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Joey Porter: No hard feelings against Dolphins

I learn something every day on this job and one thing I'm learning about today is human nature and how unpredictable it is.

My lesson today comes from Joey Porter, who was in full napalm mode after the 2009 season, torching every bridge he had to the Dolphins, talking of how unhappy he was with the team and how he'd like to flee Miami and play closer to his hometown of Bakersfield, Calif.

The Dolphins ultimately cut Porter -- twice to be precise.

And now Porter is an Arizona Cardinal and he's quite fine with the past three years he spent in Miami.

"What the Dolphins did, it was a business decision," Porter today told KTAR in Phoenix. "I'm not mad at them for anything they did. I had three good years out there. The first year was bad because we lost so many games, but the last two years were good.

"...I have no ill feelings toward Miami. I feel like I went out there and did what I was supposed to do. I didn't disappoint anyone there as far as playing football. But the chip on my shoulder now is hearing analysts saying, 'Does he still have it?' So that always motivated me and keeps me going."

Question: If Porter didn't disappoint anyone running the Dolphins, why did they get rid of him?

Answer: Oh, because Porter did disappoint the Dolphins and they cut ties with him.

So much for revisionist history.


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He's the Cards problem now. Porter for Dansby, I'll take that deal every time!

Bye Bye Joey!!

I am sooooo tired of this Porter stuff. Glad he is gone. Time to move on.

Thanks for that one good year you gave us and screw you Porter.

why is this even a topic of convo???

Exactly, porters gone, no need to be updated with news regarding him, let's focus on players WITH miami has

Correction, meant to say players still WITH Miami

Mando, nothing new here, Porter is in the rearview mirror. His effective time in Miami has ended. Now Good riddance.

How bout some news on Smiley being on the trading block???

What could we get for Justin? A 4th or 5th round pick considering his ongoing injury issues.
When healthy he is worth much more.

Yea we got the best of that deal dansby over porter! The only thing I will miss is his trash talk it made me laugh! All talk but couldn't walk

I never looked at Porter as a real Dolphin, he was a hired gun for a few years and you knew that when he left it would not be pretty. He was inherited by the trifecta and since there were so many holes in the team they kept him around a year too long. Good Luck Joey, you always seem to pick the team that is desperate to go play for. The Cards are going to drap drastically next year, then lets hear Joey's mouth.


Joey Porter is old news. The Smiley scoop was much better info than this topic.


Killer Whales are
really large Dolphins.

Don't let the door hit you in the @ss on the way out sucka.

There are lots of things happening in Dolphins land today... I could care less about this... Hoey Porter is a Cardinal



M-E-A-T-B-A-L-L-S... Aloco
M E E E A A T B A L L S !!!!!


When we first signed Porter,I was like ' hell ya '.......when we got rid of him,I was like 'hell ya '.Does anyone know what that means?Am I gonna die?




Thanks Joey for 1 good year. He was a big part of turn around in 2008 11-5. Aside from that screw him. He was a loud mouth punk. He walked around with his fake swagger, dancing with his shirt off in clubs lol. Props to Brandon Marshall for throwing that dagger at him. He was just an all around chump that was one dimensional. He wasn't tough enough take on the run or linemen to set the edge. All he wanted to do was run around tackles to get to the QB and was very good at it for about the first 12 games in 2008 before disappearing down the stretch and the playoff loss to Baltimore. He continued his disappearing act in 2009. Good ridance Joey!

No beerndrums....it just means that you need to grow a
S P I N E!!!

But Seriously...
Porter just had the wrong personality for this team.

Love the player, hate the person. Porter is a head case. Always has been! He did a serviceable job for us and kept his attitude in check longer than I thought he would. I thought he'd last 2 years tops. He lasted 3. Hopefully AZ can make him happy. I thrilled we got Dansby instead!

I guess it sounds like I'm gonna die after all.Thanks Joey!

glad porter is gone, another awful signing. smiley thing is a joke, give the guy 9 million and now they try and deal him admitting another mistake.

About Porter: It's always easier to be nice when you end up getting what you want. Just too bad we couldn't get something for him.

About Smiley: Don't understand the timing of this. Hopefully Parcells does.

Adios Joey, ur now a nobody ona team of nobodys, enjoy

brown a dui now. this team is getting worse not better

We got an extra 7th rounder (Compensatory pick)

All you have to do is read between the lines a little.

Before they cut Smiley, they would let him come into conditioning workouts. They would let him try and compete for a job. Take a look at cut downs and make a decision then. They could make a salary dump at anytime up until final cuts.
The only reason I believe Parcells makes this call now is because of his and another teams concern over a possible injury during conditioning drills.
Injured players are hard too trade. There's a deal already in place.

Swami says: Goodbye Smiley, Hello draft pick.

great blog.

glad we currently have an adminstration that doesn't hold on to big no-bodies

With Smiley there must be a master plan behind it as the timing is odd cocoa... I'm sure it will become clearer as a little more time passes.

Hopefully so.

what a 5th rd pick at best? our oline sucks


Are you of the belief we should take a RB in this draft and if so...who?

We got an extra 7th rounder (Compensatory pick)

Posted by: Mark | March 22, 2010 at 05:17 PM

That's it?

How many did the Pats get?

Dear Mr. Salguero

"If Porter didn't disappoint anyone running the Dolphins, why did they get rid of him?"

We already have an over paid under performing trash talking linebacker in Channing Crowder.

Thats my guess anyway.

Soiled :)

Was is just me or was the JP half jersey knotted up a little too Boy George-esque?

(Not that there is anything wrong with that 8)

New England got 1 6th and 3 7th. Shyte.!!

Oh by the way... We once had a outstanding defence... Where did that get us? Did it get us a championship?..... Look at Indy they had a horrible d... But an excelent offence.... Where did that get them... They built there offence first and then pluged the holes on d. I am tired of watching a slow game where is all of those chunk yardage that they have been talkin about. We need a big time recever! Let's not repeat the same old mistakes twice! No one respected our recievers they just stacked the box! Let's see what Ronnie and Ricky could do with a little extra room with someone to strech the field a bit. I don't know just a thought!

Porter figures to lose a lot of games out there because Matt Leinhart is their quarterback.

Per PFT here are ALL the Compensatory Picks:

Round 3

Cincinnati -- 96
Tennessee -- 97
Atlanta -- 98

Round 4

Cincinnati -- 131

Round 5

Pittsburgh -- 164
Atlanta -- 165
Pittsburgh -- 166
Minnesota -- 167
San Diego -- 168
Green Bay -- 169

Round 6

Carolina -- 202
Jacksonville -- 203
Carolina -- 204
New England -- 205
San Francisco -- 206
Tennessee -- 207

Round 7

Indianapolis -- 240
Tennessee -- 241
Pittsburgh -- 242
Philadelphia -- 243
Philadelphia -- 244
Seattle -- 245
Indianapolis -- 246
New England -- 247
New England -- 248
Carolina -- 249
New England -- 250
Oakland -- 251
Miami -- 252
Tampa Bay -- 253
St. Louis -- 254
Detroit -- 255

what a 5th rd pick at best? our oline sucks

Posted by: billbill | March 22, 2010 at 05:24 PM

You sound like you almost need something to whine about.
Cheer up, it will be better than a 5th.

billbill shut the hell up with all you negative one liners. I hate Porter but he was largely responsible for our 2008 turn around on D.

I'm tired of reading all you guys BS on here about Trifecta and let's trade Ginn and Crowder for Marshall. Get a freaking clue!

Rob in OC:

I think he (Smiley) has a chonic bad shoulder...

Remember last year when he went to Dr Andrews after the Carolina game? Nothing further was said but I got the impression that he wanted to play continue to play through the pain. It seemed like a complicated problem....I'm not so sure that the Management team feels that he is a reliable long term solution.
(By the way -- don't expect a lot of clarity when Sparano speaks tomorrow.......They aren't going to say much of anything before the draft.)



The 7ths that NE got don't scare me that much as that is very tough round to find a starter type and just one step above FAs.

Sadly with that many Comp picks they should have more leeway with their regular picks to move around and target their choices.

The comp picks have to be used by them and can't be traded away.

They have a ton of draft picks and NE will do some major restocking of the shelves unfortunately. I would love to see them take about 5 steps backwards as they have had their run and it was already too long!



Knowing the Pats,they'll find great starters with those very low draft picks. Same old shyte,different season :(

I think the Trifecta has absolutely ROCKED this off season.

Addition by subtraction. Goodbye and God Bless Joey, Akin and all the rest that I'm already forgetting about.
Dansby! Enough said.
Then we sign the CFL's best offensive lineman along with Igcognito. Both came relatively cheap.
But wait, there's more. The last two signings gives us some room to possibly trade a player for another pick in a DEEP draft.

I for one am glad were not signing a bunch of wilfords and Gerbils!!!!

Yeah, Rob, you're probably right. Probably got a deal going w/some team.

I just hope they find the right combination and stop substituting when you don't have to. I think it started because of injuries. But then it got to be a habit. Sparano's reasoning was it kept players fresh. If there's one unit that needs to 'jell', it's the O line. Sparano's backgound is Oline, he ought to know better than that.

Hey Joey in Jersey,

The injured shoulder is probably a good call.

As to the ANY of the Trifecta not giving out much if any info prior to the draft I am super glad. As much as we fans want to know what the thinking and inner workings are that would make zero sense to tip their hand in any way. I echo your same sentiment in this dept.

It always cracks me up and drives journalists crazy. That is why the huge impetus is put on "The Big Scoop!". I laugh when I hear an MMA announcer asking a top fighter what his strategy is going to be for his upcoming fight vs a top contender??... what the hell are they suppose to say? LOL. It's always the garden variety "Well I have trained harder for this fight than any other, I will be prepared whether it goes to the ground or stays on the feet."

Sports... gotta love the commentary sometimes.


It an't over YET odinseye...

They still need a decent Safety....
But the Dansby acquisition was the best thing I've seen in years!

Andy...if it were the Fins with the stunning but seriously troubled wide receiver, and we handed him over for Ginn and Crowder, how would you view that trade? You'd freak for not getting at least a 1st round pick for the guy. Let's face it, Ginn's a douche who's a 3rd or 4th receiver (if not relegated to special teams only) on any other team, and Crowder at best is a starter somewhere else when he's not injured. When you make suggestions, think about how the other team would view the compensation, not just our side.

odinseye, I am on board with you 100%. The addition by subtraction has been great. Who was the CFL's best offensive linemen though. I missed that signing?


You are very right bud. The whole rotating people at many different positions too often can have negative effects as well. I am with you that there should be an order established and you try and stay with it as much as possible, maybe change lineup due to injury of if a guy gets too winded.

Many coaches are rotating players more than ever and I am not always sure that that is the best answer. Most older RB's used to tell coaches unless I get 23-28 carries I won't be as effective. They said they needed to get the flow of the blocking and defensive schemes to set guys up so they get some big hitters.

Nowadays some teams are going with a 3 back rotation and it looks like Sparano is at least on a 2.5 RB system.

Ricky played more down the stretch after Ronnie went out.

Remember old Cam Camoron doing the old rotating head coache/assistant coaches during preseason...wow he caught flak for that move! Haha.


Odinseye what's up bro? Long time no speak. What are your thoughts on what kind of pick we can get for Smiley? I think I would be thrilled at a 3rd, but realistically it may be a 4th/5th.

Agreed w/ Odin and Joey in Jersey

The Dansby pick-up was THE one FA I needed to make the offseason work for me.

I don't need any others but landing an established safety would be nice. If not, I know it's unrealistic to get 'em all.

The draft will bring help and maybe a late run at another guy after the draft depending on how it falls.


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