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Void at free safety? Dolphins to look at Thomas

Gibril Wilson was a bust so he's gone. Antrel Rolle and Ryan Clark didn't feel enough love from Miami's bank vault. Restricted free agency hasn't been an answer for Miami's free safety issues and neither Tyrone Culver nor Chris Clemons are probably the answer, either.

No wonder the Dolphins have scheduled a visit with Texas free safety Earl Thomas for the first week of April.

Thomas, considered by some scouts to be the second-best safety prospect behind Tennessee's Eric Berry, should be available when the Dolphins are scheduled to pick at No. 12 but won't be around for their second-round selection. So the Dolphins are obviously impressed enough with this playmaker to consider him as a first-round selection.

This does not mean Thomas will be Miami's first-round selection. The club will meet with nearly three dozen players between now and the draft.

But Miami's obvious need at free safety combined with Thomas' resume suggests the pairing could work.

NFL.com draft analyst Mike Mayock has called Thomas "the most instinctive" defensive back in this draft. The knock on Thomas is that he's perhaps smallish and that he is, after all, coming out after his sophomore season so he is a puppy.

All that is well and fine as I'm trying to paint the full picture of the positives and negatives on the player, But consider Thomas is 5-10 1/2 and weighed in at 208 pounds at the combine so he's gained about 10 pounds since the season ended. And if you think that weight gain was done by eating Whoppers, you're wrong. Thomas ran a 4.45 at the combine. As for not being strong, he benched 225 pounds 21 times -- which was two more than top safety prospect Eric Berry.

"I'm physical, versatile, and like I said, I played corner and safety," Thomas said during the Indianapolis Combine last month. "[I'm a] hard- worker. I'm not looking to come in and just sit back and watch. I'm looking to make an impact right now as soon as I get there."

Thomas made an impact at Texas, recording 10 interceptions in 26 career starts. He returned two of those interceptions for touchdowns.

One thing the Dolphins would love about this kid is he's a fine player but also a fine person. He was on the honor roll in high school and is an active member of the Christian church in which his grandfather was the pastor. 


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Keerist ALoco - are you a Fins fan?

I'm thinking Jets fan.

Tapp in philly---that is a nice fit for eagles---he will help thier run defense big time

Joey Porter to visit the deadskins... Mwahahaha it makes me happy he is not getting what he wants and eat humble pie.

Loco is loco. Many of you guys post interesting and compelling thoughts and are very intelligent. Some posts are so retarded.

Marino years were good years.
Maybe no chip but fun and we were always in it. Speak what u know.

Allen , you'd make a perfect politition. i asked you a simple , non insulting question your age and you couldn't even answer that . You just game me spin. That's OK son . I have beaten the mclain vs spikes vs everybody debate to death on here. you're about this back and forth meaning nothing to me.

Carlito , porter visit to redskins ?? Is that true ??. My brother is a redskin fan and he used to bust me about porter. OH shyt , he's going to get if they sign porter. LMFAO !!!

Any updates on not so Incognito?


Yep, straight from the tweets of adam schefter... the gospel of internet football nerds

25, been watching dolphins since marino---does that do something for you kid????

you want to answer my question now--or just say you have and dismiss it---

someone is always going to disagree---if you want to give me ur reason myabe then i can respect you----NJ phin fan ---ur name means nothing to me we have never debatted so untill we do---there is nothing more to say

dont respond if your not ready to debate---(just a waste of time)

ur better than that

If they sign porter , i'm going to have a field day on my brother.


I would love to see Marino with Clayton and Duper in today's NFL. Do you think Marino ever says to himself that he wishes he was born 20 years later? And as good as WR that Clayton and Duper were, imagine giving Marino a Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, or a Randy Moss. Wow, what I would give to watch that.

im waiting on those ingognito update--

Do you think he could start for us or is he just a depth guy---

If sparano can see him as a starter then maybe the money he gets will be more significant than i thought.


They said the contract is nothing huge. Most likely that is why this goes into tomorrow. Incognito probably realizes this is the best spot, but was hoping for more money. We shall see what happens.


good info---i hope they get it done---i dont wont to use a mid pick on a olineman---

25 ???? 25 ??????? LMFAO !! I've been a dolphin fan longer than you've been alive and you're going to tell me to stay in jersey ?? I've forgotten more football than you will ever know about football. In fact , i've played more football than almost as long has you've been alive. :) This is a waste of time.

im out ready for that florida pro day----its going to be a TEBOW storm tommorow mourning

Washington post article kind of praises porters success last year and only missing two games. He is a backstabber to any team that doesent do exactly everything his way. I enjoyed watching him two years ago but now to talk good about him after he burned our bridge is like putting sprinkles on a hot turd.

clayton and duper top notch number 2's thats the funniest comment ive ever seen here. They were small but it was pretty clear that both those guys were no.1 recievers

Good night kiddo or should i say Mr walter football .

NJ PHINFAN thats is a real mature answer---your over 40 using the reference "" LMFAO"""----

That in itself is enough for me to stop typing---

at this point ur clearly sensative over a New jersey joke i made--im sorry if it offended you so much, and i can seethere isnt going to be a good debate here over draft,

Which sucks, because im going to realllly miss out on that brilliant knowlege you have collected over the many years of your life, a young kid like me my mind isnt developed enough to understand a game called football---so you could of really helped me with my development---

At least we root for the same team---common ground

OK allen or should i say FISTPUMP !! that adult fistpump line in itself should had me stop typing ahile back.

awhile **

it made you laugh tho---at least a lil---u didnt see that 1 coming---u laughed a lil

im just ready for this draft---that thursday , friday nite----im ready----

Slow nite 2nite no new news---FA is hittn a wall rite now---i want some news onn darren sharper


"I got you!!"

"Did not!!"

"Did too!!"

"I'm telling!"

"Nah-uh, I'm telling first!!!"

Yeah , i was on the floor cracking up ( rolling my eyes )

New blog up on NT and jeff owens

looks like allen was being more mature than you NJ. He wants to talk football and you want to be king of a pissin contest.
Oh well, at least you guys are Dolphins fans and will back the team once this draft is over.

He looks impressive in the clips, he seems to have a nose for the ball and appears to be both quick & tough, nice attributes in a FS...but the #12 pick?...He so young.
We all need to put our Trust in the Trifecta that they'll get it right come draft day.

Get darren Sharper. Than Rolando Mcclain imagine Crowder dansby and Mcclain will have the best linebackers/ if not darren sharper than earl thomas. 2nd terrance Cody/taylor mays/golden tate. 3rd-aaron hernandez/javier arenas/ tim tebow to run the wildcat n plus were before the jaguars in the 3rd. 4th-jordan shipley is the next wes welker/Joe Mcknight add depth to an old ricky and injured ronnie.5th- Jacoby Ford is gunna be steal with his blaziong speed around the edges n hes powerful./Geno Atkins hes like a bull but i dooubt hell be around this late.Myron Rolle and Darren Sharpton both very good defensive player and very smart guys.

Earl Thomas is the man.

Thomas could work well at free safety but I see him as an excellent nickel.

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