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Joey Porter arrest makes you feel what?

If you're upset because the Dolphins haven't cut any of the three players arrested on various charges, including DUI, this offseason, perhaps you can take solace in knowing the Dolphins cut Joey Porter ...

... before he got arrested for suspicion of DUI and resisting arrest in California on Saturday.

According to reports Porter was confronted by California Highway Patrol officers early Saturday in a fast-food parking lot.

Porter refused to provide his driver's license and began to roll up his window when asked to leave the car. Police say that when an officer reached to unlock the door Porter slapped the officer's hand.

Porter eventually got out and complied with orders, placing his hands behind his back. He and a passenger were arrested.

Alrightie then.

Now, quick study of human nature:

How many of you are saddened that this has happened? You feel regret that Porter made an unwise choice, that he endangered life by allegedly being drunk and behind the wheel of a vehicle. How many of you are disappointed this has happened?

And how many of you feel happy about this? You feel avenged that something bad has happened to a guy that said bad things about your team? You feel like a loudmouth got his comeuppance for being something of a jerk to your team?

Your responses should be interesting.


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Ohhh good news, PFT reporting some teams are interested in trading up with either the Fins or Giants in an attempt to snag CJ Spiller...this would be great news if we could trade down and snag an extra pick!!! Hope it's true

Really Mando? It is very dissapointing that anyone would be an idiot and drive drunk. I said that about Ronnie to. I am happy we cut this clown because that is what he is, a loud mouth clown. Has nothing to do with him being drunk or an idiot with Cops. But all people who drive drunk are playing Russian Roulette with others who did not want to play. It is BS.

Seriously, who cares. He's not even on the team anymore. I am not enabling guys that get caught DWI, but if you go out and have just one drink sometimes you could be over the limit. A guy like Ronnie Brown, a good guy, gets caught after having a few. Granted, he shouldn't be behind the wheel but it doesn't make him an alcoholic or a bad guy. Just bad judgement at the time.

I really do not care one bit about joey porter.

I think any team that takes Spiller thinking he might be the next Chris Johnson will be disappointed. If they think of Spiller as a faster Reggie Bush they'll be happy with what they get. Although Spiller doesn't have Bush's route running ability so there will be less ways you can get him the ball which will make him an easier cover.

Joey Porter is a thug

i'd feel bad for joey if he didn't act like an ass to the officer....i guess he has a hard time seperating the field from real life....
have fun with that one, cardinals!!!

Don't know if anyone has brought it up yet, but there is a nasty rumor posted on PFT saying that the Dolphins are trying to move up in the top 10 to get Spiller...

I think this might be somewhat true in the sense that they might be trying to move up in the top 10, but to get Berry, not Spiller. 4 o-linemen could go in the top 10, making Berry drop to 7 or 8... even 10 (but not 12)

Ahhhhh smoke screen season


just saw your post... the are reporting that the Dolphins want to trade into the top 10, not that other teams want our spot... but we'll see

PFT. Mike Florio...."There's a sense in some league circles that only a truly special running back is worthy of a top-ten draft pick.

If so, it means that some regard Clemson's C.J. Spiller as a truly special running back.

We're hearing talk of teams possibly trying to invade the lower reaches of the top 10 in order to get a crack at Spiller, with rumors currently focusing on the Dolphins and the Giants.

The Dolphins currently hold the No. 12 pick; the Giants are at 15.

Since 2006, only three running backs have been chosen among the first 10 selections: Darren McFadden, No. 4 in 2008, Adrian Peterson, No. 7 in 2007, and Reggie Bush, No. 2 in 2006. In 2005, three running back were taken in the top five.

That year, the Dolphins drafted Ronnie Brown with the second overall pick. If the rumors are true, they could be looking to supplant Brown with Spiller."

carlito...i don't believe any of the rumors that come out this time of year. especially when coming from team sources.

Ohh, Carlito I did read that wrong!!! That's not good, and I don't think Spiller would go in the Top 10 anyway...if the Fins wanted him he will be there at 12


See my post at 8:57, I think if the Dolphins are trying to move up this is a smoke screen and they actually want Berry. If you were trying to move up for a specific player, why would you let it be known who you are targeting 3 weeks before the draft?

Wow, the 09 Dolphins must have been a bunch of drunks! Might be time for an intervention. Send them all to AA.

Most Mocks and analysts have Spiller mid to late round 1, I could see someone moving up yo' 12 or 15 to make sure they got him but not Find trading up into Top 10...BS rumour

THIS JUST IN AND NOT A RUMOR: WVU will win the national championship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carlito, I don't see the Find trading up for ANYONE, I mean u would have to move up to 5 to guarantee a shot at Berry, and if the gamble fails we traded away draft picks in a deep draft for what...I can't believe Parcells would concentrate on ONE guy when we have multiple holes to fill

bobby i think we would move up if he is there at say 8 or 9. We dont have to move before the draft. us moving up would only be if Berry is there. I wouldnt like the move but i wouldnt hate it. i hate to give up more to move up like that but to get berry would be huge for our d.

"West Virginia Will wipe the floor wit UConn"...think I'll wait for the games WestVa, ur not to good with predictions so far, know what I mean??? :)

Carlito said Butler is going to win it all and he has been doing pretty good with his picks

WHO CARES...he's not a dolphin anymore...

lol bobby. im awful at predictions lol because i thought WVU was going to lose the last three games we played so far.

Between moving up to get Spiller or Berry, I don't think there's any question it would be better to get Berry. However, I don't see that situation happening given the history of Bill Parcells. I think it's more likely we swap for a lower-round pick and extra pics than move up.

I didn't say Butler was gonna win it all!

Who do you got then carlito?????

LOL, I said Tennessee and Baylor would win yesterday... 0-2 on that one!

Butler killed my fleeting shot of winning my pool. I had Kansas State playing West Virginia in the title game with K-State winning.

I can' see any truth to this rumour at all. I am sure the trifecta has an eye towards ultimately replacing Brown because of age, injuries, wear and this stupid DUI this off-season. However, I think they will wait until next season. I like Spiller and I think he's going to be special but I think he will be there at 12. The one team I wonder about is the Bills. I think there is a chance they go off the board and take Spiller at 9. I don't think it's a smart move but of course I don't think it's a smart franchise.

Parcells is not the kid of guy who likes giving up picks to move up. If the Giants are looking to move up it's to get past us and Denver to take McClain.

i doubt the Giants are really trying to move up though. Probably is just something put out there to try to make another team feel like they have to move up.

WestVaFins - Congrats to your Bball team. I really really dislike Kentucky and even worse with the rule breaking Calipari. I do have to say though, GO BUTLER BULLDOGS! The buzz is crazy here in Indianapolis and can you say home court advantage??

why thank you indiana.

it was a really big weekend for west virginia fans. i really hate duke and i thought we should have had their one seed anyways sooo i really hope we prove that saturday.

As mentioned earlier...KARMA

WestVaFan - I am not a Duke fan either. I do like coach K, becuase he learned everything from the man, Bobby Knight, and played for him. But, Duke I do not like at all and wished he coached somewhere else. Hopefully it is a Butler/West Va showdown. I have to root for the hometown Bulldogs!

that would be alright by me.

Porter should have had a cap busted in his azzzzzz. Typical. Authority issues.

how can you dislike Duke but like Coach K? He's the reason most people dislike Duke. Once he's gone they'll be called Due. He puts the K in the name.

Wow. This guy is human. Mistakes happen everyday. He will have to deal with the consequences and I hope that he learns a lesson from it all. But to be glad it happened to him?? Come on!! That makes you look bad saying that. And if I had to guess, some of you idiots sayin that have probably made some mistakes yourself.

Hi everyone! My new Dolphins blog is finally finished. Check it out here: http://knightsphins.blogspot.com/

CT, once is a mistake, when things start happening over n over, shot in the ass, jumping people at a casino...then ur an IDIOT and u deserve what u get...Joey deserves what he gets

WestVa, u have a real good team I just wonder if with Bryant out with the broken foot it might hurt them in tge final

Esteban - Coack K is a really good person IMO and he was taught by one of the greatest coaches of all time (college bball). I have a few freinds who are Duke fans and they have caused me to not like them.

reportedly he will be back on saturday... dont ask me how but thats the early word right now.

It amazes me that people have not figured out that when confronted with a cop, be on your best behavior.

Duke fans do suck.

Given that Ronnie Brown, the nicest guy in the world, has a DUI...I don't care that much...

CT your right the human nature thing is the want for something bad to happen to SOMEONE ELSE.Does not make it right.Good luck joey but let the law prevail.

Oh,screw you Esteban....Go DUKE

pay...i grew up a Tar Heel fan. so you know I got no love for them Dukies.

I guess we now know why Justin Smiley has not been traded yet. Based on what all of you are seeing on this blog, I wonder if Smiley will be part of the package in moving up into the top ten to get Eric Berry.

Craig M,

I will believe a Parcells trade UP into the top 10 to get someone only after I see it.

Not gonna happen. Only the typical snowball's chance and that would be only a spot or two for BERRY if they are infatuated with him and the cost were low enough.

McClain will most likely be there if they just sit tight if that is who they are after (although I don't believe that would be the case either after adding Dansby)

I do hope that Spiller is there at 12 and the Phins can trade back to a team yearning for his services. I like Spiller a lot but the trade back and gain extra firepower in this very deep draft and that would be the "killer" move imo.

If the Trifecta really loved Spiller and could trade far enough back they could grab RB Jahvid Best as he is just as talented as Spiller. This way they could get the extra picks that would come with trading back.

I know this logic doesn't work for everyone but i have a wider view of options than most for the fins draft to be successful. Many say ONLY draft DEF and I just can't see that strategy panning out well as the Fins would not be able to absorb 8-9 players on Def after getting Dansby in FA.


Team Tuna,

I read your reply to the post I sent ya. I appreciate you responding thanks bud.


Rob, i like Best more than Spiller personally.

Team Tuna,

That could be a scenario...

I cannot fathom BP telling Smiley not to come to OTA's and then NOT having a trade of some kind already be in place.

I would think he would lose some trade bargaining leverage as a healthy, starting kind of guy if he were yanked him from OTA's.

Unless, like some have suggested, it is purely cautionary (not wanting him to get injured and thus paid to rehab) while then losing the ability to trade him as starter material.


For those hating on Coach Cal, you tell me how he personally has broken NCAA rules!!! Granted he should've known about the Camby situation. But with Rose, how many coaches give their own ball players the ACT? None!!! Exactly! In Cal's eyes Rose passed the test and was cleared to play by the NCAA. There was no way for him to know that somebody may have taken the test for Rose!

Duke fans you want to talk about cheat or even cheap, then you explain how for 1) they got a #1 seed over WVU & 2) how they got the easiest path to the finals!


Me too! I have posted a couple of times on here as such woth number comaprisons etc.

I think his lateral acceleration is propbably better. He checked into the combine slightly heavier and faster than Spiller. I think his hands may be better as well. Both are game changing offensive weapons but, Best's true value will come in that you should be abale to get him later in the draft by about 1/2 round or so slots wise.

It only takes one team to get smitten and thus get a player like RB Best taken earlier than the draftniks and pundits have slotted him.

I have seen some mocks as early as the Chargers 1st round selection (although most have them taking RB R. Matthews) and some mocks have RB Best going past our second round pick @43.

He is quite a wildcard and I will be interested to see where he ends up going.

Because we play a lot of small ball (short plays) with Bess, Camarillo and Ginn, I think a guy like RB Best could make the simplest short play a wicked yard gainer with his game breaking speed imo.



How do you like McCluster? What round do you see him going in?

Interesting insight Rob in OC. Like your insight. Of course, this is all if we believe this rumor garbage. We all know that teams lie around this time of year to throw off other teams and to keep everyone guessing. For all we know, this could be an attempt by the Dolphins to drive up the price for Spiller so they can get higher compensation in a trade down scenario.

I would not want Spiller. He is very small and not a between-the-tackles type running back. He would not fit our style of offense.

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