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Ferguson signs despite substance suspension

The Dolphins have re-signed veteran nose tackle Jason Ferguson to a new contract today, despite the fact he is suspended the first eight games of the 2010 season.

Ferguson was suspended over the weekend for violating the NFL substance abuse policy.

The intriguing part of all this is that Ferguson is still rehabilitating from quadricep surgery and will not be ready to play football until early September the earliest.

That raises the question whether Ferguson must wait until he is healthy to begin serving his suspension. The answer, an NFL spokesman told me today, is no. Ferguson's suspension will begin the first week of the season and carry for the eight games.

The signing of Ferguson obviously shows he wants to continue his career at 36-years-old. And it speaks to the lack of quality nose tackles on the free agent market. 

This contract insulates the Dolphins for having a veteran, experienced nose tackle on the roster the final eight games of the season when they might be making a playoff push. At the same time, the deal doesn't preclude that Miami find another nose tackle in the draft and find no need for Ferguson if that is the right call next October.

Terms of the contract are not yet available.


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Another guy I like is the Williams kid from Syracuse and for some reason I think that white boy from Minnesota, Decker, is gonna be a playmaker. Problem is we lead the league in white wide receivers..............never a good thing!

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Ferg will be fresh come game 9. We need to draft a NT with 1 of the 1st 2 picks because the NT depth is weak in this draft DanWilliams, Cam Thomas or Terrance Cody are the only otions for a chance at a starter. Suh is not a NT for the 3/4 so Im not counting him.


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There is no way we trade up to get Suh. We just paid 9M to Dansby.

Two years ago we sign Long for 12M per year.

Only so much $$ to go around.

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tampafin, Jacoby Ford would be a good later pick once all the NEEDS have been addressed. He's fast as lighting, he's short yes, but very strong. He would offer immediate help on special teams. I like him and Mardy Gilyard as 4th rd picks as they are both special teams ACES!

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Dansby will need strong play by the NT to be at his best. NT is the biggest need IMO because Soliai is to inconsistant to be the starter, ok at back up but no way we win if he is the starter to start the season. Last yr when Ferg went down our runD stats went up and the last three games of the season were painful to watch. Those teams ran down our throats and we could not stop them. Draft DanWilliams with the 1st pick or Thomas or Cody in the 2nd because after that the list gets smaller (though Torrell Troup and Linval Joseth may be late rd gems). Dan Williams should be the pick if Dez Bryant is off the board (he will be) at #12 (the only other pick is CJ Spiller because he can change a game with one touch of the ball but the need is not as high as NT and we need a NT bad. I like value over need for the most part but this case of Soliai at the starting spot makes me pick Dan Williams.

Ferguson will groom the NT we draft this year. Smart move."
I agree with this and the idea that the Dolphins go for two DT's at least in this draft. I like Cody in the 2nd.
From there the WR pool is deep, supposedly.
I say lets not forget how much this team needs a physical freak Safety to run with all those TE's that killed us last year.

I think Ted Ginn might be worth an additional 7th round pick. Remember when we got Ginn, we were not just getting him, we were getting his whole family. Throw in his whole family and we might be able to get a 7th round pick and Mr. Irrelevant. Maybe we can forfeit next season in exchange for the first pick in next year's draft since we won't be scoring much more than that with the receivers currently on our roster.

Ill be Sean#1 because I talk football and the others talk about ballz

I am sold on CJ Spiller or Dan Williams with the 1st pick, Dez Bryant will not be there IMO so I do not consider him but if he is there I have to take him . Spiller can take it to the house any time, Williams is the best NT talent coming out and the need is high.

Don't necessarily think NT will be the 1st pick. Parcells found Ferguson and Jay Ratliff in the 7th round. I think it is going to come down to rush OLB, FS, or if somehow someway Dez Bryant is there he is in the conversation. There are some later round possibilities like Troup and Joseph as mentioned.

The dream is if Eric Berry would be there at 12. He could take this mediocre defense to great. 3rd best player in the draft might fall because of the position he plays.

yes all 5 days of it, not many draft is soon bro. many teams have done alot in 5 days, wake up and quit accepting mediocre moves

Posted by: marino | March 09, 2010 at 06:36 PM

Im just curious, Marino, what teams do you feel like have done so much more than the Dolphins so far this offseason?

WOW...these people on here have no clue. Miami is gonna draft a nt and rookies plato! Ferguson signing is a good deal for both sides. Miami signed him for next to nothing and he will be healthy right in time for the play off push. They can then rotate at the nt position.

The three top needs are NT,WR,and FS. Bill and Co are looking to find a FS in FA because Chris Clemons is the real thing just needs time to develop another yr or 2.

I would say WR is top priority now then OLB then nt fs and te

Clemons looked fast on film but was out of position something he can learn and correct. He can turn into a ball hawk FS down the road. We will look for a vet with some yrs left in him and we can bring Clemons along (maybe draft someone if the value is there.

I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on resigning Ferguson. Do we know FOR SURE he will be suspended 8 games? Do we also know FOR SURE that he will be our NT after the 8th game or do we just see this as an insurance policy? I'm not convinced that they are not going to add someone else before the season starts. I'm not convinced it will be Solai and a rookie for the first 8 games.


Doubtful fin you should go join the jets blog. Last years offense was able to score and keep us in games, the defense is why we couldn't put teams away. So take your crap talkin and go with the jests fans


This is purely a depth move. They are not counting on him to be the starter, he will provide a fresh body for the homestretch. His suspension may even get reduced. He is allowed to do everything all the way up until week 1, and plays a similar lead by example type role that Pennington will, to whomever the Trifecta adds. Even if the bulk majority of the time is spent rehabbing, he still knows what is expected and can help teach that. I have for about a month now said Dan Williams at 12. Ferg provides depth and leadership.

Penny will show them how to do check downs that is what he does! That really is not a great thing because Thigpen has some arm strength and Henne has a ton. My hope is he can coach to utilize their potential which is very different than his was.

Bootang I second that!

Just because,

While not as polished and not as good in the run support aspect, Earl Thomas is still a legit option at 12, and could also add a lot of variety to the D.

I don't see them goin safety at 12. FA will bring someone in and they'll go defensive backfield later in the draft

Mando: who do u see Miami drafting in the first two rounds??

I Have never seen so many negative So called Fans. Uh news flash genius's 3 years ago we had so many holes we didnt know where to start. Now our offensive Line is solid. Fullback. Solid. running backs solid. QUARTERBACK'big one Solid, DT. Solid, Secondary, almost solid, Linebackers much improved. Kickers, solid.. We are very close. We need 1 nose tackle, 1 freesafety, 1 tight end, 1 receiver, and 1 Linebacker.. Thats it ..Were done.. Chances are with this draft, and a little luck, we can plug 2 of those holes. Maybe somebody , in minicamp steps up. And we go into the season with 1 or 2 holes, and a very competetive team. 1 more offseason and were there. I am soo excited. I hope you guys drink the kool aide because I love what I see.. This is a tough well coached team, Oh yeah and a new very solid defensive coordiantor and scheme... Lets go Dolphins!!! I am pumped

Proud fan, there's no use. I've been sayin the same thing since day one of downloading this app. unfortunately there are fans out there that have no clue and just spout off about nothing good

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