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Chad Henne: Tebow isn't an NFL quarterback

Some things in life should not be and I'm about to share a couple with you.

On Wednesday, Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne did an interview on WQAM radio in South Florida and hosts Anita Marks and Curtis Stevenson asked Henne about Tim Tebow.

Thing that should not be No. 1:

"My judgment is that he's not an NFL quarterback," Henne said of Tebow. "So, I'll leave it at that."

Look, Henne has a right to his opinion. But let's be honest here. Chad Henne has started 14 NFL games and thrown 14 interceptions to 12 touchdowns. Henne himself has not yet proven he is an NFL quarterback, either.

Furthermore, if he thinks Tebow isn't an NFL quarterback, what would Henne say about teammate Pat White?

Tebow is a bigger, stronger, more accomplished Pat White. And if Tebow isn't an NFL quarterback doesn't that mean White isn't an NFL quarterback?

Just saying.

Thing that should not be No. 2:

The folks at QAM do a good job. As the former Dolphins flagship station they obviously have spent the past few years overlooking many of the team's flaws. Their ratings, meanwhile, have been on the decline. 

Somewhere along the line if you're going to run a professional sports radio station, you have show at least a tiny semblance of professional journalism, no?

Not at QAM, apparently. After Henne said he didn't think a former Heisman Trophy winner and a two-time National Championship winning QB wasn't NFL material, Marks and Stevenson simply ended the interview.

"OK, enough said," Marks said, abruptly ending the interview.

Actually, enough wasn't said. How about a follow-up question to allow Henne a chance to explain himself and perhaps even get himself off the hook? It doesn't have to be confrontational. How about:

"What are the reasons you have that opinion?"

And if the station needed to go to break, they could have easily held Henne over a segment and asked the follow-up after the break. The point is the show had interesting stuff on the hook but simply threw it back in the water for no good reason.


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What a bunch of Tebow Homers...

Just because Tebow was a great college QB doesn't make him a great Pro. Who is the last great Gator QB that hit it big in the Pros?

Perhaps Henne who I assume is in fairly close contact with Dolphins QB coach David Lee, has spoken to him regarding Tebow. Wasn't it reported here that Lee has also been tutoring Tebow? Maybe Henne is just repeating comments from Lee??? Those comments probably were not meant for public consumption and Henne will hear about it.

Maybe it is all a set up so Tebow's draft stock drops and the Fins can draft him late??? How is that for conspiracy theory? Tebow can be the next Jim "Crash" Jensen!!


Henne the Hero!

@ Bill Hozie,
Man, I hope so. Just like the wildcat, it was fun to watch and was desperately needed when the team was painfully depleted. But it's time for those gimmicks, tricks and bandaid's to be over. I like how Parcells & Co. is trying to rebuild solidly, although it's not as quick as I would like (big surprise from a fan, eh?).
I saw Henne make some stupid rookie mistakes, but he also made some amazing throws and led some really gutsy drives with one of the worst reciever corps in the league. Henne will be fine with some weapons and experience.
Tebow hasn't proved anything at this level, and changing an entire throwing motion is no small thing to do.
Time will tell, but Henne IS a starter and at this point Tebow is an experimen. As a result of these two facts, Henne has the right to say that if he wants.

Henne the Hero!

Is this TRUE SoiledBottom?HMMMMMM?

Mr. Henne when you've competed the first 3rd of becoming the 'next Tom Brady' (e.g., win a SB), I'll start listening to your opinion of other qb's.

Wel-l-l-l, the secret is out there at last. No-not the Tebow thing--the Pat White is not and never will be an NFL caliber QB.Would someone please pass it along to Henning?

Here's an interesting thought on the matter which I don't think has been discussed. Maybe Henne wasn't giving an opinion, but rather just stating a fact. As of right now, Tebow is NOT an NFL QB. I mean in a technical sense, as in he hasn't been drafted. So maybe Henne's deal was 'why are we talking about someone who's not even in the league?' It's a possibility. Thoughts?

Although it certainly can be argued that the smart thing to do would have been to show the social polish of a Peyton Manning with a rote response talking the guy up you have to respect the fact he was asked his opinion and he gave it.

You can read all kinds of things into it and it very well could have been a back-handed shot at White but I think to this point Henne has shown a good amount of patience and team first spirit in regards to the wildcat and coming in and out of games. Personally, I see nothing wrong with him giving his opinion even if it wasn't the politically correct one.

Mr. Garry, how many NFL seasons have you completed???

First Down Dolfan, bite me !!!

carlito carlito carlito, dude calm down.

first of all we are not hungover and angry.

try hungover and SMART.

still tryin to 'dumb things down'??

seriously, please stop repeating that henne is a hero. are you kidding me????? not all of us that follow here are as mentally ill-equipped, as to believe that henne is a hero of the Miami Dolphins. First of all, in case you had not noticed, this team is not good enough yet to hold in their posession a current 'hero', who knows maybe if we are lucky enough this year one might manifest, but all bets on the table, it won't be chad henne.

seriously, if we drafted tebow, parties would break out in the streets of Miami, not because there aren't some questions surrounding Tebow, but because he wouled bring and add so much to this team. he is no lockluster player. We would be incredibly THRILLED to have him, and seriously displeased if one of our oppenents aquired him.(as the poster above mentioned the Bills)

great blog mando, and i agree with the person above that stated that this is a juicy subject.

Dear Mr. Diogenes

"Is this TRUE SoiledBottom?HMMMMMM?"

From Wiki

"Casca is a series of paperback novels, created and written by author Barry Sadler in 1979."

The stories revolve around the life of Casca Rufio Longinus, a soldier in the Roman legions who is cursed by Christ on Golgotha for driving a spear into him. For his efforts Casca was doomed to wander the Earth aimlessly, always as a soldier."

I know theirs a lesson in there somewhere.
I just tried to connect it to Tebow and Henne

Soiled :)

P.S. Great reading by the way

Henne is pissed because he needs a WR and they ask him about Tebow.

Lets get back to more meaty subjects:

1) What do about our 4 qbs on the roster
2) What do about our lack of WR talent
3) What do about the cleat guy
4) What do about Sparano's bonehead in game decisions
5) Will we start 0-2 and dig a shallow grave quickly?
6) Will the Dolphins shock the world and get Bryant at #12

The same people crying about what Henne had to say, are probaly the same yucks who put stickers on their cars, that read....Obama-Biden or McCain-Palin, or don't eat meat, or whatever.

Nobody cares what YOU think either, pal.

YOU just worry about sorting your little papers in your little office cubicle, or not over-dipping the fries at Wendy's.

Ummmm Pat White ISNT an nfl qb. He is a bust that has no business on the field. So your point is pointless.

Dolphins OG Donald Thomas is not expected to regain his starting spot at right guard this offseason.
Thomas lost the coaching staff's confidence late last season, being sent to the bench in favor of Nate Garner. Wednesday's signing of Richie Incognito is further proof that Thomas has fallen out of favor.

SWEET! I hope WE scoop Tebow up in the third or second round, Talk about competition.

Sorry, I don't know why but when posting I lost all my paragraph breaks. Again, sorry for the length.

So, what's the big deal, Tebow is NOT AN NFL qb, he was telling the truth....Oh and by the way..Pat White is not one either..

The same people crying about Henne's opinion sound just like those fair weather fans we have to put up with here all year. I'd rather hear Henne's opinions than yours so shut your pie holes. Armando, Take your man crush on TeBags where it belongs, the nearest truck stop. This is your worst effoet ever at trying to stir the pot on a slow day. Whats wrong with Henne giving his honest opinion? NOTHING. What do you wussies want? A QB leading your team that's afraid to call it like he see's it? Oh yeah, I'm sure Henne could've said,"well I've only started 1 year and I've only won 7 games. I threw more INT's than TD's so I really can't give you my honest opinion. F no. Henne was asked a question, manned up, and told it like it is. That's my kind of guy. I can't take nothing away from Tebow, he's had great sucess at the collegiate level. Just the same, at THIS POINT, I agree with Henne. PS: Carlito, Henne the Hero!!!!

Henne needs to shut the F up and win something before popping his mouth off. No skins = keep your opinions to yourself.

my take is that it took two years before chad henne became an nfl quarterback. Oh yeah, the national championship, college football ambassadorship,or the heismen, did i remind you that it was by default.

Henne needs to shut the F up and win something before popping his mouth off. No skins = keep your opinions to yourself.

Posted by: Fort Worth fishfan | March 18, 2010 at 02:33 PM

You Douche Bag. He was on talk radio you. I think he was asked for his opinion.

Thanks for the laugh though. Good example of ignorance being bliss!!!!

Took one year my friend.

Did somebody say Tebow in the third.

No thanks we got Pat White Ah Ha ha ha!!!!

Henne gave a mature confident QB's point of view, so he couldn't explain himself, who the hell cares?!? I don't... I'm just glad I see a guy with character under center, Henne got balls! I said it here first folks...lol! I hope he one day starts yelling at his receivers for dropping uncatchable passes, jusk like Dan the Man!

Fins finally make a move in FA

SWEET! I hope WE scoop Tebow up in the third or second round, Talk about competition.

Posted by: Jersey Dolphan | March 18, 2010 at 02:19 PM

Deep breaths my friend. Read what you posted. Now try not to let your co-workers see how embarassed you are.

Tebow isn't an NFL quarterback until he's drafted as an NFL quarterback so technically Henne is correct in his statement.

Watch this year Henne will be much more of a verbal leader, now that he knows he is the man and it is his job to get it done!

I hope he one day starts yelling at his receivers for dropping uncatchable passes, jusk like Dan the Man!

Posted by: enrique1085 | March 18, 2010 at 02:41 PM


Even though they were uncatchable, I always agreed with Dan and felt the recievers deserved the scolding-LOL!

Good stuff dude.

What's up odinseye? To all you henne hater's saying he hasn't done anything yet in the nfl are all retarded. the guy made some miracle throws last year and made a ton of 2nd half comebacks that miami fans haven't seen the likes of for years! he threw 12 td's and 14 picks while leading a overall slow offense . and to the morons dissing henne for never beating o-state - henne wasn't the only person playing those games. the defense falling apart and carr's conservated 2nd half coaching lost those games.


and then play FB on goaline situations

LMAO at the Tebow Lovers!!!!!!!!!

Exactly my thoughts Odinseye!

All of us fans that really watch the stuff that happens in the games know that Henne's stats are not what the seem to be. Lot's, lot's good throws dropped, lot's of receiver's running the wrong routes. More importantly the TD vs Int. How many did he really have the luxury of attempting when he usually left the field in favor of the wild-cat. Not saying bad just saying the stats really do not tell the story of his play!

Charley Casserley said if a team takes Tebow before the 6th rd they will be making a mistake. He said that last night on the NFL network.

if white and tebow are both converted to wr/utility players, which they both should be. i'll take white over tebow every time!!
white is faster, white is quicker, white has a stronger arm, white is smarter, white is a total team player. pack a few more pounds on him, let him wear gloves, and let him throw the way he is comfortable throwing the ball!! the coaching staff totally screwed white by messing with everything and trying to make him a prototypical drop back QB!! you really don't need 3 of those of your roster. if pressed into service he could have been good enough to get you through a game playing his WVU style. but he is more of a weapon as a wr, or motion guy in the wildcat, or qb in the wildcat or spread. not a guy under center taking drops. if they drafted him for that they were dumb!! he should be treated as a weapon not an every don QB!! he should be on the field as often as a 3rd wr. he should be out there for every wildcat play. lined up in any of 3 positions, wr, qb, motion man.

Its not like other NFL players haven't said the same thing. Even had a back up on the Jaguars say the same thing. I don't agree with them since I think Tebow will be a QB in the NFL - not one confused with Brady or Manning but someone who starts for a while. I'm not a big believer in Chad Henne ever being more than a guy who starts for a while either just yet. Different styles, but could have the same nothing special results. The Fish could help Henne out with some real WRs though.

new Blog Up.

Henne is an NFL quarterback! Everybody seems to hate on Tim Tebow and im going to do the same thing. Tim Tebow sucks.... Actually that one announcer during a Florida game that said that "if you meet Tebow that your life will be better" made me hate Tebow.

I would be more interested in hearing Parcels or Sparano's true opinion on Tebow,but it wouldn't be so easy to get it from them.Maybe it shouldn't have been so easy to get it from Henne.

Curtis is too busy hitting on Anita to care about a good interview.

Dolphin Randy, that was strong from you, liking the dry humor.

Henne, you heathen!

You shouldn't talk like that about my boy!

You shouldn't get hostile just because the Dolphins plan to run the Wildcat/Spread 100% of the time with Timmy and Pat from now on and that you'll be traded before the draft.

Don't worry, they'll trade you to a good team like the Redskins or Cleveland for two good picks which they'll use on defense.

Henne isnt exactly Tom Brady and Im not so damn sure he can take us to the promise land.So his opinion means about as much to me as his interceptions did because I expected as much.

tebow=S.C.R.U.B.PERIOD PERIOD !!! message to all you sec crackers who supports tebow the scrub this is the nfl scrub not florida a&m. and if that fat a** parcells gets henne some real weapons to throw too. he would be an nfl all*pro period period.

Funny, I heard the hosts on two different sports talk radio shows say this morning something to the effect that "Tebow is a great guy and deserves a chance to play in the NFL". Really? Well then my draft board needs to be adjusted.

1st round-Abe Lincoln (dead but he's been holding up a ton of dirt for over 100 years so he has good upside)
2nd round-Sully Sullenburger
3rd round-Tim Tebow
4th round-Bob, my mailman (seems like a great guy may be a value in the 4th round)

Come on man the NFL is about winning football games, PERIOD!

We should take a look at Tebow at 12 just to make Henne put up or shut up.

STFU Jorgebanks, you are an idiot...

"seriously, if we drafted tebow, parties would break out in the streets of Miami"

Are you kidding? More like riots... If Miami took another questionable qb in the top 3 rounds it would be unthinkable.... I am obviously wasting my time talking to a moron such as yourself. Have you ever watched even one game of football?

Henne the Hero!

jorgebanks the d-bag!

Dear Mr. Ross,

You want to make more money on tickets even if you don't make it to the playoffs (which you could use for the new roof of your stadium)?

Then pick my boy! That roof will be paid off in no time!

And remember to get rid of that Heathen Henne!

This is insane....
I guess there's now two people your not allowed to say anything negative about.
The others Barack Obama.

I understand a lot of people feel like Tim Tebow just ins't an NFL QB, but keep it to yourself if you play for the Miami Dolphins.Henne has to be smarter then this...We would never hear of P.Manning saying anything like this about anyone.Henne needs to shut up and work on his game...Maybe learn how to make a play outside the pocket when things break down, or how about a touch pass, or look at more then just his first option.My point is whether it's Tim Tebow or Brady Quinn, Henne has toooooooo many holes in his own game to be talking about anyone else...He's not even an NFL QB yet.Henne needs to be worried about one thing...Playing QB for the Miami Dolphins the best he can.

Much love PhinFans...Can the Draft be here already? ha ha

Chad Henne should concentrate on getting a bigger helmet. He looks like a shar pei.

Honestly I thought Pat White was drafted to be a slot receiver and wildcat qb that is it....

seriously why would they draft Pat White 2nd rd as a qb after we just spent one the year b4 for Henne you dont draft backup qbs 2nd rd.... he will be used differently im sure

Henne the zero!

I'm really sick of idiots crying that Henne had more ints than TD's last year like it meant anything and they were clever for pointing it out.

Never mind that as a starting QB it was Henne's, freshmen year.
Never mind he came in on the spur of the moment due to injury.
Never mind he had a fantastic premere year that many fans seem incapable of appreciatng.
Never mind many of his ints were because Henne spent most of his forth quarters rolling the dice trying to make a silk purse out of a pig's behind.

Let's talk about WQAM, their inability to interview, and, in response to an earlier post, the difference between journalism and an interview. A good jounalist tells a story trying for accuracy. An good interviewer does the same thing but through the mouth of others.

Henne is a good subject to interview. Unlike some who can't tell you the time with out telling you "how to make a watch", Henne answers quickly and stays on subject. That often means follow up questions are needed to complete the picture. WQAM obviously lacks the skill and experience to do their job.

Hiring token female shills to try and attract ratings only works if they're qualfied. Now we know why that station lost it's flag ship stature.

Henne needs help side-stepping land mines. Here's an idea: As long as they are sharing the same QB coach, maybe Henne can teach Tebow how to develop an NFL delivery and Tebow can teach Henne how to duck poison pen questions. Then both can be successful and become fast and furious friends.

I'm afraid there is no cure for WQAM. When a fish rots it usually starts at the head.

Nice blog Mando, I don't care what dog you have in this race.

I took too long, sorry.

Henne is Jeff George II . . . big arm, big mouth, and shortly done in the NFL.

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