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Brandon Marshall: Great talent, lots of baggage

So the Denver Broncos put a first-round tender (only a first-round tender, it is being portrayed in league circles) on Brandon Marshall and immediately Dolphins fans think Miami should rush to trade for the enigmatic wide receiver.

I don't believe this is today an idea being seriously considered within the Dolphins halls connecting the offices of Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano. Frankly, it would be out-of-character for those men to be currently planning a move for Marshall because they are excellent football men.

And excellent football men don't trade the No. 12 overall selection in the first round -- a premium draft pick by any measure -- then pay a king's ransom in a new contract, all for the right to inherit someone else's headache.

For the record, Marshall is a supremely talented individual. He is 6-4 and 230 pounds and has caught over 100 passes for over 1,000 yards in each of the last three seasons.

But guess what? Marshall is not the answer to every Miami problem that is, has been, and will be. Fact is Marshall has helped the Broncos reach the playoffs zero times in the three years he was posting those fat numbers.

And that's not even the first problem with chasing Marshall.

Marshall has shown a troubling side for over a year now. He was witness in the murder trial of former Broncos player Darrent Williams because he was at the club the night the shooting happened and played a small role in the altercation that may have led to the crime.

Show of hands, how many of you remember what Bill Parcells said he tells his players all the time?

"Stay out of the clubs."

Anyway, in his trial testimony Marshall said that not one day passes when he doesn't think of Williams. "Every day," Marshall said. It was an emotional and stirring moment when he said that as his eyes were watering. But that death happened over three years ago. Perhaps it sounds callous, but NFL teams worry about the emotional state of players they are about to acquire.

Any team considering Marshall must gauge this testimony. And they must gauge his history of domestic violence which is best outlined by the video below.

Then there are the other troubling issues. Why do you think the Broncos want to get rid of Marshall? Is it because he's a really good player? Is it because he caught an NFL record 21 passes in one game last year and is a mismatch against practically any defensive back he faces?

KC Chiefs cornerback Brandon Flowers once said Marshall, "is a defensive lineman playing wide receiver. He wants to inflict phyisal punishment on you. He wants you to try to tackle him so he can shove you off of him and get more yards."

You think that's the reason the Broncos want him gone?

Or do you think it's because they have weighed Marshall's positives against his negatives and have found the negatives weigh more?

Buyer beware, folks.

Marshall had several run-ins with new coach Josh McDaniels last year. That doesn't worry me so much because so did new Miami defensive coordinator Mike Nolan. But Marshall's behavior was unprofessional following those run-ins. He supposedly dropped passes in practices on purpose because he was upset.

That got him benched for the final two games of the preseason. Funny thing is he'd been benched the first two preseason games for conduct detrimental to the team.

Then he was benched for the final regular season game because he reportedly blew off a physical therapy session.

Does any of this sound like a Bill Parcells player? Does this sound like a player Parcells will give the No. 12 pick in the draft for?

On top of all this, Marshall will require a contract that keeps him happy. It is not beyond imagination that he believes he should be paid what the most productive WRs in the NFL make because, frankly, he's among the top producers. The five highest-paid WRs in 2009 averaged $9.5 million in salary and that price is likely to climb for Marshall to be happy.

That doesn't matter now. There will be no salary cap in 2010. But no one knows what is over the fiscal horizon in the NFL -- or in this country, for that matter. So what seems like an acceptable contract now could become an anchor around the neck of a future Dolphins offseason.

I'm not saying Brandon Marshall won't be traded. He likely will.The Broncos want badly to get rid of him and mny teams are actively looking for WRs and want to make a splash.

I am saying any team that lands Marshall will have paid a steep, steep price to acquire a player with great talent and a great amount of baggage.

Does that sound like the Dolphins to you? I don't think so at this time.


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No way Marshall is every going to be a Dolphin. You also forgot to mention his history of domestic violence that will get him a nice suspension the next time he does it and oh yes he will do it again, these guys never learn their lesson. Or he might wind up like the Bengals Henry, dead. This is a bad guy who happens to have great talent, these are guys you run away from and never give big money to.

I heard on sirius NFL a Broncos fan who followed the Williams court case that said that The drive by was meant for Marshall and that the Broncos are trading him no matter what. He is a great WR but I really don't want him and as long as he doesn't end up on the Patriots I don't care where he goes. I would rather take my chances on an older injury prone Boldin and try to find a good WR late in the draft.

you're trying to tell me that b.marshall is'nt worth the 12.th pick in the draft. no wonder why you people in miami get no respect nationally. there is not a player in this damn draft is a pimple on marshall's a** period !!!! i would give them the 12.th pick for marshall all day every damn day of the year. what a joke this dolphin franchise is. this is the same damn franchise that has a statue of a loser outside their stadium yep that's the dolphins organization in a nut shell.

Let Chicago pay the price for a disgruntled star. Oh wait, they already did that last year, had an awful year and are now in worse shape than before. These moves don't work.

I hope this shuts up all the Marshall lovers. His talent is unquestionably good, but the baggage I will say NO to for a 1st round pick

mase - STFU

I have a very odd feeling the Fins won't be doing anything, like whats being reported. No Dansby, Rolle, or Marshal. I truly believe they are going to trade the 12th pick for a later 1st rounder + either a 2 or a 3. (depending on how far back they trade to). If they would be able to drop back, and another 2 or 3rd round pick you might see the Tuna smile on draft. Giving that guy the opportunity to take 2-3 defensive players in this draft would be ridiculous!!

Elite receivers come at a price folks, Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, all TOP 5 FIRST ROUND picks. Clearly worth the pick, but if there is a chance that the Dolphins can trade down and not have to give up the 12th pick to get Marshall I think they seriously have to consider it. ESPECIALLY with the assumption that Dez Bryant will be way gone at when the Dolphins get on board. And even with Marshalls off the field immaturity, he's not been identified as a locker room destroyer like T.O.

He's also 26 with ELITE skills, the other WR in trade talks Anquan Boldin could still cost a mid round pick and is turning 30 and has recent injury concerns AND will demand a huge contract....that doesn't make too much sense either if you ask me.

hey mase get off the phins blog, and dont forget that the phins are the only team to ever go undefeated and win a superbowl


Can you tell me please what did Marshall ever win?

Miami will make at least one move in FA I believe...I think they have too!!

Marshall: lots of talent, lots of baggage
Ginn (our so called #1 WR): no talent, no baggage

Perhaps Marshall could be had for less than a 1st rounder if the Broncos want absolutely to get rid of him. Then we should pull the trigger and pay the guy because he is special.

PS: "Stay out of the clubs." Go tell that to Will Allen.

Truly comical! The Dolphins have been looking for a #1 receiver for how many years now? Yet, every year, when a true #1 is available all we can do is shout from the rooftops that he is not worthy of being a Dolphin! Let me guess - if Steve Smith (panthers) was available for a 1st, we would have a problem with him too, wouldn't we? This is why every year come playoff time, we sit at home just like the Chiefs and Bills.

Dont give a crap. Same garbage was associated with Randy Moss, TO etc
sign this guy up and take me to the superbowl.

Waterboy - how many playoff games has Marshall played?

I hope the Dolphins wouldn't give a first round for Steve Smith either.

P.S. Im glad you are not the Dolphins GM

By Mando's logic:
Will Allen, Starks, Porter, Mcdaniels all need to go because of Baggage....

We need a real WR!!!!!!!!!


What has Randy Moss ever won? 18-1? That don't count, they lose most important one

How many playoffs games have the fins played with the best WHITE wr core in football?


Allen, Starks, Porter, McDaniels bad decisions resulted in the death of team mates? These guys quit in practice on purpose? Thanks for the news update.

Not only does it sound like Marshall and his cousin were the intended targets of the driveby but the crew connected to the shooter already took out a witness in a seperate murder case. In that case they chased her down in her front yard and shot her in broad daylight. Already in this case there are three witnesses that are sitting in jail because they refuse to testify for fear of their and their family's lives.

Money may have been one of the reasons for his act last year but I think this is the bigger reason he wants and maybe needs to get out of Denver.

Not sure if someone posted this before, I haven't had time to read all the posts. If not here's news on Karlos Dansby. The Giants have dropped out of the bidding. Here's the link:


That talent is worth it. Get him, pay him.

mase...got to be rooming with rex ryan.

I want nothing to do with Brandon Marshall.

Datajack, that site is blocked at my job... what does it say? and why would the Giants drop out before the bidding even starts?

Thanks for the news flash in which you are judge almighty of the human race, determining the "his bad decisions resulted in the death of the team mates"

Tell me something... would you change your tune if Will "drunk" Allen would have crashed into you? He was lucky police had setup a barricade....

PhinsFan54. Here is the entire post:

Team sources tell the NY Daily News that the Giants will not be serious bidders for free agent LB Karlos Dansby.
The Giants looked like frontrunners in the Dansby sweepstakes at one point, but are no longer expected to be active in the first wave of free agency. GM Jerry Reese has decided to get back to building through the draft after a high-priced 2009 offseason that went sour when the real games started. Dansby remains on the radars of Miami, Washington, and perhaps Philadelphia.
Source: New York Daily News


Give it a break, Marshall admitted that he was the target of Williams murder. This is a much more serious consequence than any of the incidents these Dolphins players had. You sound ridiculous.

This Regime has dished out money "out of character" signing FA which are injury prone
1) Smiley
2) Grove

Why? The value the OL... truth is Parcells is stuck in 1980 when WRs were not a top priority.

Football is a team sport, but 1 guy can win you a game and also cost you a game:
Exhibit 1
Ted ginn won the Jets game by himself

Exhibit 2
The Gerbil costs us 2 games with his piss poor tackling

Forgive me for wanting playmarkers

Waterboy - There are more than just 1 #1 WR's in this league. I just do not think Marshall is worth a 1st. Now a conditional 1st and I could see a 1st a year from now. If the teams gets so far and Marshall has a certain amount of numbers in stats, then teh Broncos could have next years first. I don't think it would be the right move this year to go after Marshall


Have some patience, quit whining and wait it out. The dolphins will get better at wr in 2010 and they don't have to get your boy Marshall to do it. Just because they don't make a move at 12:01 a.m. March 5th, doesn't mean the trifecta is screwing up... You watch too much ESPN.

Personally I think there's upside and downside involved with acquiring Marshall. The upside is more phenominal if you're willing to think outside the box and not go with the majority obvious.

When MicroSoft CEO Bill Gates first presented his idea of the personal computer, the majority of the banks disagreed. But here we all are now just typing away.

Come on Carlito,
I want to spend $200 bucks on a playoff ticket.

I can't see why the Dolphins wouldn't consider this guy. You don't get a chance to get a guy like this very often. You look into it and figure out what it would cost to add him....end of story. I'm not saying I would give Denver the number 12 pick in the draft for him but if we were able to trade down and get an additional second ot third, then I think you need to consider trading that lower first to Denver. This is a glaring weakness on our team. We have nobody who scares the other teams defence. Ginn has the speed but not the hands or the courage to go up and win the battles. This guy will do that.

And for all you guys who say you don't want him, why don't you tell us what your master plan to add a number one receiver might be. I like Boldin but he's no Marshall and he's older and more banged up. So Boldin is more of a short term answer....likely no more than 2-3 years, assuming of course there is football in 2011.

Wow, interesting... I thought the Giants would be our biggest competitors for him. Good news. Although Washington worries me, because we all know how those morons roll, even with a cap.

Craig these guys here typing away at thier personal home computers have the exact same mantal approach those majority of bankers had who refuse to finance Bill Gates personal home computer idea. They just keep typing away Craig, lol.

Yeah PhinsFan54, this is great news. And it looks like the skins are going to make a mad dash at Peppers and possibly Rolle, I doubt they would go after 3 high value free agents (although with Snyder anything is possible). Hopefully that means we're the front runner and we land this guy.

Craig the party of no never has a master plan except for to keep saying no, lol.

Look for the eagles and bills to push for Dansby


This team is heading in the right direction. You will probably get your playoff ticket this year, but they don't need to give away a first round draft pick. This draft is widely considered to be the deepest draft talent-wise in a long time, possibly ever. The Dolphins need more picks, not less

whomever they pick at 12 will probably not be half the player Marshall is. He's the best receiver in the league right now. Its time for the Tuna to wake up and realize this ain't 1991 anymore.

Forget Marshall......it ain't gonna happen even if you fervently believe it should happen. Not worth expending too much mental energy on him.

Have we signed Dansby yet?

Also I think our biggest competitor for Marshall could be Belichek. You party of no's will be very upset when we have to play against him twice a season. Moss is old now and I'll bet Belichek isnt afraid to pull the trigger on Marshall.

Then you same party of no's will be b'tching how the trifecta hass no balls.


Your analogy is way off. Signing Marshall is not "thinking outside the box" as you put it. Actually it would be more of a rush/panic move that any half wit can spout off at the mouth about how it is the best move ever and anyone who doesn't agree is a moron. Use your head, giving a first for Marshall is not a smart move and if you knew any better maybe you would be working for an NFL team or kicking back in your mansion from the money you earned with Bill Gates... LMFAO, but you just keep typing away...

Eric - Marshall IS NOT the best WR in the league today. You must be crazy!! I am not saying is does not have a lot of talent, but the best in todays game?? FAR FROM THAT!!

If nothing else the trifecta need to strongly consider marshall to keep him out of enemy hands. Moss arlready stated he doesnt see the Pats keeping him after this his last contract season.

Waterboy, I'm sure there will be at least 4 or 5 teams in the mix for Dansby. Dansby mentioned he wanted to play for Miami, San Diego, Giants or Redskins. Giants are out and there's no word so far on San Diego. So it looks like it's down to Miami and Washington, and it looks like the skins will focus on Peppers and Rolle. So there will be competition for sure, but it's looking right now like the Phins are the front runners.

B.Marshall will be traded, but not for a 1st round pick because of all the reasons Mando just posted in this article!!! This is just like the Cards setting a starting negoitating point. He'll be traded day one of the draft and he'll go for cheap! You heard it here FIRST!!

The Broncos know there is NO chance of resigning him long term so they wanna get something out of this draft for him...lets just watch and see!!


No way is Dansby picking the Bills over coming to Miami. Where did you dream that one up?

The Bills have too many holes to fill on their team. They are not going to outbid 3-4 other teams for a linebacker of Dansby's status. The Eagles I could see but definitely not Buffalo.

With Welker crappy and Moss on decline (Boldin will be the same in 1 year) I also think the pats will go after Marshall.
They dont like picking in the first round and 3 second rd picks....

Good luck Gerbil and Sean Soft Smith with Marshall

Datajack, never doubt Dan Snyder in an uncapped world. The man is a menace. He still hasn't figured out you don't win Super Bowls entirely through free agency. Maybe Shanahan can make him get the point, but I doubt it. It's amazing to me that a guy that stupid became that rich.

"Look for the eagles and bills to push for Dansby."

The Bills? LMFAO!!!!!

PhinsFan54, Amen to that. Lets hope he spends so much time on Peppers that by the time he focuses on Dansby it'll be too late. :)

Ugh... Later people, can't stand amateur hour

I am no fan of What Marshall has done off the field and I am leary of going after him. However, I remember his catch and run against I think it was the Cowboys last year where he refused to go down and turned an underthrown ball into a 50+ yard TD play to win the game. It was rare talent and something that we have not seen out of our WRs in a long time. If we can get him for anything less than a 1st we should do it and take our chances with his behaivor. It is not like we have a team of choir boys now, just look at Will Allen, Randy Starks and McDaniels who all had run ins with the law in this past year.

Carlito you have to be kidding me if you dont think trading down our #12 pick and perhaps gaining and additional 2nd rd pick and end up with Marshall to boot isnt thinking outside of the box. Getting an all-pro plus a very high quality starter(2nd rd) is not only good its an absolute coupe!

How does this tendering work exactly? Does it mean the Broncos MUST get a first round pick for Marshall or does it mean they WANT a first round pick? Can it be negotiated to something else? Can it be for a future first round pick? Guess I could research it but too lazy today.

Dan Snyder isnt dumb, how rich is he?? Come on, he wants instant gratification thus tries to go after the Hot FA.

The tuna is still working on Pat White's roll in the Wildcat..... You gave a 2 for Pat White???
And wont consider Marshall for a 1st....

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