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Brandon Marshall: Great talent, lots of baggage

So the Denver Broncos put a first-round tender (only a first-round tender, it is being portrayed in league circles) on Brandon Marshall and immediately Dolphins fans think Miami should rush to trade for the enigmatic wide receiver.

I don't believe this is today an idea being seriously considered within the Dolphins halls connecting the offices of Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano. Frankly, it would be out-of-character for those men to be currently planning a move for Marshall because they are excellent football men.

And excellent football men don't trade the No. 12 overall selection in the first round -- a premium draft pick by any measure -- then pay a king's ransom in a new contract, all for the right to inherit someone else's headache.

For the record, Marshall is a supremely talented individual. He is 6-4 and 230 pounds and has caught over 100 passes for over 1,000 yards in each of the last three seasons.

But guess what? Marshall is not the answer to every Miami problem that is, has been, and will be. Fact is Marshall has helped the Broncos reach the playoffs zero times in the three years he was posting those fat numbers.

And that's not even the first problem with chasing Marshall.

Marshall has shown a troubling side for over a year now. He was witness in the murder trial of former Broncos player Darrent Williams because he was at the club the night the shooting happened and played a small role in the altercation that may have led to the crime.

Show of hands, how many of you remember what Bill Parcells said he tells his players all the time?

"Stay out of the clubs."

Anyway, in his trial testimony Marshall said that not one day passes when he doesn't think of Williams. "Every day," Marshall said. It was an emotional and stirring moment when he said that as his eyes were watering. But that death happened over three years ago. Perhaps it sounds callous, but NFL teams worry about the emotional state of players they are about to acquire.

Any team considering Marshall must gauge this testimony. And they must gauge his history of domestic violence which is best outlined by the video below.

Then there are the other troubling issues. Why do you think the Broncos want to get rid of Marshall? Is it because he's a really good player? Is it because he caught an NFL record 21 passes in one game last year and is a mismatch against practically any defensive back he faces?

KC Chiefs cornerback Brandon Flowers once said Marshall, "is a defensive lineman playing wide receiver. He wants to inflict phyisal punishment on you. He wants you to try to tackle him so he can shove you off of him and get more yards."

You think that's the reason the Broncos want him gone?

Or do you think it's because they have weighed Marshall's positives against his negatives and have found the negatives weigh more?

Buyer beware, folks.

Marshall had several run-ins with new coach Josh McDaniels last year. That doesn't worry me so much because so did new Miami defensive coordinator Mike Nolan. But Marshall's behavior was unprofessional following those run-ins. He supposedly dropped passes in practices on purpose because he was upset.

That got him benched for the final two games of the preseason. Funny thing is he'd been benched the first two preseason games for conduct detrimental to the team.

Then he was benched for the final regular season game because he reportedly blew off a physical therapy session.

Does any of this sound like a Bill Parcells player? Does this sound like a player Parcells will give the No. 12 pick in the draft for?

On top of all this, Marshall will require a contract that keeps him happy. It is not beyond imagination that he believes he should be paid what the most productive WRs in the NFL make because, frankly, he's among the top producers. The five highest-paid WRs in 2009 averaged $9.5 million in salary and that price is likely to climb for Marshall to be happy.

That doesn't matter now. There will be no salary cap in 2010. But no one knows what is over the fiscal horizon in the NFL -- or in this country, for that matter. So what seems like an acceptable contract now could become an anchor around the neck of a future Dolphins offseason.

I'm not saying Brandon Marshall won't be traded. He likely will.The Broncos want badly to get rid of him and mny teams are actively looking for WRs and want to make a splash.

I am saying any team that lands Marshall will have paid a steep, steep price to acquire a player with great talent and a great amount of baggage.

Does that sound like the Dolphins to you? I don't think so at this time.


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Rob, I say YES on Dansby. I don't know for sure that we get him, but I would love it if we picked up a solid and proven starter who is flexible enough to play ILB or OLB.

I think the bigger thing is that it helps Miami pick the BPA by reducing some of the immidiate needs. I mean, I keep hearing that OLB is stacked in this draft but ILB not so much. The pick-up of Dansby would not force them to pick an ILB too early or pick one they are not in love with.

Who knows, maybe if they don't trade down, some late 1st round prospects end up being available in early 2nd.. would be nice to add depth at that point since our LB is so wanting for some quality depth!

Marshall is a no brainer....a steal for a first round draft pick.

the money shouldnt be a problem, because the #12 pick is gonna get a lot of money aswell. Just ask jake long who came into the league the highest paid tackle. I guess the best guess is to ask Nolan what type of player marshall is and if he would want him on the dolphins roster.

Dansby will not be a Dolphin.It would be nice but it ain't happening.

Horrible and completely biased! Brandon Marshall is a complete stud and he could elevate Chad Henne's play and make him into an elite QB. Adding Marshall to our offense can turn it into a top 10 offense immdediately with the recievers we already have and Ronnie Brown back from injury. This would also take pressure away from our defense to try to win every game in the 4th qaurter and put fans in the seats.

Just last week Mando was saying how much the Dolphins should go after Boldin because blah blah blah. Boldin's a tough AGING SERIOUS INJURY PRONE player. If we keep the 1st round pick we still have to dish out big bucks to an unproven player anyways and if we get Boldin we have to dish out big bucks to an aging injury prone player so I dont see why we can't take a risk on Marshall because our alternatives come with big risks as well. And saying that the drive by might have been meant for Marshall is just speculation. Everyone say it with me: We want Marshall! We want Marshall!

Wow, the insight in this article is blinding. Brandon Marshall has baggage? WHO KNEW?

Guys, if you want breaking NFL news, check out Mando's blog! This is OFF THE HOOK.

- Bebo

Mando, MUST disagree on your BMarshall assessment. 1. He was unhappy, and being so he created a situation where he could be traded. I believe that he would LOVE playing for the Phins and would likely respect Parcells and the organization enough to flourish here. Plus I'm sure they would stipulate behavioral conditions in any talks with him. 2. ( and most importantly) this guy is an ANIMAL! A 1st round draft pick could yield horrendous NFL results .. ( do I really new to give u examples) however picking up Brian Marshall means you immediately put someone on the roster that scares the bejeesus out of a secondary - which translates to two things- 1: Chad Henne gets a much better opportunity to develop his passing game, and to Ricky and Ronnie get a softer front. Not to mention FINALLY putting someone in the receiver cor I would actually pay high dollar to watch! When have we had that since Duper/Clayton?

armando I'm always agreeing with u, but not this time.... so your practically saying that people don't change for the good, I think it's a maturity thing, and once he has everthing in place, this guy will be one of the best WR in the league for years to come, and he has that attitude that he really wants to win...IMO I love players that have alot of heart, so damn right hes worth a first round draft pick...he just needs a good mentor, and believe me he will change.....p.s.plus it's very difficult getting along with a coach such as mcdonalds...what a joke...lol

Give 4th for Boldin,1st for Marshall, sign Dansberry and Rolle. We need to two quality receivers to keep up with Jets. Hate to say it but they are passing us up.

Waterboy right on with commit on White. Threw away 2cd round pick.

You P.heads !
Sign Marshall and Henne will be the next Marino.
Let's take a chance and go to the AFC champioship game!

P. Rocket

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