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Karlos Dansby expected to sign by Saturday

Karlos Dansby is close to reaching agreement on a contract with the Dolphins and the sides are expected to wrap up negotiations by Saturday morning, a source is telling The Herald's Jeff Darlington.

Dansby, 28, will sign a deal for five years worth $43 million with $22 million of it guaranteed, Darlington is reporting.

Dansby will make $9 million per year over the first three years.

The signing will be Miami's signature free agent move since Bill Parcells & Co. took over the Dolphins in 2008. The only linebackers that will be getting paid more than Dansby in 2010 are DeMarcus Ware and Terrell Suggs and both of them are pass-rushers.

The signing clearly numbs the sting of not chasing wide receiver Anquan Boldin, who was traded from the Arizona Cardinals to the Baltimore Ravens this afternoon.

Free safety Antrel Rolle, the last of the Three Cards Studs is still unsigned but strong indications are he will end up with the Giants, according to a league source.

[Update 10 p.m.: Rolle agreed to a 5-year deal worth $37 million with the Giants, the source tells me. Rolle gets $15 million guaranteed.]

Guess 1-for-3 isn't terrible.


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Okay folks,

Now it's time to go after Antonio Bryant and OJ Atogwe! Let's not stop at Dansby, as great of signing as this is, there is work to be done!

This is great news. I thought Dansby might command a little more than $22 million guaranteed after Julius Peppers got a reported $36 million. Looks to me like a fair deal for both sides.

Dolphins fans that aren't particularly familiar with Dansby are going to grow to like him in a hurry. I've been watching him since he was at Auburn, where he was a big-time playmaker. He's physical, he's athletic, and he simply has a knack for making big plays.

I actually like the idea of playing him outside and drafting an inside linebacker early (Rolando McClain is going to be a very good NFL player and he'd look good in a Dolphin uniform - and it's looking more and more like he'll be available at the 12th spot).

I'm so happy right now. And it a Friday night!

You are the one that said Boldin was worth no more than a 4th rounder.

Then that a s s h o l e bobbyd12 went around around this blog echoing the same thing.

I knew Dansby was going to be a Dolphin!! look at my previous posts :D

As of rolle I´m highly doubting we are signing him, as some have referred he wants big money and he is an average safety...no big thing...we might as well safe it and give clemons a shot.

This opens up the draft and I clearly see a OLB(graham,kindle,witherspoon) coming down to miami or if berry or bryant falls(which i doubt). I can now clearly see a possible trade down maybe with the giants because they are salivating for McClain...

Lets Sign Scott Fujita

We just signed Dansby to a $43 mil contract! Woot

so we lose out on marshall, boldin, and rolle. still no playmakers on offense.

Now draft the saftey from Tenn or Kindle from Texas.

safety from tenn wont be there

If they complete the Dansby deal and sign either Rolle, Clark or Atowoge(?) the table is set for an offensive heavy draft.

One out of one is excellent in my book. This draft is extremely deep. We should be in great shape!

1st rd #12 Dan Williams NT Tenn
2nd rd #43 Jerry Hughes OLB TCU
3rd rd #73 Jeremy Williams WR Tulane
4th rd #108? Nate Allen FS SFlorida (thats right another Allen in the Dbackfield).

Say NO to Antonio Bryant, the fins have plenty of these type of WR's on the Roster already. We do not need any more of them #1 WR or no WR is how we should be going about this, not sign any 2nd Tier guy and hope he has a break out season.

great signing. Lets hope we;re not all eating our words next year. But dansby is a tackling machine. now we can get pass rusher or the earl thomas with the 12th pick

Sean....Nate Allen will go in the late 2nd-3rd at the latest

Forget Williams with the 12th pick...thats crazy. If the teams weren't playing more 3-4, there wouldn't be one guy selected in the first round as a NT. There's only four players worth taking of need right now for the Dolphins at 12..McClain, Thomas, Bryant and Spiller...at this time I'm leaning for Thomas because he's a real playmaker at Safety...if the Dolphns sign Rolle, then you have the choice of either Bryant or McClain as the player.

how is this 7-9 team in great shape??

Draft a NT for the future, a OLB for the future and a WR that will be an upgrade, after that Depth at other positions.

fishypete...I think you might be overlooking Derrick Morgan. I think the 'fecta likes him as a Demarcus Ware athlete-type freak for the WOLB spot...IMO...but I listed my preferences in my message on the 1st page of comments

They need to address WR in FA, it is a pass first league now

say no to Kendle.

I really like the Dansby signing!!

noby any of u are listing will be taken by the fins

But could you imagine what kind of linebacking crops we would have if we drafted McClain at the number 12 and he turns out to be a playmaker? We would have the best Defense for years to come.

marino,Did you EVER go to School?Thats the worst I've seen yet.

The Dolphins defense got ALOT better today!

Basically Miami took Porters money and Akin Ayodels money for next year, 9m and gave it to Dansby, I'm all in for that !!!!

Great move by Miami! Would of liked to get Quan' but a 3rd and a 4th was too high. I think Miami should make a push for a guy like Derrick Mason, temporary band-aid of course, but he's an upgrade over what we have and could show the young guys a lot. Then bring a guy in in the 2nd or 3rd round. I'd like to see them go after Ben Watson too.

Bring Rolle home

can anybody come up with a realistic trade scenario for Olsen. I think he would help the offense IMMENSLY!! Give up a 2nd/3rd round pick for him?? Rolle is a nice to have but not a urgent need that can be gotten in the draft.

Now the dolphins can work on STRONG side help and a nt and we can be set assuming we get rolle

miami isnt trying to get olsen. and we wasted 8 million on wilson so porter and akin dont even out dansby. lets face it this has been one of the few good moves so far from them.

fasano and a 4th for olsen


Now get Rollllllllllllllllllllleeee

Go Phins

Sorry fishypete Dan Williams is the pick at #12 but I will not be upset if any of those guys you mentioned was piscked #12. I have watched the man all yr and he gets push every time he is blocked 1on1 that means teams will have to double team him and Dansby or Crowder has a easy time getting in the back field to make plays. There is a reason why teams ran all over us at the end of the season no NT that demanded a double team just Soliai getting blocked 1on1 and Crowder and slow Ayodele getting cought in the wash. I know Bill and Co they know that if you can not win the line of scrimage you do not win football games. Ferg was doing a good job at the beginning of the season but when he got hurt teams ran on us. NT is the most important position in the 34 D. DWilliams is the best NT in the draft and is worthy of a #12 with his combine.

So we're making Dansby the highest paid linebacker?
That's the brain work that Stephen Ross was talking about? Wasn't he just quoted as saying in the Herald yesterday that you don't get better by overspending you get better by being smarter?

My money says Dansby is trying to get a better deal from someone right now. Probably the Giants.

Great grab. We really needed that. should shore up the middle of the D. Now grab McClain at #12 and the best available WR in the second round, NT in the 3rd

yeah trade our tes they want more blocking tes there now fasano for olsen straight up
i know they wouldnt go for it but it is logical i think they both tendered 2nd rounders

there is a god lol lets go dolphins

Dan Williams is not the best nt in the draft he is number 3 behind suh and mc coy

If Rolle is serious about home, he will sign with us and thus won't have to move his parents to NY every weekend now. The giants are also talking to Sharper. I say if the gaints pick one, we should pick the other.
Great day, get rid of underachievers and we're getting quality players.

Crowder is gone if Brandon Spikes is their in the second or micah johnson in the 4th---

we can move charlie anderson to inside LB where he would posses great speed and size---crowder trade bait---torbor too expensive he will be cut---

Derrick Morgan, or JPP in 1st lets make this the most feared group of 3-4 lbs in the league---

Jt sign him bak for a year for depth

Dansby, spikes, Morgan, JT, Wake,----(decent backups in moses and anderson----letsssssssssss gooooooooo-----

Sign a veteran NT ---like Kaemoetu from panthers and front 7 is set----

solid signing but yes overpaid for dansby, makes him third highest paid lb in nfl and the only one of the 3 who doesnt pass rush much.

PriceMaster....The $8.6M APY of Dansby's deal with the Dolphins isn't enough to make it the richest multi-year deal signed by an inside/middle linebacker, just under the $8.7M that Chicago Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher signed for in 2008. And the total is lower than 2 other OLB. Also, the 8.6 APY is 1 mil less than Dansby made last season!

I hope he works out better than the last guy we got from Arizona.

I see Morgan as a 4-3 DE. He turned off a few people at the combine because he wouldn't lift and didn't do interviews.

I agree with jim. Draft McClain in the 1st,Benn in the 2nd then Cam Thomas in the 3rd

Just saw the news, so will this stop all the crying??

jt is done, wake can pass rush nothing else. can we get some complete football players

Knowproblem I have Nate Allen a late 3rd early 4th because there are alot of good safties coming out and someone has to slip to the later rds but he could go in the 2nd or 3rd. I also think OLB is deep in this draft there are real good passrushers that will be there in the 2nd but few NTs like DWilliams but for each there own my friend.

sign rolle, clark, or sharper and trade #12 for Marshall. go D next 3 rds then fill in any other spots

We got Dansby baby! Adam Scheffler just called me

Guys....Rolle blows and wants too much money. Look at his numbers. He's ranked in the bottom 20% of Safeties overall in the league. Wilson was ranked much higher than him and still sucked. No more Rolle talk, look elsewhere for your Safety.

Don't forget about Coles, he still some game left. Still not a true #1 WR, but still solid

F-it, lets get T.O. cheap for a year and see what happens??? Just a thought

coles is awful, need someone to stretch field and no its not ginn

TO? are you serious? we just got rid of one caner and you want another?

* Again, how is Dansby so overpaid, it's almost the same freakin deal !!! The difference is 600K per year if he see's the whole 5 years. The 1st 3 years are identical !


Linebacker Bart Scott and the New York Jets agreed to a six-year deal worth $48 million Friday, according to Scott's agent, Harold Lewis.

The 28-year-old Scott will make $27 million during the first three years of the contract, Lewis told The Associated Press.


Sean...I hear ya. I also mentioned the depth at OLB in previous posts. I just don't think Williams is a "value" pick at 12. NOW, I said "value". That doesn't mean he wont go that high and as I previously said, I can see that happening but would prefer a trade down if all the others I've mentioned are gone @12 (Bryant,Berry,Morgan). I can't help that I'm a Earl Thomas fan :)

I think that's the "preference" you were referencing. Me:Thomas, You:Williams...I think...take care

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