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Karlos Dansby expected to sign by Saturday

Karlos Dansby is close to reaching agreement on a contract with the Dolphins and the sides are expected to wrap up negotiations by Saturday morning, a source is telling The Herald's Jeff Darlington.

Dansby, 28, will sign a deal for five years worth $43 million with $22 million of it guaranteed, Darlington is reporting.

Dansby will make $9 million per year over the first three years.

The signing will be Miami's signature free agent move since Bill Parcells & Co. took over the Dolphins in 2008. The only linebackers that will be getting paid more than Dansby in 2010 are DeMarcus Ware and Terrell Suggs and both of them are pass-rushers.

The signing clearly numbs the sting of not chasing wide receiver Anquan Boldin, who was traded from the Arizona Cardinals to the Baltimore Ravens this afternoon.

Free safety Antrel Rolle, the last of the Three Cards Studs is still unsigned but strong indications are he will end up with the Giants, according to a league source.

[Update 10 p.m.: Rolle agreed to a 5-year deal worth $37 million with the Giants, the source tells me. Rolle gets $15 million guaranteed.]

Guess 1-for-3 isn't terrible.


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I mean Sparano and Co. could keep his ego down, plus I mean look, he has no room left to be a cancer as a one year wonder..

KnowProblem: This is what is posted on NFL.com:

Jason La Canfora
Dansby, Dolphins agree to five-year contract

Posted: March 5th, 2010 | Jason La Canfora | Tags: 2010 Free Agency, Akin Ayodele, Joey Porter, Karlos Dansby, Miami Dolphins

Karlos Dansby and the Dolphins agreed to terms on a five-year contract that will make the free agent the highest-paid linebacker in the NFL, according to a league source.

good job on dansby. I don't think rolle is worth the money but could be nice piece to add. I would still go after McClain if he pans out we have a solid young D with Dansby, McClain and Davis. Locking down a WR in the 2nd round or even a safety would really help. We do need a player maker at WR which would help the offense as a whole but even without that threat a strong running game will cause teams to stack the box opening up one on one coverage with bess, hartline (who will be a stud) camarillo and even teddy. We have many options via draft but I would still trade a number #1 draft pick for Marshall then focus D and oline later in the draft. Marshall is better then any wr we could get in any round so a first for a young proven WR is way worth it especially with the Jets D stacking chips.

PriceMaster-bater must have a man crush, haven't talked to thus jrkoff because he is a waste of human space yet he still has comments about me...Boldin isn't worth what the Ravens gave up but if a team wants to overpay, so be it

Terrell Owens sucks.

trade 1st to denver for the wr, 2nd to the bears for te, 3rd to someone for something because trading is so fun....

i think dadnsby contract fits and i dont think we overpaid---he is the most versatile ilb in a 3-4 in the league---he ha more talent then bart scott, he is bigger and faster than bart scott and he covers better---he has the length to also play some outside which you cant say about any other lb in the league--not even Wilis---Other then Willis he is the most athletic LB in the league that is playing at a weight over 240lbs----We got a GEm

He also is highly durable, and in a bad schemed defense still has put up terrific numbers---sign a veteran TE, NT

Draft we have abilty to be flexible with any of our selections


Darren Sharper is the one you want to go balls out to get and overpay if necessary to make him leave NO. Playmaker, leader and will give you a solid 1-2 years. Leaves time to fill the gap with a young Safety next year or in this year's later rounds of the draft where he can learn from a master.

I'm really surprised Parcells did'nt inquire about Boldin. Maybe he really likes a WR in the draft who can contribute in a big way straightaway. Cant imagine Marshall is an option and dont think we'll pick Dez Bryant in the 1st either. Maybe Parcells will inquire about Antonio Bryant.

Marino... Your stupid question... "how is a 7-9 team in great shape?" is easily answered... Miami lost 5 starters to injury last season. The worst loss of the entire league... I doubt that will re-occur. We also are going into the Draft with all 9 of our picks intact instead of giving them away like candy like idiot such as yourself would allow to happen. We also will have our first years drafts all the better and last years picks even better. Stop your troll and allow those of us who are actually happy Miami is getting better to enjoy the moment. Your being a troll and using a Great Dolphin Name to do so... get a life loser...

we need dansby to lead the phins in tackles next year

bobbyd12 you are a f u c k i n g moron. You can't make any money. You have a small, s h i t t y house and if you are married your wife is a fat slob.
Get a GED dude.

The trifecta just saved half of Finfan nation. All across america razor blades are being put away and people are coming down off bridges. lmao

In all seriousness, happy to see the upgrade and hopefully Dansby kicks some butt for us.

Karlos Dansby

25.5 Career sacks (amazing for an ILB)
10 Interceptions
12 Forced Fumbles

Did you happen to see his td in overtime of the playoff game last year???

This guy is an absolute game changer on defense!

Marc if you've never heard of this guy before free agency its because you don't watch football. Go look him up on you tube, I'm sure you'll be impressed.

Mark,I think he has a(LIST) of guys he won't Touch.And (BOLDIN) is one of them.

WR and Saftey are biggest needs now, with a close second being pass rusher

I am happy as all can be that we signed Dansby, I am okay with the fact that we did not sign Rolle, I think he was overrated. I am bummed that we missed out on Boldin. We need to upgrade our WR corp with a veteran #1 WR and it just does not look like it is going to happen and I think until it does our offense will continue to struggle and Henne's development will be slowed.

Also Dansby had his career high in tackles last season, he is still getting better as a player... not on the decline

marino....so we lose out on marshall, boldin, and rolle. still no playmakers on offense.

Posted by: marino | March 05, 2010 at 08:31 PM


PriceMaster..IF...IF the contract terms that have been released are correct, then LaCanfora is wrong!

Now, until the 'Phins themselves release the terms, there is no way to be positive. I'll leave the contract debate for when that time comes

talking about tight ends,lets not forget about martin, he's a great end. he will be healthy for the start of camp.we realy missed him this year, he's not afraid to catch the ball over the middle.

I'd still trade down get another 2nd and 3rd and take Sean weatherspoon from mizzou. He'll be a super stud off the corner

Pricemaster,YOU are my new BEST FRIEND.Thats GREAT what you said about Bobby TRASH 12.I'm so with YOU on that one.Its About time,thats WAY over due.

not a secret miami is tryin to move down

Please don't off yourself.
It is you and yours that I hold up up as an example to my children of what happens when you are unskilled and poorly educated.
That's right you do have purpose on this earth.

With Dansby in, just can't see McClain in the picture anymore. He's basically a younger version of Dansby. Nolan could move him outside, but that's not his natural position. If it's defense, Jason Pierre is probably the pick (assuming Berry is gone). Bookend Jasons with a solid inside.

I would still pick me, though.

any chance we can trade ronnie brown and our 1st to move up ( grab spiller ) along with a 2nd?

Go back to my post...I agree with you, there is no contract yet and I don't expect there will be, at least not with us.
Dansby will sign with Giants tomorrow.

I would still pick me, though.

Posted by: Spiller fan | March 05, 2010 at 09:09 PM

Defense is our greatest need but I do love the notion of Spiller playing for the Fins.

For those who say the fins overpayed for Dansby, he was making in the ballpark of 8-9 million a year in Arizona too. If I have confidence in anyone's choice in linebackers it is Parcells.

http://www.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/entry/6315047/20332753?tag=comBlogEntryListCnt;entry20332753 pretty sure everyone knows we overpaid but at least we got someone, decent lb

No Price-Master-Bater, see I got a nice house that's paid for thanks to the trust fund my dad left me, a Federal Government job that you help pay for, 8 weeks vacation a year, and a beautiful girlfriend... You on the other hand have Mike P, u two might consider cuddling up tonite and talking about me, cause u seem to have a crush on me for some reason, have a nice evening

Hey,did anybody see that post from (I bet you are mad)?That was GREAT and Bobby12 was on his LIST.It was GREAT.

Another thing. Not getting Wilfork means that more runs are going to get through. Why would Nolan want to move his best tackler outside? Nah... the more I think about it, McClain is no longer the pick.

but bobby do u have God?


Lets talk about the good news. What do you think about today's events?

karlito for dansbito

I bet you the Dolphins are looking at Spiller. Last year we almost picked Percy Harvin. Spiller is a similar player to Harvin and he would fit in nicely.

The last 3yrs have been Dansby's best years stats wise.
Folks, he is peaking and now in his prime.
In Nolan's D scheme's, we will get stellar play out of him for the next 3-4 yrs.

Whew!!!!!! I can breathe a sigh of relief as a couple have been close and walked away from the table.

ANYONE that said YES to the Dansby poll yesterday was right...Good job!

We identified a position of need, found the BEST guy in this FA to fill that need and got the deal done. Dansby by age and production may be the best FA on this years market on Def. I would take Dansby hands down over Peppers. Peppers has better high end ability but I think he doesn't bring it like clockwork as Dansby does.

From what I have seen over the years that as soon as a deal this year sounds crazy it gets trumped by a deal the next year. The deal (especially the gauranteed part which is similar to what Peezy got) seems like about fair market value. As long as Dansby doesn't become a fat cat or forget how to tackle we should be golden. The fact that AZ jumped back into the fray was very telling. I thing the Fins will be most pleased with this addition in FA.




spiller at 12 would be to high, at the moment they will take dez if hes there, but miami has made it known they want to trade down

This FA contract allows the entire front end of the draft to open up. Instead of being FORCED to grab an ILB... Miami will have the option to take a Dez Bryant if he is still there, or (Dreaming now) a Berry if he were to fall. Best part of the whole deal... Miami got the player they NEEDED to get... and has not lost one pick in the process. Baltimore gave away their entire Saturday draft class for Boldin and a #5 next year. To me... not such a great deal. With Dansby, Miami can take as many as two receivers and a TE in this draft and still have room to address a NT and a ILB with picks to spare... NEVER... EVER... give away Picks unless you absolutely have to. So far we are doing that with class. The guy some of you are man crushing over... Marshall in Denver... 4 years ago he was a 4th rounder out of Central Florida... A Nobody... Now people are actually entertaining giving away a 1st rounder for him plus breaking the bank. A guy with major head case issues, a wife beater, a man who cannot get along with the team who drafted him... really... a scum bag who can catch and run... I wouldn't... but I am not Parcells... I believe he will do what is best... has so far this Free agent season.

good post getterdone phins!

No Marino, what I do have is a great life, I quit believing in superstition a loong time ago...thank u

We had some very big news out of the Dolphin camp today. Between the Dansby signing and the cuts of worthless players, let's talk about Dolphin football instead of insulting other members and talking stupid shi+.

Just my taxed .02

Rob in Oc,

Rejoice in the beautiful events of today. Goodbye Wilson, Porter, and Ayodele. Hello Karlito Dansby.

Hallelujah, this defense got alot better today. What are your thoughts? (non novel form please)


Can you rally around our newest Fin even if you think he is overpaid?

You onboard with the signing?


i dont understand this neagtive we overpaid ---do you think jets overpaid for bart scott its the same contract

also the guy wanted 30mill garunteed and he got 22

scott and dansby will make 27 million over 23 years---dont call dansby decent because he is not and you just dont know about him

wow somehow i knew bobby would say that

I Know Most people on this blog don't like the idea of getting Marshall , Will be sweet to add Marshall to our team , please Tuna make a move for the Beast Marshall , There's not Corner Not Cromartie, not Reevies no one can cover the guy, Denver will provably take a 2nd and fourth , or a package like Ginn a third and 2 six , whatever make it happen, save our first to anchor our defense, and sign Foote too

Just got the news. good pickup.

1. Dansby plays OLB (Left)
2. Crowder ILB
3. McClain ILB (Draft 1st Pick)
4. Wake/JT OLB (Right)

This lineup may make Chowder an All Pro ;) LOL

5. Best WR 2nd rd Draft
6. Best NT 3rd round Draft
7. Pitta TE 4th round Draft
8. Camarillo, Akin, Ginn, Thigpen Trade Bate

It sure is fun to dream...

marshall is going to seattle. wilfork got a 5 year deal for 40 mill, dansby got 43. pretty sad

I seen the LIST (Mike P).And i want him back (I Bet you are mad).He calls it straight.And yeah,Bobby12 is there.I think he was Number 3 on his list.

I'm back!!!! But not for long will be leaving sunday night on bizness.


1 out of 3? Are you FKN kidding me. What sting are you feeling that most Dolphins especially me are not?

Any way I digress but if what Darlington is reporting is in fact true?...
Yahhhhh fknnnnn hoooooooo!

Karlos Dansby Yes!

Carlito, that's what I was doing till numnutz started crying about me ... Ok I was wrong about Dansby but the Fins pulled through, and dumping Porter, Akin and Gibril shows they know what's wrong and see the light...question is, do they move Dansby outside like they said, if they do I would love McClain at 12 and give us a unbelievable LB Corp. What do u think???

akin is cut, thigpen they love as the number 2 qb, camarillo is staying and ginn has no trade value

The Dolphins did not grossly overpay for Dansby. This is the type of guy you build your defense around. Thats why he was franchised by Arizona for 2 years in a row, he is a "franchise player". He is at his peak performance wise and should be a star for the Dolphins. Not to mention, its not much more than he was making in AZ.

First Off...

I'm not going to fully believe the report until I hear he actually has SIGNED THE CONTRACT.

If Dansby Signs, it will be REALLY interesting to see if they draft McClain.

I have to say NT is the #1 need IMO. You can not win if the middle of your line is being moved out of the way. Ask Ray Lewis how important the NT position is, without it he can not do i=his job. We pay Dansby all that money without having a guy that eats up blockers Dansby can not do his job. Ferg is hurt and a UFA and Soliai that does not demand that double team. That position must be addressed and DWilliams is the only guy that can do the job right away. Suh and McCoy are 4/3DTs or 34ends not a NT.

just so I am clear, who has been cut already?

I am confused

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