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Brandon Marshall: Great talent, lots of baggage

So the Denver Broncos put a first-round tender (only a first-round tender, it is being portrayed in league circles) on Brandon Marshall and immediately Dolphins fans think Miami should rush to trade for the enigmatic wide receiver.

I don't believe this is today an idea being seriously considered within the Dolphins halls connecting the offices of Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano. Frankly, it would be out-of-character for those men to be currently planning a move for Marshall because they are excellent football men.

And excellent football men don't trade the No. 12 overall selection in the first round -- a premium draft pick by any measure -- then pay a king's ransom in a new contract, all for the right to inherit someone else's headache.

For the record, Marshall is a supremely talented individual. He is 6-4 and 230 pounds and has caught over 100 passes for over 1,000 yards in each of the last three seasons.

But guess what? Marshall is not the answer to every Miami problem that is, has been, and will be. Fact is Marshall has helped the Broncos reach the playoffs zero times in the three years he was posting those fat numbers.

And that's not even the first problem with chasing Marshall.

Marshall has shown a troubling side for over a year now. He was witness in the murder trial of former Broncos player Darrent Williams because he was at the club the night the shooting happened and played a small role in the altercation that may have led to the crime.

Show of hands, how many of you remember what Bill Parcells said he tells his players all the time?

"Stay out of the clubs."

Anyway, in his trial testimony Marshall said that not one day passes when he doesn't think of Williams. "Every day," Marshall said. It was an emotional and stirring moment when he said that as his eyes were watering. But that death happened over three years ago. Perhaps it sounds callous, but NFL teams worry about the emotional state of players they are about to acquire.

Any team considering Marshall must gauge this testimony. And they must gauge his history of domestic violence which is best outlined by the video below.

Then there are the other troubling issues. Why do you think the Broncos want to get rid of Marshall? Is it because he's a really good player? Is it because he caught an NFL record 21 passes in one game last year and is a mismatch against practically any defensive back he faces?

KC Chiefs cornerback Brandon Flowers once said Marshall, "is a defensive lineman playing wide receiver. He wants to inflict phyisal punishment on you. He wants you to try to tackle him so he can shove you off of him and get more yards."

You think that's the reason the Broncos want him gone?

Or do you think it's because they have weighed Marshall's positives against his negatives and have found the negatives weigh more?

Buyer beware, folks.

Marshall had several run-ins with new coach Josh McDaniels last year. That doesn't worry me so much because so did new Miami defensive coordinator Mike Nolan. But Marshall's behavior was unprofessional following those run-ins. He supposedly dropped passes in practices on purpose because he was upset.

That got him benched for the final two games of the preseason. Funny thing is he'd been benched the first two preseason games for conduct detrimental to the team.

Then he was benched for the final regular season game because he reportedly blew off a physical therapy session.

Does any of this sound like a Bill Parcells player? Does this sound like a player Parcells will give the No. 12 pick in the draft for?

On top of all this, Marshall will require a contract that keeps him happy. It is not beyond imagination that he believes he should be paid what the most productive WRs in the NFL make because, frankly, he's among the top producers. The five highest-paid WRs in 2009 averaged $9.5 million in salary and that price is likely to climb for Marshall to be happy.

That doesn't matter now. There will be no salary cap in 2010. But no one knows what is over the fiscal horizon in the NFL -- or in this country, for that matter. So what seems like an acceptable contract now could become an anchor around the neck of a future Dolphins offseason.

I'm not saying Brandon Marshall won't be traded. He likely will.The Broncos want badly to get rid of him and mny teams are actively looking for WRs and want to make a splash.

I am saying any team that lands Marshall will have paid a steep, steep price to acquire a player with great talent and a great amount of baggage.

Does that sound like the Dolphins to you? I don't think so at this time.


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Wasn't Teddy Ginn the #10 pick in the draft? Wow, did I just type that? Point being - the draft is an absolute crap shoot. When you can get a bonifide #1 WR, arguably the best WR in the GAME when you combine age, size, speed, hands and toughness (IMO Andre Johnson is the best), you get him!

Bill and Co know how to draft players so the more picks they have the better off I feel about the draft. We have 9 picks now but 5 are after the 4th rd. I would love another 2 or 3rd because those rds are won by the better draft speculaters and Bill and Co are 1 of the best. Anybody can hit one 1st rd picks (well except the jets ,VGolston and a host of others that have busted)but it takes a good GM and coach with a guy like Bill Parcells overseeing everything to nail the later picks.

I would trade as many players for picks and seeing how deep this draft is should upgrade the positions needed through the draft. It is good that we can cut a player like porter and not have it hurt the cap. We save the money for a youger player that can help us for yrs to come.

Where does everyone see LeGarret Blount getting drafted?



I think the TONE started when you said 'those who are laughing at the Bills and Dansby need to get a clue'. Kind of sounded like the rest of us weren't allowed to express an opinion 'cause it differed from yours.

Dansby's not going to Buffalo and I think you know that. I think your smarter than that.

While I think it is unlikely that Dansby goes to the Bills I see where NJ is coming from on this. The Bills need to make a splash in this off season so I would not put it past them to throw some big money at a high price FA. However, I think it is more likely that the Bills try to make that splash by going after a QB such as McNabb, Vick or Troy Smith. All of whom the Bills have expressed some interest in.

Waterboy, building a yearly contender means you start by adding new talent through the draft while also feeling around the league for depth players who may step up their game to become starters but if not they're your depth. After two or three years of this you start sprinkling in free agents who are starters to upgrade the wholes you have left. That is about the point the Dolphins are at and next season will be the time I believe they will make a huge splash. This years splash will be smaller but it will be there. The way you build a mediocre 1st and 2nd round exit from the playoffs team is to just sign any player because he has good stats and ignore any kind of team chemistry or fit into your system thinking you can change the player. Just ask Shula at the end of his career when they signed all of those high priced fee agents who fizzled out at the end of each season only to be knocked out of playoff contention late or in the first round. I don't want our team to just be good, I want them to be great and I want to see that last for the better part of a decade. The formula they're using has been proven to work with the most recent example being the Patriots. It just takes patience from the fans and seeing how Parcells brought us out of the cellar in one off season I would think he earned that from all of us.

Breed , Waterboy insinuated that.

Hey What, taking McCluster before the 5th rd is idiotic. Last thing we need right now is to draft another midget(Ginn/White)high again.

Indiana --- not sure but if the previous poster is right (he said 6th rd) Miami should definitely pick him


Once again . thank you ken for getting me .

My posts are getting deleted and I am not using any foul language..
What gives?

DyingBreed--- you cant be serious??? Ive watched McCluster the past few years and the kid is a beast, another Chris Johnson type RB

Ken , i'm not saying the bill will get him , you just can't count any team out when momey is involved.


and Tuna Flops

Speaking of the draft, I hear people complain all of the time that the trifecta has had some misses in the past couple of drafts. True, and they've also had some great gets. My question to those people would be to please list all of the teams who didn't miss on a few players in the past two drafts? Seriously, I would love for someone to prove their point by listing a team, all of their draft picks the past two seasons, and then how all of those players have contributed to the team in a meaningful way.

then go root for the skins

So your idea of a "true" fan is to be a YES man for every tuna move... come on


A guy on here said that the Eagles and the Bills will be involved in the Dansby talks.....like he knew something.....I'm saying it's HIGHLY unlikely that the Bills are one of the finalists for his services. They have too many other needs and LB isn't a need area for them.

SO, just so I'm clear....your saying they are likely involved?

"what a joke this dolphin franchise is. this is the same damn franchise that has a statue of a loser outside their stadium yep that's the dolphins organization in a nut shell".

Posted by: mase | March 04, 2010 at 02:43 PM

You could not be referring to the statue of Don Shula are you? HE is only the winningest head coach in the history of the NFL and you sir a the biggest jagoff to have ever shown up on here. Now do everyone here a favor, go away and die of cancer or aids you piece of shi+

Dansby will end up with the Redskins because they will pay him 100 mil dollars like they did with Hanysworth (NUTZ). Snyder will pull in 2 or even 3 of the top players because he thanks he can bye a SB ring. I would not be surprised if Snyder hands out 200 mil to FA this yr because there is not cap and he is nutz for a SB ring. With no salory cap Jones and Synder will be the yankees and redsox of the NFL spending more than anyone else can.


You are right money talks, just hope the fins for Dansby. Speaking of money I have to get back to work. Looking forward to the blogs and headlines tomorrow.

Waterboy - I think the blog is ticked you want us to trade our #1 pick for Marshall. It is not allowing dumb comments like that!! lol j/k

Money talks,bullshyt walks...

Money talks,bullshyt walks...

What, I do understand your logic but we've now drafted high on midgets who did well collegiately for 2 out of the last 3yrs that have yet to pan out. Its just to darn scary to draft high 3 0ut of 4yrs for another midget who may not pan out right away too. To many people are still pissed about Ginn and White.

guy's a merc. he's gonna sign to highest bidder. case closed.

we really need to get some PLAYERS after we identify them. we can't be fooled by pretenders(ie. joey porter, ernest wilford,eric green, reggie torbor,brandon london etc). we need to build from the draft at all costs! we can supplement with a FA only if the value is there. most of these high priced hot shots are looking for their last big payday. we can take a shot with guys like banta-cain or leigh bodden or d.sharper on short term deals. kinda what the pats do. moss was a value pick! so was welker but they had good talent evaluators. jury is still out on ireland because he won't talk to the fans which makes me leary.

Good post NYScott.....

WHAT!.....you didn't REALLY say that McCluster is another Chris Johnson back did you?.....that's a bit premature, don't you think?


I would agree with you any other day, if the last season was decided by the offense, but it was our terrible defense that let us down. Once Porter is gone (which he sucked by the way), who do you replace him with? It was painful to see the touchdown by Fitzpatrick. So, I would go D through most of the draft. I would have to say you are right about my original comment to pick Dez in the first round, as it does take time for these young WR to develop. That’s the part of me that gets a little hasty and wants a quality WR now. Logic, however, tells me that we need a lot of D.

Tomorrows blog:

"Fins fail to make a major move"

Free agent LB Karlos Dansby is reportedly on his way to Miami Thursday night.
We can't be sure that Dansby is on his way to sign with the Dolphins, but it's an obvious guess. The Dolphins were expected to make Dansby their highest priority, willing to pay the $30 million guaranteed to lock up the best linebacker on the market.

YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waterboy who are you quoting with "true fan"? Did someone say that someone wasn't a true fan?

I dont care NY,,,, Im happy about Dansby
its all good
I just hope he doesnt leave without signing


Mando, can you meet this guy at MIA to confirm.....

Dansby is a great player and has 4 or 5 good yrs left. It would be sweet to get him but the cost will be to high. I have a feeling that some other team will overpay him as simple as that. Whoever gets him will overpay thats FA and without a cap contracts will go through the roof. If we do get Dansby that will be it as far as FA goes for the Phins. They are going to build through the draft hell or highwater and that is the right way to do it.

Fxck the Jets, Marshall does give our offense instant credibility. Then the entire remainder of the offseason can be focused on D if need be. We have a top run blocking o-line and nothing compliments that kind of rush attack better than a have to game plan for wr.

Everyone needs to realize Dansby is going to the Bills. NJ stated he is, so that MUST be true, because he is never wrong!!

Andre Johnson maybe...and I think its a push between the two, but Marshall I think is better than the other receivers you listed.

Dyingbreed--- yeah your right about that, I dont know I just like McClusters abilities and think hes got the toughness to handle the NFL (considering he plays in the sec which is all defense)

Craig M--- I said hes a Chris Johnson "type" of RB, same mold and skill set...BUT dont take that as Im saying hes as good as Johnson by any means lol

Why not trade a 1st round for Marshall. He is arguably the best WR in the NFL. And while we are at it sign K.Walter to compliment him, but don't stop their; lets try and make a trade for Cooley over there in Washington. If we do not get Washington draft Spiller, and then a the next top rated DT. Our running back situation will be crippled in two years if we do not make a move soon. Or draft top DT in first round. That is the key to our D. Our linebackers are serviceable if we have a little help. And if Dansby comes over DT should surely be a 1st round pick. Don't care for Boldin because of age and injuries. We can sign T.O. to be just as productive and then decline in a year or two.

I sure hope you guys know what we're getting in Dansby. I've argued on here before that he's a good player, not a great player. I think some of you think he's going to be the saviour for this team....he's NOT!! I will agree that he upgrades the team but I don't want to hear any complaining on here next year about this guy. This is the guy everyone wanted, let's hope he delivers!!

Goodbye Torbor.
Clam Chowder: Sink or Swin

Indiana . carlito is right. You're such a simpleton .

But Waterboy you just said the headlines would be that the fins "fail" to make any moves and then 10 minutes later we're hearing they will probably sign Dansby. This would be the patience I was referring too. Patience man, everything will happen in due time. I would also love to have gone from 1-15 to the superbowl 3 years later but we have to be more realistic.

Here's the article Waterboy's talking about:

Maybe Karlos Dansby has a hot spot in South Florida that he likes.

Maybe it’s a vacation to the Miami area that has been planned for some time.

Maybe it’s both.

The word the National Football Post picked up this afternoon is that the linebacker, who will become a free agent in a little less than eight hours, is boarding a plane for the Miami area in, well, a little less than eight hours.

That would be a convenient trip with the Miami Dolphins long rumored to be one of the leading candidates for Dansby’s services. He’s been angling for a way to reach the open market for some time and will finally make it this year as the Cardinals elected not to place the franchise tag on him.

Dansby fits what the Dolphins need and Miami general manager Jeff Ireland pretty much summed that up last week at the scouting combine in Indianapolis without using Dansby’s name.

“We have to get more production from the inside linebacker position,” Ireland said. “They knew that, we know that, you guys know that.”

We’re guessing Dansby and quite possibly the pilot know that too. Dansby is angling for a deal that will provide him with $30 million guaranteed. It will be interesting to see if he can hit that number. It’s a very watered down market this year and the premium players should get premium bucks.

Washington has also been mentioned as a possible destination for Dansby. So have the New York Giants and Philadelphia

LOL @ NY. good one. " tuna fails :

Is anyone else surprised that Jamal Williams was cut by the Chargers? I always thought this guy was well regarded. Is it because he was hurt all of last year? Is this a guy we should be looking at for NT or is he too small?

Flight is in transit to NY... bad news

Mike1361 I liked your Mock hope it falls that way for us but alot has to happen before the draft anyway good post.

craig m. exactlty !!!

Mandito got scooped....

Dansby is very likely going to talk to all interested parties before he does anything. Miami is just ONE of those interested parties. I wouldn't read anything into anything at this point. We're not even SUPPOSED to be talking to this guy for another 7 hours anyways.

exactlty was for the danby post

Craig I think we'll all just be happy to see one of our LBs break 100 tackles again. Dansby has done that the last two seasons if I'm not mistaken but you're right and people just set their expectations so high that the fall is deadly. Besides, Dansby coming in to Miami means nothing. Pace came to Miami before deciding to sign with the Jets. Everyone thought because he was coming in we would sign him but it didn't turn out that way. The phins will make him an offer and we will have to wait and see if someone outbids us. Actually it scares me that he's coming here first instead of giving us last dibs.

Do you think he's too small, NJ?

LOL Waterboy, because fat @ssed Rex Ryan may have a Brinks truck parked right next to Dansby's runway.

dansby post @ 4:33 pm

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