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Ferguson signs despite substance suspension

The Dolphins have re-signed veteran nose tackle Jason Ferguson to a new contract today, despite the fact he is suspended the first eight games of the 2010 season.

Ferguson was suspended over the weekend for violating the NFL substance abuse policy.

The intriguing part of all this is that Ferguson is still rehabilitating from quadricep surgery and will not be ready to play football until early September the earliest.

That raises the question whether Ferguson must wait until he is healthy to begin serving his suspension. The answer, an NFL spokesman told me today, is no. Ferguson's suspension will begin the first week of the season and carry for the eight games.

The signing of Ferguson obviously shows he wants to continue his career at 36-years-old. And it speaks to the lack of quality nose tackles on the free agent market. 

This contract insulates the Dolphins for having a veteran, experienced nose tackle on the roster the final eight games of the season when they might be making a playoff push. At the same time, the deal doesn't preclude that Miami find another nose tackle in the draft and find no need for Ferguson if that is the right call next October.

Terms of the contract are not yet available.


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Oh and Nose tackle is the number 1 priority. Number 1.. In a 3 4 it all starts with the nose. Your secondary, is better, your pass rush is better. Its the key to our defense.
Nose tackle, then receiver, Or tight end. Our receivers would be good enough if we can land a real good tightend in the 2nd or 3rd round.











Good for you True Fan... Hey that makes 2 postive guys.. I mean what the Hells the point of being a fan if you dont support your team when they are making progress. I mean listen, when Cam was around and that regime, I can understand, but these guys are doing a good job. They have made some mistakes. But, even Scott Pioli makes mistakes. I like the over all mentality of tough , and physical. I do think we need 1 more play maker, and we will get one. If your going to be a fan have fun and stop being so damn miserable guys. Good job True Fan, keep it up

Sorry to be a party pooper but your asking fans to believe that with four rookies or less that the Dolphins will be a playoff team. Well I don't buy it..rookies don't "get it" right off it takes time for them to learn what they need to do...and thats IF they work out at all.
Just too many unknowns right now...and anyone counting on Ferg to come to the rescue at week 9 on...are just pulling their manhood...who knows what the record will be at week 9....remember a couple seasons ago? I wish I could see mass improvement on the way...but I believe the Dolphins are still at least a year away...and teams like the Jets and Pats aren't going to wait for the Dolphins to get better.

Sorry but Cody played as a 3-4 NT.


I agree that the Ferguson signing is a depth signing. I really like what he and see Pennington bring in terms of leadership. I like that they are loyal to Parcells and that he is loyal to them!!

My only question is can Williams step in with the help of Solai to play right off the bat. I believe Williams will be a good player...I'm still trying to figure out it they should be taking him with the 12th pick.

Bootang - definitely on the Earl Thomas bandwagon - but if both ge and berry are both there - you gotta take berry.

I look at parcells history and I know he loves his pass rushers. Williams would be 3rd IMO on the list of choices after OLB and FS for the 1st pick.

Should we sign atogwe that would change things some


They need to hit on realistically 2 rookie starters. They need 1 guy to step up, like a Cameron Wake or a Chris clemmons, or a Quentin Moses, or Someone we dont expect. There are usually at least 1 of those a year, ala Donald Thomas, or Sean Smith, or something. Plus those guys are going to get better this year most likely, and our Defensive coach will be an upgrade. Have some Faith this is a good team. Not great but good. If we get a nose and receiver/ tightend either or, we'll be very good. But yes we are a year away. But hey enjoy the journey

So If Pennington is #3 behind Thigpen and Henne,what are the plans for Pat White?I see no trade value in him,unless it's multiple people.Any thoughts Mando?

pat white is complete garbage

I agree Pat white's done

justin credible , get a clue and go to bed.

@ Marino, Pat White is not garbage. He is an electrofying player that needs the right plays called for him. The kid operated at WVU in the shotgun that gave him a chance to see the defense. But last year was THROWN into this wildcat formation. When he ran the ball he did well. He is as fast as Spiller, and the same build as him. We just need to find the right plays for him.

not the same build as spiller nor is he a running back. white had one good run all year. hes not good and will rarely ever see the field again in a fins uniform or any other team in the nfl.

Spiller is 5ft 11inches and 195lbs, does not lift weights, he's a track star not a RB in the NFL. He can be a playmaker, but we have 2 skinny, fast players already Ginn and White and we see how that is working out for us. Our offense does not compliment players such as he

spiller is p.harvin, white is nothing and ginn sucks. i never said i wanted spiller

I am sorry Dan the Man, I am just not impressed with White. He is not an NFL. quarter back, he is not a return guy, he is not a receiver and in my opinon he'll be out of football in 2 years tops. He was a good college quarterback. Remember Andre Ware. He isnt even as good as him.. That says a lot.
But I will tell you this.. He is the only Dolphin that went over and shook hands with the soldiers when we honored them and I respect the guy.. He seems like a good dude. I hope I am wrong..

Proud fan;

Anything is possible..but unlikely.

This is what I would do if I had the power;

Make a trade deal with Denver for Marshall, give them our second round pick this year and next year, trade back of our first round pick and pick up a second rounder. Use the late first round pick for Hughes to play OLB, take the second round pick and select Nate Allen to play FS, in the third round round I would select L. Houston to play NT...and in the 4th round I would select J. Graham TE.

Ginn does suck! But just like Tebow supposively has changed his throwing motion, White needs to work on his defensive reads. I watched every game White played at WVU, the kid is talented. And yes it was painful to watch him play last year. I just hope they find a way to use his ability instead of the wildcat.

Anybody catch Mike & Mike in the morning. I was told they discussed that Miami is showing interest in Marshall. Also are we truely satisfied with our TE, I'm not, and isn't Benjamin Watson available?

Trade v.carrey , sparano should get somebody to play as good or better than he did last year.get xtra 2 nd round pick.then in any order you want get wr, olb,nt.problem solved!

From Mando's blogs over the last few days:

Today: "Owens will be 36 years old. He's better than any wide receiver the Dolphins currently have, no question. But did I mention he'll be 36 years old? And he has a history that rubs Parcells the wrong way. So is the Big Tuna going to basically cast off everything he believes in and chase this player? That would be a sign of desperation."

Couple of days ago: "Face it, Owens for one year might be the best investment. Is he a pain? Not usually the first year...Is he no longer capable of playing? I think he proved to Vontae Davis (below) that he's still got it. Owens caught 55 passes for 829 yards and 5 TDs last year. He did it on a team that fired its offensive coordinator one week before the season. He did it on a team that had no quarterback. He did it on a team that fired its head coach during the season."

So which is it? Is Mando in favor of T.O. or not? I dunno. Pretty compelling arguments each day he posted. So confusing. I have some likey for Coaches Corner's suggestion: T.O. & Darren Sharper. 1 year contracts.

Things that make you go Hmmmm.

Pat White:

0-5 passing

21-81 rushing, ave. 3.9 yds, long 33.

If they keep him, I agree that he needs to be used differently - Slash/Jensen style. But, I don't really see his place in this offense with the direction it seems to be going.

He is a truly upstanding kid with a whole hell of a lot of heart. If heart made for good NFL players, he'd be it.

Dude , who are you Talking to to ?? go to bed.


Heres the story. I agree and disagree with you. I like your plan of trading down, because I think you can get a solid Nose tackle, Which in my opinon is our number one priority around 22-25 1st round. One of the top 3 guys whoever Trifecta thinks is best. Then with your second , Go for the reeiver. I Think thats way to steep for Brandon and frankly I would have rather had Anquan for a 3rd and 4th than Brandon for a 2nd and another next year. SignJason Taylor for one more year as a stop gap, to give Wake one more year to figure out how to stop the run, he is a specimen and I think might develop. At least it buys us time. 3rd round go for the safety or tight end. I also like Jimmy Graham.. 4th sounds about right. Nose tackle is the 31 bro.. You cant go into the season with Solai as your #1 guy. I think the Tuna was smart to sign Fergie for 8 games and Godwilling a playoff run as an ins. Policy. The 3 4 doesnt work with out the nose, and there are only 3 or 4 possible guys to go for in the draft and they go in the first couple rounds. You wait til the fourth and you get a developmental guy. We need someone to step in. We score big on a Kris Jenkins, Wilfork type guy this year and our defense rocks with Mike Nolan at the helm. I am telling you..

That run defense is better with Jason eating up blockers, even at 36. And with the lack of Big NT in the NFL, I bet they even get value for him by years end. They will probably draft a big tackle in the later rounds to be groomed. It will be the Tunas mission to find a hidden talent in the draft that will fit under jasons wing. mark my words, a big nasty parcells type tackle, maybe even an undrafted guy. But there's a plan for furguson, you'll see. Finding talent is parcells gift and I for one have faith in my team and their plan to build a winner in a few years.

NO way would I rather have Boldin than Marshall. Two 2nd rounders may be a lil steep but give em our 2nd this year and any one of our WR's. Our our 1st next year and any WR. Bottom line, with Marshall as your # 1 WR automatically Bess, HArtline, Ginn, whoever is at TE all get instantly better. Ronnie n Ricky instantly get better because teams can no longer drop that 8th man into the box. Trade for MArshall, draft a NOSE, OLB, SAFETY, and TE in first 4 or 5 rounds and we'll make a serious push for the division.

Pat white, nice idea but way too green!! Slash player perhaps. who knows what they have up their sleeves. But one thing is certain, they are not sitting back counting money. there is too much pride in the front office and the organization for that. Reputation is very important to the big Tuna. I have faith in anything he does because I believe he is a guy who builds a franchise, not buys one. he'll do what he does best, build a winner, not right away but one that improves, gets to the top and hangs out there awhile

Big paul will have his best year next year---he has made,clear progress in his second year playing, significant time---mostyoung players flourish in thier 3rd year---sign another nt in FA and address linebackers and TE in draft

For all you supporters of dan williams
He played four years at tennesse and only played well as a senior
Red flag--12 is too high for any NT in my mind b/c it takes them years to be strong enough to hold up-----i rather develop a nose with a 3rd or 4th round pick not a top 12 pick

Sign sharper
Go after Marshall or Roy williams if he gets cut

There are actually a few guy's in the draft who could play NT without having to rework their style much...

NT Dan Williams 6'2 327 Tennessee
NT Cam Thomas 6'4 331 North Carolina
NT Linval Joseph 6'4 328 East Carolina
NT Kade Weston 6'5 320 Georgia
NT Ecom Udofia 6'2 315 Stanford
NT Travis Ivy 6'4 325 Maryland
NT Al Woods 6'5 314 LSU
NT Jay Ross 6'3 313 East Carolina
NT Torrell Troup 6'3 314 UCF
NT Gerald McCoy 6'4 295 Oklahoma
NT Terrence Cody 6'4 370 Alabama
NT DeMarcus Grainger 6'3 330 Oklahoma
NT Tray Bryant 6'3 315 Baylor

So,there is a very deep pool to chose from here. There are likely 5 NFL starter/players here. Miami needs 1. If they have all 9 picks intact at the draft, It would not surprised me based on their propensity for doubling up picks on a position to see them take 2 of these guys.
The Top 5 Ranking are...
#1 Dan Williams...Tennesee
#2 Terrence Cody..Alabama
#3 Cam Thomas.....North Carolina
#4 Linval Joseph.. East Carolina
#5 Torell Troup... Central Florida
I would pull Cody and insert "Cam Thomas" out of Georgia myself, but I gave the rankings as they are. Cody is a Dough Boy and will DIE in the heat of training camp alone. Much less a August or September game in Sun Life. Dan Williams is the hot ticket, Torell Troup is a worker with a chip on his shoulder. I really like Troup as a long term NFL player.

I placed these names here to make a point. This draft is deep at nearly every position, just like this one, with exception to the QB spot. They always runs in bunches, QB's all come out together 4 and 6 deep.

I would say Miami will likely grab a few more prospects off the wires or FA. Then look to draft deep, cover any holes they miss on the back side of the draft. I agree with Armando's Story Yesterday Titled "The 5th day is no time to panic" The level of talent available will unlikely change much. The big hits are gone, No need t rush into any contracts when you do not know what you will need after the draft. Unless a deal that fits comes along and then you grab it.
I am not a cynic about the team guys, they will compete. But, they are still building and I feel they are a year away from a serious run. Ya never know though, look at the team we swept last year, all it takes is to get "Hot" at the right time and get a few bounces and breaks and Zebra calls.
Go Dolphins!!!

My mistake... I meant "Kade Weston" out of Georgia instead of Terrence Cody, I said "Cam Thomas" who is from NC. My mistake...sorry.

Derek nice job on the research...Thank you

We need two more pieces in free agency, a FS and a WR, that way we can go OLB(Kindle), NT(Cam Thomas), and another WR in the third round(maybe Benn if he's there)...I think some of you guys should check out Wes Lyons out of WVU, he's 6-8, dont know if he has any skill but he is 6 foot frickin 8!!

Dont think we should have kept Jason Ferguson, we should have gome after Jason Williams from the Chargers ,he is a real an animal and just the kind of run stopper we need. But waited too long again , Denver got him.

Some are saying this is a bad move and that its curious or strange.

READ Mando's caption. He gave you the answer. A) Because of the lack of quality FA DTs... and B) We will also have him for a late playoff push.

Its the right call.

The other upside to the Fergusen situation is that it will allow the anticipated drafted rookie defensive tackle to get more reps and valuable experience for eight months. As well as Solai having more reps to see if he can carry the load and finally show that he is a real player.

Look at it as "the glass half full" instead of half empty.

I'll say it again because it hurt us so badly last season, Injuries will happen. Having Ferguson as a possible "plan B" come week 9 may just save the season. The extra time should allow him to heal 100%. This just may give him another season in the league, who knows. I agree with ZACK concerning one point he made, I would like to see Miami take a safety & Wide out off Free Agency then double down in the draft. But, talent pool in FA is just so damn shallow. Antonio Bryant is really the only option Miami would weigh as more then a single season offer. They will not give away the #1 for the wife beater. I suppose TO is a thought... a one year wonder thought. The draft may just run a few more guys out into the open off clubs who draft their positions away. Miami was still grabbing guys in June last year.

We don't need a 6'8" nose tackle. The guard will get under his pads and eat him up


I like the signing especially after Denver signed Jamal William which in looking at the contract Denver gave they overpayed but i think the suspension can be reduced to 4 games which should have him back healthy by the first week of October.

Parcells will draft a NT within the first 3 round i am sure. They will be ok. They need to address OLB and WR with their first 2 picks.

I think reality is Miami needs at least 1 more offseason after this one to get it all right. Next year we get a RB to replace Ricky and possibly Ronnie if he leaves.

I think Fergy is a great signing, a push for the playoffs.
We do not need Dez (baggage) or Marshall woman beater. Any so called man who beats women belongs in jail with the pedophile scum. He should never be a Dolphin.
Trade Ginn and Bess one is too timid, the other too slow and puts the ball on the ground. No one remembers that Betsy cost us two games last year. Get a 2nd or 3rd for them whatever and pick Jacoby Ford 4.28/40 put him in the slot with Hartline #1 and Turner#2 on the outside.
Draft Spiller #1 game breaker out of the backfield or spread out in motion. How do you defense that? LB or FS on Ford? Mismatch! LB or S on Spiller? Huge mismatch!
I like Ford's interview, he wants to play special teams, a gunner with speed to burn and the guy is ripped.
This league is about mismatches, time for the fins to be on the up side of those instead of the downside.

Why are "we" struggling with a no-brainer here? Ferguson is allowed to 'practice' with the team all camp, and can mentor Dan Williams, whom our coaches had at the senior bowl, and who I'm certain will be our pick at number twelve unless the Bills draft him at nine (Denver is out of the running after picking up Jamal Williams and Hali N's backup). Even though nose tackle is probably the most important position in a 3-4, the difficulty of projecting whether a college player will be able to learn to play NFL nose tackle has kept them from being high first round picks, but Dan Williams seems to have the right tools and abilities to not be a bust, particularly in rotation, so, it's a done deal. Now if only Demaryius Thomas would fall to us in the second (or we would go get him in the bottom of the first, or settle for a safety in the second), and AJ Edds gets drafted by us where he should be available, in the third, the future will be bright.

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