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Joey Porter arrest makes you feel what?

If you're upset because the Dolphins haven't cut any of the three players arrested on various charges, including DUI, this offseason, perhaps you can take solace in knowing the Dolphins cut Joey Porter ...

... before he got arrested for suspicion of DUI and resisting arrest in California on Saturday.

According to reports Porter was confronted by California Highway Patrol officers early Saturday in a fast-food parking lot.

Porter refused to provide his driver's license and began to roll up his window when asked to leave the car. Police say that when an officer reached to unlock the door Porter slapped the officer's hand.

Porter eventually got out and complied with orders, placing his hands behind his back. He and a passenger were arrested.

Alrightie then.

Now, quick study of human nature:

How many of you are saddened that this has happened? You feel regret that Porter made an unwise choice, that he endangered life by allegedly being drunk and behind the wheel of a vehicle. How many of you are disappointed this has happened?

And how many of you feel happy about this? You feel avenged that something bad has happened to a guy that said bad things about your team? You feel like a loudmouth got his comeuppance for being something of a jerk to your team?

Your responses should be interesting.


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Was he coming from the script club???

I know you like this regime and think Sparano is a great head coach even though he came to us with no head coaching experience.

I think he is a lousy coach.
Furthermore this will be his final season as our head coach if he even makes it that far.

Mike Nolan is the next head coach of the 'Phins


We can only hope he will be smart enough to bring back the all-stars Ernest Wilford and Matt Roth and model citizen Hoey Porter... what will we ever do without them?????

Right now our starting OLB's are Wake and Anderson. Our starting FS is Clemmons? Culver?
You thought our defense was s h i t t y last year?

Thanks NY Scott - I didn't hear those details.

YEEEEEEEAAAAHHH BOOOOOOOOOYY. Where'e my nigga's AT ?? Justin incredible , you're the best.

I'm not saying I loved Wilford, Porter or Roth.
I'm not saying that they are all pro.
I'm saying they are starting quality NFL players that are now starting for other teams and we got nothing for them.

This regime would have us believe that thier skills had eroded to the point that they are not worth anything but evidently they are still starters.
Pennington on the the other hand truly did lose the physical ability to play QB and he was never benched, in fact he was resigned even after suffering the same injury for the 3rd time in his career.
If you are a sheep willing to follow these idiots without question you can be on the team.
That makes things nice and easy for the front office and lousy for us the fans.

Make it rain !!


Oh no! You mean to say free agency isn't even over, the draft hasn't happening, and training camp hasn't begun and we have holes on the roster????!!!!???

This must be the first time its ever happened to any team in the history of the NFL!!!!! The sky is falling!!!! Quick, bury your head in the sand!

Yes, Pennington couldn't play qb it was so horrible that the Dolphins won the division. This type of error by our front office cannot be tolerated! We have fans like pricemaster/yourbackdoorman that need a 1-15 team so he will have something to whine about!!!!

What did the Panthers get for Jake Delhomme??? He will probably still be a starter in 2010... that doesn't mean he is good or that the Panthers could have got something for him... your argument has nothing to it, this type of thing happens everyday in the NFL

Well this just shows what the dolphins have known. By hitting the police officer it affirms that Joey lacks respect for authority. Same problem with the Dolphins. He wouldn't come out of the game when his Coach told him. He wouldn't give the officer his license and struck him. What nerve! No respect for authority. This is hardly a role model or a leader for any football team. We were lucky to save the money this yr and get rid of him. He became a cancer in the locker room by disrespecting our Coaches and leaders. You can't win with him as a captain. Used to like him but sadly, glad to see him go.

Armando, is it true, as posted elsewhere, that the other fellow arrested along with Porter was our own Dolphin linebacker Carol Channing Crowder?

I do not take delight in anyone driving drunk. We are all fools take that lightly.

I liked Porter as a personality, but he's shown that he will continue to make bad decisions ... and as such, he will continue have run-ins with the law by doing so.

In my opinion ... foolishness

The reason they cut him, was this same reason! He lacks respect!! Good move on cutting Porter, Parcells!

Joey had an incident right after the dolphins signed him, right? Its just normal Joey protocal, 1) get signed to big contract, 2) get in trouble.

I was glad when he was gone because I did not like the way he handled himself with our team last year. Regardless, never want to see anyone make a mistake like the one he made and thank God he was not killed. I feel bad for the Cards and their fans.

1rd #12 Brandon Graham OLB Michigan
2rd #43 Nate Allen S USF
3rd #73 Mardy Gilyard WR Cinn
4rd #110 Jimmy Graham TE The U
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6rd #172 Jay Ross NT ECarolina
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7rd #210 Clifton Geathers DL SCarolina
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7rd #C252 Scott Long WR Louieville

I do not wish any harm to any man. And I do not believe Porter was drunk at all. I believe the Police Officer had to make his report as embellished as possible, to make the chargers look worse then what they really are. Plus make him look like a hero or victim as much as power. A lot of Police do not uphold the law, but use the badge for their own Power Thirsty satisfaction. A lot of Officers are not professionals, and do not Serve and Protect. Even on minor traffic violations they are looking to cause trouble. A Officer would ask you questions like," Were are you coming from?" and "Were are you going?" along with many many more. They lie to you and try to get you to say things that may or may not incriminate yourself. I honestly believe this was a situation where a Officer was not conducting his self in a professional manner, and Porter called him out on it. A Officer of the Law duty is to Serve and Protect, not talk down to grown man as if he is God. And that is how they act, I am grown man, and I hate it when they constantly ask questions that is none of their business (ex. Where am i going etc.). But I am smart of enough to know do not start nothing you not going to follow through with. And to follow through on disrespecting an officer (In his eyes) I do not have the cash flow to prove I was in the right. But it does not mean thoughts have not crossed my mine on turning a Police Station into Swiss Cheese, like if I was star in the first Terminator movie. I am going to follow this event closely, to see what goes down. I feel sorry for Porter, but he should of used better judgment, and went through the proper avenues, and had the Officer written up and disciplined. Especially him being a minority, not able to verbalized himself in a correct manner to make the Officer rethink his actions (like a Lawyer may be able to do or another officer of the law).

We have 10 picks and a alot of trade bait to get more. With a deep draft this yr the more picks the more the flexability.

another drunk idiot... porter is a punk!

I thought Jimmy Graham was expected to be gone in the 3rd round.

Who cares about Joey porter?


I laughed when I read the news. Why should I feel bad that he didn't use his brain?

I'm not upset they are cutting the dolphins who got arrested at all. I just wish they would've used their heads more. You'd think they would know better or call a damn cab because it's not like they don't have the money. I do agree with Sparano by saying you have to judge the players by their past and they all have been really good people and not been in trouble but now the first strike has been recorded and they should keep an eye on them.

I wish no ill will towards porter,feel sad but his career will keep going.can't imagin y a black guy wit $ is rebelin against a bunch of crackers die to take a colored man to jail???

look he ( J.P. ) was trouble with the steelers and also the dolphins, and now the cardinals. Do you see the pattern here? They never lose there stripes.

My Dolphins jersey #55 still says SEAU!

I wasn't happy to see that it happened. But I admit that I chuckled a bit. Good riddance.

Sorry don't usually like to single out anybody and insult them but in this case it has to be done....Toneman you are an idiot. I'm always leaning to guess you have been arrested a time or two thus the negative attitude towards police. You see as a police officer it's people like you and Mr. Porter that make this job tough. Those questions you speak of that are "none of our business" are actually investigative questions to see if there is anything to be concerned with. Examples are if you are coming from a bar are you too drunk to be driving? Does your explanation make any sense at all with where you are? It's those very questions that you mock that are responsible for taking large amounts of drugs, weapons and intoxicated drivers off the street. I do agree there are officers who abuse their power but for the majority of us these questions serve a very important purpose.
Sorry Mando and the rest of you members for getting side tracked.

If the assault charge sticks Tweezy or Twizzle or whatever may be looking at meeting with GODall and a 4 game suspension - since he has a history of aggressive off field behavior.

I'm just glad he's gone from the Fins - "Move On"

Toneman, ur beyond an IDIOT

i say don't drink and drive cause you might spill your drink!

Darryl - I agree that DUIs are inexcusable and need to be dealt with harshly - either in fines (given to MADD), crime-appropriate community service (far more effective than time off), or suspension with community service.

Ricky - Allen was getting burned repeatedly before his injury. He had lost a step even then. Davis was burned badly but was also a rookie and is a very aggressive player. Davis will not be taken off the field. Smith is not a good tackler but he was not beaten much. Allen is a backup or situational player - a good one, to be sure, but will not start because he is getting a little long in the tooth and this team will want Smith and Davis to continue to develop. They are not about retarding development of promising players (except maybe Clemons and Turner).

Toneman...you must be deaf, blind, and dumb to come up with that...Either you are a disgruntled officer or former officer or.....you were molested by one and have a grudge or something like that. You are nothing better than a smelly ballsack!

That Pacman Jones comment is some funny shyt.

Who cares? You haven't lived until you've been arrested for DUI and spent the night in the Fulton County jail. Wait, I've said too much.

booby,is not even cop.he's custom's officer

Ok, I'm ready to get shredded, but here it goes. Round 1 Kindle OLB. TEX.
2 Morgan Burnett S. G.T.
3 Cam Thomas DE. N.C.
4 Dorin Dickerson TE. Pitt.
6 Marcus Easley WR. Uconn.
6 A.J. Jefferson CB.Fresno State
6 Denario Alexander WR. Mizzou
7 Brandon Carter OG. Texas Tech
7 Matt Nichols QB. EWU.
7 Joe Pawelek ILB. Baylor


That means he's got the good shyt

He who is with-out sin, cast the first stone. The funny thing about some of you people is you to have driven while drunk or if pulled you would go to jail only having 3 beers. Remember these guys are no different than you, other than the fact they can play football as a pro and you can't. Next time you talk smack about someone, think about that when youf watching the Fins game at some friends house or a local bar, don't you dare drive home, call a cab.....YEA RIGHT!

bobby is a cook in a take out asian pace not an officer .

Wow!!! FBI takes an interest in my life!!! Yea FBI, terroists, illegals, criminal illegals and drugs keeps me busy enough

Ok Paul, be a good boy and don't be a Donkey!!!

Yes tell them please toneman . the truth hurts .


Is it true a petfish memory only last 3 seconds?


well....there is no reflection on the Dolphins for this Porter incident because he is not our headache anymore...we got Porter out and Dansby in, thats a pretty good move....hopefully we can make some more good moves before the 2010 season kicks off....

carlito, i see baylor winning , i can tell by the look of duke players .what do you think ?

Dook is the Patriots of college basketball

Joey should never have left Pittsubrg. Wes shouldn't have left Miami.

carlito, you starting to learn how to talk basketball , good job.

not on my team, not my concern.

the girls from baylor are more sexy than duke's girls ,they look cold .
baylor's girls are beautiful burnet.

Drinking and driving has been well documented ad nauseum. But little is known about the effects of Kool Aid and blogging. It has long been suspected to give fans a false sense of well being. Phrases like, "wait until next year" and the ever popular, "Rome wasn't built in a day" are tips that someone you know has been drinking KOOLAID.

More study is needed. Please help. Your friend could be at risk.

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy... good riddance!

I think it's funny. All the smack talk and now he will get suspended. He is Arizona's problem now. Let's not make anymore blobs about Porter OK. He is yesterdays news.

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