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Void at free safety? Dolphins to look at Thomas

Gibril Wilson was a bust so he's gone. Antrel Rolle and Ryan Clark didn't feel enough love from Miami's bank vault. Restricted free agency hasn't been an answer for Miami's free safety issues and neither Tyrone Culver nor Chris Clemons are probably the answer, either.

No wonder the Dolphins have scheduled a visit with Texas free safety Earl Thomas for the first week of April.

Thomas, considered by some scouts to be the second-best safety prospect behind Tennessee's Eric Berry, should be available when the Dolphins are scheduled to pick at No. 12 but won't be around for their second-round selection. So the Dolphins are obviously impressed enough with this playmaker to consider him as a first-round selection.

This does not mean Thomas will be Miami's first-round selection. The club will meet with nearly three dozen players between now and the draft.

But Miami's obvious need at free safety combined with Thomas' resume suggests the pairing could work.

NFL.com draft analyst Mike Mayock has called Thomas "the most instinctive" defensive back in this draft. The knock on Thomas is that he's perhaps smallish and that he is, after all, coming out after his sophomore season so he is a puppy.

All that is well and fine as I'm trying to paint the full picture of the positives and negatives on the player, But consider Thomas is 5-10 1/2 and weighed in at 208 pounds at the combine so he's gained about 10 pounds since the season ended. And if you think that weight gain was done by eating Whoppers, you're wrong. Thomas ran a 4.45 at the combine. As for not being strong, he benched 225 pounds 21 times -- which was two more than top safety prospect Eric Berry.

"I'm physical, versatile, and like I said, I played corner and safety," Thomas said during the Indianapolis Combine last month. "[I'm a] hard- worker. I'm not looking to come in and just sit back and watch. I'm looking to make an impact right now as soon as I get there."

Thomas made an impact at Texas, recording 10 interceptions in 26 career starts. He returned two of those interceptions for touchdowns.

One thing the Dolphins would love about this kid is he's a fine player but also a fine person. He was on the honor roll in high school and is an active member of the Christian church in which his grandfather was the pastor. 


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I think they pick a nose later too... There are quite a few middle to late round prospects that can fill that 2 down role...

Esteban, Nolan's defense just have different assignments and looks... Our D last year just seemed predictable... You knew where everyone was on every play... Nolan's defense is more chaotic in nature... The SOLB plays on the line more giving the defense a more 4-3 look... The outside guys do not blitz all the time and the nose does not always play overtop the center.

Earl Thomas at 12 for our FS, and the best OLB at 43 overall. Go All Defense in the draft!


They did get the opening Monday night game. Maybe it could be us as their opponent? Not sure if I like that though.

Waterboy - Thank goodness you were throwing out a joke buddy. I was a little worried about you when I saw you posted that. haha

Marcus, let's go back about 6 weeks ago to an Armando blog, he listed the must haves, needs and wants...What were the three must haves??? NT, FS and OLB...When both our head coach AND DC call NT the most important position in the 3-4, u don't get some dreg in rounds 6 and 7...

I would not be upset if we selected him at #12. Whoever gets him will be getting one fine football player and human being on their team.

On that note, I would stay away from Mays of USC at FS. He is a freak of nature but plays VERY soft. I would compare him to Gibril Wilson!!!

NJ, they have always been second class citizens in NY...They have played at GIANTS Stadium for years and they think they should open up at the New Stadium..Have to get on my computer and turn on WFAN, this gotta be great

Indiana I think the Tuna TarTar will go all D this year, so we can go 9-7 or 8-8 then pick sexy in 2011 for a run at the superbowl. My concern is Who will run the ball in 2011??
Time to let Hillard take some snaps from Ronnie

Bobbyd12, according to who? Tell Parcells that you don't get some dreg in rounds 6 and 7... That's what he has always done.

Holy Crapsters... Jets just signed DE Wright... on nooo.... what move are we going to make to match them!!!! Quick, Resign JT
Maybe they sign Ayodele


Joey Porter is waiting for the "right fit" to sign with a new team... LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will say it again, don't be shocked if we pick up a NT on the 1st day, then one in the later rounds (4 - 7).

Oh yeah; F*CK THE JETS! Could not have happened to a more deserving team.

Marcus, I'm not wasting my time argueing with u...I believe we will take Williams at 12 if he is there or one of the others in round 2..nothing is gonna change my mind on NT...Solai suks and they will take a NT early

Bill Parcells wants to remind us all
that you can pick your friends and you can pick your nose but you cant pick your teams nose:)

Bobbyd12.... Wow... So close minded... Wasn't really arguing, letting Parcells talk for me... I guess that can be frustrating for you... I guess the only thing left is to wait and see.

LOL @ NJ @ 3:01 --> THAT IS AWESOME!!!!

No Marcis, when both ur DC and Head Coach are calling the NT position THE MOST IMPORTANT POSITION in the 3-4 Defense, then I believe they will treat it as such in the draft, but ur right, we will wait n see

If you don't have a good d-line then you don't have a good defense.. NT @ #12

NJ, nice to see that you've come to the dark side and now see Derrick Morgan as the #1 OLB prospect in this draft. I've always had him as the #3 Dolphins prospect behind Suh and Eric Berry and just ahead of Earl Thomas, Dan Williams, and McClain/Weatherspoon (yes I continue to have them as a tie - I know it's a copout but I love them both).

If Morgan is there, he's the pick, otherwise it's Earl Thomas. Wouldn't be disappointed either way.

PS, I would agree that NT is the biggest need on defense and I like Dan Williams - I just don't love him. I don't think he's as good a prospect as Haloti Ngata or even BJ Raji. If Ngata was in this draft - he would be the #1 prospect on the Dolphins board - no doubt.

Ngata doesn't play the nose . gregg plays the nose and ngata plays end in Baltomore's 3-4.


Incognito had dinner last night with Trifecta and worked out today....guess it's wait n see now

bobbyd12 , they even gave the jets chance with a coin even though the jets have been playing at giants stadium forever, they still lost ! bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!

Sanchito likes LT's body

I know he plays the nose now but he did play the nose in the past and can play the nose. When the Phins played the Ravens in the playoffs - he played nose.

sorry, I know he doesn't play the nose now.

Dolphins sign new cleat guy


You are thinking D. Morgan as your #1 choice at #12 now?

How far back have you moved McClain? (either where do you think he will be drafted or where on your list of top 5 choices for Miami's #1 pick)



Joey Porter is waiting for the "right fit" to sign with a new team... LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Waterboy | March 16, 2010 at 03:26 PM

That's funny. No one wants that pole sucker!! Have fun with the Raiers Joey or retiring!!

Tiger "Got" Woods will return to Masters....


WHAT? NJ endorses Derrick Morgan? WHAT? He scolded me when I said he could play OLB just a few weeks ago... Said the GM of ATL and the play by play guy knew more than me and that he was only a 4-3 defensive end... Someone owes me an apology...

Rob , didn't i tell you not to address me until you stop putting words in my mouth ?? You did it again. Where in the hell did i say D. mogan is my 1st choice now ??? The previous posters were talking about kindle and i said kindle is a WLB . If miami wanted to address it's need a olb , it would be at SOLB and Morgan would fit the bill.

Mark in toronto . You're wrong !! Ngata plays DE . He doesn't play NT Now. Kelly Gregg plays the nose in Baltimore's 3-4. In Fact when ngata got hurt and missed 2 games . justin brennan filled in for him at de.


If Nolan brings a more hybrid look 4-3 / 3-4 style of play to Miami's Def. I wounder if a guy like Tyson Alualu could be a player they would look at in the 2nd round?

The guy is very alert, makes a lot of plays in the backfield, fights off blocks to make plays and could really strengthen a DT/DE rotation.

It seems kind of telling that the Fins did not chase NT Jamal Williams from the Chargers at all.

It would seem they are not panicked and will play with Soliai until Ferg gets back.

Tough read as I don't know if that would indicate getting a NT type later like Linval Joseph of East Carolina. He was 328 lbs but ran a 5.11 40 compared to top DT Gerald McCoy's 5.07. McCoy was only 295lbs at the combine. Joeseph is strong as well banging out 39 reps of 225lbs at the combine. He's tall at 6'4 1/2 but has good bend for a guy his size. He can anchor vs the run.

It also could mean they have resigned themselves to the fact that they will go DT/NT early and get Dan Williams or Cody.

It seems they can go a few different ways and it will be interesting to see the path "through" the draft they cut.


Yessssss!!!! The usual suspects in the house!!!!! Whats up Po, Bobbyd12, NJ, Bootang, Rob, etc??????

Where are Aloco and Cuban?

Alot of hate for the big pineapple today (Solai)!


Way off topic and ahead of things, but of these 4 guys, how would you rate them 1-4.
AJ Green
Julio Jones
Michael Floyd
Jonathan Baldwin

I think they will be more attracted to the more athletic tackles like the kids from Georgia... Owens and Atkins... Or Mike Neal from Purdue... Jay Ross and D'Anthony Smith are a little bigger but will also fit...

What's up carlito !!!! I saw you warmimg up to earl thomas last night. Didn't i tell you about him months ago ??

I said he played NT in the past. Look at 2008. he played NT that year. Don't you remember that being the demise of Samson Satele?

I know Kelly Gregg is Baltimore's starting NT now.

If Ngata was on the Dolphins, he'd play nose.


Didn't I tell you that I thought he was a good player, just a little small? Considering recent developments and the natural rise and fall of prospects before the draft, I wouldn't be mad if the Dolphins took Thomas at 12. He is far from my first choice though...


I was ASKING you what your 5 top picks are as you see them?

The #1 choice of Morgan had to placed in the DE/OLB pile right? That is why I said further where are you now putting McClain on your list?

I did not poke your chest and say "OMG you are now FULLY in DM's corner as your fav choice?" That would be putting words in your mouth.

I think you take all my posts towards you as advisarial and you shouldn't. I am not calling you out... I was more commenting on the post Marcuys made @ 3:42. He said "NJ.I'm glad you are coming to the darkside re Morgan."

Since you didn't blast him i thought you had juggled your board... whats da problem wit dat?

And take two..., ACTION!....

What's your top 5 choices in order for the Fin NJ Phin ol' bud?


Boontang25 , nice wr class next year , don't you think ??? It's To close to call right now. julio jones and Aj green could be studs . Baldwin next and then Floyd.

I think Miami is stacked at DE.

Sup carlito! How goes the battle today man?

Here is an interesting fact for all Dolphans:

As much as we say, "Parcells wont draft a WR in 1st round." or "Parcells has never taken a WR in the first round (except for Irving Fryar)"

Parcells has never taken a NT in the first round either...

AJ Green - could be the #1 pick (between him and Jake Locker prob)
Jonathan Baldwin
Julio Jones
Malcolm Floyd

Parcells has never drafted a Safety in the 1st either


What is great about the WR class next year is a couple of things. It is so stacked that if we pick 28th, or somewhere in that range, we could still get a great WR. Also, if we get a good one this year and pair him with another one next year, we could really be a beast in the passing game.

What are everyone's thoughts on Golden Tate. I want big WRs who are nightmares for defenses, but this is a guy who plays much bigger than he is. He excels in YAC, something we have very little of on offense.


2. BENN, LAFELL, or D.THOMAS WR (pick one)
3. DEXTER MCCLUSTER RB/WR ... like Percy Harvin


Hope Nolan does run a hybrid 3-4. Not to be confused with Pass the Baloney's idea of hybrid.

3-4's great but you have to have all the parts.


Good feather in the cap fact for sure.

Just like he feels he can make an entire team succeed without a WR drafted too early he believes he can get guys later to play the NT position.

Whether the game has passed him by being a "Passing League" or not will have to still be played out. (FTR: I think it definitely has but I feel a RB with speed and great hands Spiller/Best could change games as easily as any WR)

We had a mish mash of WR's last year but yet the offense did ok in points per game...

I don't know if that means we would be sooo much better with a star caliber #1 guy or would it give a green light to a serious defensive overhaul? Judging by the cuts so far I'd say they're leaning towards a big surge of new talent for the Def.

With the Pat White pick alone he has shown the ability to pull out wildcard picks.

The plot thickens.


Rob , " NJ PHIN , you are thinking derrick Morgan as your #1 choice at 12 now "??? There is no indication of you saying just at DE/OLB being #1. Give me a break . You thought morgan was my #1 choice overall and wanted to crucify me for thinking i moved mcclain down after i talked him up so much. You know it. :)

Why people believe we can move the football...I dont know. The gimmicky wildcat will not work this year or any year after. Ronnie Brown and R. Williams are getting slower by the hour and were barely able to turn the corner this year. No one fears this non sense any longer.

Teams disrespect our wr's game in and game out. No one can seperate from an average corner in this league better yet a good one. We need explosive players on offensive. Can any one name any on this team?? Ginn is weak...soft...and lacks lateral quickness. Hartline will never be a good wr. Slow...no moves...chain moving type who will never get chunk yardage consistently.

Jimmy Graham would be an excellent choice at TE but no way he lasts beyond the 3rd round. Spiller...Bryant....Best are the only truly dynamic...explosive players in this draft on the offensive side. Williams from Cuse and D. Thomas are both slow...stiff...lumbering wr's who will not be able to push and manhandle guys at the NFL level to get open the way they did in college. Neither can avoid or run away from any one with or without the football.

We need real playmakers on O....hiding behind the wildcat and 3yds and a cloud of dust will not beat good teams in the league any more. Jets...BIlls and Pats improve on O in this draft while we stand pat and continue to be limted and watch the loses pile up.

I live in SoCal and I would like it if could go after Mays. I know you guys don't like him ,but here is why?

So much was made of USC safety Taylor Mays and his impressive 40 times at this year’s combine, but the one number I’ve heard that impressed some NFL executives as much if not more is the 22 he scored on the Wonderlic test. There were concerns with sources I talked to about Mays’ overall intelligence, so his solid Wonderlic performance was another reason he was one of the clear winners in Indianapolis.

What's the latest on incognito from golfito?

Boontang , agreed on miami being able to get a real good wr late in the draft next year. Wr is loaded. I like tate , he's tough like steve smith.

1. Baldwin
2. Malcolm Floyd
3. AJ Green
4. Julio Jones

Baldwin is a freak... Could be the next Moss... Don't know if he is as fast but has the same jumping ability and is more aggressive over the middle and in general... Also much thicker...

Floyd reminds me of Andre Johnson... Big, fast, can go deep, can do it all... Will see how well he does without Tate on the other side and Clausen throwing to him...

Aj Green, lean like Plaxico Burress coming out... Game is similar... Some compare him to Moss but I think that is in body type only... He is no where near that fast...

Julio Jones, lean as well... Good speed, great size, runs all the routes... Not a big deep threat... Alot like AJ Green...

Never seen so many big explosive receivers that could come out at the same time... All of them could be really good... My favorite is Baldwin.

Just because we have so many holes to plug
1) NT
2) WR
3) OLB
4) Safety
5) TE

I believe we NEED to pick a starter with #12.
Can an NT start? NO
Can a WR Start? Highly unlikely

Look for OLB or Safety as a sure #12

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