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Karlos Dansby expected to sign by Saturday

Karlos Dansby is close to reaching agreement on a contract with the Dolphins and the sides are expected to wrap up negotiations by Saturday morning, a source is telling The Herald's Jeff Darlington.

Dansby, 28, will sign a deal for five years worth $43 million with $22 million of it guaranteed, Darlington is reporting.

Dansby will make $9 million per year over the first three years.

The signing will be Miami's signature free agent move since Bill Parcells & Co. took over the Dolphins in 2008. The only linebackers that will be getting paid more than Dansby in 2010 are DeMarcus Ware and Terrell Suggs and both of them are pass-rushers.

The signing clearly numbs the sting of not chasing wide receiver Anquan Boldin, who was traded from the Arizona Cardinals to the Baltimore Ravens this afternoon.

Free safety Antrel Rolle, the last of the Three Cards Studs is still unsigned but strong indications are he will end up with the Giants, according to a league source.

[Update 10 p.m.: Rolle agreed to a 5-year deal worth $37 million with the Giants, the source tells me. Rolle gets $15 million guaranteed.]

Guess 1-for-3 isn't terrible.


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NJ thats not what you said, but who cares hooray Dolphins

Texasfins, we won't be keeping 4 QBs...If Pennington got his no trade clause then Thigpen is GONE...White will not be going anywhere for at least two years

Pennington reached an agreement with the dolphins...

Yup, Chris Mortensen reported it. $2.5 for one year.


The water is definitely tainted I just cannot figure out what is in it. It seams very heavy with a metallic taste

NJ, did he get a no trade clause??

I have a buddy in Boston who's hearing Pats interested in Thomas Jones. Could be dangerous weapon for them.

Chad P's deal also has a trade kicker instead of a no-trade clause - I think it's for 1.515 million if he gets traded

Maybe we all need to wait to see what the Dolphins do...I don't believe all the cuts and signings are over.

Do you keep White and try to deal thigpin or keep thigpin and cut white?

NFL network just reported Chad Penington signs a 1 year deal with the Dolphins , will get more money if he end up traded to another team

With the release of Wilson and Rolle looking to the Giants. Unless they believe Clemons can get it down, it would seem to me they would be going after a safety that can make an immediate impact.

Here is the actual report:

Chad Pennington will return to the Miami Dolphins.

The two sides have reached an agreement in which Pennington will receive a one-year contract for $2.5 million but allow for another $1.515 million if he is traded, according to sources. A team interested in Pennington confirmed that it was informed of Pennington's renewed commitment to the Dolphins.

Pennington had requested a no-trade clause that was rejected by the Dolphins. If he's traded, he'll make $4.15 million in 2010 but his primary goal is to strengthen his surgically repaired shoulder throughout the year, mentor the team's young quarterbacks and provide insurance at the position if he's needed to play, a team source said.

Dolphins | Pennington signs one-year deal
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Fri, 05 Mar 2010 19:56:53 -0800

Chris Mortensen, of ESPN.com, reports the Miami Dolphins have re-signed free-agent QB Chad Pennington to a one-year deal worth $2.5 million. The contract will allow for another $1.515 million if he is traded, according to sources

Did Penny get the No-Trade clause included?

Do you guys remember we had all 4 last year? If they like them all, why won't they do the same again this year?

Thigpen is so much better than White and can run the Wildcat, the White pick is looking worse than ever now.

Bobbys12 . he gets another 1.5 mil if he's traded. i like it.

Well it's obvious someone is getting traded.

Don't think we would be resigning him to trade him - he is like having another QB coach on the team - I think Thigpen gets traded possible spots (Buffalo, Carolina, St. Louis, Minnesota, Washington, Denver, Oakland, Seattle, Cleveland)

Thks Spiller fan, perfect info...Just curious, what u going to change ur name to after tge draft???

Bobby, slow down on the beer... your typing is making me drunk:) LMFAO

And if something happens to Henne...then what? Pennington is history.

Keep Thigpen put White on the practice squad. Who would want him and if someone does so what.

Really don't get the Pennington signing unless they feel Henne needs a lot more tutelage from a veteran or they've got a trade partner lined up for White or Thigpen.

Either the Rams, Carolina or Seattle are going to go after Pennington so he can mentor a new QB...Henne doesn't need mentoring.


I know you like McClain, buut it seems we need a free safety that can start right now, I don't know if Clemons can do it?

Sweet! I was hoping we'd hold onto Penny. You couldn't pick a better guy to mentor a young QB. I'm glad the no trade clause didn't gum it up. Good compromise with the trade-kicker. Now maybe we'll pick up an extra pick for Thigpen.

Henne #1 PigPin #2 Penny emergency QB #3

The Dolphins will get a 3rd round for Thigpen easy stay tuned

TnPhinfan, LOL I worked overtime tonight so I got a little more Cuban coffee in me then usual, shyt is like jet fuel, it will take me awhile to slow down

The reason Pat White did not do well is because of his gloves. They disguised his small hands and enabled him to throw the ball. The guy has talent and I think they will use him in a different creative way!

There's a reason why the Dolphins insisted that they COULD trade Pennington.

CavalierKong, agreed, that extra pick will be big and gives Thigpen a good opportunity to maybe start, preferably he does not go to Buffalo, out of the AFC East is preferable

I've been a regular at Cote's place for over 4 years with my known name. I'm just hanging here cause all the Dolphins' talk. A hell of a lot of activity. I'll stay incognito for now, but thanks for asking.

btw, I also posted as "I'm hungry" earlier too.



There's a reason why the Dolphins insisted that they COULD trade Pennington.

I do not remember that statement.


Trade Taylot to TN. He thrived in the 4-3in Miami. The lost their sack man to Detroit and may loose their Best LB Bullock

I like the Penny signing. Class. Helps Henne. Good insurance. Great Team leader.

Clever solution to the no-trade impasse: okay, you wanna trade me, fork over some more dough! Everybody's happy!

They created a void and used all of their money to refill it....still no playmaker, wait...maybe ted ginn jr will be our reciever this year.

bobbyd12, agreed on Buffalo, it's always a bad idea to trade within the division unless you are raping the other team (Welker trade). Even if all we get is our 5th back, with the talent in this draft that's a big pick!

It's been a fun night for us Dolphins fans. Have a good night guys.

Go Fins!!

Overall, I'm sure most everyone here will agree - A very good day for all Dolphans!

If parcells sits down with Mcclain and he is as samrt as everyone says he is----u cant pass up a middle linebacker with that mind---he would also allow dansby to move around everywhere and be free to make more plays--
Im still a big Spikes fan, but this signing allows us to focus on the best player on the board---it could be a safety like Berry or thomas
A corner like Haden
Hybrids--like Jpp or morgan---(Dolphind have already interviewed Morgan)

Dan williams would be the only player that would upset me b/c i know he wouldnt make an impact in his 1st or even 2nd year dueto his postition.

Great day 4 dolphins fans---this guy will take his game to nw heights b/c he finally has a top notch coordinator that will unleash him

The Dolphins just signed Pennington to a one year contract and added additional money when he gets traded...if they wanted him...why place that in to the contract...of course they want to trade him. You don't pay an extra 1.5 mil to trade a guy...unless your going to trade him. Now ask yourself...why would Henne need a QB TO MENTOR HIM...did he not play all last season without Pennington...pennington wasn't allowed on the sidelines...did he mentor Henne then? If you get rid of one of the other QB's...regardless of which one...that leaved Henne...another QB and a QB that's coming off another serious injury...heck we don't even know if he will be able to throw...NO team is going to leave themselves with only two good QB's.

Anyone else think the team might bring in Larry Foote and play Dansby on the strong side? Oh wait, just saw that Foote is visiting Washington - that means he is a goner.

For crying out loud, I know it's late & we're all giddy, but the trade-provision in Penny's contract does not mean they are shopping him NOW!!!

He wasn't wooed & re-signed to be traded now. It's an in-case kind of thing, and the extra $$ kicker is a fine compromise.

Let the season play out....I like it, plus there's no nonsense about 'Penny insists on QB competition,' or 'The job is wide open,' etc.

Penny is also very well respected by his teammates.

JB , the dolphins also released ayodole and porter . Taylor is a freea gent. Who's going to play ilb or olb depending where dansby plays. You can draft a FS in round 2 or 3. the tuna like drafting safties later anyway. that's if berry isn't available . I ilke thomas.

Dan Williams will hold his own. Sparano got a good look at the senior bowl and played him the most of the 3 kids he had (Williams, Mt Cody and the kid from GA). The Dansby signing opens the way for MCClain if available and if not an OLB. Dansby can play ILB or OLB. Great Flexability and Wake/JT can anchor the wolb if we keep JT.

I think the pick is setup for best OLB available inside or outside. Fergy likely recovers and plays, Soliai and Mcdaniels can rotate the middle.

Really Seer?

Well if your right...then why wouldn't the Dolphins sign Pennington with a no trade clause then? Pennington could mean another 3rd or 4th round pick for the Dolphins...I think that speaks for itself.

Okay you have to remember we were pretty darn good against the run last year, even when the NT went down. Held CJ2K to 3.9 ypc which was his worst of the season. With a OLB who was terrible at setting the edge. It was against the pass we were terrible. Now we have a ILB who is above average in coverage, that's a start. A FS will be added who can cover. That opens up a lot for Mike Nolan to do, and Smith and Davis will only be better. This defense is going to force a LOT of turnovers, mark my word.


I do not see JT playing Inside. I see him sharing time with Wake on the right side if resigned.

sorry about the TN trade suggestion of JT trade. My mind is confused and a little drunk from bobby's typing.


here I was rolling along happy and all and you go and mention Soliai. Why did you do this to me!!!!??? :>)

He simply did not hold up after Fergy went down, w/ the exception of one game early on. We must have Fergy back & draft a good propect.

Perhaps ypu can amend your comment to "Soliai can rotate."

Trade 12the pick and get Taylor Mays, NT, Demaryious Thomas,Ricky Sapp, Jimmy Graham. The other four or five don't matter to me. All could be starters next year.

TNfinfan, JT PLAYING INSIDE ??? what the hell are you talking about ?? Who said that ??? LOL !!


I will never retract Soliai rotating, That is a mental image I could do without. lol

yes soliai struggled, but, look who was behind him, akin breaking heart, chowder and the gerbil.


JB , the dolphins also released ayodole and porter . Taylor is a freea gent. Who's going to play ilb or olb depending where dansby plays. You can draft a FS in round 2 or 3. the tuna like drafting safties later anyway. that's if berry isn't available . I ilke thomas.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | March 05, 2010 at 11:28 PM


It's about keeping your options open. Henne could get injured, bam! He steps in. Some other QB outside the Dolphs gets injured, causing a demand + trade. Penny is a known commodity. Watch for management to showcase that he's recovered. It's all good.

fishypete, I disagree buddy. The Dolphins wouldn't sign him to a no trade clause because they MIGHT be able to get a 3rd or 4th for him in the middle of the year if a team suddenly needs a QB. They couldn't get that for him right now.

Why would Penny sign this knowing he's getting traded in a few days? Why not just sign with another team now and control where he goes?! The Dolphins want him but also want the option to trade him if they get a lot of value for him.

As for mentoring a young QB, do you honestly think that Henne doesn't need any more instruction? He already knows it all going into his 3rd year? Of course he still needs to be taught and that can come from more than just a QB coach.

I think that will be the best thing he brings to the table this year is experience he can share with Henne. He may not have been on the sidelines but didn't you read the reports on how he'd also break down game film and help Henne prepare week to week?

touche & true

---but let's hope we come up w/ a stud nt for the future---it's key to 3-4


I guess line 2 was a question not a statement.

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