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Chad Henne: Tebow isn't an NFL quarterback

Some things in life should not be and I'm about to share a couple with you.

On Wednesday, Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne did an interview on WQAM radio in South Florida and hosts Anita Marks and Curtis Stevenson asked Henne about Tim Tebow.

Thing that should not be No. 1:

"My judgment is that he's not an NFL quarterback," Henne said of Tebow. "So, I'll leave it at that."

Look, Henne has a right to his opinion. But let's be honest here. Chad Henne has started 14 NFL games and thrown 14 interceptions to 12 touchdowns. Henne himself has not yet proven he is an NFL quarterback, either.

Furthermore, if he thinks Tebow isn't an NFL quarterback, what would Henne say about teammate Pat White?

Tebow is a bigger, stronger, more accomplished Pat White. And if Tebow isn't an NFL quarterback doesn't that mean White isn't an NFL quarterback?

Just saying.

Thing that should not be No. 2:

The folks at QAM do a good job. As the former Dolphins flagship station they obviously have spent the past few years overlooking many of the team's flaws. Their ratings, meanwhile, have been on the decline. 

Somewhere along the line if you're going to run a professional sports radio station, you have show at least a tiny semblance of professional journalism, no?

Not at QAM, apparently. After Henne said he didn't think a former Heisman Trophy winner and a two-time National Championship winning QB wasn't NFL material, Marks and Stevenson simply ended the interview.

"OK, enough said," Marks said, abruptly ending the interview.

Actually, enough wasn't said. How about a follow-up question to allow Henne a chance to explain himself and perhaps even get himself off the hook? It doesn't have to be confrontational. How about:

"What are the reasons you have that opinion?"

And if the station needed to go to break, they could have easily held Henne over a segment and asked the follow-up after the break. The point is the show had interesting stuff on the hook but simply threw it back in the water for no good reason.


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Henne threw Tebow under the bus and QAM threw Henne under the train.

Who gives a damn. Henne has an opinion and he gave it. I'm all for it. I'm also all for him to step up this season and show us he the future

Henne spanked his ass in college so who cares. He's not the only person in the league to have shared his opinion on Tebow. Henne has proven he can play in this league and he will continue to do so.

Truefan,So true but that pa boy better put up or shut up because with or without a #1 he has to shine this year or we are looking at drafting another QB sooner than later.(I put the pa in there in hopes he reads this and has a little extra pride of where he comes from)

Henne the Hero!

That felt good to say...

We all know that Armando is a 790 the ticket guy, not a 560 WQAM dude.... Thats big O's job

Henne gave HIS opinion which also reflects the majority opinion most NFL people...who cares???

Well, maybe that's exactly what he meant. Implying that White is a scrub. They definately could have milked that for ratings. They were probably shocked he said it. If Tebow does come to the NFL as a QB and we face him, he'll probably make Henne eat those words...

anybody disagree with Henne that isn't named Mike Mayock or a former Florida Gator?

Was more interested in what Henne had to say bout Patrick Turner.

Thanks to the expert reporting of Bobbyd12, I was told what Henne said.

Mando, c'mon man?

Tebow will be a solid pro, More likely an H-back\fullback\wc short yardage qb than prototypical qb. The fins would be a better team with him on the roster.

White is a different player than henne. They should stop with the qb experiment and make him a w/r, 3rd down/wildcat rb. There is no reason why he can't be a playmaker on the edge or out of the backfield with 10-15 touches a game.

He's probably right.

WQAM is terrible. That anita is the worst. Worse than us.

Is Tebow a Phin?


Then there is no story here.

And i'm a Gator.

Henne has a lot to prove before he gets on my boy, Tebow.

How many national championship did Henne win?

i agree w/armando-Henne has yet to prove that he is a capable nfl QB and until he does so, he shouldn't be making judgments on other people's abilities.

I'm waiting for his "explanation" of that comment which should be forthcoming soon. :o)

Mando, QAM should hire you to teach Anita and that other nitwit how it is done. While Lebotart isn't my taste, I can't listen to QAM either without Mandich.

I miss Jim.

Pat White sucks. We all know that. Chad Henne should know that.

Pat White has a better arm and is faster than Tim Tebow.

Good job Mando. Henne needs to watch his tongue. he proved nothing at all last year expect that he can throw more INTS than TDs. I hope Henne takes a hit like White and is out like a light! By the way, how many national championships and Heisman trophies did Chode Henne win...oh yeah....ZERO!!!

Well Henne is entitled to his opinion but he should walk the walk before talking the talk. That's for sure.

I tend to agree with Henne. I think part of the problem regarding this article and the remarks about Tebow is saying Tebow is not an NFL qb. In my opinion, it would b better to say he is most probably not a quality NFL qb. Will Tebow b called an NFL qb one day? Probably, but that will b the extent of it. Many have been called an NFL qb and flopped; but, yet they were called an NFL qb. The bottom line here is to use team championships and the Heisman as gauges of a qb, or any other positions, NFL success is greatly flawed. I can come up with a list of Heisman trophy winners that played on great teams, but did absolutely nothing in the NFL. I think Mr. S is showing his bias toward Tebow because he is a fan of his or of the Gators. I guess blogs r more opinon based rather than journalistic objective writing.

Armando, are you bringing this up cause of the whole evangelical Christian thing?

I heard the interview and thought the same thing. Terrible job by the station.

Henne I don't have a problem with. Guy is allowed to have an opinion even if it is a stupid opinion.

Chad Henne needs to STFU and play. Period.

I doubt very much if Henne really meant that as it was reported or said. Must have been ready to continue and explain. Not Henne's style at all and Iam sure he has great respect for Tebow. For me I am a little sick of hearing about him, as if he were the greatest Nfl QB ever. Enough let the guy right his ship on his own and see where he ends up via draft.

Damn why all the hate towards Henne???? He is a promising young talent and the best Qb this team has had since Marino.

I am not a Gator fan, but I do like Tebow and what he stands for. I hope he does well in the NFL, but Henne is entitled to an opinion.

Henne The Hero!

Maybe Henne doesnt want the competition.

At any rate Tebow would be an upgrade from White.

Unlike Henne who lost to Ohio State four times in a row, Tebow wins the big games, beats his rivals and gets stronger in the fourth quarter not considerably weaker. I'm just saying...QAM probably stopped the interview to keep Henne from embarassing himself more and potetially cause a personelle issue if the Dolphins get Tebow as a late pick...

Did someone just comment that Mando is a gator fan?


Welcome to the blog, man. Mando is big fan of the U, has said it here a million times.

Only thing I want to hear about Henne is that he working on his “touch passes”.

To tell u the truth , I'm a phin fan 4life , but I can't stand pat white. I'd much rather have Tebow than pat. Shyt , I'd much rather have Tebow than henne.

Why is Henne doing stupid radio interviews when he should be worried about keeping Chad Pennington and Tyler Thigpen on the bench.

I want him to succeed, but I'm not too sure he didn't step over the bounds here.

Keep you eye on the prize, Henne! Tebow ain't the prize.

Hmmmm. Henne took Tebow apart in the only game they met up, Capital One.

What happens if the Dolphins trade one of the QBs and draft Tebow?

Henne stepped in it. Shouldn't have gone there because he sets himself up for having to eat crow.


Who cares? All I want to ask Henne is, "Are you going to win some games for the Dolphins this year?"

So, Henne say's the same thing that the entire sports media complex has been repeating like a damn parrot for 3 months.... and we are going to jump on him for having the same opinion... Nice.
I did not know Dolphins killed and ate their own... thought that was only Lions?

Henne took the Gator D apart, not Tebow.

to carlito, dude why do you have to "dumb" things down? are you not smart enought to have a solid conversation here? Not to stick up for mando, but i seriously think he made an excellent point, and certainly wasn't making this about radio stations.

dude, i heard marks for a ten minute segment 3 or 4 weeks ago, and she gives women media personalities a bad name, and men also, she's just plain bad, and i'll say one more thing-not trying to bash her just sayin, she is not sharp at her game.

as for henne, sounds like at some level he is allowing insecurity to be his spokesperson. he could POSSIBLY be right regarding tebow, but is is highly unlikely. in the event that tebow doesn't go over the top in the NFL, it won't be becuase he hasn't shown incredible inprovement over the past few week. if tebow was AVERAGE on any level chad would be right, but unfortunately for henne tebow is an over achiever, and is driven well beyond average to do whatever it takes to to push the limits and excell where he might have been lacking.

henne on the other has made a few promising plays in his career but has never been, and likely will never be a "star" player.

carlito,a little early in the year for your catch phrase don't ya think?lol

Henne needs to keep his mouth shut, work hard, and study harder. He's hasn't proven anything yet.
I'm sure his people are working on contacting Tebow as we speak. ( don't ever screw with someone else's livelyhood !!! )

I'll agree with Armando on this.... Henne should keep his opinion to himself.... but as to the content of what he said.... its the same 90% of the rest of Football land have said.

Carlito, you don't like Tebow "and what he stands for"

What does that mean? What does Tebow stand for that you don't like?

Henne IS right. Tubebo is NOT NFL caliber stuff... YET. Perhaps in time just like all drafts he could emerge and at that juncture we would all get a glimpse of what he has. Until that time, we know he is not.

I'm SURE some NFL team, perhaps even the Pats will draft him and groom him. I would like to have him on the Fins team and groom him also as I;m NOT sold on Henne yet. Yes, we NEED and MUST get an established experienced WR for Henne to toss to. That would open up the other WR's and we could have another situation that made the Pats and x Fin, Wes Walker so good.

If it weren't for Moss, Walker would suck as he did when he was a fin. Double Moss and it opened Wess and there you have it.

By all means... this would NOT work for the Dolphins with the Ginn. Ginn cant do anything good, drops balls, cant routh and is afraid of getting hit. Ginn could get open more if we had a Moss but really...With what we suffered with Ginn so far, no QB is going to throw to Ginn over a Moss, even in Double cov.

Ginn must go.

"I am not a Gator fan, but I do like Tebow and what he stands for. I hope he does well in the NFL"

Think Carlito likes what Tebow's about.

Yes, some things in life should not be. Anita Marks is one of them. Bring back Hank Goldberg in the afternoons.

Henne wouldn't say that stuff about other college players coming out, guys that will be drafted BEHIND Tim Tebow. Why would he single out one guy to rip?

And since when is Chad Henne a personnel scout? He's not even a good QB yet.

Reckless play and reckless mouth to boot...signs of an immature, job-scared, un-proven, young QB. Nothing more, nothing less.

Only thing I'd worry about is if the Bills pick Tebow, then Tebow shows up Henne when the teams play twice a year!


You need to work on your reading comprehension.

"I am not a Gator fan, but I do like Tebow and what he stands for. I hope he does well in the NFL"

Maybe Anita gives good blow jobs to her boss man,

Just sayin....

My apologies Carlito. I misread your comment. Forgive me.

Well said PWT.... I also like what Tebow is about. I'll also say this... say what you will about Henne... he has proved that he can play in the NFL. We just don't know to the level he can play... I know he can pass, score and run when he has to. Tebow like Pat White... has yet to complete a pass in the NFL... well see what he can do.... right?


Its never to early. HENNE THE HERO!!!!! I don't understand why so many "Dolphans" are jumping down his neck for having an opinion! HENNE THE HERO!

FLPD, no worries

well first of all a NFL QB who posted a 7-6 record over 13 starts doesn't have to much to brag about. this is pretty classless of the lesser Chad. Pennington would have never talked trash like that, he is a true gentleman. Henne obviously has some issues with his confidence and his job is in jeopardy. Pennington got the Dolphins to the playoffs. Henne got us a LOSING record overall and choked down the stretch when he got a boo-boo in his eye. It is true that Tebow is not an NFL QB you idiot! he hasn't been drafted yet. but when he is an NFL QB he will be a great one and have many accomplishments in this league. The ONLY reason Henne is a starting QB right now is that Pennington blew out his shoulder again. What an ungrateful SOB Henne is. he should be counting his blessings not bashing a future NFL QB. JERK!

Surprised that Henne would make a remark like that. Sounds like he needs to brush up on Playerspeak 101.

(Right) Tebow's throwing motion was never corrected in college. He's got a lot of work to do before he's ready.

(Wrong) Tebow sucks and will be out of the league in 3 years.

See the difference? LOL

Po white Yep you are right on about Henne taking apart the "D" and not Tebow. However as you know it goes in the QB column for wins and losses. Just like when a receiver runs the wrong route or drops the ball from his hands and there are interceptions that go to the QB. Anyway I was responding the the post that Tebow ALWAYS came back in the 4th Quarter. I have great respect for both of these young guys and wish them the best of luck. Just think Henne here is getting a bad rap.

Wow, Henne exercised his 1st amendment rights. Armando feels since he's in the media, only him and his media jerks have that right.


What is your problem??? I'm not taking the side of either station... What is with everybody today???? Hungover and angry?

Right on Bill Of Rights

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