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Chad Henne: Tebow isn't an NFL quarterback

Some things in life should not be and I'm about to share a couple with you.

On Wednesday, Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne did an interview on WQAM radio in South Florida and hosts Anita Marks and Curtis Stevenson asked Henne about Tim Tebow.

Thing that should not be No. 1:

"My judgment is that he's not an NFL quarterback," Henne said of Tebow. "So, I'll leave it at that."

Look, Henne has a right to his opinion. But let's be honest here. Chad Henne has started 14 NFL games and thrown 14 interceptions to 12 touchdowns. Henne himself has not yet proven he is an NFL quarterback, either.

Furthermore, if he thinks Tebow isn't an NFL quarterback, what would Henne say about teammate Pat White?

Tebow is a bigger, stronger, more accomplished Pat White. And if Tebow isn't an NFL quarterback doesn't that mean White isn't an NFL quarterback?

Just saying.

Thing that should not be No. 2:

The folks at QAM do a good job. As the former Dolphins flagship station they obviously have spent the past few years overlooking many of the team's flaws. Their ratings, meanwhile, have been on the decline. 

Somewhere along the line if you're going to run a professional sports radio station, you have show at least a tiny semblance of professional journalism, no?

Not at QAM, apparently. After Henne said he didn't think a former Heisman Trophy winner and a two-time National Championship winning QB wasn't NFL material, Marks and Stevenson simply ended the interview.

"OK, enough said," Marks said, abruptly ending the interview.

Actually, enough wasn't said. How about a follow-up question to allow Henne a chance to explain himself and perhaps even get himself off the hook? It doesn't have to be confrontational. How about:

"What are the reasons you have that opinion?"

And if the station needed to go to break, they could have easily held Henne over a segment and asked the follow-up after the break. The point is the show had interesting stuff on the hook but simply threw it back in the water for no good reason.


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Henne couldnt make out in a womans prison with a handfull of pardons.He hasnt sold me hes the next coming of breeze.He needs to concentrate on not blowing a game.

I hope the comment was somehow out of context. Tebow is a fine young man and does not deserve the comment or negative attention. He will do very well in NFL the LORD loves him. Sad for Fins this AM.

He hasn't been drafted yet so at this point in time Tebow isn't a NFL QB

That's sad to read. Why on earth would he care anything about Tim Tebow? I've read that Henne would never be an NFL quarterback. Were they right? Does it matter?

He refers to a game where Tebow was a sophomore, and Henne a senior, who was throwing to Manningham and Arrington. Arrington had a career day, and was clearly a matchup issue, as Henne threw to him relentlessly. However, he was still picked off twice.

I think Henne ought to take care of Henne business. The thing I love about Tebow is you will NEVER hear Tebow say something in retort, or even worse "I'm better than X number of NFL QB's right now." He's just a humble, hard working guy, and it frustrates the heck out of people (like Henne) that he is shown the spotlight.

Come to think of it, maybe Henne is scared. You know Miami is one of the teams that could use Tebow with their Wild-whatever offense (a.k.a. Wildcat, WildPat, etc.). Maybe Henne is trying to make upper management think Tebow would cause personality issues with their prima donna. It would hurt his widdle feelings if Tebow got more media coverage than he did, and didn't even start. Awwww, now it all makes sense ... poor widdle chaddy waddy.

Anybody who says Tim Tebow can't pass
must not have seen his last game.
I think It would be a big mistake if
the Dolphins Pass the chance to Draft
Spiller from Clemson or Best from Cal.
I would take a chance on Jimmy Graham
@ tight End,He's big & can catch.

Go Canes & Fins

Henne shouldn't be commenting on what another QB can or can not do. The last time I checked, I didn't see Henne blazing a fire trail. People are still waiting to be dazzled by him.


I agree. Henne is scared my son will take his job away. Well he should be. He's got the star power Ross likes. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets traded before the draft to a team that need a QB (and they'll eventually realize that he's the second coming of Ryan Leaf). Remember that I said it first.

He'll sure help Ross sell more tickets. There's a lot of Gator fans living in South Florida. He won't be holding a clipboard like you did for a whole year for sure!

Henne can say what he wants other people say he not an nfl quaterback and they havent played a down in the nfl and pat white played a down in the nfl so he has more time in the nfl so has henne last time i check tebow was still in college and he sucks get it right if you think hes good and henne is bad then i feel sorry for you because you have no common sense and henne is not the second coming of leaf and if you think that you just hate henne because you love tebow because henne can play

Bill henne lying because he lost media coverge grow up man and if u were a dolphin fan you would know the name of the wildcat

Chad Henne looks retarded in his helmet like Scott Mitchell in his helmet.Retarded.

Seems to me that being on an NFL team is the definition of being an NFL QB. Tebow may end up flopping but he may end up being something special - only time will tell.

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