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Joey Porter arrest makes you feel what?

If you're upset because the Dolphins haven't cut any of the three players arrested on various charges, including DUI, this offseason, perhaps you can take solace in knowing the Dolphins cut Joey Porter ...

... before he got arrested for suspicion of DUI and resisting arrest in California on Saturday.

According to reports Porter was confronted by California Highway Patrol officers early Saturday in a fast-food parking lot.

Porter refused to provide his driver's license and began to roll up his window when asked to leave the car. Police say that when an officer reached to unlock the door Porter slapped the officer's hand.

Porter eventually got out and complied with orders, placing his hands behind his back. He and a passenger were arrested.

Alrightie then.

Now, quick study of human nature:

How many of you are saddened that this has happened? You feel regret that Porter made an unwise choice, that he endangered life by allegedly being drunk and behind the wheel of a vehicle. How many of you are disappointed this has happened?

And how many of you feel happy about this? You feel avenged that something bad has happened to a guy that said bad things about your team? You feel like a loudmouth got his comeuppance for being something of a jerk to your team?

Your responses should be interesting.


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i can tell duke will win .la la

Jubilation that we are not plagued with him or lack of ability to produce in the field. Good riddance!! What a loser!!!

Who cares about Porter? He's someone else's problem now.

West Virginia is going to win it all

carlito: What is best in life?

Duke: Crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of the women.

Phins, give a long look at Mike Williams ( W.R. ).

Why are people still stupid enough to drink & drive? Porter is a punk & a thug. But is Ronnie Brown's behavior any better? You get to the point where you not sure it's worth supporting these teams anymore. As someone wrote recently, with today's player movement you're just pulling for laundry anyway. It's just the jersey because the players come and go almost constantly. Next year's Sunday Ticket package will probably go up to about $300. The Dolphins aren't going to the Super Bowl next year and probably not the playoffs either. You just wonder if it's worth it anymore....

The DUI news is disappointing! I think when players get arrested they should do a mandatory training on the effects their image has on the same kids who look up to them. Yes, I just went Oprah on them.

Almost Burned,

you post speaks the truth no thing but truth .

Forget joey porter, Whats New

Carlito, I agree that WVU should win it all. I am a UK fan, but grew up in WV so it was a hard game to watch last night. It was almost like dating 2 girls at once: one is nice, but the other is sexy. But in the end nice always wins, and my fav didn't win but metaphorically speaking, at least the sex was good when it lasted!! Anyway, no trash talking from Duke fans please. Admit that you had the easiest path to the end. WVU should have been the #1 seed and not Duke. WVU and UK should have been the game for the National Championship

Miami mike I sence that your some sort of delutional person that has never had a officer come at you with a pointed gun and cuffs u then puts u in his car with nothing said other than hands aganst the car for no reason other than maybe Im 6-4 235 with long hair 44yrs old Believe me he F@*d up bad, I have never bean in trouble with the law. Theyre cocky little A holes that should earn respect not demand it with force. Trust me they brake the law every day and lie about it and some how think theyre aloud. Trust me 1/2 the people in jail are in ther for lies and couldnt aford a good Laywer. Sad system that we have here. No such thing as inoccent until proven guilty.

Sad to say Chad P would get raped in prison.

don;t care what jp does

Dennis storey, and everyone in prison is innocent, all u gotta do is ask them and they will tell you the truth...same old bullshyt story they all use, I wasn't doin nothing, someone else put it in my possession, I didn't know blah blah blah , no Officer walked up to you and cuffed you for "no reason", ur delusional if u think any sane person here believes that..and I can bet u 99 % of people on this blog have never had any negative interaction with the Police...

I think it is soo great and soo funny what happened to porter. He is a dumb a as and I hope he has a crapy season. R brown is deferent what he did is out of charactor for him and I think he will learn from this and make something good out of it. You can't really compare the two.

Probably a result of acting out due to the loss of relationships in Miami for Porter

bobbyd, what do you do for living ?

What does it make me feel? Indifferent. As does all the "news" about these players off field problems. They make plays. We watch. End of further interest. The second feeling is disappointment. Not in the players (see above) but in the choice to run these stories. I say raise the editorial bar: if it ain't murder, don't print it.

I've had neg interactions with cops, bobby.

JP is as JP does. My reaction is simply in defense of the Fins as I'm glad they cut him before the altercation.

I wasn't there and have no idea of what really went down as I believe would be the case with anyone on this blog unless they were JP's friend in the passengers seat.

He will have to face a judge and a trial of some kind later on that may or may not bring justice to light.

I have been treated fairly in all my dealings with the law and have several friends in law enforcement. The cops (or other authorities) typically do a decent job. I have seen both ends of the spectrum as sometimes absolute power currupts absolutely.

A girl from my high school was pulled over by an CHP officer and directed to go to an unlit turnout off the freeway. She was assualted by the officer and he strangled her then threw her dead body down a cliff. It's an extreme case but any team, society, enforcement agency, religion, blog, or school can have crazy bad apples.

The girl made Pat Boone look like a hooligan. The incident drew mass attention and eventually after the trial the officer went to prison. The laws were altered so that you could drive to a lit area before pulling over during a traffic stop.

The moral of the story is always be aware.

Cops, football players, border patrol agents, priests, political leaders, teachers etc are all still just human beings with different jobs/duties. All capable of being frail, courageous, biased, good hearted or capable of snapping.

My 2 cents or maybe 3.


*corrupts (spell check finger was broke ;)

ESPN reports that the Patriots are interested in mammoth tightend from USC Anthony McCoy. We need a strongside OLB fast. You thought last season was bad with all the good tight ends we faced. How about adding two games against a solid tight end when we play the Patriots this year? This sucks. I hate the Patriots. They are too damn smart.

I am not surprised by the news. He had that incident with Levi Brown before the 2007 season. I think the dolphins are pleased he's gone, but they'll miss his game intensity. He underperformed last year, but he'll light it up for az!

Sorry it happened. Glad no one was hurt.

First let me say I try not to wish bad things on anyone. These are football players. Football is a violent game. To expect all players to be outstanding people is probably unrealistic. They have different backgrounds and upbringing. They got to where they are because they have the ability to intimidate both physically and sometimes verbally. So the fact a football player put his hand on a police officer while drunk is not totally surprising, is it?

With that being said, driving while drunk is a crime. So is abusing an officer. If he is infact guilty then he should be punished like anyone else.

Thought I would drop in to see if it was Football season yet... guess its not...shyt. Going back to bed now.....good night, cruel world.

Team Tuna,

USC TE Anthony McCoy was 6'4 1/2 and 259 lbs at the combine?

I don't see hulking numbers here? There are plenty of guys that are heavier or taller. He ran a 4.72 40 at the combine. What would be so scary about McCoy going to the Pats?

I would rather deal with him then TE's Graham, Pita or Hernandez.

McCoy's 19 reps was among the lowest amount of all TE's at the combine.

I wouldn't sweat NE grabbing McCoy to much... just my opinion. If you want to, be my guest.


Team Tuna,

I never did see any response to my post regarding you mentioning that (paraphrasing):

"You would consider this draft a big success if we just found a good Nose Tackle".

I responded by saying essentially that's all? One player in 10 picks?

Just wondered if you were still of the same mindset and if so why?


He averaged over 20 yards per catch. Hope you are right Rob in OC. I hate the Patriots with a passion. I wish them a whole lineage of Ginns and Ginn offspring!!

Didnt we already discuss Joey(DUHHHH)porter last nite??

MANDO. PLEASE UPDATE THIS APP TO 2010 with links that all work. I appreciate this app

LOL, Team Tuna! Good one.

I sure as heck would second the motion of the Patsies landing some fraidy cats like Ginn.

It is actually the worst such case of nervousness and tackling aversion as I have EVER seen in ALL my years watching the NFL. I truly have never seen a player react as obvious as Ginn does to contact.

Great call on wishing players with his mentality to the Pats. Maybe we can just scare them instead of actually having to tackle them.

Sadly, I think Bellycheat is too wile e coyote super genius for that to come true.


Team Tuna,

I see his gaudy 20 yards per cacth stats and they are impressive.

I think it was more due to his blocking prowess and being used a blocker and then they would sneak him out. His speed is generic. He simply seems more system and scheme rather than the typical catching so many passes while closely covered like a glove on all plays.

I do know that lots of people like McCoy... Just my take.


Dorin Dickerson from Pitt might have the most uup-side of any of the Te's in this draft. The guy had a 43 inch vertical jump, and ran a 4.40. He is versitile can be split wide, used in a bunch of formations, would be a great red-zone target. I hope we can snag him in the 4th.


The news of Porters arrest broke last night and was talked about at length. Today Mando put up his Porter blog and now it almost has a past tense feel to the JP news.

The information age makes fresh news dated rather quickly nowadays.

Feel free to chat about whatever topic and I will chip in if I can.


Rob in OC,
I remember that incedent as well(87-88) That must of been a brutal schock for yourself, and classmates. Great take on human nature.

Well Rob, Usually Iam already in bed and sleeping but unfortunitly I now have the 3pm to 11 shift on sundays which really sucks cause I'll be back at work at 7am to 3pm tommarrow.. but any ho, what are your thoughts on Joey(IQ that of a shoe size)Porter anywhy??

Rob, How can we get rid of Ted(Fetal position)Ginn and his family??

Daryl D,

I am actually kinda putting Dorin Dickerson in the Dez Bryant category as more of a big bodied WR. His size is near the same as Dez'z as he checked in at the combine at 6'1 3/8 and 226 lbs. The 4.40 speed is tantalizing.

Interstingly only a 11.2 career y.p.c. avg with his speed and was basically a 1 year wonder at Pitt. He did snag 10 TD's in 2009 and that is very solid production. A tough guy to grade, I have him going in the 3rd round area.

He is said to be very tenacious for his size as a blocker but is not known for that skill. He put up a decent 24 reps which is more than some much bigger LB prospects like JPP 19 reps @ 270lbs and just as many as McClain @ 254 lbs for reference.

DD, the TE with your same initials is a strong dude for his weight!


I love it when jerks get their due. Heres another jerk...

Anti-gay state senator Roy Ashburn was arrested for allegedly driving drunk after leaving Faces, a gay bar and nightclub.

Ashburn, the married father of four, has run on a family values platform and has a long history of voting against gay issues. In fact, according to Project Vote Smart he has voted against every gay rights measure the senate has voted upon.

Darryl Dunphy,

Good job on the recall!!...you were close. Actually 1984 was when the incident occured. We were devasted. She was just a peach of a gal that would never harm a hair on anyone's head type. The kind that would call her mom and say she was coming home and then call her boyfriend once she got home to let him know she arrived home ok. That's why everyone started looking for her so quickly when she didn't arrive at her parents home less than 20 mins from her boyfriend's.

I was better friends with her boyfriend at the time but we were close enough that my parents actually went out on the search to find her that night as her parents knew something was wrong. It hit close to home, literally for me.

According to her boyfriend Wayne, she had just taken a self defense course on if someone attacks you what to do. She was taught to lash out violently during the course she took when you realize you're in great peril.

The scratches on the officers face were part of the mountain of evidence that piled up against the deranged officer. He had changed the times on a few of his tickets to hide his whereabouts during the incident. He also had some very unusual comments to a gas station attendant that evening while filling up his squad car.

It had to just kill the local authorities to put one of their own on trial as generally officers are very close knit as a whole. As far as I know he is still in prison and was denied parole numerous times. I have not followed it for years though.

Very sad event indeed. That was the beginning of my mindset that says hardly anything shocks me.


My girlfriend thinks I'm a complete loser right now. She found my notes on players in this draft. I told her they were prospective cooks, and bartenders. She asked me if I normally put 1st round, 2nd round. Etc.. next to people I might hire??!!! Busted. Anyway have to take her skiing for a couple of days.


You don't actually expect most politicians to actually believe or practice what they are voting/preaching on do you? LOL.

They typically have the pulse on the hot topics of the potential voters in their area and ramble on accordingly.

There are a litany of politicians brought down lately due to highly hypocritical actions/behaviors/lifestyles.

A thinly veiled attempt at bringing it back to football would be like Joey Porter and many other football players, they know certain things are just plain wrong but manage to do them anyways.


Thank you for sharing that story with us. I'm at a loss for words.


Stay strong bro! Put your best draftnik foot down. ;)

The ski trip should be a great distraction. If not, operation "mini bling rock ring" may be the ticket. Haha, just kidding...

Do you have a lot of sports vices? Does she hate football like many GF's/Wives?

Kind of makes the trifecta look smart for dumping the garbage.

Argh, Sorry CM!

Missed your post bud.

Regarding Joey: I think he will get served some bad news in the near future... He will not like the outcome and the Cards are probably flipping out right now.

With regards to Ginn (the fetal one) I think they ONLY ditch him if they get a very strong #1 type guy OR another player with blazing speed to keep defenses honest.

A guy like WR Jacoby Ford of Clemson would be a guy that could get Ginn diposed imo.

The team speed as a whole is still too slow to hang with the super elite teams all the time. I think the Fin brass knows this and thus are not in a hurry to clip a guy like Ginn EVEN though it must pain a guy like BP to see him step out of bounds a yard shy of a 1st down to avoid contact.

They are working on moving him via trade/drafting a replacement I bet.


NP Darryl,

It was REALLY surreal at the time as it was an actual officer being accused then subsequently convicted. It literally turned logical views of who to trust on its ears.

Cheers bro,


Hang tough man...shift hours changes can be a bear I know.

Like Winston Churchill said "When going through hell... keep going."



I stand corrected!!!! You were dead on about the time frame of that Cop Murder Dec 27, 1986. I had recollected it was closer to when we graduated. Too many moons ago.

Here is the link of the bizarre story:


First EVER conviction for murder of an on duty CHP officer in CA.


Didn't Ford post the fastest time for any reciever at the combine? He would be great, but I don't think that he will go before the 4th round, and probably won't be there by the 6th. although he is a little( a lot) bit of a project, I think for 6th round value Marcus Easley of Uconn might be a nice pickup. Also another late round reciever to look at is Denario Alexander from Mizzou. I know he injured, but the guy is 6'5. and would have been an earlier choice if it wasn't for his foot.
Thanks for the vote of confidence w/ the lady. She's actually a mental patient for the NY. Football Giants. Named her dog Pepper, after Pepper Johnson. Her favorite Giant. See you guys in a couple of days, time to hit the slopes. Good Night!


Probably a good call on WR Ford but since he did run the fastest at the combine those types usually get drafted higher than their body of work entails.

With the success of guys like speed merchants RB Chris Johnson and WR J. Knox of the Bears I think Ford may go a round or up two higher than his skills may indicate. I think 4-5 will be the frames most likely for him to go.

I bet he will have more heart than Ginn in trying to stay up and get yac after a reception.

Pepper Johnson! Was a great LB in his day.


Why for you peckerwood 7-9 geeks coming down on my case!!

Sounds like he had a PUI (Parking under influence) not a DUI and he got a PU from me when he was still a Dolphin.

Joey Who?

Since i dont care one bit about joey porter i will jusay say how incredibly amazing it was to beat Kentucky this weekend. FINAL FOUR... Bring on DOOKIEs.

Rob in OC:

Sorry for never getting back to you on one player, DT, making the whole draft even if we miss on everything else. I agree that was an extreme overstatement. I just want a dominant DT (most important player on defense) and was getting overly hyped over the possibility tto the point of acting delirious, kind of the way Joey Porter reacts when he sees a cop.

Who cares.

Basically, all this blog does is fill Mando's hateristic attitude towards Joey Porter. I love how one day Mando talks about Joey missing his kids and wanting to play closer to them (and being surprised that Joey loves his kids) and the next he's laughing at Porter's DUI. I mean, who cares? How does this even remotely make the Miami Dolphins better (since they've already cut the guy)? Probably, like other fans, I'm glad he's no longer our headache, but, with that said, he was the sack leader what, every year he was here (except maybe that 1st year). He filled a hole the Dolphins needing filling for a couple of years, now he's out somewhere else. What's new? This is the NFL, players come and go. I don't hate Joey, I don't even really know the guy other than what I've seen on the field and in the locker room. Can we please move off Joey Porter's escapades and on to Miami Dolphins news Mando? Just a suggestion.

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