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Joey Porter arrest makes you feel what?

If you're upset because the Dolphins haven't cut any of the three players arrested on various charges, including DUI, this offseason, perhaps you can take solace in knowing the Dolphins cut Joey Porter ...

... before he got arrested for suspicion of DUI and resisting arrest in California on Saturday.

According to reports Porter was confronted by California Highway Patrol officers early Saturday in a fast-food parking lot.

Porter refused to provide his driver's license and began to roll up his window when asked to leave the car. Police say that when an officer reached to unlock the door Porter slapped the officer's hand.

Porter eventually got out and complied with orders, placing his hands behind his back. He and a passenger were arrested.

Alrightie then.

Now, quick study of human nature:

How many of you are saddened that this has happened? You feel regret that Porter made an unwise choice, that he endangered life by allegedly being drunk and behind the wheel of a vehicle. How many of you are disappointed this has happened?

And how many of you feel happy about this? You feel avenged that something bad has happened to a guy that said bad things about your team? You feel like a loudmouth got his comeuppance for being something of a jerk to your team?

Your responses should be interesting.


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Very True Team Tuna,

Lotta "Bull"arkey going down as we come down the homestretch near the draft.

Have your popcorn ready! (Not the JP muscle type though lol)


Team Tuna,

The funny thing is our own OC can't really decide what type of OFF we are. We are conventional for 10 plays, Wildcat for 3, conventioanl for 6 then back to Wildcat for 4.

I know they practice it but the in and out shuffling of QB's/plays has got to drive Henne nuts. I think he just bites his tongue and says hey they are paying me, they can do what they want.

I saw that you didn't like Spiller because he doesn't run between the tackles. I feel he can on occasion for change ups sake but you already have 3 hammer types in Ronnie, Ricky and Lex to pound the ball... Spiller would not need to run inside much at all.



New blog up!


He played well in 08' for us. Hate to see stupidity rise to the forefront.


LMFAO, what a tool Porter is. How do you like that investment so far, Arizona?

someone enlighten denis storey a policeman does't need a warrant to reach into someones car especially if there is probable cause. the probable cause in this case is the retard joey porter drunk in a parking lot.

HaHaaaaaaaaaa, haahhhaaaaaaaaa,hahahaaaaaaaaaa, hahaaaahaaaaaaa, hahahaaaaaaaaaahaaahaaahaaaaa!

J Peezy is a sleazy

I don't care about porters arrest because it has no effect on the fins
Was that an option?

Ha! That's what he gets

Wow no i dont think wat he did was right but i do wish the guy the best. Cuz its a business yea he wasnt an all pro all the years he was here and deserved to get cut but on the other hand zack thomas didnt deserve wat to get cut. Its a business and he moved on joey i mean and after he got sign he didnt talk trash about the fins so hood luck to him and everybody make mistakes no one its perfect

im so sad thats happen maybe the karma..

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