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Joey Porter: No hard feelings against Dolphins

I learn something every day on this job and one thing I'm learning about today is human nature and how unpredictable it is.

My lesson today comes from Joey Porter, who was in full napalm mode after the 2009 season, torching every bridge he had to the Dolphins, talking of how unhappy he was with the team and how he'd like to flee Miami and play closer to his hometown of Bakersfield, Calif.

The Dolphins ultimately cut Porter -- twice to be precise.

And now Porter is an Arizona Cardinal and he's quite fine with the past three years he spent in Miami.

"What the Dolphins did, it was a business decision," Porter today told KTAR in Phoenix. "I'm not mad at them for anything they did. I had three good years out there. The first year was bad because we lost so many games, but the last two years were good.

"...I have no ill feelings toward Miami. I feel like I went out there and did what I was supposed to do. I didn't disappoint anyone there as far as playing football. But the chip on my shoulder now is hearing analysts saying, 'Does he still have it?' So that always motivated me and keeps me going."

Question: If Porter didn't disappoint anyone running the Dolphins, why did they get rid of him?

Answer: Oh, because Porter did disappoint the Dolphins and they cut ties with him.

So much for revisionist history.


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Mike in Houston, read my post again. I am telling those who suggest that to get a freaking clue. I wasn't suggesting trading Crowder and Ginn for Marshall. I was telling the morons who suggest it to get a freaking clue. I see how that post should of bee clearer though. But trust me not one of those guys who thinks the world wants our garbage for their stud WR. I wasn't even suggesting Miami could offer a lower round pick for Marshall. What I am suggesting is that he will get traded for something other then a first rounder. He has too many issues and would require a long term extension as well.

Rob in OC: (@ 5:57 PM)

Its funny...
because they've made it clear from the Very Beginning is that they believe strongly in NOT SAYING ANYTHING
that might compromise their competitive edge. Parcells is finally in a situation where he has total control over what gets Leaked.

Now if they can just get the Sales and Marketing Departments to lighten up on 'C -List' Celebrities and Orange Carpet, I MIGHT just be able to enjoy some F O O T B A L L!!


Andy NJ, This is who I believe...


I've mentioned this before and i'm going to say it again. Besides Garner the miami dolphins like OG Dimitri Tsoumpas who they signed from the CFL. He 's a 6-4 315 monster with great strength and is a excellent run blocker and good pass blocker ( CFL People ) .He was the 2nd overall pick in the CFL draft last year as OL and was named CFL OL of the year. Remember the name during traing camp ,

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | March 22, 2010 at 11:17 AM

oh ok Rob in OC and NJ Phin Fan thanks for the info. I for one am not worried about Smiley. The line was the same with or without him from my observation last year. I feel the line was different without Jake Grove. I like Grove a lot. He plays like he is pissed off. And he is very good at getting to the second level on linebackers.

Joey in Jersey,

True dat!

I think I could easily ignore the fanfare, star laced atmosphere that Ross is trying to create. I don't get to go to the games being on the West Coast. :(

One only has to look at how popular TMZ is as a tv show and know that some fools would actually buy a ticket not to watch the game but in hopes that so and so might be there and they could catch a glimpse or get an autograph.

I can see how it makes ZERO sense to football purists like us. I'm sure it isn't Parcell's favorite way to go either but he has stayed thus far so that's good.

I think Ross is trying overly hard to create a new brand and style that goes with catching a football game and it has rubbed some the wrong way. I think it is his business side puffing it's chest out.


Agreed Andy NJ,

The telling fact about Smiley was he was actually sat down for a few games last year as they put in other players.

Jake Grove is a nice addition at center and we seemed to be able to run better behind him than Satele.

Too bad we were not in a different spot talent wise on the team as I think Maurkice Pouncey from Florida will make a really good center for some team. He has a lot of the traits that can take a Center to the Pro Bowl down the line.


Gotcha...good, you're sane.

Be back in a bit...

How ungrateful! Why is no one on this board man enough to admit that Porter did some great things while he was here. After all without his pass rushing skills in 2008(17.5 sacks) we would have missed the playoffs 9 years in a row rather than 8.....how pathetic! Oh and in case some of you have forgot, Porter has something the Dolphins havent seen since 73......A Superbowl Ring!! I love the dolphins but whose the real loser here? Thank the man for his services, move on and quit being such bitter losers. I just hope that we can make it to the playoffs "twice" this decade!

lol Mike in Houston. Yeah I'm at work and love killing time reading the post going back and forth but sometimes when I read the "trade Ginn and Crowder and maybe a fourth for Marshall" is my que to get back to work lol. I don't understand some of the logic people post with. I wonder if it's a bunch of kids on here or what but yeah I'm sane.

Yea let's the thank the man, we paid him loads of money, he had one good year and then he got on radio AND the NFL Network to trash the Dolohins mercilessly for a week making National News...Yea, on the other hand F U Joey u piece of garbage!!

phinsthenewsaints, I gave Porter his due. I said thanks for one season and good ridance. He is a malcontent that is a locker room cancer. He had Crowder co-signing with him on the radio that he wasn't used right and so on. So F Porter!

phinthenewsaints, why don't you follow joey's jock to AZ. Maybe he'll throw a little sack juice your way and you can continue lapping it up.

Get em BobbyD12! What is on this guy's mind. "Thank the man" please for what! Thanks for one good season and for playing soft in 2009. He is a punk and loud mouth.

Andy, I posted two days ago what WQAM reported, in short, "Paecells is not interested in this guy, there are no internal discussions, it's not gonna happen" that's about Brandon Marshall...let people waste blog space if they want, Marshall isn't coming here

I'm not sure what your thing is sack slurper, but when somebody trashes my team, it riles me up. Joey can suck one!!

BobbyD12, again to you too bro. I am not suggesting Marshall is coming here. I am just suggesting the Broncos won't get a first for him. He will get traded for a 2 and a 4 and a pick on 2011 to someone. I never said Miami!

Andy NJ: (@ 6:21PM)

You're right.

Which is the reason why Grove better make sure that he reinforces his 'Armor' during this offseason.
(He gets injured too much and needs to increase his durability.)

Having said that...
He's been good when he's in there. It gives me chills when I think of a rock solid line of these guys PULVERIZING opposing Defenses next year!

Grateful? Yeah, thanks for disappearing the last 4 games of 2008 and being a complete non-facotr in the playoffs Joey. Thanks for your whopping 11 QB pressures in 2009 Joey, but hey, at least your mouth never disappeared.

Joey in Jersey, I agree he does get dinged up. He got dinged up in Oakland too. Kind of like Smiley he was always hurt with the 49ers and same with us.

Andy, no bro I'm not suggesting that u wanted Marshall, that's for all the people who think Marshall will come here...waste of time, Parcells is not getting picks to trade for Marshall

Who is Joey Porter?

The mouth that I am glad is no longer here.....

Gotcha Bobby. Yea I am in total agreement. I think it's a pipe dream to think he is going to Miami.

Just to throw this out there. Does anyone see the fall of Dez Bryant. He didn't run at the combine, he is hanging out with Pac Man Jones and Deion "I still want to be relevant" Sanders and he only played 3 games last year. I see him dropping big time. For some reason I am starting to think Arrelious Benn will be the first WR taken. Please hammer away if I am way off with this thinking. I mean Benn ran something in the 4.4's and is a good size 6'1 215. I don't know just thinking out loud.

I think Dez Bryant has hurt himself big time...Look at Marshall, u don't see teams clamoring for his services and Crabtree is already been a big pain for SF...Teams are looking for reasons to just say no to Dez, I see Dez falling to late first

New blog up!!

I think so too. I mean he just doesn't seem to get it. Why would he hang around Deion and his "kids" like Pac Man. The "kids" reference is from an ESPN the magazine article where Deion refers to former players and upcoming college players he supposedly mentors his kids. Anyway thouh Dez is a falling player who is doing nothing to highlight his maturity level or character concerns.

Love Dolphins: The truth hurts!....Regardless of how it ended with Porter he did help us get to the playoffs! Oh and his "horrible" season last year(9 sacks) would have been a career year for anyone one our team not named J. Taylor. He still led the phins in sacks despite missing 4 games! So quit being a bunch of whiny little teenage girls. The fact of the matter is that Porter is not our problem...the Jets are! Get over it!

Andy J: "hang around Deon" wtf does that mean? Last time I checked he was working out and being mentored by Deon(fHOF). He could just as easy been working out with Peyton Manning(fHOF) and lied to the NCAA about it because he was afraid he had broken a rule. When he works out with Deon and prepares himself for the next level u complain that he doesnt get it, and if doesnt work out he gets out of shape u say that hes lazy and doesnt care about football. I cant believe people are falling for this garbage by the media and certain teams(with low first round picks) to smear certain draft prosspects i.e. R.Moss and P. Harvin so that they can get them in the lower first round! The sad part is that the Dolphins fall for it every time!

Porter is a good guy,but he's a hot head,u gotta forgive him.

I'm glad he is gone, he was just becoming a nuisance after a while. If Miami would resign JT and give him as much playing time as Porter I bet he'd get just as many sacks.

We will be hearing the same crap from Crowder in the very near future. Guys that can't play up to thier own hype, so very tired of them. Is it me or are more and more of the Tuna's FA moves not working out??? Starting to get a very familiar feeling here... the smell of some past regimes. This is it I think , Tuna needs a kick arse draft even though i think he bolts before 2011 and not sure thats a bad thing anymore.

I followed Joey to Miami and became a Miami fan in the process. Some of you guys are such ingrates. The last 3 years would have been 100% pain had it not been for Joey's contribution during the 07-08 season. After throwing the whole defense under the bus and calling out Wake, Porter had to go but don't front like the man made no contribution. That switch in and out strategy of last season didn't help ANY of the players. There was NO reason to bring Taylor back. I was looking forward to seeing Porter/Wake but again got the bad coaching decisions. So here we are. I'd like to see Wake more but hell, he can have a breakout season and the Dolphins can still suck because there's simply not enough talent on the team.

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