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Ferguson signs despite substance suspension

The Dolphins have re-signed veteran nose tackle Jason Ferguson to a new contract today, despite the fact he is suspended the first eight games of the 2010 season.

Ferguson was suspended over the weekend for violating the NFL substance abuse policy.

The intriguing part of all this is that Ferguson is still rehabilitating from quadricep surgery and will not be ready to play football until early September the earliest.

That raises the question whether Ferguson must wait until he is healthy to begin serving his suspension. The answer, an NFL spokesman told me today, is no. Ferguson's suspension will begin the first week of the season and carry for the eight games.

The signing of Ferguson obviously shows he wants to continue his career at 36-years-old. And it speaks to the lack of quality nose tackles on the free agent market. 

This contract insulates the Dolphins for having a veteran, experienced nose tackle on the roster the final eight games of the season when they might be making a playoff push. At the same time, the deal doesn't preclude that Miami find another nose tackle in the draft and find no need for Ferguson if that is the right call next October.

Terms of the contract are not yet available.


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Curious move. I thought Ferguson was done. Interesting to see if they can appeal the suspension and get most of the year out of it


what an awful offseason so far. clark just used and abused us.

What kind of contract did we sign him too ???


ferguson sure for league min, this team is a mess

Wow, No, "as reported here first"?

Now that's a first....LOL

lol what an awful offseason marino! all 5 days of it...clown.

He'll be a great stop gap for 8 games. As I said in the last blog, you can't go into next year with just Soliai and whomever we draft. I wonder if they are just going to wing it for the 8 games he's gone...scary thought.

yes all 5 days of it, not many draft is soon bro. many teams have done alot in 5 days, wake up and quit accepting mediocre moves

Maybe they feel his suspension will be reduced???

Lot of good Ferg does us now; at least we get him for 8 games.

Shaun Rogers is on the trading block for a 3rd round pick or QB, we have two QBs we could send, White or Thigpen.

Let the insults fly!

BTW, not advocating this just throwing it out there.

I love Dyingbreed's hairy balz.

And alot of teams have done absolutely nothing!!! We signed Dansby and got rid of some deadwood

I think this signing is just to provide depth over the second half of the season. He would have somehow reinjured himself in November or December anyway. So this way he'll be fresh and healthy during a hopeful playoff push. We still need to somehow acquire a NT and the Dolphins know that!

Ferguson will groom the NT we draft this year. Smart move.

congrats bobby, be a realist for once. ferguson probaly get suspension cut in half, hes better than anyone else on roster for that job. front office hasnt even brought in a wr, frustrating to say the least

Oh no, such a terrible signing, a NT, not counting against the roster for the 1st 8 games. Having a NT is reserve for the min. is so terrible, this team is a loser.

I don't know if you've noticed but the unrestricted free agent pool is pretty shallow this year. That go out and sign all the high priced free agents mentality is what got the franchise into the mess it has been recently. Why don't you show some patience and let the offseason unfold. There are still 44 days left until the draft. Relax.

What a weird signing?!!? So, are they planning to go without a decent NT for the first 8 games? I thought the 8 game suspension was for sure the final nail in this coffin.

Po, resigning Fergunson probaly throws out any thought of Rogers, we will be drafting a NT and I dint think we carry four NT after 8 games

I guess the season for the NT position this upcoming season will be the opposite from last season. They're gonna start with Soliai and finish with Fergunson. Wow Scary season for the NT position. Well, they know what they're doing right?
Btw, WE NEED DEZ BRYANT!! He's a beast!

Shaun Rogers is on the trading block for a 3rd round pick or QB?????

Thanks for the reply B12.

Good thought bobyd12. I have no idea the possibilities for that but if it gets cut to 4 then we're looking better for NT next year to get us into 2011 when hopefully Williams or whomever it is can maybe step in.

More and more I believe Dan Williams is our pick at 12

3rd round pick is to high for rogers, hes lazy

Dan Williams in the 1st of Fat boy Cody in the 2nd.

That has to be the pick B12.

I like Cam Thomas coming from that UNC defence. He plays a prostyle technique. He could be a gem.

Well, that makes sense. Jamal Williams or, eh, a guy with a wrecked leg who's suspended for the first half of the season.

In other news, the Dolphins are scrambling to identify the worst possible WR available. They are nearing the end of their search, having narrowed it down to Roosevelt Franklin or Ted Ginn, Jr. It is assumed that genetic testing currently being performed at the Dolphins Training Facility will show that the two are, in fact, the same person. At that time, the Front Office will high five each other because, well, Ted Ginn is already signed.

In other, other news, the Dophins fail to find a replacement FS and so re-sign Gibril Wilson, giving him an additional $8 million signing bonus, effectively pre paying him $4 million per tackle he is expected to make in the 2010 season. In an incentive laden contract, he is given a half million dollar bonus for every touchdown he allows, with a maximum incentive of $10 million per season. The Dolphins expect him to reach said maximum incentive by halftime of the first game.


He is verrrrryyyyy lucky the dolphins are desperate. Who needs a 35 year old who can't b a professional by doing drugs or whatever it was. If I can b a pro I wouldn't smoke. Give me millions and watch me be a saint. Never understood that. Embarrassing. It's like he's still a kid at 35. Idiot!! Now we have to suffer. Here it is. We can't stop the run and we miss the playoffs during those 8 games he missed because there's no one to be a stop gapper. Hope that Blunt was worth it. God I hate retards sometimes, especially when everyone can do their part on the team with their blood sweat and tears!!! Hope they trade ginn and first round, and next years 4th to move up and take suh or that other beast. Or kindle, mclain. We would be mean

Cam in the 2nd? 3rd is where most have him taken.

LMAO JJ...Awesome post

I'd love to grab him in the 3rd Po but his stock is rising fast. 3rd sounds great to me though

So what do the dolphins get in return for the $2.5mil they're giving Pennington?

The phins loved Williams at the senior bowl. they played him alot and got a good hard look at him. I think he is the pick at 12. If they covet him like I think he will not be around in the second. With Denver DL signings in FA it is a pretty sure bet they would not go after Williams. I think Denver goes after Dez Bryant and McClain if they can rid themselves of BM before the draft.

hes third string, will teach thigpen and henne

King, performance enhancing drug...definitely wasn't budz lol

Don't think he will make it to 3rd. Would like the pick though.

Teach them what?

Can we afford to take a chance waiting till the third round?? If we take Williams first then hopefully Demetrius Thomas is there in the second round, if not, we can go OLB in second and WR third???

how to not throw 3 ints a game.

Jimmy Jam, although I don't share your cynicism that post had me laughing my a ss off!!

Well for those wondering why we didn't go after Jamal Williams here is why, he's a Denver Bronco now LOL.

Per Adam Schefter's Tweet

@Adam_Schefter DT Jamal Williams done in Denver: 3 years, $16 million, including $7 milliion gtd, with a max value to deal over $22 million. 12 minutes ago

Teach them how to throw behind the receiver? Teach them how to run off the field for the wildcat? How about teach them what it takes to have the 32nd ranked passing attack in the NFL and have fans refer to them as noodle arm in this post.

He threw 4ints vs Bal in playoffs. That was before his third surgery.

TnPhinfan, Seatlle news is reporting Seatlle won't give up a first round for Marshall, they are willing to swap picks 6 for 11 and give them a second, there is not much interest in Marshall so Denver doesn't have much leverage

Old and doing steroids equals injuries. Nobody really know what the deal is on his suspension yet!

Williams is the pick unless Eric Berry is still there. We can't take any more chances like Pat White or Turner.

pennington never had the 32nd ranked passing game. most accurate passer in nfl history, lets start there.

I know a lot of people are anti Dez and I can see why, but if he's there at 12 I personally would hate to pass on him. 2nd round grab best available NT (Cody or Thomas or both could be there) then 3rd round best available OLB which should still be pretty solid in the 3rd. Just my humble opinion of what I would do in that situation. Thoughts?

Derrick Morgan
Earl Thomas
Dan Williams

are teh favourites for that 1st pick

Dez Bryant
Rolando McClain
Sean Weatherspoon

are on the outside looking in.

CJ Spiller might as well start looking for homes in San Francisco.

He got screwed by the NFL. His first suspension was 11 years ago. There has to be some grace period.

Seriously how does the third qb teach the 1st 2 not to throw ints?
Does he say, 'don't throw an interception'?


I think you are on the right track for draft

1. Dan Williams
2. OLB or WR (highest valued player available)
3. OLB or WR (highest valued player available)
they will address 3 need positions with the first 3 picks.

Remember Ireland said they need a bigtime receiver for Henne and Henne said he wanted one too. Unless this is a smoke screen expect a WR pretty high in the 2nd or third. I think priority, though, is NT.

I do not think FS until round 4.

Agree, "thats Ideal" TNphin & B12.

After 3 starts in 2009 with Penny as starter we were 0-3 and our passing game was ranked 32nd.
Look it up.

Original, Dez is a disaster, did u read or watch anything on this guy??? Late to games, late to practices, skipped the combine and Noe skipping pro day, reports say he is badly out of shape...no way is he our pick at 12 in fact if he keeps it up he will be falling to late 1st round

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