! and such a SIMPLETON !! LMFAO !!!!!!!

to anybody.

I pray God spares Mad Dog's life, we need him too much down here. Get well!!!

I can honestly say, without all the sniping and name calling, I have no idea what point of any, you are trying to convey. What issue could you possible have with a tribute Armando paid to a guy that is part of the fabric that the this fandom is made of? I feel sorry for you for not having a real cause to crusade for. Frankly, you seem like a very bored emotionless human being. Great article Armando.

New blog up about FOOTBALL !!!

I'm so sorry to hear of the tragic news about Jim. Although i was very little when he played,it's clear he was a great player and still is a wonderful man.

My prayers go out to you and your family at this very difficult time.

All Dolfans are rootin' for ya buddy

I'm so sorry to hear of the tragic news about Jim. Although i was very little when he played,it's clear he was a great player and still is a wonderful man.

My prayers go out to you and your family at this very difficult time.

All Dolfans are rootin' for ya buddy

Hey Dying Breed: Howard Twilley was not a tight end??? Now I am old enough that I saw Jim play and he was a clutch TE. When Griese was doing his check downs Mandich was the safety valve.

Get well soon, as God wants you to continue your passion and your time is not now.


Fish Boy

Mandich's call on Marino's comeback game in 94 against the Pats is priceless stuff. I can listen to that broadcast over and over again. Get well soon #88.

I hope the mad dog can make a speedy recovery, I'm sorry to hear that the show will not go on. It was the only thing left that was worth listening to on QAM.

They dumped Hank and Neil and now the Mad Dog is leaving, all they have now is the Joe Rose High School football show and Sid's New York experience.

G e t
W e l l
S o o n


You inspired many young Kids to play Football.
(This one included...) It was because of you and your Teammates that a generation of children, around the country, were motivated to be their BEST .

I Loved watching you Catch Passes
I love listening to you Broadcast Dolphin Football.

We wish you many future Victories!

Godspeed #88

Mandich is a special broadcaster that is honest and tells it like it is, and therefore enriches our lives with more than just football by sharing his thoughts in a forthright way. Not sure anyone else in S. Fla or anywhere can fill his shoes the way he has done for so many years.

Irreplaceable, I think, in life as in the football field.

Good vibes and prayers sent your way, Mandich!!

Get well Mad Dog

I join those who wish Jim Mandich a speedy and complete recovery. Here on the west coast, we don't have access to watch Dolphins games unless you buy the NFL package on satellite or go to a sports bar. Jim and his buddies on Dolphins radio are available through the ESPN package. He makes the games more enjoyable and exciting. Good column Mando. Good health to you Jim.

Get well Mad Dog
You are the guy that puts a smile on the face of Dolphin Nation.
We miss you!

The sound of the Dolphins is Jim Mandich! I remain enthusiastic every time i hear Mad Dog speak! Best wishes to you and keep on keepin on!!

Mad Dog, punch this thing (cancer) right in the mouth...just like you did to that veteran lineman who shoved you that first day of pre-season training camp...all those years ago!!!

God be with ya Mad Dog..

A positive attitude is everything, keep fighting.

Of course, if you're illiterate, you may not notice that Armando's post was Insincere, as I can see by your ignorant backlash.
And for those of you harping on the Heineken, you attempt at changing the focus to that as your red herring will only serve to illustrate your own illiteracy and will only influence other illiterates. My comment was not about Mandich, it was about Armando's pontification and his transparent insincerity. I am not defending what I said, I am attempting to reexplain in the same manner that an adult would reexplain something to a child who doesn't, or refuses to, get it.
The Green Lizard cartoon was apropos however, because it parodied bloggers assigning relavance to writing when there is none. Or didn't any of you do the work first and look it up before you commented back?
Not surprising.
Not surprising at all.

Kevin, with all due respect to your google prowess, you are a turd.

You make the drive home tolerable. I always get a kick when you talk about "Isla-mo-rada" and fishing. Mad Dog you gotta get better


Get well soon Jim!!

Mando- thanks for the blog.
Kevin- this isn't about you, so take it somewhere else punk.

Mad Dog, I know that you are going to be all right. You can tell your love ones this with conviction.

Get well soon Mad Dog, 4pm isn't the same without you.

Get will Jim - the Dolphin nation needs you! Thanks for posting this Armando.

Get well soon Jim! You and the rest of those 70's Fins provided so much joy to So Fla. My first memory of Dolphins Football was the Super Bowl loss to Dallas. Then, the fun was just beginning. Thanks for all your catches during the glory years...we are rooting more for you today than even then!

Some Mad Dog 'isms:
"Alllriiiiight Mi'aaami"
how bout this one:

"Riding around with my windows down"

You're in our prayers, Jim!

get him to a (legitimate) Ayurvedic DR.- STAT!- Whatever!


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