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Brandon Marshall: Great talent, lots of baggage

So the Denver Broncos put a first-round tender (only a first-round tender, it is being portrayed in league circles) on Brandon Marshall and immediately Dolphins fans think Miami should rush to trade for the enigmatic wide receiver.

I don't believe this is today an idea being seriously considered within the Dolphins halls connecting the offices of Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano. Frankly, it would be out-of-character for those men to be currently planning a move for Marshall because they are excellent football men.

And excellent football men don't trade the No. 12 overall selection in the first round -- a premium draft pick by any measure -- then pay a king's ransom in a new contract, all for the right to inherit someone else's headache.

For the record, Marshall is a supremely talented individual. He is 6-4 and 230 pounds and has caught over 100 passes for over 1,000 yards in each of the last three seasons.

But guess what? Marshall is not the answer to every Miami problem that is, has been, and will be. Fact is Marshall has helped the Broncos reach the playoffs zero times in the three years he was posting those fat numbers.

And that's not even the first problem with chasing Marshall.

Marshall has shown a troubling side for over a year now. He was witness in the murder trial of former Broncos player Darrent Williams because he was at the club the night the shooting happened and played a small role in the altercation that may have led to the crime.

Show of hands, how many of you remember what Bill Parcells said he tells his players all the time?

"Stay out of the clubs."

Anyway, in his trial testimony Marshall said that not one day passes when he doesn't think of Williams. "Every day," Marshall said. It was an emotional and stirring moment when he said that as his eyes were watering. But that death happened over three years ago. Perhaps it sounds callous, but NFL teams worry about the emotional state of players they are about to acquire.

Any team considering Marshall must gauge this testimony. And they must gauge his history of domestic violence which is best outlined by the video below.

Then there are the other troubling issues. Why do you think the Broncos want to get rid of Marshall? Is it because he's a really good player? Is it because he caught an NFL record 21 passes in one game last year and is a mismatch against practically any defensive back he faces?

KC Chiefs cornerback Brandon Flowers once said Marshall, "is a defensive lineman playing wide receiver. He wants to inflict phyisal punishment on you. He wants you to try to tackle him so he can shove you off of him and get more yards."

You think that's the reason the Broncos want him gone?

Or do you think it's because they have weighed Marshall's positives against his negatives and have found the negatives weigh more?

Buyer beware, folks.

Marshall had several run-ins with new coach Josh McDaniels last year. That doesn't worry me so much because so did new Miami defensive coordinator Mike Nolan. But Marshall's behavior was unprofessional following those run-ins. He supposedly dropped passes in practices on purpose because he was upset.

That got him benched for the final two games of the preseason. Funny thing is he'd been benched the first two preseason games for conduct detrimental to the team.

Then he was benched for the final regular season game because he reportedly blew off a physical therapy session.

Does any of this sound like a Bill Parcells player? Does this sound like a player Parcells will give the No. 12 pick in the draft for?

On top of all this, Marshall will require a contract that keeps him happy. It is not beyond imagination that he believes he should be paid what the most productive WRs in the NFL make because, frankly, he's among the top producers. The five highest-paid WRs in 2009 averaged $9.5 million in salary and that price is likely to climb for Marshall to be happy.

That doesn't matter now. There will be no salary cap in 2010. But no one knows what is over the fiscal horizon in the NFL -- or in this country, for that matter. So what seems like an acceptable contract now could become an anchor around the neck of a future Dolphins offseason.

I'm not saying Brandon Marshall won't be traded. He likely will.The Broncos want badly to get rid of him and mny teams are actively looking for WRs and want to make a splash.

I am saying any team that lands Marshall will have paid a steep, steep price to acquire a player with great talent and a great amount of baggage.

Does that sound like the Dolphins to you? I don't think so at this time.


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Looks like Pennington could be getting resigned gentlemen..

Looks like Pennington could be getting resigned gentlemen..

to be or not to be that's question donkeys .

Craig M,

From what I understand it would cost us our first round pick if we signed the Marshall as compensation to the Broncos as they placed a first round tender (only) on him.

If I am mistaken, please advise.


you are right on flipper013 .

flipper, who gave you this nice name ?

Pennington is coming back according to the Palm Beach Post. kinda shows you what they think of Henne huh?

biggame, you are SO right. The Dolphins should just forget about character issues and just sign any good player that comes along. It's worked out SO well for the Bengals, I mean look at how many meaninful games they've played in the past 8 years. Yes, Tuna could definitely learn a lesson from the Bengals GM.

he can come back any time, he will play until he get injured again .

Miami is too dumb and conservative to go for him. Similar rap on Randy Moss when he was taken by New England, seemed to be just fine there for a few years.

This is a cheap franchise, the last time they did anything was when they got Keith Jackson. They go after dummies like Wilson.


Current CAP number for players

Joey Porter = $7,400,000 = GONE (will be cut)
Channing Crowder = $6,516,000 GONE (will be offered in a trade)
Jason Allen = $5,506,240 = BYE BYE bust!
Reggie Torbor = $2,600,000 (even at this number you are OVERPAID!)
Gibril Wilson S = $4,000,000 (maybe the "big 3" biggest mistake to date
Chad Pennington QB $5,750,000 (we would love for you to stay, but we need to pay you as a BU)

This is a $26M saving right here!!!!
How about spending the money here on 3 INSTANT STARTERS???
New Saleries:
Dansby $8M
Rolle $6.5M
Boldin $6.5

i rather pay money to people like moss or marshall than paying big money for people like wilson,crowder,porter and jt .

I don't agree Eric, it doesn't really say anything about how they feel about Henne except that they want him to have REAL competition in camp and not two chumps who will never push him to be better. Penny is Hennes mentor and they get along great. Penny would be an excellent team leader and calming influence on the sideline while also being able to help coach Henne through his rough patches. Penny being resigned would be nothing but good news for the organization and I don't agree with those saying he will be playing in Pennys shadow. Penny is no Marino and was only here for one full season. He wasn't here long enough to cast a shadow.

but dansby wants 30 million gurranty

For what it's worth , The NY Sports shows are saying that Dansby is going to be a DOLPHING and Saying that this is bad news for the jets. Lets's hope so . we'll see. I'm out !

Who's the jerkoff posing as a fan but taking every meaningless shot they can at the team? Get a f***ing life man. You keep posting under different names so it looks like there's major dissent in the ranks of fans. Sign in you p***ies so we all know who you are and what you think. Too scared to put your opinion under a set name? Loser.

Westcoast, chad is a FREE AGENT. His contract expired !!! It's not like your cutting him and saving 5 mil on the cap.

NJ, Pats are gonna have a whole new team and with every star out there. Every blog is if we don't get them they are going to the Pats...and I guess I will have to eat my words on Dansby if he comes here, I really didn't think we would get him...Great pickup if we do

Tonight will be.....

Very Interesting.

I'll be eating a little crow as well bobbyd12.

TH, your not fooling no one here.After writing that last post.Prove me wrong?Dansby would be agreat fit with us.So would Rolle.And forget about all those OLD trouble WR.Lets use this draft for a WR.

We are the up and comers, Dansby should want to get paid and.....

Play for the team who is on the right track with the right leadership and the most promise.

Don't forget, we have a guy runnin the show who knows something about linebackin.

We get Dansby then......

@ # 12; OLB,NT or if we have some luck, a GREAT GREAT safety!

Then we are in the drivers seat FOR YEARS TO COME.

Hmmm, I wonder where most on this blog will be about 12:01 am this eve???


NFL Network just said we are the "Front runner"
in the hunt for Dansby...

And if he ain't on a Jet to Miami he is already there!

I pray this time tomorrow evening Dansby is a Dolphin then it wont be eminent to draft McClain but an option if he's available.

NFL Network is saying the Dolphins are the leaders for Dansby. I'm excited about the prospects of adding him....but guys, do me a favour... don't run this guy down when he's here and don't let me run him down either. It seems that 70-80 per cent of the people on here are in favour of him joining the team (that figure might be a little low), so we wanted this guy. No running him down this time next year!!

I'm with you DB.

Eric and NYScott,

I agree with NYScott... I don;t think it says anything negative about Henne. If anything ot would say more about Pat White and Thigpen.

Yet another angle would be it would give us a VERY savvy veteran QB to dangle if Matt Linehart stinks it up or maybe Farve doesnt come back in Minn.


Armando has a new blog up everyone.

The Fun Begins,I think we are going to shock some teams.Beginning at midnight.Can't Wait.

Armando's new blog says a source of jeff Darlington's who's close to Dansby says Dansby isnt headed for Miami tonight.

Not sure bringing Pennington back makes a lot of sense. I love the guy and I know he has a good mentoing relationship towards Henne. But I'm wondering if we wouldn't be better off with Thigpen. I like what he brings to the table and I think he's less of a threat for Henne.

il believe it when i see it....Dansby would be a very good move...expensive but good...it would NOT solve all our problems in defence but its a start...

Also....REMEMBER guys that the TRIFECTA have "clearly" been saying that they need playmakers who can gain CHUNK YARDS....they recognise that they need BIG PLAYMAKERS...

I beleive they will move for Boldin or Marshall and if no cigar, then will target a WR early...not the 12th....but 2nd round...Demaryious THOMAS....or similar..

They will MOVE decisively this time...THEY HAVE TO....if they dont they will remain mediocre.

Alf from Ozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Rob, Is it standard for all teams that free agency starts at 12:01 Eastern time, or is it where your team is located, E.G Sand diago free agency starts at 9:01???? or do they have to wait till 12"01 pacific, which means it will be 3:01am Eastern time.. just wondering....

Looks like Dansby is'nt in Miami tonight

Looks like Dansby is'nt in Miami tonight

Good ? CM.

Finally, yessssireee.

It will be high time for some good old fashioned black bird eating on this blog depending on if Dansby signs or not!!!

Cavkong says NO
bobbyd says NO
Rob in OC says....YES!
NJ PHIN says ?
NYScott says ?
Po says ?
Indiana says ?
Aloco says ?
Datajack says ?
Mark in Toronto says ?
carlito in golfito says ?
cuban menace says ?
Any I missed....?

Sound off peeps... Let the world no which side of the crow eating platter you will be on?

Please don't poo poo it...the platter that is... >

I'm saying YES Rob....



You bring up a good point. I'm in England so i'm not sure what time Free Agency begins. All i know is that i'm 5 hours in front of you guys on the east coast

No Rob, the mighty air breathers wont be signing him, And do you know the answer to my above "Q" or should I ask all know, all seeing, all everything related to EVERYTHING NJ PHIN FAN?????

as far as I know cm the league does things based off eastern time.

Like even the games are all advertised as eastern times on all literature like Budweiser Football schedule pamphlet etc.

The draft being held in NYC every year.

I can't say for sure but I think it will be 12:01 EST.


Rob,you forgot me buddy. I say.....YES.!!!!


I don't Know and I dont pretend to do so.

Thanks Craig M, chase-FL... Yes Dansby will be a Phin!



grabbin some grub...be right back.

Hope so.

Thats on the record! lol

Mark = Yes! ok, gj bud.

Marshall is a Wife beating POS. I could care less if Miami loses every game from now on by not having his trash on our great field. There are some people... and some groups who are what they are... he is one of those... Miami has always been a team led by "The Good Guys" not trash like this. Only someone without a soul would be able to allow this sort of garbage to represent a team that is loved so much by so many. If winning takes emplying scum of the earth such as this... Its time to change how people win. I care too much to have Gutter trash like this woman beater any where near our great team.


You had a really good post earlier today.

Yes cuban menance free agency starts at 12:01 am for everyone, if not the teams east of the Mississoppi river would have an unfair upto 3 hour signing advantage.

Derek...get back to selling cookies for the boy scouts you nimrod....

Sign marshall or Boldin and letss get into the playoffs FFS

What are you a FEminist now????

Amazing how many MEN are now Feminists....and that after FEMINISN has destroyed families and values for years.....Tell you what...if your a white single MALE, you really need equality...woman are on TOP by a mile these days...

I think as usual the 'Skins are going to players again in free agency. They chopped ten guys today. I can see them being very active and over-spending on a number of guys, as usual.

PLEASE PLEASE do not get Marshall!!! I have not missed one dolphin game since 1983 ( I was 6), and have gotten used to not going after trouble makers and having all of January to not care about football. I say do NOT give up draft picks so we can get players like Pat White and Patrick Turner to fill our needs. Maybe we can sign another big free agent like Gibril Wilson, use our 1st and 2nd pick to shore up our pass defense to give up more big plays than anybody. BRUTAL! Bottom line, if we don't reach for Marshall, Dansby 2010 is done too!

why not want brandon marshall.. i used to be one of those "In GINN we trust".. but regaurdless of what baggage he carries.. Marshall is a BIG consistant reciever.. with him in the one slot and bess running his slants.. it gives chad 2 GREAT options.. trade ronnie brown for another 1st round pick, then use that pick to trade for marshall.. if parcells got T.O. to perform good for a couple of years, i dont see why Marshall would be any different.. Marshall isnt as bad as Ricky Williams.. and we ALLLLL love Ricky.. so i say take a chance on Marshall.. if it fails.. we got a GREAT trade for the 11-12' season

the arguement marshall isn't worth it because, he has great stats but what has he ever won is stupid!! the same could be said for marino. i guess you'd rather have trent dilfer because he won a superbowl!!!

The only WR worthy of a first is Vincent Jackson!!!

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