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Ferguson signs despite substance suspension

The Dolphins have re-signed veteran nose tackle Jason Ferguson to a new contract today, despite the fact he is suspended the first eight games of the 2010 season.

Ferguson was suspended over the weekend for violating the NFL substance abuse policy.

The intriguing part of all this is that Ferguson is still rehabilitating from quadricep surgery and will not be ready to play football until early September the earliest.

That raises the question whether Ferguson must wait until he is healthy to begin serving his suspension. The answer, an NFL spokesman told me today, is no. Ferguson's suspension will begin the first week of the season and carry for the eight games.

The signing of Ferguson obviously shows he wants to continue his career at 36-years-old. And it speaks to the lack of quality nose tackles on the free agent market. 

This contract insulates the Dolphins for having a veteran, experienced nose tackle on the roster the final eight games of the season when they might be making a playoff push. At the same time, the deal doesn't preclude that Miami find another nose tackle in the draft and find no need for Ferguson if that is the right call next October.

Terms of the contract are not yet available.


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after 3 starts,lol

Good to hear reports of Seattle not being stupid about marshall. denver would have made out like a bandit had that trade occured.

I agree with u original. It would b hard to pass up dez. Is kindle something we really want to let pass. Or even mclain. We can't stop anybody right now. There's no pressure on the qb because we have no olb. Just wake. And he's still getting there. This might b the year. We can have the best secondary, but if there's no pressure. Holy sh$t Brady manning and brees would tear us apart. Were trying to play against the big boys for championship. Not win a few games with big days from dez or Ronnie/ Ricky against teams that can't score; det, etc. Anyone agree with that assesment?????

Yeah bobby ive seen all that stuff. I'm just thinking of all the different stuff that could go down. What do you think of Lafell or Benn? It would be nice if one of them were there for us in round 2. I'm really hoping that foot injury slides D. Thomas down far enough into the 2nd. If they can polish up his route running skills he can be a big time threat.

No matter how good Pennington was before the surgeries, he can't pass a physical now, he expects to spend next season rehabbing according to this paper and he got a 1 year contract.
So like I said what do the Dolphins get for $2.5 million?

An assistant QB coach and that's about it. I love Penny's character and determination but like you said even before the injury his arm just can't cut it.

Kingsoverign, and where does all the pressure start in the 3-4.....Nose tackle, it all starts there, he needs to take up two people to free up those pass rushes, he has to stuff the line so we are not giving up big yards on the run...the best LBs will not be that good without a monster NT doing his job. Notice how much are defense suffered once Fergunson went down??? Nose Tackle is the number one MUST HAVE position

There is no down side to this signing. First, they are showing loyalty to a long term Dolphin player. One who has been with Parcells through Multiple teams. Second, Even if Miami finds a better replacement, injuries happen and he may just be needed at game 9. I would think everyone would be keenly aware of that after losing 5 starters last year. Third, Jason Ferguson is still among the top 10 NT's n the league. Plus he gets even more time to heal and train. And lastly, you can be certain the contract has a "Bail Out" clause. I would be willing to bet had Miami not tied Ferguson up with a contract, another team would have grabbed him as THEIR Mid-Season insurance policy. So.... aside from Cynicism, I fail to see what the down side is here. I doubt there is some $50 million signing bonus or anything like that. Anyone?..... Any one have a down side?????

Agree w/ Derek.

pennington should be healthy around week 4, they may deal him

Yeah the downside is Chad Henne is really pissed that he's going to make $675,000 to start and Pennington is going to get $2.5mil not to play, but $5mil if he does play.

Original Benn is rated the second best receiver but honestly I like Thomas more, The name Carlton Mitchell keeps popping up but don't know much about him

We waited 15 years to finally land a top quality qb just to spit in his face on behalf of guy that we called noodle arm before his 3rd surgery.

I agree with u Bobby. The arguement was dez over kindle . 2nd round will b the Nt. Or trade back into first with our second and ginn and future bull. What u think

He's a local boy isn't he bobby? USF if i'm not mistaken. Honestly I don't know anything else about him. Anybody have any insight on the guy?

King, right now I would grab Dan Williiams first, like Jake Long he will anchor this NT position for a very long time and hope Thomas is there in the second for WR. That is what I would do right now

I totally dissagree with most, I think the first round pick will be B. Graham DE/OLB from Michigan, followed by D. Thomas WR of Georgia tech in the second,and a NT in the third round, after that, it's icing on the cake for the Dolphins. Go Dolphins!

Great signing.

I give the Dolphins an a+ easy so far this off season.

Our WR get open. last i checked that is out you catch passes

Gotta jump out for a bit. Good discussion

Agreed Chad Henne has a gripe. That gripe is the same one as every other Drafted man in the NFL. See, that is the beauty of the draft over free agency, you get a player for 4 or 5 years that you can afford, which is the upside for the team. He gets an NFL education and a chance to perform well for 4 or 5 years then get a Dansby deal if and when he does it right. It a beautiful thing to build a team out of the draft, you keep the good ones with contracts and let the others go to ruin their teams. All Henne needs to do is improve and impress Parcells, Ireland, Sparano and the fans... in a few years, if he dos... He can go buy Dan Marino's old house.

This is a good signing...Ferguson will be fit and ready for the final 8 games PLUS any playoffs if we make it...The question is who starts game 1..??...youd have to think that Soliai with an extra year behind him MUST be ready to give his ALL for 8 games....I think he can hold the fort.He will have improved and is definitly strong enough.We will draft a long term propect in this draft because FERG can also play again NEXT YEAR...

The bigger conundrum is why they have signed Penngton???....he says he has 5 years left in the NFL..are you kidding me?..He is what 33?...with a history of major injury and a poor arm.He is NO KURT WARNER.This is fantasy.
That contract is 5 times what they are paying Henne....not good..!
We would be crazy to trade Thigpen who, if Henne doesnt work out, could be a potential starter.My hunch is that it is really WHITE who has his neck on the chopping board.He'd better show some clear improvement in camp or its he that will be jettisoned in my view.

Dude I'm not questioning the pay structure of the NFL.
I'm questioning the wisdom of this front office that could decide that a 3rd & 4th pick was too much for Boldin but $2.5mil not to play and more if he does play is appropriate for Pennington.

PM, the only one who should complain is Ross. It's his money. There's no cap this year so I don't care.

We need to sign Mo'Nique at NT and Precious at DE. With all that leg hair Mo'Nique could take on two or three O linemen. No wonder the brothers always go after the white women.

Bobby12,As of this morning,You are walking a very fine line.And i will push the print key everytime.You should have seen there face. PRICE LESS.I told you wrong tree,bobby-d.

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Let me see...the Dolphins resign a player that has been convicted of steriod use not once but twice and Parcells won't even consider a player that is a top 5 receiver who hasn't been convicted of anything...WOW!!

We now have two players that have been found to use illegal drugs on the roster.

Fair enough.

Thank you, PRINT.


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Let me add one more player...Tony McDaniel..a punk that hits a helpless player on a basketball court, stand over him and is signed by Parcells because he's cheap.

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marino, you're a complete imbecile.

So what have the Dolphins accomplished so far, they signed Dansby...cut Porter Wilson and Ayodele...re-signed a broken down QB and a steriod user named Fergy.


Your Welcome,


I am sorry for sounding like such a jerk. I had a real bad day. Let's jst blog football


rob in oc

When i look at spikes

I understand mcclin might be more natural in pass coverage but the big difference between micah and spikes to me is the length---spikes has more length then even mcclain and had big hands---and agan i agree with you with the limitations of spikes gaurding rbs, but i think your issue with mcclain not be able to get off blocks is legit

when he pass rushes i think spikes is way more effective and with his size at 6"3 255---he has upside to play a little weakside olb for us---i like the idea of having to ilbs that can shift and play outside on a given play----Mcclain might be the smarter guy but i think spikes has more upside with impact plays----Sacks, interceptions, pressures, batted passes

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Why don't Miami check out WR Javon Walker from the Raiders? Used to be a stud, but then got injured. I take any player unsuccessful in the Raiders system with a grain of salt - ie Randy Moss to Patriots or Gibril Wilson to Dolphins. Walker was just cut, so he's on the market and might be worth a look.

No Sean

I don't like you.

Just don't be so damn gay next time. Try to act more like a man and I will ignore you. Deal?


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PriceMaster... I can certainly see your point, and, at some levels agree with what you are saying. I have recently given much thought to the Boldin matter. I believe there are some VERY good arguments why Miami should have done more to get him, and there are also arguments against it. Because of all of what we perceive as the Upside of Getting Boldin, I mean damn, I have watched that kid play since he was a senior in Pahokee about 30 minutes West of me (I love HS Ball, it the pure!) I just cannot believe there was not some underlying issue Management had to not go after him. Because it seems apparent Miami did not even make an offer. I would have been ecstatic had "Q" played in Miami but would have been irate that Miami gave away the MEAT of the draft to get him... That is always going to be the >>?<< we all have to deal with. I have decided there HAD to be a reason, something we are not privy to. Hell, I don't know what. but there ya go. As far as Pennington goes, I'm convinced that entire deal is the same as this one with Ferguson. It is an insurance policy, Henne came off the field in what could have been the most important game of the season last year had Miami won the one or two before Pittsburgh... that did not go unnoticed I'm certain. Pennington is there should Henne falter, nothing more, nothing less. You may say "What about Thigpen?"... I am of the belief he will not survive the Draft, Just an opinion, but I can see Miami using him to grab a #5 or go up in #3 or #4. Like I said...IMO only. I will say this Price... "Enjoy what you are watching" in a season or so Miami IS going to be a very good team. It will be fun and make ya happy to be able to tell the story to all the haters when it happens.

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I say we give Denver the # 12 for MArshall and then draft Nose and OLB in whatever order as long as they get their guys. I would rather try giving them next years # 1 and Ginn for BMarsh but if this years pick is what its gonna take, then so be it. Impact WR, top 5 in the league right now (although a head case)when Dez Bryant (another head case) may or may not be that guy in 2 or 3 years. What do yall think?

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What's the downside of taking the fastest WR, Jacoby Ford in the 3rd or 4th round? He short but has the same height and weight as "Mark Duper" who was pretty decent.

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