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Chad Henne: Tebow isn't an NFL quarterback

Some things in life should not be and I'm about to share a couple with you.

On Wednesday, Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne did an interview on WQAM radio in South Florida and hosts Anita Marks and Curtis Stevenson asked Henne about Tim Tebow.

Thing that should not be No. 1:

"My judgment is that he's not an NFL quarterback," Henne said of Tebow. "So, I'll leave it at that."

Look, Henne has a right to his opinion. But let's be honest here. Chad Henne has started 14 NFL games and thrown 14 interceptions to 12 touchdowns. Henne himself has not yet proven he is an NFL quarterback, either.

Furthermore, if he thinks Tebow isn't an NFL quarterback, what would Henne say about teammate Pat White?

Tebow is a bigger, stronger, more accomplished Pat White. And if Tebow isn't an NFL quarterback doesn't that mean White isn't an NFL quarterback?

Just saying.

Thing that should not be No. 2:

The folks at QAM do a good job. As the former Dolphins flagship station they obviously have spent the past few years overlooking many of the team's flaws. Their ratings, meanwhile, have been on the decline. 

Somewhere along the line if you're going to run a professional sports radio station, you have show at least a tiny semblance of professional journalism, no?

Not at QAM, apparently. After Henne said he didn't think a former Heisman Trophy winner and a two-time National Championship winning QB wasn't NFL material, Marks and Stevenson simply ended the interview.

"OK, enough said," Marks said, abruptly ending the interview.

Actually, enough wasn't said. How about a follow-up question to allow Henne a chance to explain himself and perhaps even get himself off the hook? It doesn't have to be confrontational. How about:

"What are the reasons you have that opinion?"

And if the station needed to go to break, they could have easily held Henne over a segment and asked the follow-up after the break. The point is the show had interesting stuff on the hook but simply threw it back in the water for no good reason.


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ocfan, give ya that, Henne played a hell of a game that day.

Oliver Rubber,

7-6 is a great record for a first year starting qb. Why don't you tell us what Peyton Manning's record was his first year as starter? Pennington had the fins at 0-3 when he went down and Henne was the only bright spot of the season. The defense was the death of the 2009 Dolphins and the 3 touchdown leads they were spotting teams for the last 4 games is the reason Henne's stats are skewed and the team ended up falling flat down the stretch. Do you watch football or just complain about it?

The Heralds rating are down as well, no?

Henne the Hero!

Funny, a bunch of people, sitting at home or work, writing/bitching on a blog everyday and Henne can't speak his mind ?

Bill, Mando clearly said Henne has a right to his opinion.

When you are no longer on a third grade reading level, you may post another comment on this blog. Until then, spare us.

But he could have been more tactful?

I think Henne should have used a much better choice of words. He has yet to really do anything to merit this kind of critique of another QB.

I can't believe all you people ripping Chad Henne for this... I'd rather go back to the Brandon Marshall non-debate, at least that has 1% of sense to it...

Get A Life,

I'm on vacation and......

You're here too.

OK, I disagree with you Armando...Henne has proven he can play in the NFL and I am of the opinion that he'll end up being a top 5 active QB in the near future. I am also a Tebow fan and believe Tebow will have his chance to play QB in the NFL and I believe he'll end up being a successful QB in the NFL. Now lets talk Pat White...No,he's not going to make it as a NFL QB...he doesn't have a chance. He needs to start working a different position all together...DB maybe or receiver? Run back punts and kick offs? Who knows.....and also, no hard feelings Henne....we all have our own opinions.....and the radio station should of allowed you a follow up....they hung you out to dry....

Henne was a never a national champ and will never be a world champ unless he is on the bench.


You're right; some grouches in here.

Dude neither henne or pat white are nfl QB's Henne is right. But he shouldn't have said anything. BTW pat white has something tebow will never have. SPEED!


What about what Henne said about Pat Turner?


Henne just should of kept it to himself, that's all!!! Manning could of said that and it would of been big news also. U just don't speak negative at al about any player. I'm sure he had more to say to axplain his reason but that's the media for ya. Henne still is our Hero! For now.

Somebody please tell me what winning a national championship at the college level has to do with playing Pro QB.PLEASE


But Tebow would have knocked out that DB that knocked out White.

Just sayin.

Anyone notice the QB carousel going on in the NFL right now. Teams would be drooling to find a young QB like Henne with so.. much potential and talent. We should thank our lucky stars we finally found that guys not ripping him apart for a statement that he probably never got to finish the meaning behind it. Henne has shown a lot of character and we should give the guy the benefit of the doubt right here!

Did Henne rip Pat Turner also? Tell me it ain't so.

Meant guy

Henne the Hero!

Apparently it needs to be said


As matters stand, Tebow and his advisers clearly agree with Henne. Remember who is currently trying to remodel his throwing action? Tim Tebow. That fact alone should tell you just what he and his advisers think of his chances in the NFL in his current version. Henne told it like it is.

My opinion on tebow, negative or positive doesn't go far cuz I'm just a fan and unknown to the media so who cares. Amando doing the same thing the media is doing.

No, He said something like "We don't need to bring in a #1 WR, we got Turner on the back burner and we will see what he has got."

Bobbyd12 could tell ya better than I what Henne said.

Mando, that is the story here, no Tebow. IMO

Well said Finatic!

Henne said to leave it at that and they left it at that. No big deal. And they are sports talk radio host - not journalist.

Here's the thing, David Lee is Henne's Qb coach. David Lee is also helping Tebow with his throwing motion. David Lee talks to Chad Henne. Chad Henne watches and plays football. All these things contribute to Chad Henne having an opinion, which is not illegal last time I checked

You can't really blame athletes who seem aloof and don't speak to the media. I suppose ESPN will pick this up and people will start hating on Henne. I'm sure he'll get a call into Parcell's office and won't be doing a lot more interviews any time soon.

Interesting points Mando. Thanks.

Po, did Henne say that? Wasn't he campaigning for bringing in a #1 WR not long ago? BP must have told him not to be talking like that.

well we gotta look at it like this Mando. Tebow worked with Qb coach David Lee before the combine to improve his skills. Right!? Well David lee happens to be the Qb Coach for the dolphins and so is chad henne's qb coach Right!? therefore, Henne works out with David Lee on a day to day basis and probabaly gets some insight about tebow from Coach lee. That is probably where Henne gets his opinion. I'll just leave that as that.

In my personal opinion I think the only reason mando had to write this is because there is nothing else going on. He is just doin his job, henne has alot of potential, he needs to keep working. And who knows. Tebow may do well in the NFL. My point is the dolphins are not doing much right now. And mando has to keep the blog moving.

David Lee.......ROTH?Henne can sing too?Or scream WOOOOOOO.Sign me up for season tickets.

Sounds like Henne has been reading Armando's blogs and just wanted to sound like a " pro "

And if his opinion proves to be correct , will he be considered a visionary ?

Good blog Armando. This is a very juicey topic in my opinion.

I can't say who is right, but on this much we can all agree: That show with Marks and Curtis is the pits.

CocoaJoe, that's what Henne said, they asked him about Marshall or bringing in z veteran receiver and his response was "we have Patrick Turner on the backburner and we will see how he does this offseason" as far as players go he says he has "NO" input and leaves that up to the three guys upstairs who take care of that


That what "I heard". 2nd hand info.

Mando? Story here?

As Mando said, Henne has a right to his opinion. But ...

He's going to regret saying this if the Dolphins draft Tebow.

Bobbyd12 giving the true SCOOP here.



The comment by Henne about turner (I think) say's he knows something WE don't.

Where is your FULL DISCLOSURE, Mando? We all know you work for 790, a RIVAL radio station...

Talk about "questionable" journalistic ethics. lol.

well an NFL QB who has a average pass completion rating of 59% (Henne) won't be an NFL QB for long. see you on the bench Mr. Henne (future NFL bust).

See yall at midnight.This workin for a living thing really sucks.Good Posting's

Be careful tebow is my homeboy,

I merely suggested that Mando is a 790 the ticket guy and got ripped for it. I guess people are just hungover and angry today. Good timing for this blog Mando

Oh OK, bobby and PO. He has changed his tune a little. But hey, that's alright. He's smart enough to know what side of the bread the butter's on.

Oliver Rubber,

Ummmm... at 66% Pennington is the most accurate passer in NFL history... 59% (its actually 60.8%) is not to far off there buddy... get your facts and your math right before you talk shyt buster

Mando's next Blog:

Breaking news from B12.....

Henne speakes about Pat Turners future roll wit the the Phins.

B12, your check is in the mail.

Henne can bad mouth anyone he wants at QB (except Dan the Man) and I wouldn't care. Why is this a story? Is it this slow of a Dolphins news days? What's next?
"Chad Henne on Thursday told WSVN sports reporters that he didn't think the Toyota Prius would be a safe car, Captain Crunch wouldn't be a good breakfast cereal for children and Nancy Pelosi looked like a transvestite Don Knotts. Chaos has now consumed the entire Florida peninsula. Back to you, Craig."
Please. How about talking about why the heck the Fins haven't gotten a $%&#* wide receiver that is fast AND can catch...there's your story, Armando...


I agree with you, Captain Crunch will slice and dice the roof of your childrens mouth to shreds

You're off base here Armando. Henne has certainly proven he is in fact an NFL QB. He hasn't proven he's a GOOD NFL QB, but he's DEFINATELY an NFL QB.

Tim Tebow is certainly NOT an NFL QB. Not yet at least. Can't say whether he WILL be at one point, but he's not yet.

You hit No 2 on the head which is really why there should have never been a No 1. What Henne said was fine within context. We should have heard the context.

A question:
Isn't Armando own us the chronicle about Michigan´s pro day?

Armando, there is no journalism in south florida... the radio down here sucks and QAM and the other sports clowns at the other station who think they know radio all they have done is destroy the little audience that was left, its not wonder the ratings are on the decline..... and I think Henne is right, Tebow is no good, he will be another draft super bust like Bryan Bozworth right along those lines........ only time will tell.

All you people criticizing Henne about needing to succeed before making such comments are ridiculous. You hold your own opinions on teams and players; where's your NFL experience? Stop being self-righteous and take it for what it is, one man's opinion.

Armando hasn't worked for 790 the ticket for the longest time. So that is wrong information by the poster.

The question is why hasn't Mando worked for 790 the ticket for a long time. That black show sucks and Zaslow is also unlistenable.

And the weekend? fohgettaboutit.

how many NFL games have any one of us started??? whats are td to int ratio??? but yet we come on blogs and voice are thoughts and opinions and its no big deal. so why is it now an issue or even blog worthy... boring day in the off season of the NFL, thats what this blog is about

Dear Mr. Salguero

Casca Rufio Longinus (Chad Henne)a soldier in the Roman legions who is cursed by Christ(Tim Tebow) on Golgotha for driving a spear into him(Tebow isn't an NFL quarterback).

For his efforts Casca was doomed to wander the Earth(NFL) aimlessly, always as a soldier(Pennington's Backup).

Soiled :)

If Tim Tebow isn't an NFL QB, why were the Browns, Vikings, and about four other teams there to watch him work out?

What does Henne know? Nothing.

Oh and by the way...Pat White won't be an NFL QB this year either. I expect to see him at WR or someplace else this year. The Wild Pat experiment is OVER.

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