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Brandon Marshall: Great talent, lots of baggage

So the Denver Broncos put a first-round tender (only a first-round tender, it is being portrayed in league circles) on Brandon Marshall and immediately Dolphins fans think Miami should rush to trade for the enigmatic wide receiver.

I don't believe this is today an idea being seriously considered within the Dolphins halls connecting the offices of Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano. Frankly, it would be out-of-character for those men to be currently planning a move for Marshall because they are excellent football men.

And excellent football men don't trade the No. 12 overall selection in the first round -- a premium draft pick by any measure -- then pay a king's ransom in a new contract, all for the right to inherit someone else's headache.

For the record, Marshall is a supremely talented individual. He is 6-4 and 230 pounds and has caught over 100 passes for over 1,000 yards in each of the last three seasons.

But guess what? Marshall is not the answer to every Miami problem that is, has been, and will be. Fact is Marshall has helped the Broncos reach the playoffs zero times in the three years he was posting those fat numbers.

And that's not even the first problem with chasing Marshall.

Marshall has shown a troubling side for over a year now. He was witness in the murder trial of former Broncos player Darrent Williams because he was at the club the night the shooting happened and played a small role in the altercation that may have led to the crime.

Show of hands, how many of you remember what Bill Parcells said he tells his players all the time?

"Stay out of the clubs."

Anyway, in his trial testimony Marshall said that not one day passes when he doesn't think of Williams. "Every day," Marshall said. It was an emotional and stirring moment when he said that as his eyes were watering. But that death happened over three years ago. Perhaps it sounds callous, but NFL teams worry about the emotional state of players they are about to acquire.

Any team considering Marshall must gauge this testimony. And they must gauge his history of domestic violence which is best outlined by the video below.

Then there are the other troubling issues. Why do you think the Broncos want to get rid of Marshall? Is it because he's a really good player? Is it because he caught an NFL record 21 passes in one game last year and is a mismatch against practically any defensive back he faces?

KC Chiefs cornerback Brandon Flowers once said Marshall, "is a defensive lineman playing wide receiver. He wants to inflict phyisal punishment on you. He wants you to try to tackle him so he can shove you off of him and get more yards."

You think that's the reason the Broncos want him gone?

Or do you think it's because they have weighed Marshall's positives against his negatives and have found the negatives weigh more?

Buyer beware, folks.

Marshall had several run-ins with new coach Josh McDaniels last year. That doesn't worry me so much because so did new Miami defensive coordinator Mike Nolan. But Marshall's behavior was unprofessional following those run-ins. He supposedly dropped passes in practices on purpose because he was upset.

That got him benched for the final two games of the preseason. Funny thing is he'd been benched the first two preseason games for conduct detrimental to the team.

Then he was benched for the final regular season game because he reportedly blew off a physical therapy session.

Does any of this sound like a Bill Parcells player? Does this sound like a player Parcells will give the No. 12 pick in the draft for?

On top of all this, Marshall will require a contract that keeps him happy. It is not beyond imagination that he believes he should be paid what the most productive WRs in the NFL make because, frankly, he's among the top producers. The five highest-paid WRs in 2009 averaged $9.5 million in salary and that price is likely to climb for Marshall to be happy.

That doesn't matter now. There will be no salary cap in 2010. But no one knows what is over the fiscal horizon in the NFL -- or in this country, for that matter. So what seems like an acceptable contract now could become an anchor around the neck of a future Dolphins offseason.

I'm not saying Brandon Marshall won't be traded. He likely will.The Broncos want badly to get rid of him and mny teams are actively looking for WRs and want to make a splash.

I am saying any team that lands Marshall will have paid a steep, steep price to acquire a player with great talent and a great amount of baggage.

Does that sound like the Dolphins to you? I don't think so at this time.


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who is better than Marshall?


How do you figure the Giants are out of the running for Dansby? Because some media people said it or reported it? Ever heard of a smokescreen?

The Giants will be in the running for Dansby and might even be the favourites. They have a need for him after cutting Pierce, he has said he wants to play there and Coughlin and company are doing all they can to keep their jobs.

The 'Skins scare me. I think they want Peppers but if they lose out on him to the the Bears, don't be so sure they won't come after Dansby.

Ignore mase, he is an alter ego created by some lonely blogger. It's the "you dolphins fans are idiots" guy. He writes the most outrageously moronic things knowing very well he will get a reaction. He then sits back and waits for the posts to start rolling in. It's about then that a warm and fuzzy feeling overtakes his miniscule brain as he realizes people are talking about him. Somewhere thereafter his day is made and he moves on to do whatever it is that incredibly stupid people do.


A tender means if anyone signs Marshall as a FA then the Broncos get a first. However, the Broncos can still trade the rights for Marshall for less than what the tender is.


that was a good bashing.. LMAO

oh yeah, I said "The bills will make a run" Im not saying they will sign him......

With Marshall its pay me now(sign him) or pay me later( he's busting up our secondary for 9 receptions 150yds with regularity as a Patsie)

I have been reading these posts for years now, but have never posted a comment. I want a wide receiver as much as all of you probably want one. As a season ticket holder, it becomes painful to watch all those balls dropped from our mediocre receiving corps. The only thing I could compare that feeling to, is watching someone flush money down the toilet, and paying money to see the event. Anyway, putting all that aside, I don’t want them to mortgage the team—as Jeff Ireland has so eloquently put it—to acquire a receiver. They have obviously made some stupid choices of which I am sure they know about (no need to name them, we all know who they are). Ultimately it’s their ass on the line, and that should be enough motivation for them to kick it in high gear and turn this team around. I will not pretend to know more about Football than them. By the way, hell no on Marshall


Elin is moving back in with Tiger Got Woods....

Do you respect her or think she is nuts? (no pun intended)

You party of no's also must remember Marshall's only 25yrs old. He's going to be busting up secondaries for quite a long time and I would tell BP and ireland the same right to thier faces.

Thanks for pointing out what a ridiculous idea it is to trade for Marshall. You really have to be blind to everything Dolphins related to think he would fit anywhere in that locker room. Another wanna be gangsta who has no respect for women or authority. Also, I think you're going to catch more flies with that honey you're using Mando!


Just passing along a link on NBCSports and hoping for the best. As for smokescreens, well I could see if they were talking about a draft pick in order to twist another team's hand into moving up, but what's the benefit of smokescreening on signing Dansby?? Teams that will go after him will go after him, regardless of whether the Giants do or not. So smokescreens don't make sense in this case.

Fxck the Jets, you dont sound like a fan tired enough of watching our recievers drop the ball yet. If so you would only stop short of making a deal with the devil himself.

Thank u Armando, but people are still going to argue that the Dolphins should take him even though there is ZERO chance Parcells will take him

Lets compare
Boldin Cost = 3rd + $$$$$
Age = 30
Injury history = significant
Baggage= carry on only

Marshall Cost = 1st + $$$$$
Injury history = none
Baggage = 2 suitcases and a pair of skies

Sorry Amando we agree more than disagree but your reasoning is faulty...you claim that Marshall although has played as good as any receiver the last three years, he's not worth it because he hasn't helped his team to the playoff's...really....well maybe we all should say the same about MARINO and how although he was very good...didn't help his team to a superbowl win. Is it Marshall's fault that their crazy headcoach got rid of a pro-bowl young QB? It appears that the problem is the coach...not the players on the field. You claim that Marshall isn't worth a first round pick...can you name one receiver in this draft that is? Bryant has talent...but you talk about being a problem child...he makes Marshall look like a priest...and Bryant didn't play much last year, hasn't tested out yet. You pay for talent...and what no one can say is that Marshall doesn't have talent...he already has proved it on the field. One last item...I don't know how old you are..but I remember Shula trading picks for players to build the 70's Dolphins...remember Warfield?
Trading warfield was a big mistake that the Browns made and to this day requite. Trading draft picks is like buying food stuff...you look for the best items at the best prices...but you always spend more for that special cut of meat.

I'll tell you guys, I for one will be absolutely hating life watching Marshall terrorize our secondary as a Patriot with over 100yds recieving on regular basis and I'm sure so would you. Maybe you guys need that reality check I dont.

You guys who are saying NO to Marshall, why don't you tell us your master plan for upgrading the receiver core. You'll be the same guys who in a year or two are criticizing Henne, when in reality he's got nobody to throw to. The trifecta needs to investigate fully what it would take to acquire Marshall. Not saying we give up the 12th pick. Just saying to say no to this guy because he's had problems is the wrong approach. Moss had problems previously but that seemed to work OK for the Patsies, right? Marshall perceives himself in a bad situation in Denver and the reality is he needs to get out. McDaniels is a 34 year old 'punk' coach who came in last year and needed to exert his will and in the process alienated the team and lost the respect of the veterans. Sparano isn't that guy!!


Sometimes making a deal with the devil turns out worse than the problem you were trying to fix. If you want to remain relevant in the NFL, and be amongst the elite teams, you have to exercise patience. We are not a wide receiver removed from a Super Bowl. We have several pieces then need to be in place before we can even think about it. Marshall is a pain in the ass. Great skills, but a pain in the ass none the less. I will continue to trust the brilliant men in charge. After all, they know way more about football than all of us put together.

@ Fishypete... Mando's logic in a nutshell:

Exhibit 1 (Marshall), not worth the trade because he didnt get his team to the superbowl

Exhibit 2 (Gerbil Wilson) has superbowl ring...hmmmm I though Mandito wanted to cut the gerbil......hmmmmm

I think we should go for Boldin 1st because he is cheaper and I don't think there is that big of a drop off in talent. Boldin was injured last year but prior to that he has been very durable, even only missing a couple of games after the fracture he suffered after the Jets game in 2008. However, that said I think it would be unwise to rule out Marshall. The guy plays hard and is an elite WR. I just don't want to give up a 1st rounder especially when we have needs on D and this is a good draft for D.


GREAT POST .....kinda long, but very good!!

Datajack , you omitted in you giants report that 2 unnamed teams besides miami and the skins are going to make a serious run at dansby . For those of you laughing about the bills and dansby need to get a clue. MONEY TALKS !!!! Nobody thought Takeo Spike would sign their either. MONEY TALKS !!!!

Money Talks and Tuna flops

LOL @ Bobbyd12. i'm just sitting here shaking my head.

Cardinals released FS Antrel Rolle, as expected.
Source: azcardinals.com

2nd highest payroll and a 156 mil dollar OL but the tuna flops. LMFAO !!!!!

Fxck the Jets I agree, my proposal is just simply trade down our #12 pick to perhaps pick up an extra 2nd rd pick and then trade our down graded 1st rd pick for Marshall. Now that's only getting the absolute max for our #12 pick. That's my primary argument.

But of course we could still trade it down for an extra 2nd rounder without trading it for Marshall. It's just that the acquisition of Marshall maximizes it. Marshall's a slight problem child but he isnt the devil.

Bengals released WR Laveranues Coles.

This type of scrub is the guys you want to target to keep your PRECIOUS 1st or 2nd round pick.

156 mil = 7 wins... FLOP FLOP FLOP
WILSON 10 mill guaranteed FLOP
WR solutions = Wilford, Turner FLOP FLOP

I completely disagree with this post as most of it is based on assumptions on who this guy really is, your going to act like a player can't have issues with other people if they have reason to? We don't know what really happened with the broncos but I will tell you as all of you know, there is no other WR in the league right now that can make such an immediate impact on a team like marshall...No way this is guy is NOT worth it....are you joking? A first rounder a big contract for a proven WR? Arguably the biggest position of need for the dolphins offense, you expect to take also troubled Dez Bryant, the drafts best recieving talent! And he does have baggage too, how can you possibly pass up Free agency once again, you think that its ok they want out and spent last year, ohhh yeahhh good job trifecta, your safety wilson was awful at best last year, you got the wrong center who got injured and was unable to open up holes for normal running plays up the middle, you resigned mr. non play maker crowder who also got injured....great job guys, oh and the draft, of course the draft, vontae davis, nothing but potential there, the guy lost us mad games last year, sean smith also potnetial, the rest of the guys proved in their first years they are not impact players, and the year before? Oh yeah those D-lineman sure racked them up last year, pleaseee the fins d line was the most pathetic line in the league last year with 35 year old JT being the best one out there on most games...

If you don't want marshall then fine, because I don't like baggage player either, BUT then you must at least go after vincent jackson and you must go after karlos dansby, what is wrong with paying players who are actually good players? Its the way it is and it always will be, the trifecta thinks they can escape that and still build a good squad, well after an inspirational year with chad number 1, we regressed drastically getting hammered in by actual good squads with the exception of the jets...

Look it does not make sense, logic tells you that you will draft someone in the first round and have to pay them anyway, a lot of money!!! Getting marshall is like drafting him, except he is proven, a position of need, and he is only 25...Same goes for jackson who you can argue is about as good or can be, BUT i do not know right now what it requires to take jackson off the bolts...All in all, miami must make big moves to become a big team, no one takes the fins seriously with that defense and that WR corps, a bunch of second tier and third tier receivers who cannot break a game open...

Trifecta get your act together, you had your 2 rebuilding years, 2 drafts and 2 free agency periods, now its time to make moves that will get the fans excited because not going for great players because of money, its not just foolish, its egotistical, because you swear your plan is working, when clearly, it is not

NJ we only had the 2nd highest payroll because we paid out so many signing bonuses last season.

Dolphins need a WR PERIOD. Brandon Marshall is no worse a person than 80 percent of the league. Get him here ASAP.

we had a bad draft in 2009 with wasted picks in pat white ,turner,nalbone,folsom and maybe clemons (who had trouble covering a sleeping baby). and our rookie corners were left on their own all year. marshall is young and can play;it wouldn't hurt to explore the situation. once we get a receiver we should concentrate on guys who can TACKLE! don't forget defense is rex's specialty. we got to catch up; he shut our offense down completely the last game. ted ginn won it thank god.


I didn't omit anything. I posted the link, and then posted the entire news byte as it appeared on the site, so not sure what you're talking about.

Craig M...funny Parcells approach has worked for close to 30 years, and part of that approach is not taking on problems or givigiving up top draft picks for receivers...Fact is none of us know how comfortable the Dolphins are about plugging in Patrick Turner and what they are thinking in the draft...Parcells is NOT gonna touch Brandon Marshall so all the arguing on this top 100 football blog isn't going to change the fact that Parcells has no interest in Brandon Marshall


Yeah, your right the Bills are going to trump EVERYBODY and land Karlos Dansby on the first day of free agency!! Give me a break!! When Spikes joined the Bills they were at least a competitive team. What do they have to look forward to next season? Questions at QB, a questionable offensive line, a running back who doesn't want to be there, a brand new head coach, who isn't a head coach at all but rather an offensive co-ordinator and an owner who continues to do things on the cheap (see the last few head coaches they've hired). There's not a CHANCE that Dansby picks the Bills over everybody else.

Sometimes I think you just want to argue on here, just for the sake of arguing......

JT these party of no's would rather watch Marshall torch our secondary for over a hundred ypg as a Patriot. Thats when the reality will set in. In the pass we played the Broncs maybe once every 3 years. If the Pats get him it will be up close and personal.




I would only trade down if there isn’t a value player at 12. If Dez falls to 12, I say pick him or an OLB. It would be amazing if Berry Falls to 12, but we all know that will not happen.

Oh yeah....and I forgot to mention a team that nobody worth their weight in salt wanted to coach this season too (see Cowher, Schottenheimer, Chucky, Billick, et al..).

They're a lame duck team. Nobody is sure if they are even going to stay in Buffalo once Wilson passes away.

WHAT>>>>> with Marshall gone, Denver will pick Dez Bryant...
Thats why Dolphins should say NO TO MCLAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

The same teams that used alot of money in FA last yr will do so again like the Redskins, cowboys, and a few others but not the Phins, we will sure up our own roster and bring in 1 top or two mid level players and the rest will be up to the draft. The good thing about this yr is the trade bait at almost every position a QB,WR,LBs,TEs,RB, we should go into the draft with 11 or even 12 picks enough to be flexable if the right guy falls down the draft be able to trade up to get them.

Armando---you out of line dude!!! the man got into an altercation (what grown man hasnt at a time in his life) and was sitting next to Williams in the limo when it was shot at, You act like he was with the guys who did the shooting.

Have you ever been in an altercation at one time or another in your life? I'd be willing to bet you have! and if the people you had a confrontation with shot at you, is that your fault? No not at all...so give the man a break on a terrible event that happened to him and his close friend.

I normally enjoy your journalism but this one crosses the line...

Eric - You ask who is better?

Andre Johnson, Vincent Jackson, DeSean Jackson, Reggie Wayne...I could go on and on. Marshall has talent YES, but that talent does not make up for his baggage...

Marshall IS a great player. But here's my thing, if I'm building a team that I believe will contend on a yearly basis, I would never add a player with such horrible baggage to go along with an obvious lack of character. I just wouldn't want that kind of cancer in the locker room. I think people get too caught up in stats and forget that A LOT of s**t goes on behind the scenes that makes and breaks good teams and bad. We as fans don't get to see or hear about that stuff because teams like to keep those kinds of problems in house for obvious reasons. ONE loud mouth prima donna can cost a superbowl contending team victories by hurting the chemistry of the team. It's a cancer and it spreads to other players who may be easily influenced which is usually the younger guys. It takes one me guy to ruin an entire day of practice by throwing a temper tantrum and half assing his way around the field. This happens all of the time but coaches can't call the player out because they risk way too much. Two examples would be the risk of that players production going down and the risk of hurting your trade and/or contract negotiating stance. So instead we see stories about Porter being benched for a game with no explanation as to why. Fans then somehow jump to the conclusion that the coach is an idiot instead of realizing they must have a damn good reason for benching their best pass rusher seeing how their jobs depend on winning games. It's just my opinion but I believe signing Marshall is too big a risk when factoring the way I would want my team built. And lastly Mando hit the nail right on the head, the guy just isn't a Parcells guy so he won't be playing in Miami while Tuna is still buying the groceries.


Beat writer Kevin Acee reports the Chargers have released NT Jamal Williams.

Another chump for the Tuna 2nd tier list

Gregz I disagree 09 was a bad draft. When considering we drafted all the back at 25th, getting 2 full time starters, a very productive rookie wr and a rookie safety who managed to get some sinigficant playing time. I consider it to be outstanding sitting at the 25th position albeit there were a couple headscratching decisions. But still outstanding considering our position

Craig M:

I don't know if Dansby goes to Buffaloe but NJ's right: Money talks. Good players sign with bad teams every year.

And bad players sign with good teams : Dolphins

Breed and waterboy, IT'S ONE THING to say parcell's has missed on some free agents ( i agree ) but it's another to say parcell's doesn't spend money .



Thank you ken.


THEN ..... with the acquisition of DANSBY, we dont have to draft McClain in first round .... we can trade down from 1--12 to 1--20 and get an extra 3rd round pick to make up for the one we gave for Boldin


(Percy Harvin /// Reggie Bush clone)
4..... JERRY, OG Ole Miss. to block for Dexter
6 .... BARNES, WR Bowling Green
6 .... BLOUNT, RB Oregon .... big and strong
6 .... UDOFIA, NT Stanford (backup to Williams)
7 .... KAFKA, QB Northwestern
7..... SCHOEFIELD, OLB Wisconsin

and craig m, take that tone elsewhere. i want to argue for the sake of arguing ???? really ?? last i heard this is a blog where if you make a statement you can give a reply. i gave a well known fact that players sign with bad teams every year. what's the problem ??

Fxck the Jets, even if we had the 1st overall pick no one's going to be as good as Marshall right away. So like I say if we trade down(say 26th), get an extra 2nd for it and trade that 26th for Marshall it like getting the true #1 overall player of the entire offseason, draft included, for a #26th pick. Plus we gain a extra 2nd rd pick to boot. That has great potential to far and away be the greatest onside deal in not only this offseason but nfl offseason history. Think about that for a moment.

NJ - The Bills are not getting Dansby. You say MONEY TALKS, but money wasn't talking when Shanahan decided to not go to Buffalo. Dansby is not going to the Bills. Spikes was not a bigger free agent name than what Dansby is!

MCcluster and Blount would be good additions at the RB spot I think both will end up being real good

NJ I wasnt stating BP doesnt spend money I was only stating that it was the signing bonuses that made us 2nd highest payroll last season. That alone states he spends money.

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